InstaThot Pt. 02

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I made my typical trip to the coffee shop to see Joe. My Gym Rat outfit this morning was spot on. Tight neon blue workout shorts and a sheer white “work out” cami that highlighted just a bit of my cleavage. The top did nothing to hide my nipples but at least I wasn’t showing tons of boob.

I started to make sure my lips were fully coated with lipstick anytime I could be around Joe. If he wouldn’t look at my body I needed him excited when he looked at my face.

Walking into the coffee shop I instantly spotted Joe. He was here a bit earlier than usual. He was also sitting with a random Blonde. She was facing away from me, I couldn’t tell what she looked like or if I recognized her?

My insides literally felt sick. I had the feeling of fight or flight. Should I just leave before Joe notices me? Who was this blonde?!

The line was a bit long so I decided to be patient and get in line, maybe Joe was with a work colleague?

As one does with their crush I quickly focused in on their conversation and easedroped. The body language between the two wasn’t too good. Poor Joe!

As the line moved up I got a better view of my competition. Classic blonde bimbo, didn’t recognize her.

True to her bimbo form she had the classic D cup bolt ons. They looked crazy on her body, she was hot for sure. This mystery blonde had a very cute heart shaped face and nice enough lips, she wasn’t crazy hot, but she was definitely had the walking wet dream look about her.

As soon as I realized her tits were smaller than mine I regained my confidence. I took a breath and knew it was a good idea to stay.

I’m paraphrasing because I heard their convo in bits and pieces.

Joe was basically telling this chick that he didn’t want to see her anymore. She was totally dejected on the verge of tears.

She kept repeating “but why??!!” At this point she was pleading with Joe. I even heard her say she wanted to have his baby.

Heart breaking, but better for me!

The part that made me paranoid was what came next. She said something along the lines of… “I got these for you (pointing at her tits), I am totally willing to make my body into your wet dream…whatever you want baby…let me be it…please!”

Joe has no facial expression “I don’t think it’s a good idea, this is for the best.”

The blonde instantly got up crying, balling her eyes out and ran out of the coffee shop.

What was surprising was her outfit. Her bottom half was normal tight jeans that highlighted a toned butt and some cool sneakers, but her boob tube showed her fake tits off in the best possible way. Her side boob was popping out on both sides.

When she had been sitting, the blonde was expertly leaning forward, the view to Joe was probably amazing, utterly mouth watering. This blonde was hot, definition of tits on a stick.

Before her implants she was probably an A cup. You could see she wasn’t supposed to have big boobs, the implants popped off of her body.

I was impressed, get it girl.

But why did Joe just reject her? She seemed madly in love with him to just push her aside without any explanation. The blondes reaction said it all.

Joe casually entered the line. I kept looking back to see if he noticed me.

Eventually after we both ordered, I approached Joe.

“Hey Joe, almost didn’t see you!”

Joe looked over and seemed a bit pist off, he actually rolled his eyes toward me. Too soon maybe?

“Good morning Alexis, looking bright as usual.” He managed to reply in almost a forced reply.

I just brushed aside his days drama, was Joe complimenting my outfit? My smile said it all, I was completely overjoyed by his remark.

“Just for you!” I quickly replied with my famous smile. A smile with 10 million followers I might add.

Joe didn’t even reply. I thought I heard a “what casino şirketleri the fuck” under his breath. He gave a fake smile and waited for his coffee.

“Joe!” The barista yelled. He quickly snatched the 12oz coffee and reversed course toward the door.

What the fuck! I just made the most flirty gesture in my life and nothing! You don’t look like me and have to flirt with guys. Joe should be honored that I even look his way let alone talk to him!

I felt so embarrassed. “Just for you!” Who talks like that. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck and now Joe was leaving!

I chased after him. Finally catching up to him on the curb about a quarter block away.

“Joe!” I yelled, harnessing my barista yell.

He turned around and just looked at me.

Geez I needed to actually practice having conversations with people and not just being the prettiest face in a room. Note to self, note to self.

“Ummm… I was just flirting with you, what’s your problem!?”

He looked at me dumbfounded and just shook his head.

“I don’t have time for this.” Joe replied simply.

“I’ve been hitting on you for a while, was that your girlfriend back there?”

Joe just shook his head at me “we haven’t been a thing for a while, why does this keep happening?”

“Like. I don’t get it, I’ve never had to chase down a guy, I don’t chase after men! What’s your problem?”

“Alright, let’s talk.”

Right then and there on that street corner Joe told me everything.

Ever since he hit puberty the hottest girls were literally drooling over him. Literally the most attractive females would just strike up a conversation. Girls in his class, milfs, the way he put it, if it had a pussy and looked like a model the girl was all over him.

Joe claimed that all of the hottest girls at his school took his class schedule so they could be near him.

That “blonde” was Macy, his crush from freshman year of college. It started out innocent enough, then according to him she went crazy. All she cared about was looking hot for him, basically transforming herself into a bimbo. Macy even went as far as getting a breast enlargement so she could be “better for him.” Apparently she even dropped out of school to focus on being a bimbo. You couldn’t make this shit up.

Joe just didn’t understand. It always started with an overly attractive female chatting him up, then about a month of seeing each other a slow transformation to becoming a complete bimbo. They apparently would get breast and butt implants, facial surgeries, Botox, change their outfits, and act completely submissive toward him.

He even mentioned that his last girlfriend got anal bleaching. WTF!

Macy and many other women he’s been with over the years continue to call him. He usually invites them out for coffee, to remind them there’s no chance for a relationship, but that only lasts 6 to 8 months before they call again.

He even pulled his phone out. Hundreds of texts from Macy and many other women, saying they wanted him, needed him, naked pictures and everything. I wouldn’t have believed Joe for a second if it wasn’t for what he showed me. Every ex had big fake boobs, they looked like trophy dolls, some of the girls I recognized with sizable Instapic accounts. They all wanted Joe.

I asked why he doesn’t block them? He looked dejected, turned red. “I HAVE” he yelled at me, the first sign of anger I had ever seen from him. Joe told me they just get a new number, he’s changed his number too many times to change it again.

The more Joe talked the more I wanted to be with Joe.

“Alexis, Alexis, Alexis” Joe was waving a hand in front of my eyes. I snapped to.

“I’m not a horrible person I just don’t understand why every women I date becomes a Bimbo?”

I simply nodded.

“I mean it’s nice and all, but it’s like dating a zombie, casino firmaları I don’t think they understand what’s happening to them, they don’t act normal. They lose ambition, I don’t want to be responsible for their transformations.”

“Well isn’t that what a bimbo is anyways?” I asked.

“I guess. The Macy situation is just hard because she was at the beginning when I didn’t know better. Back then it was awesome, sooo much fun, I didn’t see the pattern of it all and she got attached quick.”

“So like when I approached you, more of the same?”

“Well yeah! Except you kind of have the body already.”

I could tell by his response he was a bit embarrassed at this point.

“Well could I tell you about me?”

Joe nodded.

“To tell you the truth everyone treats me like a bimbo anyway, it’s like nothing smart could come out of my mouth. My friends are so superficial toward me, and sure I did have the compulsion to talk to you, but no one has ever asked me how my day was, but you did! Obviously you know how to talk to women. I get that you’re worried about the bimbo thing, but what if I am already a bimbo, then you don’t need to worry.”

At this point I was trying to make my case to Joe, and by make my case, referring to myself as a bimbo. It did kind of make since, my whole world was about posting pictures of myself and hyper focusing on the way I looked. I mean I literally left the house this morning making sure I had enough cleavage showing. But it was odd saying I was a bimbo!

Joe just gave me a look.

“Look at me.” I made a hand gesture toward my Gym Rat covered body.

“I’m a Instapic thot already. What’s the big deal? I have never had a normal conversation with a guy until I started following you to the coffee shop.”

“Follow.” Joe replied while arching his eyebrows.

“Joe, I didn’t mean it like that!”

“Ok. Ok. I would like to go out with someone, I just don’t want them to suddenly wake as a bimbo. I would need to take it slow. Ya know?”

“Soo…we can go on a date?”

“Alright sure… and if you really want implants let’s talk about that before you go and do it. Ok?”

My award winning smile returned to my face. “That’s a deal!”

I jumped forward toward Joe and planted a kiss directly on his lips. I could feel my insides melt from his touch. Joe was a bit surprised by the sudden affection and forceful kiss.


Later that week Joe took me out for dinner at the city’s “best” pizza place. To make things easier I met him at the restaurant. My outfit said date night all over it. Cute little black micro skirt and and very revealing top highlighted the awesome shape of my breasts. Off course I had to wear 5 inch heels to set it off, my legs looked awesome. I didn’t even want to think about what they did for my butt, but I knew no matter what I did men would notice and appreciate the way I looked.

Walking into the restaurant all eyes were on me. I quickly found Joe seated at a booth. Settling in I realized their specialty was gourmet pizza of some sort. Oddly enough I don’t eat pizza, too many carbs.

I couldn’t really tell Joe that, so I just ate one slice and professed that my first date nerves were getting the better of me.

It was a cute place with a wood fired pizza oven in the center of the restaurant and I could tell Joe was trying to show me a good time. He looked nervous as hell.

I tried practicing my conversation skills, but starting the conversation was still a bit hard.

He started us off “so I don’t exactly understand what you do for for work?”

The one topic I didn’t want or need to talk about, but here we go!

“Well I made an Instapic account about a 7 months ago, I am a Instapic model.”

“So, that’s what you do?”

“Yeah I make great money doing it, I’m sponsored by a bunch of companies and güvenilir casino I post pictures of me with their stuff. The whole Instapic thing makes me a bit insecure, my profile went virile after I posted a few pictures of my butt, then suddenly I was insta famous.”

Joe just nodded, confused and trying to decipher if I was joking or telling the truth.

“I’m a bit torn by just posting half naked pictures and all, but it kind of just happen, and the money is great.”

Our date continued as normal, Joe eating up the pizza and me talking away. I don’t think he talked after he got me going on the subject of Instapic. I never really talked about myself or how I felt about anything with anyone, it was an awesome feeling. Joe was an amazing listener, he needed to be rewarded!


Making it back to his place he asked if I wanted to watch some netfilms. We didn’t really talk once we made it to his place, but I jumped at the chance to reward him for making me feel so special. Once we settled into the couch and he pressed play on the movie, I immediately went for his belt and started to grab at his crouch.

Joe quickly recoiled, “I thought we were going to take it slow.”

I went for my one trump card, my body. Instantly, I removed my top, showing off my amazing tits for him. For the first time, Joe looked a bit shocked and openly stared at my body.

“I think you need to relax, you took me to dinner and listened to all of my stories, why not?”

Joe replied “God damn it, ok.”

I slipped down to my knees, Joe quickly removed his pants and boxers. He had a nice cock, just like everything else about him it was as average as they come. Perfectly average if you ask me! Joe’s body while skinny was above average with nice muscle tone. I was going to enjoy this.

Settling in, my lips made contact with his cockhead. I started by kissing his head all over, slow sensual kisses to start with. I even swiftly removed my bra to give him more stimulus. I knew my lips were huge and settling things in motion, but I wanted/ needed a man to feel up my body. For some reason nothing made me feel more special then when a man used me.

I’ve never really had a great connection with anyone, the way I could make a guy orgasm was my one glimmer of hope for a human connection. If I could get Joe to cum down my throat, then maybe he would actually like me as a person.

At this point I started to really get his dick wet with my saliva, jacking him off with both hands, one after another, up and down, swirling my tongue on his cock head. I loved sucking a guys cock head, licking his piss hole, then swirling my tongue toward his extra sensitive underside. Taking my time, I made sure I made contact with every inch of his cock head.

Joes eyes were closed at this point, he expertly grabbed onto my head starting to twist my head in a circular motion. I needed to put on a show for Joe, so I started moaning and making sure my lips were creating the sound effects needed to bring Joe a quick release.

After a few minutes Joe simply said “close” at that point I deep throated his whole cock down to the base. The signature male reflex of his balls retracting gave me the signal he was a about to blow. Boom, he was unloading into mouth, using my throat muscles I milked his cock of the last bits of cum. I left his cock in my mouth until it stopped twitching.

Sucking down a guy and swallowing his seed always brightened my spirits. Looking up at Joe it seemed it helped brighten his too, he was smiling down at me and breathing a bit heavy. If anything could inflate a girls ego, it was sitting on my knees in front of a happy guy.

To top it all off Joe was someone I actually wanted to date. Joe managed a “thanks” and grabbed his boxers.

Still on my knees I grabbed my phone and asked Joe to snap a picture. I quickly placed my arm across my tits and gave the camera the best cum guzzler face I could possibly imagine.

Joe was confused but quickly took a photo and handed me my phone.

I posted the picture to Instapic with the caption “HAPPY!”

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