Getting to Know Her Ch. 01

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It had been just under a month since the start of our affair. Till then, Shirley and I had only met each other before or after work hours, dined together or had long conversations over coffee. It felt quite nice – exactly like the start of a love affair. Both of us wanted a break from our work-life and spend quality time with each other. I did a bit of research for a quick weekend outing, and came up with the idea of visiting a nearby hill-station, which is quiet and peaceful. Just the kind of place to relax and get to know each other better! Shirley was elated at the thought of spending time with me, but was not sure whether it would work out. I asked her to relax and proceeded with the travel and resort bookings. We waited impatiently for the weekend to arrive.

We set out on our weekend escapade early in the morning, and after a journey of nearly three hours, we arrived at the resort. It was the beginning of summer, and the weather was quite pleasant. The place was thickly wooded, and the sun rays were hardly able to reach the ground. As we walked towards our cottage, we could hear the sweet sounds of birds chirping among the trees. Five minutes, and we could feel the stresses and strains of city-life start draining from us. The cottage was quaint, and sparsely furnished, but was cozy enough for the both of us. We were quite tired after waking up early, and the three hour travel, so we freshened up and changed into something comfortable. We had decided that we would relax at the resort for a couple of hours, and have çatalca escort lunch before heading out for some sightseeing. We ordered for some room-service, and had a nice time feeding each other with our hands. It felt really good to sit so close to Shirley and watch her blush as she caught me staring into her eyes. Anyway, we quickly finished lunch. With our tummies full, we decided to take a quick nap till late afternoon when we would go out and explore the place.

We sank into the soft bed, and hugged each other under the nice, warm blanket. It felt nice to feel Shirley’s soft warm body as I took her into my arms. I planted a soft kiss on her cheek, then another one on her forehead, before drawing her even closer. We looked into each other’s eyes one last time before our lips touched each other. Slowly, we drew more and more of each other’s lips inside and before long, our tongues met. This sent a shiver down her, and she hugged me even tighter. The tempo of our kiss increased by the minute, and we started breathing heavily. I realized that I had a major hard-on, and my cock was straining against my underwear. I then kissed Shirley on her neck and shoulder, and the top of her back. She responded with a soft moan. I then started caressing her back, and sides and she seemed to like it. My hands caressed her tummy, and slowly moved upwards. Soon I felt the softness of her ample breast through the thin fabric of her skimpy nightgown. I squeezed her breasts slowly and she responded with another esenyurt escort soft moan. I continued this for another couple of minutes, before putting my hand inside her nightgown. I unclasped her bra, and pushed the straps aside. I then caressed her back some more before returning to her breasts. What a feeling it was – kneading and squeezing the two soft, round and delicious globes. I moved on to her nipples, which had hardened quite a bit, and were standing tall and erect. She had dark brown nipples with large areoles surrounding them. She moaned and twisted as I rubbed and pinched her nipples. I then took off her nightgown, and threw it aside. Shirley was now only in her skimpy panties, and lying there with her eyes closed. I took her panty off and moved in on top of her and kissed her full on the mouth. She readily took my tongue in, and kissed me real hard. I took off my T-shirt and shorts and hugged her tightly.

We kept kissing each other and then I felt her hand caress my dick through my underwear. This was the only encouragement that it needed, as it flexed itself, waiting to be released from captivity. We got rid of the underwear, and hugged each other again. This was the first time that we had seen each other fully nude. Her body felt so warm and inviting, and just right for eating. I slid down and took her right nipple in my mouth. I licked and sucked on it, as she ran her hands through my hair. I then moved my hand downwards, and caressed her belly and then her thighs. etiler escort I then ran my palm over her pubic area and felt the heat emanating from there. Shirley parted her legs and I got a view of her clean shaven pussy. It was already moist with excitement, and looked really inviting. Without wasting a single minute, I placed my fingers over her clit, and massaged it slightly. We kissed again, and this time it was more intense than before. We were practically sucking each other’s tongues. After playing with her clit, I placed my middle finger at the entrance to her pussy, and began probing inside. Her juices were flowing quite freely now, and this was just the lubrication that I needed. I inserted the finger inch by inch into her hot and wet pussy. She started moving her hips slowly, as I moved my finger in and out of her pussy.

After finger-fucking Shirley for five minutes, I took off my shorts and underwear and hugged her again. The feeling of our nude bodies touching each other was simply magical. I took my ultra-hard cock and teasingly placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I moved the tip of my cock around her pussy lips, and she opened up her eyes and looked at me. I asked her if it felt good, and she replied with a shy affirmation. I told her that I wouldn’t be “doing it” now, and asked her to lie back and relax. With this, I moved in between her legs, and kissed her pubic mound. I then started licking around her pussy in circles before moving my tongue between her pussy lips. I then started massaging her clit while licking her pussy. Needless to say, this sent her over the edge, and she had a nice orgasm within a couple of minutes. I kissed her full on the lips and hugged her tightly. We both fell asleep after this little session, looking forward in anticipation for what lay in store for us later that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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