Her First Taste of His Dick

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I am surprised. We met for the first time two nights ago after talking months online and the phone. It is around nine on Monday night and I am waiting for your call. I look forward to talking to you tonight. When we met, I was so attracted to you, I had to calm myself down, especially when you hugged me goodbye. Damn was that Issey Miyake you were wearing?

The phone rings and it is you. My heart skips a beat just hearing your voice. “Good evening Sexy, were you busy?” I am never too busy for you I want to scream, but calmly I reply no not at all. You tell me to come over. Looking at my phone, wondering where this request is coming from, knowing damn well I want to come as I am in my Joe Boxers pj pants and my tank top. I say yes and you give me directions.

Hanging up I jump up and run to my closet trying to find the perfect outfit. I am not expecting anything to happen tonight, but you never know. Black is your favorite color, and so it will not be hard to find something to wear.

Twenty minutes later I am pulling up to your place. I actually have butterflies in my stomach. Walking up I am smiling to myself wondering if you will be as happy to see me as I am you.

Opening the door you stand back and take in the full view of me. Extending your hand to mine you invite me in and close the door. Pulling me close you give me a big hug. Damn what a fit. I fit just right in your arms. Tonight you are wearing one of my favorite colognes. I am sure you remember me saying I love Herrara for men by Carolina Herrara.

Walking me to the couch, you twirl me around to get the full effect of what I am wearing. I am wearing a long black skirt with a split up the side, a cute black sheer blouse with tiny buttons down casino şirketleri the front. You cannot see my long legs but you know I have on black stockings, and a pair of strappy 5 inch stilettos. (Whispering, I can barely walk in these, but they are not made for walking.)

You ask me if I would like a glass of wine, and I say yes. You walk back into the living room with a tray of cheese, and warm bread. Hmm . . . cheese and bread, but it looks good. Sitting the tray down you pick up the bowl of cheese an a piece of bread when somehow you spill the cheese all over me. Glad it was not really hot.

You pull me up and lead me to your bedroom. Grabbing a towel from the bathroom, you can see that you have made a big mess. You tell me to take off my clothes and you will give me a T-shirt and take my clothes to the cleaners in the morning

Standing near your high back leather chair I turn my back to you and slide the skirt down to the floor. I hear a soft moan and you are pretending to be looking for a shirt for me to wear, but I heard that moan. Handing me the T-shirt, you sit on the edge of your bed. A bed made for the perfect King and that is you. Facing you I slowly and seductively unbutton my blouse.

“Yes.” There it is a moan, and you are smiling.

I remember you saying your favorite color is black, so here I am standing before you wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings, black garter, thongs and a real lacy bra.

Nice you whisper. Clearing your voice, you tell me to get on my knees and crawl to Daddy. Crawling to you like the tigress I am I reach the end of your bed at your feet, letting out a soft purr.

“Mmm baby.”

“Yes Daddy, shall I continue?”

“Yes.” Stroking casino firmaları my hair, you tell me to join you on the bed. Standing up I put my foot in your lap, and ask you to unbuckle my strap, you tell me to leave them on. You pull me on top of you, and I kiss you softly on your lips.

Removing your shirt, I unbutton your jeans but do not remove them yet. Pushing you back I straddle you. “Ride it baby.” “Not yet Daddy, calm down.” Grinding against you, I start nibbling at your neck, whispering in your ear . . . “You want me?” “Mmm, yes.”

I can feel your hardness under me. I am making small circles from your neck to your chest. Damn I love your chest, but you know this as I make my way down your stomach I hear you whispering my name . . . Syn.

I lick slowly at the tip of your boxers. Using my teeth, I tug at them, not pulling them down yet but teasing you. “Oh Yes baby.” Sliding my hands down the side of your jeans I pull them off.

Whispering in your ear again I am telling you that I want to feel you inside of me as I grind on you.

“Damn Syn, I want you too.”

I lick your lips making them wet and then I start kissing you deeply. This time our tongues meet for the first time and do a wild dance of their own. Licking my way down your stomach you can feel my breath as I near the head of your swollen manhood. I free the head and rub my nose against the tip of it. Licking your inner thighs, you want me to touch it. Noticing that I am not going to yet, you reach down and start to stroke it. I push your hand away . . . this is my dick tonight. Smiling you moan yes baby it is.

You can feel the wetness of my tongue as I start licking right under your balls. Taking them in my hand I massage güvenilir casino them, still licking you. Squeezing them just a little I can see your dick is hard as a rock. “Naughty girl.” ” Mmm.”

I bury my head between your legs, licking your balls, still not touching your dick. You can feel my tongue at the base of your dick. Licking really slow, and straight up to the head, I run my tongue over the swollen head. I lick back down to under your balls, this time surprising you and myself by licking the crack of your ass, something I have never done. “Damn baby.” Working my way back up your dick in a zig zag pattern, I grab the base of our dick with my right hand and start licking the head only. “Daddy you like that.” Biting it with my teeth a little, I then slide my mouth all the way down on it. I am working it down as far as I can take it without choking, your dick is a nice size.

Stroking it with my hand into my mouth, you take my head and start pumping it up and down on your dick. You can see my toes are curling while I am doing this. I am so turned on. It feels like you are getting harder in my mouth. You now have both hands on my head and you are working my head, fucking my mouth.

I stop and tell you to let me lay down. You are puzzled thinking something is wrong. I smile no, just time to change positions. Laying on my back my head is at the foot of your bed, and I ask you to climb on my face and slide your dick in my mouth again . . . perfect fit also. You are facing my feet, and with your height you can reach my toes. Fucking my mouth slowly, you can feel my nipples are hard under you. Removing my thigh high you kiss my leg, licking down, you slide my shoe off and start kissing my toes.

“Ok stop baby.” Stop?????

“Yes stop. You are killing me here.”

“Daddy you don’t want to cum for me?”

“Not yet, not tonight . . . “


To be continued another night.

All rights reserved by Syn in the Double Zero6.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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