Don’t Answer the Door!

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“Oh my god, this is the best Halloween party ever,” Allison said, as she touched up her eye shadow in the bathroom mirror.

“I hope so, I’ve been planning it forever.” Kaylee adjusted the blouse on her costume to show off her breasts better, and checked out Allison in the mirror. “I like your I Dream of Jeannie costume. Are you gonna be rubbing Adam’s magic lamp tonight to see if a genie squirts out?”

“Gross!” Allison said, and they both laughed. “Your Little Red Riding Hood costume’s hot. I bet if Billy has his way you’ll be Little Red riding wood.”

‘I hope so! If Billy doesn’t fuck me at least once tonight, I’ll go crazy.”

“Tramp,” Allison joked. “I’m sure Billy will give you a treat.”

“He better, or I’ll trick him and find someone who will!”

They finished fixing their costumes and headed back downstairs to the Halloween party. Kaylee’s house was decked out with all sorts of spooky decorations and props, and the front room was wall to wall with their friends and classmates from college.

“Wow,” Allison said, as they weaved through the crowd. “There are so many people here! I know they’re in costumes, but I don’t even recognize half of them.”

“Friends of friends, I guess. The more the merrier!” Kaylee handed Allison another glass of Halloween punch.

“Thanks. I’m already so friggin’ buzzed, what’s in this stuff?”

“Everything!” Kaylee laughed and grabbed an old straw broom that was leaning in the corner and pretended to ride it.

“That’s so cool! It looks really old, where did you get it?”

“My mom took me to a bunch of antique stores to look for cool Halloween stuff. I didn’t want to have boring old pumpkins and ghosts and paper decorations. I wanted authentic looking stuff, like it was from a real haunted house. We found that broom, some creepy old paintings, a cauldron, antique candle holders, and some other stuff.”

“And all the candles you used to light each room look so wicked, they make the house seem real Halloweeny. You’re lucky your mom helped you out, my parents would never let me have a party.”

“Yeah, they’re pretty cool. They’re still here, hiding in the bedroom until the party’s over and I tell them they can come out.”

Allison laughed. “And Chris? Is he here too?”

“My brother? At a party? The only parties nerd boy likes are LAN parties. He’s up in his bedroom playing on his computer and he told me ‘we’re not allowed in his room’. I think he’s worried he might lose the virginity he’s been guarding for 19 years.”

“Who wants to lose their virginity?” Billy, Kaylee’s boyfriend, had snuck up and grabbed her from behind.

“I would, if you hadn’t already taken it!” Kaylee grabbed his cowboy hat and put it on her own head.

“Well, maybe I’ll take Red Riding Hood’s instead” he said, as he reached underneath her skirt and squeezed her ass.

Allison spotted her boyfriend Adam, dressed in a pirate costume, and waved him over.

“Hey, there’s something cool I want to show you guys in the rec room downstairs,” Kaylee said.

The four of them took their drinks downstairs and found some guys arguing over football in the rec room. Kaylee ordered them back to the party and locked the door behind them. She dimmed the lights in the room, and Allison noticed there was a ring of lit candles surrounding a spooky cauldron in front of the fireplace.

“What are you up to?” she asked.

“I thought we could use a little Halloween atmosphere.” Kaylee turned on the CD player and sweet, sexy music poured out.

“That doesn’t sound like the Monster Mash,” Allison teased, as Kaylee pulled Billy to the carpet and started making out with him.

“I told you,” she said, “if I don’t get some I’m gonna go crazy.”

Allison felt embarrassed watching Billy slide his hands beneath her best friend’s costume. But Adam wasn’t bothered, and pulled her down on the carpet so they could join them.

Adam kissed Allison and fondled her breasts through her costume. She turned her head and noticed Kaylee sliding her panties off. Adam rubbed his erection against her mound as they both watched Kaylee push Billy’s pants down as far as she could. He kicked them off and Allison couldn’t help but stare at his cock. She had seen it lots of times before, but was still impressed with how big it was. She was envious as Kaylee guided it into her pussy.

Allison looked away, but Adam was still watching her best friend get fucked.

“Hey!” she said, turning his head to look at her instead.

“Sorry.” He pushed his pants down, freeing his own stiff cock.

“We shouldn’t,” she whispered, as she grabbed his shaft and started slowly stroking it.

“Why not? They aren’t gonna complain.” He tried to push her panties down but she pulled them back up.

“I don’t know,” she said, still slowly pumping his prick while watching Billy stuff his thick pole in Kaylee. “It’s kind of creepy in here.”

As she looked back at the cauldron, she started when someone slammed against the door, bornova escort bayan and then banged on it when they realized it was locked.

“We’re busy! Go away!” Adam was on all fours above Allison, enjoying the feel of her jacking his cock while he watched Kaylee getting fucked hard.

Billy had turned her over and was banging her from behind, when he finally groaned he was close.

“Oh yeah…” Kaylee moaned, “fill me with cum, baby.”

Billy kept pounding her hard because that’s the way Kaylee liked it. His hips smacked against her round ass as he drilled his huge shaft in and out of her tight pussy. Kaylee’s c-cup sized breasts swayed beneath her as he bounced her back and forth. She reached her hand out to steady herself against the fireplace and accidentally knocked over one of the candles — it struck the cauldron as Billy exploded in her.

Allison was startled by the unearthly moan Kaylee let out, and swore the cauldron had started to glow. As she slowly turned her head to look at them, Allison felt her blood run cold — Kaylee’s eyes were glowing with the same golden light as the cauldron.

“Kaylee?” she whispered. “Are you okay?”

Kaylee mutely pushed Billy away and started crawling toward them, staring at Adam’s cock as he fucked Allison’s hand.

“Oh my god!” she cried. “Get your pants on!”

Adam got to his knees and tried to pull his pants up, but Kaylee lurched forward and grabbed his erection.

“Let him go!” Allison cried, as she went to push her away. But before she could, she was pulled between Adam’s legs and dragged across the room. She looked up and saw Billy holding her. He had the same golden, glowing eyes, and she was surprised to see his cock was already fully erect again.

“Let me go!” Allison yelled, as she kicked at him and twisted back toward her boyfriend. Kaylee was on her back with her legs spread as Adam, who had always dreamed about it, pushed his cock into her tight opening.

“What are you doing?! Adam!” She struggled to get free to stop them, but Billy had her arms pinned to the floor and was using his knee to spread her legs. She fought to get free and screamed at him to get off her, but he was in a trance as he ripped her panties off. She thought of all the times she had fingered herself, pretending it was Billy’s big bat, but now all she wanted to do was get Kaylee away from Adam.

“Help me, Adam!” She could hear him grunting as he fucked Kaylee on the carpet behind her.

As Allison struggled, she could hear people outside the room banging on the door. She was going to cry out for help when the lock broke and a dozen costumed partygoers poured into the room. Some of them cheered while others pulled out their cell phones and recorded the couple screwing in the middle of the party.

Two of the guys noticed Allison trying to push Billy away and quickly grabbed him. They couldn’t believe how strong he was as they tried to pull him off of her. As they grappled with him, Allison crawled free and ran to lock herself in the bathroom. As she closed the door, she saw Billy had broken loose and dragged a giggling girl dressed as Lara Croft down beside him.

In the bathroom mirror, Allison saw her makeup was ruined from crying. She couldn’t believe what Adam had done — with her best friend! She checked for her cell phone to call her dad to come and get her, but it was missing; it must have fallen out during the battle with Billy. Something banged against the door, startling her.

She turned to yell that the bathroom was occupied, but hesitated as a premonition of danger swept through her; the doorknob slowly turned back and forth. When it finally stopped, she tiptoed forward and switched off the light. Beneath the door she could see the shadow of someone waiting silently on the other side. And then, in the darkness, her blood froze as she heard the doorknob turning again. Allison wondered if it was Adam looking for her, wondered if she should whisper his name. She slowly got down on all fours and bent down to look under the door; a golden, glowing eye stared back at her.

Allison shrieked and suddenly the door crashed back and forth, nearly torn off its hinges as the creature on the other side tried to force it open. She stumbled back from the door, sure that the lock was going to snap any second, and tumbled over the toilet in the dark. She fell backwards onto the bathtub; the side hit her hard right between the shoulder blades and knocked the wind out of her. As she slowly regained her breath, she saw that the door had held. The shadow on the other side was gone.

Allison hid in the dark, and pressed her hands to her ears to try to stop the noise. The bathroom ceiling shook with the sound of running, pounding feet, and shrieks and screams echoed through the walls. After a while, the sound of panic had died down and all she could hear was sweet, sexy music playing. She crept to the door and put her shoulder against it in case she had to force it shut. As escort bornova quietly as possible, she peeked out.

A Halloween orgy had broken out in the rec room. A guy in a Viking costume was pillaging the pussy of a blonde in a sexy kitty cat costume, while a woman wearing a witch costume rode a guy dressed as a fireman, bouncing up and down on his hose. Six other costumed couples were in various positions as they also fucked on the floor, all with the same golden, glowing eyes. The creepy cauldron glowed even brighter than earlier.

Her hand trembled as she tried to open the door without making a sound. She was sure they’d hear her heart pounding as she snuck past, but they were oblivious as she crept through and went upstairs. The hallway door was open and when she looked toward the living room she saw it was the same as downstairs. A classmate of hers from college, dressed as Prince Charming, was going at it with a girl dressed as a sexy nurse while his girlfriend, who had come as Snow White, was on her knees sucking off a guy beside him.

Allison quietly went down the hallway toward the back door and noticed Kaylee’s parents’ bedroom door was open; the sound of bedsprings squeaking rhythmically came from within.

She was shocked when she peeked inside and saw the bed bouncing up and down as a guy in a lumberjack costume drove his log in and out of Kaylee’s mom while a second guy filled her mouth. On the floor beside them, a girl in a Lady Gaga costume was on her hands and knees as Kaylee’s dad played hide the salami behind her. All five had golden, glowing eyes.

Allison tiptoed past the door but Kaylee’s dad spotted her, pulled his meat out of Lady Gaga, and stood up. As he walked past the bed, the two guys fucking Kaylee’s mom also stopped and followed him.

Allison looked back as the three of them entered the hallway, their cocks pointing toward her like heat-seeking missiles. They followed her as she sprinted for the backdoor. The only way out was through the kitchen, and when she got there she saw two costumed guys with their backs to her. She hoped they’d help her, but then she saw their glowing eyes reflected in the kitchen window.

As they turned her way, she ducked down the other hallway. But she knew she was fucked — it was a dead end. She rushed to the bathroom at the end of the hall and tried to climb through the window, but it was too small. Trapped, she locked the door, turned out the light, crawled into the bathtub, shut the curtain and made herself as small and quiet as possible. All she could hear was Kaylee’s father’s footsteps as they neared the bathroom door.

Alec was watching the football highlights on the eleven o’clock news when the doorbell rang.

“That can’t be a trick-or-treater this late,” he thought, but grabbed the bowl of candy anyways.

His wife, Andrea, always told him not to buy Halloween candy, as the neighborhood kids were all too old now. She knew the only reason he bought it was so he could eat it all. But he was glad he had some candy this night, as he opened the door for three of the sexiest trick-or-treaters he had ever seen.

“Trick or treat!” they cried.

Alec knew one of the girls, Emma. She was the same age as his daughter, Allison, and lived across the street from them. In the summer, she liked to tan in her front yard in her tiniest bikini and he liked to hide behind the living room curtains so he could watch her unseen. She was a beautiful half-Asian with long, black hair and her naughty nurse outfit, which teasingly showed her white panties, pushed her small breasts up enticingly. Her two equally hot friends were dressed as a slutty schoolgirl and a sexy elf.

“Hi, Mr. Carson,” Emma purred, “I hope you don’t think we’re too old for you to give us some candy.” She loved teasing him because she’d seen how often he watched her from his window.

Alec cleared his throat and tried to sound cool. “No, you’re not too old at all, you’re the perfect age. You girls all go to the same college as my daughter, Allison?”

“Yeah,” Emma answered while her friends nodded, “We’re on our way to Kaylee’s Halloween party now.”

“Oh, cool.” Alec said, as he filled their bags with half his bowl of candy. “And your costumes look really…nice. I should have asked you to do some tricks.”

“You should have,” Emma teased, and her friends giggled.

Alec noticed all of their costumes were short enough to show their panties, and he couldn’t help watching their perfect little bums as they strutted away. Emma looked back and smiled when she caught him checking them out; she whispered to her friends and they all giggled as they disappeared into the darkness.

“If you see Allison, remind her she has to be home by 1 a.m.!” he called after them.

Alec, who was now in his early forties, hoped he still had what it took to get girls like that, but his wife always said he was dreaming and called him a ‘perv’ when she’d catch him looking at them. He turned out bornova escort the lights and ran to the living room window to see if he could watch them as they walked down the street, but they were gone.

He had only been watching TV for ten more minutes when he heard a shriek from outside. Thinking it might be more girls headed to the Halloween party, he ran to his bedroom and kept the lights off as he peeked out the curtains.

Alec felt like he had won the peeping Tom lottery when he spotted a completely nude girl with wavy, brunette hair walking barefoot down the middle of the road. She had long, athletic legs and big, grapefruit-sized tits. He could see her erect nipples and the trim between her legs as she walked purposely past the streetlights. She turned to look his way, and he realized it was his daughter’s best friend, Kaylee.

“Oh man,” he thought, as he watched her round ass disappear into the darkness, “she must have gotten way too drunk.” He was getting ready to chase her down to take her home, or maybe bring her back to his house until she sobered up, when he heard noises below the window.

Alec pressed his face against the glass so he could see down, and saw a couple fucking on his lawn. They were in the shadows, so it was hard to see them, but they looked like a couple of college kids. He ducked back so they wouldn’t see him watching and then slowly peeked out again, trying to make sure the girl wasn’t Allison. And then he noticed his wife’s car parked in the driveway.

“Fuck!” he thought, as he shut the curtains. “If she catches me watching them screw she’ll murder me.” He tried not to look guilty as he left the bedroom and called her name, but she didn’t answer. The bathroom, kitchen and living room were all empty so he opened the front door to see if she was sitting in the car, but she wasn’t.

Alec went outside and could hear the two kids still fucking below his bedroom window; he figured if he snuck completely around the house, he could watch them from up close without being seen. He had completely forgotten Kaylee. As he was sneaking around the side of his house, he noticed bags of groceries scattered on the grass. And then he saw his wife.

Andrea was on her back with her legs spread, her jeans off, and her underwear around one ankle as a kid in a college football jacket pumped his cock in and out of her. Alec could see the kid’s big balls slapping against his wife’s pussy and — assuming he was attacking her — was getting ready to jump him. He paused when he heard his wife.

“Oh…fuck, yeah…fuck, yeah!” Andrea moaned. “I love your cock…you’re such a fuckin’ stud Steve…unnh…fuck me good!”

Alec walked around them and saw it was Steve, the 20-year-old student he paid to mow the lawn, fucking his wife on his lawn. “What the hell are you doing, Andrea?!”

“Oh my god, Alec!” she cried, as she opened her eyes and discovered him watching them.

He went to grab Steve and pull him off his wife, but someone grabbed him from behind, pulled him backwards and threw him down hard on the grass. He looked up and saw it was Emma and her two friends, but now their eyes were golden and glowing.

The slutty schoolgirl and the sexy elf pinned his arms down as Emma stood over him. From his point of view, he couldn’t be blamed for noticing she was no longer wearing panties. He was staring at her neatly trimmed twat when she lifted her naughty nurse outfit over her head, exposing her small breasts and tiny, dark nipples.

“What are you doing?” Alec whispered, worried his wife would catch him looking at her while she was naked. He tore his eyes away from her hot body, thinking he must be dreaming, and looked between her legs to check if his wife was okay. Andrea had her legs wrapped tightly around Steve and was in bliss as he hammered her hole.

Alec struggled again to break free, but was amazed at how strong these girls were. He was always pointing out to his wife how big girls’ breasts were getting nowadays because of all the growth hormones they put in food, but all she’d say was ‘quit staring at their tits’. Alec couldn’t think of any other reason how these girls could be so strong.

“Emma, what are you doing? Don’t!” he said, as she reached down and grabbed his pant legs.

With one yank, she tore off his jeans and boxers, revealing his embarrassingly erect cock. He was too shocked to struggle as she walked forward and positioned herself above him. She squatted, with one hand on his chest and one hand around his cock, and forced her tiny pussy down onto it. Alec knew his cock — eight inches long and thick — was bigger than average, but he still couldn’t believe how tight she was as she rode him. He thought his wife would kill him if she saw him fucking their neighbor’s daughter, but could only hear her moaning as Steve came in her.

Alec knew he was in big trouble when he saw Andrea get up and walk toward them, but she only watched with golden, glowing eyes as Emma rode him like a cowgirl.

“What the fuck is wrong with her — with them?” Alec thought. Emma was bouncing up and down on his balls, and he couldn’t believe after all of the times he’d dreamed of fucking her he was thinking of making her stop. But Alec had a hunch that if he came in her, like he wanted to, his eyes would be glowing too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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