Fever: The Fire Within

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More and more, commercials advertising fitness machines keep referring to a strong sexy core. In their terminology, they are meaning a tight abdomen.

In the world of passion, lust and sex, the core takes a different meaning. In this realm, the core refers to that burning desire in the pit of your very being. That uncontrollable yearning that takes over any rational thought process. It often can’t be put into words. Some call it chemistry.

Most couples long for that spark in their lovers, searching for a long time to find it. Then there are those that have the good fortune of finding that special one that is like a strong magnet. From the first glance, they are attracted to the other with a mysterious and a ferocious desire.

Anna pulled into the office supply store to buy a few items that her boss needed. As she strolled the aisles looking for the supplies, she paused to look at a digital camera. She had been watching the ads in the local paper flyers to catch them on sale. As she looked at several different styles and brands, she had no idea that her life was about to change in a matter of seconds.

Stone was in the back storage room loading a cart with some boxed up office furniture for a customer. He had just placed the last carton on the cart and headed out to the front loading area where the customer waited for the items. He used the widest center aisle to push the laden cart through the crowded store. He was about three aisles over from the camera aisle.

In a split second, Anna looked up from her selection of the cameras at the exact same time that Stone glanced over. Their eyes met, and it was as if a bolt of lightning had stealthily snuck into the store and hit them both at the same time. Fate? Who knows. Call it what you will, but it was astounding to them both.

The heavy cart that Stone had, up until now, guided through the crowded aisle like a race driver weaving through heavy traffic, now turned slightly and pushed into a display of ink pens that were on sale. Everyone in the store heard the crashing of pens scattering to the floor. Stone stopped the cart from causing any further damage, then quickly looked back over to the camera aisle. She was gone!

He didn’t care about the cart or the mangled display case. He stood andlooked in all directions for the beautiful woman that sent a shiver of fire through his body. The other customers must have thought that he was looking to see if his boss was coming to investigate the incident. That was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment.

Stone craned his neck over the display cases that lined the aisles to the checkout lines. He just knew that, that would be his last chance to get one last glimpse of her. His eyes quickly scanned each head of the patrons standing at the checkout registers. Nothing. No sign of her. How could she have gotten out of there so quickly. He was only distracted for a few seconds from the mishap. Still, no sign of her.

He rationalized that she was gone, then he bent down to begin cleaning up the scattered ink pens to the side, so he could clear the aisle, make his delivery to the waiting customer, then return to finish the clean up.

Stone was a very likable guy. He had the personality that put people atease. As he regained his composure, he started pushing the cart to his destination, making little jokes as he went. Each group of patrons that he passed, he would warn them of the mess for their safety with little quips like, “clean up aisle six”.

Even his boss was smitten with his upbeat personality and the fact that he never got rattled. When he came toward Stone as he made his way to the front, Stone simply said, “caution flag on the back straight away, Boss”. He smiled at his employees banter.

He got the furniture loaded into the waiting pick up truck, thanked the customer for their patience, then pushed the empty cart back to where he had made the mess with the pen display.

He was bent down, loading up the hundred or so ink pens onto the cart to be taken to the back room to be sorted and restocked. When he was reaching under the display case for the last three pens that had slid under the shelf, the hair on his neck stiffened and that shiver raced through his core again. His nose smelled a flowery scent. All he saw was a pair of ladies dress shoes about a foot away from his face.

As if in slow motion, he sat up onto his knees and followed the shoesup the shapely legs, seeing the mid thigh hem line of a skirt. His eyes traveled further upward, over the white ruffled, button up blouse. His eyes drank in the luscious mounds that caused the ruffles to lean out from the rest of her body. His gaze went further up. The nape of her slender neck line, until he was looking directly into the face of Anna. This took a total of a second to happen, but it seemed like a minute to him.

By now, as Anna was standing over his kneeling position, she too, waswatching his every move. Stone stood up as if he had been launched.

“Hello,” he said with a bright smile. “May I help you find something?” His sarıyer escort thoughts weren’t on office supplies, but his professionalism was.

Anna was mesmerized and just stood there looking into his eyes. She suddenly snapped out of her trance like state. “Hi. Could you tell me where I might find cartridge toner?” It wasn’t even on her list, but it was the second thing that popped into her mind at that second. The first thing that invaded her mind was his stature and his bright smile.

“Sure, it’s on the other side of the store. I’ll be glad to show you,” he said, his smile still wide and bright. He felt a nervous twitch in the pit of his stomach.

He began to walk to the aisle where the toner was located. Anna followed behind him, momentarily. She watched how his butt filled out the seat of his Dockers and his form in general. She soon stepped up her pace until she was walking next to him.

“By the way, I’m Anna. That was quite a crash you had over there,” she said with a little giggle.

He felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment, but didn’t let her see him flinch. “I’m Stone, and yes it was one of my better displays of clumsiness,” he replied with a small chuckle of his own. “Here we are. What brand are you needing?,” he asked.

“Huh? Oh, uh” Anna made her mind race to try and remember the brand of the copier and model number. She looked at her small list as if to be searching for the information, even though toner wasn’t even on the list. She saw one of the cartridges hanging among the numerous brands. “Here it is.” She leaned for the bogus selection and her hand met his as he was removing it from the hook for her.

When their hands touched, again, fire shot through them. He looked at Anna and she looked at him. It was like they were looking to each other for any sort of reasoning as to why this mutual feeling was happening between them. There were several seconds of silence as they just stood there in the aisle, smiling at each other.

Anna broke the awkward silence. “There, my list is complete.”

Stone wasn’t about to let this phenomenon between them end as quickly as it had begun. His mind traveled in nano-seconds to extend their meeting. This is a glimpse of his thoughts that happened as quickly as one could say “Have a nice day”.

***He was guessing her age to be very near his own of twenty nine. He noticed earlier as he scanned her body, that she wore no ring to indicate her being married or engaged. He remembered that the local night club that he frequented was having live entertainment of a very popular band. She appeared to be very fit, which indicated to him that she might like dancing.***

“Did you hear about the event at the “Wall” tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, some of the girls at work were talking about it. Is the group any good?” she replied.

“Oh, hell yes. They rock! Would you like to go?” His invitation just blurted from his mouth without any thought. He didn’t usually come on to just anyone, especially at work. But she was different.

As quickly and inadvertently as he asked, she responded, “Yes, I’d love to!” She couldn’t believe she has accepted a date from a total stranger that she had met only minutes before.

Trying desperately to mend his forwardness, he asked, “Should I meet you there, or would you like for me to pick you up?”

Anna was fighting the urge to scream out, “pick me up!” Instead she replied that she would meet him there. Her feelings were sending new sensations racing through her. She felt as though she could easily be a nasty little tart with this guy, but quickly knew that she must protect her virtue, for the moment.

And the fever begins to smolder in them both.

By ten o’clock, the Wall was packed for the event. Stone had arrived at nine and was in constant view of the doorway, awaiting Anna’s arrival.

The band was rocking the house with all of their best songs and the dance floor was packed. He would only take his gaze from the door to watch the hoards of lovely ladies and their gents that danced and writhed on the wide wooden dance floor. The bar was lined with the usual line up of lonely guys prowling for the lone pack of women in hopes of finding the spark that Anna and Stone had earlier found.

Again, as if in slow motion, the door of the club opened and Anna walked in with a friend from her office. He felt that familiar twinge in his inner core when he laid eyes on her. As soon as she walked in, their eyes found each other much like in the office supply store. It was like they were the only two in the whole club, even though one had to turn and walk sideways to get to any place in the crowded club.

In the store, Anna was dressed contemporary office attire. But tonight, she was dressed to be a man slayer. And there was only one man she had her sights on, Stone.

She was dressed in a very short leather skirt. Her top was made of some sort of satin looking material that clung to her every delicious curve. The cut was very low, and accented her firm full cleavage. silivri escort

Stone’s eyes wandered to the deep shadow of her cleavage and his mind whirled with thoughts of going on a safari. She had on moderate length heels that were attached to spaghetti straps that laced half way up her shapely calves. Her makeup was expertly donned. As she walked toward Stone, he watched as her soft brown hair flowed over her soft shoulders.

He walked toward Anna. She was secretly leering at his appearance as well. Unlike most of the guys in the place that wore dress Dockers and Polo shirts, Stone wore a long sleeved button up shirt, sleeves rolled half way up his meaty forearms and a pair of black Levi jeans. The main thing that she noticed was the tattooed arms he had. They were covered from the wrists all the way up until the art disappeared under the blue sleeves. Once again, Anna felt the bolt of electricity race into her depths.

As Stone met her, he leaned to her ear and spoke loud enough to say “Hi,Anna.”

When he leaned back standing straight, Anna grabbed his arms and pulled herself to him and gave him a quick peck on his lips. It’s only a miracle that no one else in the club heard the thunder that accompanied the lighting when she did this.

Wanting to set the pace, Stone leaned back down to Anna’s ear and said, “You look hot!”

She smiled with the best coy smile she could muster. “Thanks, You are looking pretty damned good yourself!”

Both of their hearts were racing at mach speeds by now. They had both thought that the chemistry they experienced earlier was a fluke. Now, they knew that they were both wrong. It didn’t disappear. It didn’t fade, in fact it had intensified.

They each had a drink before Stone extended his hand and escorted Anna through the thick maze of people on the dance floor. They danced several fast dances together and were on their way back to the booth that her friend had snagged for them while they danced, when the band began to play a slow sultry tune they were renowned for.

They both stopped at the edge of the dance floor and looked into each others eyes. With an unspoken word, Stone grabbed her around her waist and they slowly spun together back to the floor.

The majority of crowd on the dance floor took advantage of the slower tune to get refreshments which left about ten couples left to dance the slower beat. To Stone and Anna, they were the only ones on the floor.

He placed his palm firmly in the small of her back as the other hand clasped hers behind her back where she placed it at the top of her firm ass cheek. She wanted him to feel her, to hold her. Their fevers began to glow brightly.

At two o’clock, the band announced the last call and Stone asked her ifshe wanted to go home. Anna leaned to his ear and whispered that she would.

“Would you mind driving me there?,” she asked.

“I’d love to. What about your friend?”

“What friend?,” she replied with a smile.

Stone looked at the booth where her friend was at one time. It was empty. It dawned on him the cue game that she played. When she made a certain motion or made a certain comment, her friend knew to either make her own way alone or think of a reason for them to leave together.

He felt good knowing that he had gained her acceptance. He only had an inkling of the fact that she was as feverish as he was with her.

They pulled up at her house and he got out and opened the door for her. He walked her to the door and expected to sneak a goodnight kiss, and maybe exchange pleasantries and hopefully get her phone number.

When Anna opened the door, the house was dark except a dim glow from a back room. He leaned in to kiss her when she grabbed his arm that was around her waist and pulled him into the dark house. They fell into the foyer together. Anna shut the door quickly and soundly. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on the lips. The very instant that their lips touched, the sparks flew.

Stone kissed her as intensely as she was him. She spun him around and pushed him firmly back against the wall with a thud. She pressed into his form. She felt the growing bulge in his crotch against the thin leather that covered her crotch.

Anna looked at Stone when they briefly broke their kiss. “Sorry about this,” she said.

He panted back, “About what?”

Anna grabbed his shirt at the top opening and flung her arms apart. The buttons on his shirt flew wildly about the floor, leaving his torso bare. When he heard the tearing of his shirt, the fire that was up until now burning as a heated ember, flared to a heightened level.

Instinctively, he grabbed the bottom of Anna’s satin shirt and lifted it quickly over her head. Her breasts shook and jiggled with the sudden stripping. Her nipples were jutting from the creamy mounds with excitement.

Stone couldn’t believe how delectable they looked. He took her and spun her around, reversing their positions, now with her back against the wall. Anna şirinevler escort leaned her head back against the wall while he began kissing down the nape of her neck to her bared chest. He wasted no time in attacking her luscious mounds. He sucked each nipple, flicking the nipple with his tongue. His hands were firmly grasping the firm mounds as he licked and sucked.

She lifted her right leg and wrapped it around his thigh and butt, pulling him closer into her. Stone dropped his right hand from her breast and began feeling the nylon covered leg that remained standing on the floor. His hand quickly raced up the length of her leg and under the hem of the short leather skirt. He grabbed and squeezed her firm ass cheek with one hand while his other remained with a firm grasp on her soft breast that he continued to lick and suckle.

It’s a wonder that the wall that they were against didn’t start on fire from the heat of passion that they shared.

With everything in her, Anna pushed Stone away from her. “Let’s go back here,” she said as she led him to the dim light.

A single candle flickered in her bedroom. She stood him at the end of her bed and pushed him, causing him to fall onto the bed. He laid there, his shirt torn open and a hefty bulge in his black denim jeans. She stood at the end of the bed, naked from the waist up.

“I want this to last all night,” she purred.

Anna began a slow strip of her remaining clothing. Still facing him, she took one foot and placed it on the end of the bed while Stone watched intently. She untied the long laces of the straps that kept her heels on her feet. When she put her foot onto the bed, the short leather skirt rose up her thighs and gave him a birds eye view of her lacy cotton thong at her pussy.

Even though the candle was the only light in the room, it was bright enough for him to clearly see the cleft of her pussy through the material and the wet spot in the center of the crotch. His cock was harder than he could ever remember it being.

She untied both heels and kicked them off onto the floor. Then she slowly unzipped the short zipper of her skirt at the side of her hip. She let go of the skirt as she faced his prone position and it fell quickly to the floor. Now she was standing at the end of the bed wearing nothing but the nylons and a snow white cotton thong. She turned her back to him and slowly drew the wet thong down her legs. As she pulled them down her legs, her ass was now the center of attention. She didn’t allow them to fall as she had done the skirt. Instead, she bent down to drag them to her feet, exposing her firm full butt cheeks.

Stone felt his mouth begin to drool as he devoured the sight of her ass and the pouting lips of her pussy between her legs. Now that her slow tease was complete he stood, and walked to her. She stood up and he drank in her beauty. His eyes scoured every inch of her naked form. When his eyes met her pussy, he almost felt light headed when he saw that she was totally barren of pubic hair. Her lips were succulent and puffy.

He pushed her onto the bed. Her breasts bounced and swayed until her body came to rest on the mattress. It was his turn to strip for her. He had never purposely stripped for a woman before. He always thought that he would feel awkward about it. That was mostly because he thought about it. Tonight he just did it, without thinking.

He left his torn shirt on and began to remove the thick heavy denim pants. He slowly unlatched the wide leather belt and fed the tongue through the buckle until it was almost free, only to slide it back in again. He did this a couple of times. Anna watched him and couldn’t help but think that his belt was actually being fucked by the tongue sliding in and out of the buckle loop.

He unzipped his pants slowly, then unbuttoned the waistband and let go. The pants flared open partially at the waist. Anna expected to see fabric of his underwear, but all she saw was closely trimmed pubic hair. The pants didn’t fall on their own. Mostly because of his pronounced erection and partly from the meaty cheeks of his firm butt.

Stone went for his shirt now. He pulled the sides open which exposed his chest completely. Anna saw the gold barbell that pierced his left nipple. She felt her loins ache and her mouth begin to flood with saliva. She would definitely have fun oral play on that nipple.

Then, Stone pulled the shirt down over his hard round muscled shoulders.Anna saw the multi- coloring begin atop his shoulders. As he slid the shirt down over his arms, he exposed his thick heavy muscled biceps and chiseled forearms. His arms were covered all around with tattoos. Etchings of ghouls and freakish looking faces, all colored with several colors of ink.

The shirt hit the floor. It appeared that his torso was nude except for permanent sleeves of ink. Now he went back to the jeans. As Anna had done for him, he too, turned his back to her and began to drag his jeans down his thighs and legs. He slowly tugged the denim over his butt. He actually had to tug to get the thick denim over his butt. He followed the length of his legs until his jeans lay flaccid at his feet. When he stood back upright, he flexed his ass inadvertently as he stepped out of the fallen pant legs. Anna immediately noticed the deep dimples on either side of his meaty cheeks when he flexed.

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