Hove Housewife’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Well, apparently, against the saying it would seem, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I say this standing dressed in stockings, suspenders and a blindfold waiting for whatever (or whoever) comes next!

Not that I’d consider myself an old dog, in-fact I’ve often been complemented on my looks and, after having twins at twenty I also, if I say so myself have a nice body, I’m 5’8″ tall, slim with mousy brown/ dark blond hair, I am now 39 and though my boobs hang a bit lower than they used to (dam Issac Newton and his gravity! ) they are nice and full shaped with nice small, hard nipples, though shapely, in a perfect world my butt would be a little smaller, I still have enough about me to turn a few heads.

Anyway, sorry, I digress. Let’s go back a bit and start at the beginning.

Hello, my names Chloe, I’m married to Bill and as said we have twins now both off at university. This leaves me a lot of time at home alone, though a great father to the kids when growing up Bill works in London and is now often working long hours and stays up in London with his workmates if they are working too late to travel back as we live on the south coast in Hove actually.

Bill’s work affords us quite a nice lifestyle, nice house in Hove, near the seafront, I have a nice bmw 4×4, and a regular lunch date and social circle with the housewives of Hove, not bad at all except I’m often home alone for quite a lot of a time. My life has become somewhat stale. All my friends seem to have much more excitement than me and I’m itching for some myself. Although I’m a respectable housewife (I’m a Rotarian don’t you know) and love my husband. This feeling of needing some passion had been building and building for quite some time.

I’d started working part time for a local charity a couple of years ago to give me some contact and feeling of worth and though a sensible job that’s where it all began!

So, as I wait, breathing a little fast, incredibly turned on, I’m literally dripping!

I will pass the waiting time telling how I started on the journey where I now find myself about to be totally used for somebody else’s sexual pleasure.

Early in July, we had been working on a new project with homeless youth, it was a great success, we were invited to a swanky dinner with the local MPs and councillors along with other local so called local influential people. After a nice dinner and dance some of the younger members said they were going into Brighton and did I want to join them?

Normally I’d have been off home but this night as many lately Bill had stayed in London the night before and was staying in London again due to work commitments. After a couple of “no I really should be off, I’m far too old to be out with you” comments I was persuaded to go along. The group consisted of 3 guys, Carl, Jay and Steve and 3 girls Paula, Hilary and Jane, and of course me. I was sure everyone thought somebody’s bought their mum with them. After a bit of a bar crawl we found ourselves in a club on the seafront. The drinking switched to shots and slowly everyone started pairing off getting a bit steamier on the dance floor. I watched from the balcony to be honest A bit drunker than I have been in quite some time. Looking at the younger people getting together, thinking how nice it must be to feel a bit of that passion when I was surprised to feel a hand on my bottom!

It was quite a firm grip on my left cheek, surprised but in a way flattered I looked over my shoulder to tell the naughty boy off only to see it was Paula, she was staring at me intently. Paula is a statuesque 6-foot brunette, well built with large breasts, she is quite stunning, not traditionally pretty, certainly attractive but powerful rather than dainty. She firmly stated that she and Steve we’re leaving and I was going with them, I was about to challenge this when she squeezed harder on my bum with a glint in her eye she said to get my coat and meet them at the door. Then she turned güvenilir bahis and walked away. I was A bit too drunk and a bit too confused so I did as told and I met them at the door coat in hand.

Paula saw me, grinned and said to follow along, she hailed a taxi, Steve got in the front and Paula pushed me into the back seat, following after me sitting close and putting an arm around my shoulders still giving me a look as if weighing something up in her mind.

Soon we arrived at a flat off Portland Road. When in the flat Steve broke out some more shots.

Paula put on some music and after a few songs started to dance slowly, sexily and soon Steve joins her. They start to move in sync, rubbing together, I soon feel out of place, a bit uncomfortable. Feeling I ought to leave I then noticed Steve had worked his hand into Paula’s nickers, her trousers are undone and I can see the white lacy pants, his wrist is stretching them whilst his hand is moving rapidly inside, at the same time Paula is gripping his penis through his trousers. Now feeling like a terrible voyeur but increasingly horny I can’t stop watching them.

Suddenly Steve pulls back Paula’s pony tail hard, she seems jolted out of her thoughts, she laughs and says something intently into his ear then grins at him and hurry’s off into the back room.

Steve pours another round of shots larger than the last then sits in the chair facing me and looks me up and down, I feel a little unsure of what to expect when he smiles broadly at me, I smile back, after a pause he downs his shot and looks at me to do the same, I follow and after it I’m beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol along with my current horny felling giving me a nice buzz.

Then Steve asks me to dance with him, for a moment I think of Paula stroking him as she danced and think of him putting his hand in my knickers. What the hell, I wanted some excitement, I get up to dance and after a minute he starts to stroke my back, soon after he pulls me in close and after another minute slides his hands down to my bum and squeezes. A little drunk and buzzed as I am I know I should stop this, I’m about to pull away when I fell someone behind me push close and another set of arms wrap around in-front coming to rest on my boobs.

This is all a bit much I feel, I look round to see Paula as I’m about to challenge her she kisses me deeply and pushes her tongue into my mouth. Confused, excited and now feeling super turned on I don’t notice as Steve now starts to unbutton my skirt. I feel panic for a moment then a mix of shock, excitement and that horny feeling over riding Telling me to go with it. I’ve never snogged a girl before, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and before I know it my skirt hits the floor.

I’ve always been a twin set and pearls good Roedean jolly hockey sticks kind of girl up until this but then the dam broke so to speak and a kind of hunger overtook me, surprising myself I realise This is exactly what I was after whatever it turns out to be.

I kissed back passionately, now Steve turned me round to face Paula, he firmly pulls my top up over my head, at this point I notice for the first time Paula had changed out of her clothes.

I hadn’t been able to see before but now I just stared, she wore a silk robe barely covering a very sexy black lace bra and panty set, very sheer and stockings, her large breasts were pushed up beautifully and her nipples I couldn’t help but notice were Pierced. She cupped my boobs and leaned in for another kiss, as she did I felt Steve move back close behind me, I guess he had undressed in the time I was staring at Paula. I say he got undressed, I didn’t see it but he pulled one of my hands around the back of me and closed it round his rather large and extremely hard penis (at this time I wasn’t one for rude language, only later did I start to use sordid terms but that’s for another time)

Steve started to slide it back and forth within my grip, Paula türkçe bahis pulled back and told me to drop my knickers, in my haze with my remaining hand I managed to push them down to mid-thigh. She then moved back a step, grinned and shoved them down, and pulled me toward her at the same time Steve gripped my waist forcing me to bend and putting my face between Paula’s ample chest, just as she undid her bra and told me to suck her nipples. Steve then removed my hand from his penis and at my current angle he drew it across my slick entrance, then in one strong move pushed it up into my sopping wet fanny, god I was wet. I gasped as the air left me replaced by his thick shaft. He started to pump in and out of me in a steady rhythm and I could hear the slap, slap, slap of his midriff hitting my softer bum cheeks. The noise seems a bit obscene, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can feel my orgasm growing, as he pumps into me harder from behind. Paula pulls my face up by my hair and I see the look of pleasure in her eyes “you like that don’t you” she says, “oh god yes” I hear surprised when realising that it was me replying.

Paula looks past me to Steve and suggests a change of position, Steve pulls out of me with an audible plop sound (god I was so wet) and all I want is it shoved back in and to finish me, I’m so close to orgasm but Paula stands me up as if she was aware and tells Steve to sit down in the armchair. She turned me to face her and told me to ride him, I Moved back over to him and lowered myself onto him feeling so good to be full again and I started to rhythmically bounce up and down. Loosing myself I begin to hump frantically. A lusty look takes over her face as she watched, she removed the robe, slide her hand inside the sheer panties and stares at my bouncing body intently, then a grin appears, “turn around so I can watch your arse bounce on his cock,” she said. I ease off and turn around, Steve pulls me down and starts to suck my tits. Unaware Paula goes off into the back room again soon to return carrying something I can’t make out but I don’t care as at this point I hit my orgasm, I let out a huge moan and my legs turned to jelly.

I recovered my senses as Steve told me to get off and suck him off! I slide off and kneel in front of him wanting, no needing to please him.

I was merrily sucking away when I realised what Paula had fetched as I saw out of the corner of my eye. I’d never seen a strap on before and I was quite shocked by the look of her with it attached, it looked big and as she stood there applying some lubricant I was pulled back from my transfixed look to my job at hand, and took Steve in my mouth again. Now I’m no expert but I have given Bill his share of BJs and though I say so myself I think I’m quite good at it, I started licking and kissing the tip then slid my mouth down the shaft and started to Bob my head up and down sucking away like a girl possessed. I felt Paula’s big toy press against my opening and with the lube she had applied along with my own juices she eased in slowly.

I felt a little stretched for the first few strokes but amazed as to what was happening, she whispered in my ear that I was hers now and soon was in ecstasy from the big rod filling me, with the power and speed she pounded me I soon reached another orgasm. This time as I came I felt Steve stiffen in my mouth, after a few more moments he let go and a torrent of hot sperm filled my mouth, I desperately tried to swallow but started to gag and choke on the amount coughing a bit and I’m sure some escaped out of my nose. I tried to recover but the pumping Paula was giving me tipped me over into another orgasm. I visibly sagged not used to such a hard session and seeing I was spent Paula pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back. She pulled the side strap on her waistband and her superb phallus came off to reveal a bald fanny, it looked like it had been rubbed red from wearing the strap on under the friction. She positioned me with a cushion güvenilir bahis siteleri behind my head and I felt comfortable but apparently I wasn’t finished yet, Paula leaned down and kissed me again saying she liked the taste of spunk on my lips, then she said everyone had come but her. I was a bit shocked when I realised what was to follow, she was straddling me and moving her shaven haven up to my face “eat me and make me cum Chloe” she said. I still had a strange desire to be super pleasing and do anything asked, I’ve never been close to another vagina before and being clean shaven the sight and smell was incredible.

I started with small licks but soon went a bit deeper.

A thought hit me, earlier at home I thought a cheeky snog would be an exciting thing but look at me know, well screwed, sperm dripping from my nose and a beautiful fanny to eat out. I was truly down the rabbit hole, or rather eating the hot hole in front of me. I found my rhythm but apparently I wasn’t working quick enough. Paula reached down and pulled my hair raising my head grinding into me frantically riding my face for what seemed an age until she let out a gutters noise and yelled “eat me, eat me, I’m coming” at which point she did something I didn’t even know possible, she ejaculated a large amount of hot liquid all over my face. After a minute she got off me and joined Steve on the armchair cuddling him, the we’re both looking at me and had wicked grins on their faces.

Unsure what to do I just looked at the pair of them. I must have looked a sight, my face shiny from Paula’s pussy juice. Perversely I still wanting to please I asked if they wanted me to do anything, they looked at each other and laughed, then Steve said he needed to pee. He got up to go to the bathroom when suddenly Paula stopped him “you could piss on her” she said. I didn’t know what to think but still couldn’t shake myself from wanting to please them in every way and experience everything. I slowly stood and with a nod from a Paula made my way to the bathroom followed by the pair of them, Steve looked a little unsure but Paula was clearly exited “in the tub on your knees” she barked at me. I did as told. What a sight I must have been, I’m sure my face was still sticky and shiny with Paula’s juice on me.

“Hold your tits up” she said and I did as told then Steve started to let go. It was hot and warmed me across my chest and tummy then Paula reached round grabbed his pole and raised it up to spray higher, now I felt it on my face and in my hair. It was an odd feeling both humiliated but amazingly turned on at the same time. As he slowed Paula put her leg onto the bath side, as I looked up at her almost Amazonian quality she spread her legs and a thick stream hit me right on the chin. I was lost at that point. I’d possibly have done anything she asked.

She finished and after a minute of silence Paula got me up and suggested I shower. I did, when I’d dried off I found my clothes on the sofa in the lounge.

Steve was back in the armchair and Paula was riding him like a bucking bronco. I sheepishly got dressed into my housewife attire though I now felt an impostor wearing it. I said goodnight feeling embarrassed and made my way out the door for the short walk home.

When home a checked my phone, there was a text message from Bill hoping I had enjoyed my night out and hadn’t done anything silly, if only he knew! Exhausted and a bit sore I went to bed.

In the morning I had such a feeling of guilt but also new this was something I had loved and though I swore to myself it was a one off I knew I was hooked on the feeling I got. After a coffee I dressed and popped to the local shops. I bought all I needed to make my fanny bald like Paula’s and soon was looking in the mirror at my very own shaven haven!

Bill wouldn’t be back until the following evening, I slipped on some simple clothes and pretended to be the good wife I had been before.

Well that’s the end of Part 1 how A prim housewife was awakened to a world of possibilities, I’m currently working on Part 2 covering the next experiences and later there are some big surprises that changed my life forever.

Chloe XxX

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