Hero’s Life Ch. 13

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Author’s note: As you might guess from the delay, I struggled with this chapter. Mucho re-writes. It didn’t occur to me that five-way sex would be virtually impossible to write in an intimate way. I ended up settling for what a friend rather accurately called “interesting in parts.” C’est la vie. I just can’t wrestle with this chapter anymore. Later chapters are backing up.

Okay, remember who everybody in this series is? Here’s your refresher:

Hero: some random nice guy. Who cares?

Heather (Peaches): smart, sweet, buxom, blonde teen freshman with a fetish for making weird connections, helping people, alcohol, and sex.

Samantha: shrewd, not-so-sweet, petite, slender, dark-haired twenty-something with a knack for putting herself in other people’s shoes and figuring out what they want.

Tracy: the statuesque Australian blonde that “got away” – she and Hero shared a brief romance in Thailand when they were vacationing together as teens. They were intimate one night but she chickened out on actual intercourse. She’s still a virgin but with help from Heather, she’s found Hero 10 years later to fix that.

Lisa: Tracy’s cute, tiny, dark-haired, freckled friend and lover. She was with Hero and Tracy that night in Thailand. When Tracy couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep with Hero, Lisa stepped in and taught him all kinds of things. She’s married to a tax attorney who has no idea that Lisa and Tracy are lesbian lovers.

Okee doke, here we go…


That morning I was the last one up for a change. Coffee was already made and the girls – Heather, Samantha, Lisa and Tracy – were already sipping their coffee cups and lounging around the kitchen.

Heather’s back was to me as I entered the kitchen but her sharp little ears picked up my approach. She blindly reached an arm back towards me and I sidled up behind her. Her juicy little teen butt, clad in a pair of my boxers she’d pilfered, hit me at about mid-thigh. I stretched to rest my chin on top of her brassy, blonde head.

“Sleep good, honey?” she asked me sweetly.

“Very.” I wrapped my arms around her. Her oversized chest squished between my elbows.

It may have been early, but Lisa, the tiny, Australian freckle-faced cutie, was not above a bit of pre-coffee needling. “So studboy, today’s the big day,” she teased. Her accent made each “day” sound so more like “die.”

Her enormous dark brown eyes were bright with interest. “How’s it going to go?”

Oh. Right. That.

I was going to sleep with Tracy today.


I was going to sleep with Tracy today.

Crud, it didn’t make much more sense to me when I thought it the second time. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a dream come true. I’d fantasized about Tracy on and off for literally a decade. And here she was, in the flesh, and even more beautiful, more sexy, and more generally wonderful than I’d remembered.

I was just having trouble wrapping my head around all of this. Maybe it would make more sense after some coffee.

I chewed my lip and looked to Tracy. She was sitting next to Lisa. She was smiling as she sipped from her coffee cup. Her long, sleek legs were stretched out onto the chair in front of her. “What do you think, Trace?”

Tracy’s slender blonde eyebrows knitted together in thought, as she swallowed. “Geez, I’d never considered much past getting here. I dunno.”

“I might be able to help,” Sam, my sweet little dark-haired ballerina, offered. She set down her coffee cup and unfolded her petite body to slip from her chair. She padded barefoot over to Tracy and crouched at her feet.

“Let me try?” She asked, looking up at Tracy with an expression that somehow managed to be shy and sly at the same time.

I saw where this was headed. “It’s Sam’s odd little knack, Trace. She’s got this thing about figuring out what people want,” I tried to explain, failing miserably. Sam was pretty good, okay unnervingly good, at looking into people – seeing what they wanted. I’d watched her do it enough to know.

Tracy nodded vaguely at my crummy explanation, no doubt unclear on what was about to happen, and turned back to Samantha.

Sammie stared at Tracy’s face a few long moments. I watched her eyes tighten as she concentrated. When she started talking in stops and starts it was the first time I’d ever heard her weird little talent in real time:

“It was dark before. When you and Hero and Lisa were together that first time. A pretty dark. But still dark. It can be, it should be, light now. Bright light. No hiding in a little dark hotel room like years ago. Sunlight. Yes, sunlight. Better to see him and you and everything. Crisp, white sheets. Fresh flowers too. Orchids. All of us? Yes, all together. Naked. In that big bed. Watching, touching, kissing, licking, urging. You can quench an old thirst by drowning it in love. Have something beautiful – something to keep forever…”

Sam’s voice trailed off.

Tracy eyebrows reknitted themselves in confusion. “How did you…”

Sam bahis firmaları shook her head to clear it. “Ohh… Tracy!” She leapt up to hug her tightly. “So much waiting and wondering for so long. Honey, we’re going to make this perfect for you. Did that sound about right?”

“It sounds wonderful!” Tracy said from inside Sam’s hug.

It was Heather who stood and offered Tracy her hand, “Then come on upstairs, girlie. Let’s get you ready.” The two blonde beauties disappeared and moments later I heard bathwater running.

I looked at Sam and Lisa. “Okay, so you guys handle the sheets? And maybe some towels?” They nodded agreement. “I guess that means I’ll run out for flowers.”

I came back in twenty minutes. While I was gone, Samantha and Lisa had made up the master bedroom. The curtains were wide open. Fresh sheets were on the bed with towels piled here and there.

Lisa pulled me into the hallway with a devious smile. She held up a glass of water and a small prescription vial. She popped open the vial and shook a pill shaped like a sunflower seed into my hand.

I squinted at it.

“Cialis,” she explained.

“I’m not so sure I need…” I started to hand it back to her.

“Uh uh, you’re going to be in a room full of naked women…”

“Exactly, Lisa, I don’t think I need to take any…”

“Quit interrupting and let me finish!” she chuckled, shaking her head, “You’re going to be in a room full of naked women who are depending on you to perform. Especially Tracy. This is a big day for her. That’s a lot of pressure on you. Look at me,” she eyed me seriously, “You cannot get stage fright.”

I gulped. When she put it that way, she had a point.

“Think of it as insurance.” She plucked the tablet from my palm and pressed it between my lips. “Swallow.”

I did, chasing it with a gulp of water. “So, does your husband take these?”

“Sure, whenever I slip them into his food. Which is whenever I get extra horny.”

“So on Saturdays, then?” I needled her.

“Pretty much,” she shot right back.

How did she manage to pack that much sass into such a tiny body? I shook my head as I followed her downstairs to fix myself a drink. I was going to need something to steady my big head too.

It was time for my “go to” liquor – single malt. I pulled out two heavy whisky glasses and poured myself three good fingers of Laphroaig from one of the 3 bottles I had stashed around the house. I poured two more fingers into the second glass for Peaches. A couple of drops of water for me. An ice cube for her. This was her absolute, bar none favorite and I’d long-since learned to include her every time I partook. It cut down on the whining. Like everything else about her, Heather’s whine was cute. But even a cute whine has its limits.

I brought both whisky glasses with me as I made my way back up the stairs. Trudging up, I went through the absurd checklist in my head.

Bedroom? Check. Liquor? Check. Gorgeous, smart, funny, leggy, virgin blonde who was waiting for me to make love to her after ten years? Check. Three beautiful, depraved bi-sexual assistants? Check.

When the hell did I start living this sort of life?

I turned the corner at the top of the stairs and nearly collided with Heather as she was coming out of the master bedroom I was headed into.

“Oh!” she giggled.

She was flushed and her brassy blonde hair was damp. She was wearing her cream colored satin robe. It was tied loosely at her waist and the inside curves of each of her amazing, round breasts were on display.

For a couple of moments, I stared at her boobs while she stared at the whisky glasses. We both have our weaknesses.

Peaches smiled brightly, obviously pleased that, despite the absurd sex happening around us, she could still stop me in my tracks.

“I’ll let you keep staring at my boobs if you’ll hand over that single malt,” she finally said, selecting the glass with her tell-tale ice cube. “Tracy’s all yours, Hero. She’s nervous though,” she cocked her head at me with a soft half-smile, “but it looks like you are too.”

I sighed, “Maybe a little.”

“You’re not worried about how this might affect what you, Samantha, and I have are you?”

I sighed again. “That’s part of it, I think.”

“Silly boy, I had a good idea where this was headed when I invited Tracy and Lisa up to visit. It was a connection I couldn’t pass up. And Sammie is totally drooling at the potential debauchery of a five-way. Plus,” Heather stepped into me and nuzzled my nose with hers gently, “Samantha and I both know you’d sooner throw yourself in front of a bus than hurt either of us.”

I nodded.

“So take a couple of deep breaths and get in there. Tracy is waiting.” Heather rocked onto her tiptoes to kiss my nose gently. “Go get her dummy, it’s not very polite to keep a girl waiting.”

I looked at the door. Heather turned but paused next to me. She could have continued downstairs, but she was waiting for me to open the door. I knew kaçak iddaa how her mind worked, well, part of it anyway. She wanted to see my reaction to what lay inside the bedroom.

Resigned, I gave her what she wanted. I pushed the door open and looked inside. My mouth fell open a little and my breath caught. I vaguely felt Heather’s lips press quickly to my cheek and her bright little laugh as she tromped gleefully downstairs. My eyes were locked on my bed. And what lay in it.

Dear god in heaven.

How can I describe what Tracy looked like just then? She was beautiful and I’ll try to do that justice. But I really need to start with how seeing her stretched out naked on my bed felt.

For me, this was the sweetest, most robustly satisfying blend of past and present possible. It was as if I had sampled the 1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild the year it was bottled and recognized its outrageous promise. Then, more than 10 years later the caretaker of that estate delivered a case to my door free of charge after it trebled in splendor with a note that just read, “Believe it or not, we specifically made this wine for you. We humbly suggest you try it first with lamb.”

Ick… let’s try a more down to earth example.

Think back to hottest girl you went to high school with. If you grew up in a town like mine, you had known her since early childhood because you attended elementary school together. When you were small children you may not have been friends but you were at least familiar enough to be comfortable in each other’s company. For some reason, though, one afternoon on the playground she’d suddenly kissed you. But then she’d laughed and run away. Girls were even more a mystery to you then than they are now so you stared after her dumbfounded. Then, remembering that girls were “icky,” you scrubbed at your own lips with the back of your hand where she’d kissed you.

But you thought about that kiss off and on for years.

By high school you and this beauty were in drastically different social circles. She made homecoming queen then prom queen. Walking up to her in the hallway and mentioning the kiss she stole as a little girl would have been pathetic if not impossible.

Now, imagine fast forwarding to your ten-year high school reunion. That same pretty girl, now a fully grown and breathtakingly gorgeous woman, pulls you outside to the parking lot, kisses you longingly and says, “I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me back since we were children. Now please take me to the back seat of your car and fuck me until I can’t walk.”

Yeah, seeing Tracy naked in my bed felt like that.

Okay, now I can try to describe what I saw.

She was nude and… glowing. No other word for it. Clearly, Heather had scrubbed every inch of her and it showed as a rosy tinge. Tracy’s long slender body was lightly tanned everywhere – not even the slightest hint of a tan line. Her feet were small and delicate. Her legs were stretched out and held together shyly at the knees. Dear lord, her legs went on forever. Sleek calves met toned thighs that curved into perfect hips.

She had a cute little tuft of soft, pale blonde pubic hair. Her hips collapsed down to a small waist. At one hip was a small scar in the shape of a jagged circle paler than the rest of her skin. On the rest of her otherwise flawless body, the scar it looked more like a decoration than an imperfection.

Up from the little decorative scar, Tracy’s belly was flat and smooth and tight. Above that was her slender chest with large, firm teardrop-shaped breasts capped by small pink upturned nipples. Her shoulders were broad but delicately boned and muscled. Her neck was long and smooth.

And had her chin always been slightly cleft? I wanted to kiss that tiny dent, how had I not seen…

“Are you just going to stand there and stare?” Tracy teased, breaking my reverie.

It drew my attention finally up to her face. Her lavender eyes were bright and beautiful. Her long, straight, light blonde hair was damp and tucked behind her ears except for one stray lock that stuck to her cheek. Her face was a see-sawing pair of fear and excitement.

I drew myself up and squared my shoulders. “As a matter of fact, yes, I am going to stare. You’d stare too if you were me.” I took a long sip of my drink and paused to steady my voice. “Trace… you’re… you’re stunning.” My eyes trailed down her body again. “But how’d you get that little scar on your hip?”

She smirked and traced the mark with a few fingers. “Let me get this straight… I flew 10,000 miles after looking for you for 10 years. I’m laying here naked in your bed… and you want to talk about my scar?” she smiled, “You’re impossible.”

“Mmm hmmm… I think we need to think about something other than sex for a minute or two. Or at least I do.”

I walked over to one of the club chairs in the corner of the bedroom, grabbed it by the arm, and dragged it across the floor to the side of the bed next to Tracy. I dropped into the chair, took another sip kaçak bahis of my single malt and propped my feet up on the bed.

Was it wise to mix dick pills with liquor? Frankly, I really needed this drink to control my nerves a little.

“Your scar, pretty girl?”

Tracy turned onto her side to look at me, grinning. Her large breasts shifted on her chest gently. “Moray eel. Little bugger nipped right through my wetsuit.”

“I didn’t know you liked to scuba.”

“Mmm hmm, every chance I can.”

“How long have you been doing it?”

“Half dozen years or so.”

“Were you alone when he bit you?”

“No, I always dive with a buddy.”

“A guy?”

“No. A girl.”

“Has it always been with a girl?”

Tracy cocked an eyebrow. “You still asking about scuba, Hero?”


“My dive buddy has always been a girl.” Tracy smirked. “As for the other thing… there have been guys, Hero. I’m a virgin not a saint. And I don’t want to be either of those things. That’s why I’m here.”

“Oh,” I said simply as she reached over and snagged my glass to take a long sip of my whisky.

When she returned it, I moved it to my other hand and reached a hand out to her.

Our fingers laced together. It made me think of how we’d held hands as kids in Thailand that first time.

“Do you remember this, Tracy? Holding hands like this that night?”

“I remember everything,” she scooted forward to kiss me. Her lips were so soft that they melted into mine. As always, she smelled like wildflowers and the sea.

It was a tender moment that was interruped when a naked Lisa essentially bounced into the room slightly ahead of schedule. Her compact, freckle-speckled body vibrated with energy. Not much had changed, she was still a cheerleader after all these years.

Sam, also nude, prowled in behind her. She was only an inch or so taller than Lisa but her olive-skinned body was more slender, more sleek, more graceful and more… predatory.

Heather, brought up the rear, twirling in goofily with a huge grin. With her blonde hair, oversized chest, and round, juicy little bubble butt, she completed what looked like a male fantasy sampler pack.

Tracy and I watched as the girls slunk to the floor and crawl towards, then up and onto the bed from all three sides.

Tracy rolled her head to the side to look at me, her lavender eyes bright and happy. “This is going to be amazing isn’t it?”

“Well Trace, you saved something for many, many years. It’s accumulated a lot of interest. Literally and figuratively. You’re cashing that all in now. And it’s going to take awhile.”

When the first fingertip touched Tracy’s body, I glanced at the clock. It read 12:30 pm.

The brunettes, Sam and Lisa, began at Tracy’s feet, rubbing her toes then the balls of her feet then further down to her heels. Tracy sighed happily and closed her eyes.

While Sam and Lisa worked Tracy’s feet, Peaches crawled her way up to the top of the bed and gently lifted Tracy’s head to remove the pillow beneath it. Peaches sat cross-legged and wiggled her lap under Tracy’s head then began to softly massage Tracy’s scalp.

The plan was for the girls to start by slowly working Tracy’s long slender body from its outer edges towards the middle. Then they’d twist and tease her until she came several times. When she was relaxed and happy, Tracy and I would make love.

Right then, Tracy was humming contentedly with her head resting in Peaches’ lap. Eventually, she focused her dreamy lavender eyes on Peaches’ enormous boobs dangling just above her face and studied them for a moment.

“So, they really are real?” Tracy finally said in awe.

“Yep, grew ’em myself.” Peaches giggled. She’d long since gotten used to the real/fake boob question. She looked down at Tracy while continuing her massage down into Tracy’s neck.

“Wow. OK, I’m sorry, it just never occurred to me that they would actually be real.” Tracy reached up to cup one of Peaches’ heavy, round orbs with her free hand. “Just, again, wow.”

“Awww, thanks,” Peaches whispered. “Here, they taste real too.” She bent forward at the waist to dip one perfect pink nipple into Tracy’s mouth.

Tracy spiraled her tongue around it while her free hand kept squeezing and fondling the other one. The simple and sensual sight of her quietly nursing at Peaches’ dangling chest hardened my erection completely. It would stay that way for quite awhile.

Every few minutes, Heather moved to switch nipples in Tracy’s mouth. Tracy would re-attach herself to it with a soft suckle and resume caressing the other one. Whatever she wanted today, she would get.

By now, Sam and Lisa had made their way up Tracy’s calves and were rubbing both of her thighs in long, slow, muscle-squeezing strokes. She spread her legs a bit to let them extend those strokes up to the top of her legs just by her groin. When the girls finished Tracy’s thighs, they skipped over her crotch and switched tactics. The two brunettes bent to lick delicately at Tracy’s flat belly; each twisting a tongue into Tracy’s navel then continuing slowly upwards. They paused to lick back and forth along the length of each of Tracy’s barely visible ribs.

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