David’s Visit to the Bath House

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This is the latest story in the life of David, a bisexual married man, who loves to indulge in gay sex whenever he gets a chance.

Earlier this month, David’s wife was out of town visiting her mother, and he decided it was a good chance to have some real fun, and cure the incipient horniness that had been building up for a while. First, he checked his ad on the online dating site, but found no responses. He hadn’t actually expected any, since the man who was called Big Dick hadn’t contacted him in several weeks. He didn’t really mind, although his body tingled with lust whenever he thought of Richard’s long, thick cock. It had been terrific driving into his ass or stuffing his mouth, but it was apparently history. What he wanted to do that day was to get what he hadn’t been getting from Big Dick or anybody else for a while. The best way to do that, he decided, was to go back to the gay bathhouse in the neighboring city.

There was quite a bit of preparation required, but David didn’t mind. He showered and carefully shaved his face, before getting started on the most important part. Using extreme care, he shaved his ass, the outside and between the cheeks. He was proud of what he called his asspussy; it was round and plump and white, and he wanted it to resemble, as closely as possible, the ass of a sexy young woman. David anticipated being in the bathhouse that entire day, and he hoped to get as many cocks as possible cramming him full there and many more of them filling his mouth with cum.

It was an easy drive there, and David paid his admission fee and hung all his clothing in the locker that was assigned to him. He hung onto what he liked to call his slut bag, which was filled with lubricant, mouthwash, condoms and a big dildo, in case there wasn’t enough live action happening. Buck naked, he strode out onto the floor, his towel draped over his shoulders making sure his asspussy was on full display. Although he reveled in either, or both at once, David preferred a big cock there over one in his mouth, but he decided to go to the Tearoom first.

That part of the bathhouse consisted of a series of partitions, each with a three foot high platform on one side and several large, rectangular holes cut out of them at regular intervals. There were men standing on one of the platforms and fewer men standing on the floor sucking the cocks that were being offered to them through the glory holes. A tall young black man, with no partner, stood with his towel around his waist, so David stepped up to the hole nearest him and leaned forward, letting the man know he was not a wallflower. The black man stepped up to the other side of the hole and removed his towel, displaying a cock that was handsome, although only semi-erect.

That was actually David’s preference. One of the things he especially likes about sucking a cock is feeling it get hard in his mouth, and he opened wide and took it inside to let it roll around. There was wrinkled skin just below the head and the shaft was limber at first but, after the man’s cock had been held by David’s lips and his agile tongue had caressed it a few times, it had stiffened enough to fill his mouth.

David loved the way the chocolate erection stretched his lips and how the head felt when it pressed against the back of his throat. His tongue reveled in the smooth skin stretched so tightly over its hard roundness as he laved the entire length. After a few slow, deep strokes, David moved his face almost all the way back to hold the tip between his lips and lick the hard, velvety head and under the ridge and along the slit. It felt good, but it felt even better when he leaned forward again and let the entire shaft glide between his lips, until the head had slipped down his throat and the black pubic hair was at his lips.

Disappointment came to David when, after a few more long, slow strokes, the owner of the cock backed away and pulled it from the mouth that was making it so welcome.

“Thank you,” he said, and walked away.

David was disappointed, because he had wanted to suck the man off and get a big mouthful of semen as a reward for doing it well, but he was not really surprised. Many of the horny men who came to the bath house, especially those who were basically straight, liked to have their cocks sucked by several different mouths before cumming into one of them. David knew he might still be the one who got to swallow that man’s semen. In the meantime, he hung his towel over the bottom edge of the glory hole and smiled up at the other men on the platform, especially those who did not have a partner just then.

He only had to wait a few seconds before another man, white this time and slightly older than the first guy, approached him pulling away his towel and showing off a nice, stiff cock. No words were needed, because they both knew what each other wanted. Looking up eagerly at the new man, he spread his lips again, and let the hard cock glide in between them. This one was smaller than the first had been, but still felt good, and he slowly stroked it casino şirketleri with his mouth and caressed its entire length with his tongue as he moved his face back and forth.

The second man allowed David to suck his cock like that, with slow, deep strokes, for almost five minutes, and was obviously enjoying it immensely, before he also thanked him and stepped away. It was frustrating, but there was nothing to be done about it, except to enjoy the sensation, while it lasted, of a hard, thick cylinder moving in and out of his mouth.

Both the black man and the white man whose cocks had given brief pleasure to David, while also getting it from him, would cum somewhere, eventually. There would probably be other men who would feed him their semen after having gotten sucked by several other men. Even so, he would have preferred to start with a soft cock, stiffen it in his mouth and slowly suck the man off, ending the blow job by licking off all his semen.

For the next few minutes, David stood idly, leaning on the edge of the hole in the partition, until he heard and saw two young men climb the steps to the platform and head his way. They appeared to be quite young, but David knew the bath house had a very strict policy prohibiting anybody under 18 years old from even entering, so their youth interested, rather than worried him. One of them carried his towel over his shoulder, and his big erection bounced up and down while he strode on the platform, and the other, who was much shorter, had a towel wrapped around his waist.

The second man stopped where David was waiting, but kept himself covered. “Do you want to suck my cock?” he asked.

David nodded his head but did not speak. The query was actually a breach of the usual protocol, besides being a dumb question. After all, why else would David or the other men there be standing next to the glory holes waiting for horny men to stop by? The youth glanced at his companion, who was standing in front of another glory hole, and uncovered what had been concealed, but his towel continued to hide it from the sight of anybody except the man who would be sucking on it.

David saw the reason for the comparative modesty. The taller man sported a fairly substantial tool, but the man who was standing in front of him was hung like the proverbial stud field mouse, and what he had was limp. This didn’t bother David at all. The small equipment would have been a disappointment for his asspussy, but a cock of any size would feel good in his mouth, and could give him a good taste of semen. Without saying anything and with no qualms, David leaned forward, reached out his tongue, and drew the small morsel into his mouth.

Wanting to get the most pleasure he could, the man with the small cock moved even closer to the man who was starting to suck on it. That was fine with David, who would be able to do some things he liked to do, but usually couldn’t because of his mouth being too full. He rolled it around with his tongue, and it stiffened quickly, but was still short. David pressed his face up as closely as he could, so his upper lip was against pubic hair and reached out to stroke the young man’s scrotum with the tip of his tongue. It was obvious his youthful partner was enjoying what was happening, because he was already sighing and murmuring happily.

David was enjoying it too. He loves to take a long, thick cock into his mouth and feel it stretch open his lips and press against the back of his mouth and even slip down his throat. However, he also loves to take a small cock in and lick it and use his tongue to roll it around inside his mouth and press the small shaft against the insides of his cheeks and use his entire chamber of delight, and that’s what he was doing. David also saw how his partner was gripping the edge of the hole in the partition and how his body was writhing in obvious pleasure, and elation filled his heart. He loves sucking men off or getting fucked in his asspussy, but he loves it even more when he knows the other guy is enjoying it too.

After ten minutes of slow pleasure for both men, David felt the cock in his mouth start to throb. He knew that meant the man was right on the verge of cumming, so he tightened his lips and started sucking faster. He also halted the caressing movements of his tongue and kept it in place so the head of the small cock would always be directly over it. The short man moaned in pleasure and issued a warning.

“I’m ready to cum.” He told the man who was sucking him off, because he had always heard that women don’t like to have a man cum into their mouths, and he thought that gay men might feel the same way.

In the case of David, he thought wrong. His lips had tightened around the hard shaft so no semen would leak out, and he was sucking faster because he thought the man might change his mind and pull it out and not let him have a mouthful of semen. David was wrong about that, because the man grunted happily and his cock jerked and shot a huge wad of viscous cum directly onto the tongue that had casino firmaları been waiting for it in a perfect position.

After stopping briefly to relish the flavor, the owner of that tongue kept stroking with his lips until three more thick gobs of semen had landed inside his mouth. He still kept his lips clamped tightly together, and swooshed his reward around inside before swallowing it. When David sucks off a man, he always thinks about the semen as being a reward for doing it right, which is part of the reason he had felt gypped earlier when the first two men hadn’t let him finish.

“Thank you,” the short man said, as he wrapped his towel around his waist to once more conceal the object of his shame. He turned and saw his companion waiting for him and the two men left the platform.

Usually, David likes to rinse out his mouth with Listerine after swallowing cum, but he saw another man waiting for him to finish, and didn’t want to miss out on some fun. He stayed where he was, and the new man stepped up to the glory hole, his cock sticking straight out, and David bent down to take it into his mouth and start stroking it with his lips. Neither man said anything because there was no need to.

This cock was much bigger than the previous one had been, and it stretched open David’s lips as the thick shaft glided into his mouth and pressed against the back of his throat. He closed his lips tightly enough to give some resistance and started moving his head back and forth, avidly stroking the cock with his mouth. The man on the other side of the partition also knew how to make it good, and let David set the pace, although he did involuntarily thrust forward slightly every time he felt and saw the pleasuring lips envelop his shaft.

As David happily sucked the big, hard cock in and out of his mouth, he felt another very pleasant thing happening to him. A pair of hands was gently stroking his round white ass, and he bowed his back and spread his legs to let the man who was fondling him know his attentions were welcome. The unseen man behind him got even bolder with that encouragement and moved his hands around to the insides of David’s ass cheeks and even eased a finger into the hole that was being made available for his pleasure.

“Nice pussy,” a disembodied voice said, and the finger was removed.

Seconds later, it was replaced by what David recognized as the nozzle of a plastic squeeze bottle and, seconds after that, a big dollop of a cool, oily liquid was injected into his asspussy. The nozzle was replaced by a finger spreading the lubricant, and David reached back to spread his ass cheeks to make the unseen man even more welcome. The next thing he felt was a hard, blunt object rubbing against the entrance to his asspussy, and he assumed it to be the head of a cock. David moved his fingers to the hole that was about to be fucked and pulled the edges apart, creating an opening that seemed to be small, but would be big enough.

A left hand, presumably for leverage, was placed on David’s left hip, and the head of the man’s cock was pressed against the hole he was holding open. The man behind him gave a slight grunt, and David felt the heavenly intrusion of a wide cock head into his asspussy. It had been much too long since he had felt that glorious sensation, and he truly reveled in it. David murmured happily, but the sound was muffled by the presence of the other cock in his mouth, and he continued slowly caressing that one with his lips. Neither he, nor the man whom he was sucking off, nor the man who was starting to fuck him had said anything, and none of them had any reason to talk.

Over the next few minutes, a series of firm thrusts by the man who was behind him buried his hard, thick cylinder deeper and deeper in David’s ass. After the second push, the man no longer needed to guide his shaft, and he placed the hand he had been using on his partner’s other hip to get more leverage. From the exquisite pleasure he was getting, David’s legs were thrusting into the floor and his ass was writhing in front of the other man, who was leaving his cock in place for almost half a minute between thrusts while he relished the tightness and the erotic movements.

The waves of delight that crashed through David’s body were tremendous, and they came from his mouth and three parts of his asspussy. One man’s thick shaft was stretching the opening and expanding the adjacent channel and, with every tiny movement that either man made, it massaged his prostate gland. It had been over a month since a real cock had been there, and the dildo he had to sometimes use was not even close to being an adequate replacement. Incredible as the pleasure back there was, he did not forget to keep moving his face slowly back and forth, engulfing and releasing the cock of the man in front of him.

As good as his asspussy already felt from being crammed so well, it started to feel even better. The man behind him slowly drew most of his cock out, paused, and plowed it all the way back in, until his pubic hair was güvenilir casino tickling the insides of David’s freshly shaven ass cheeks. As he felt it surging into him, he moaned in bliss and fucked back to meet the thrust of the other man, until their bodies came firmly together.

For the next few minutes, all three men reveled in what they were doing. The man who was fucking David set the pace, as he drove his cock in and out of the very hospitable ass in front of him. The owner of that ass thrust it back to meet the slow strokes and moved his face back and forth in the same tempo, as his mouth enveloped the cock of the man on the platform. Just when it felt to David as if it couldn’t get any better, it got better.

His back was bowed and he was bending forward slightly so he could present his asspussy better to the man behind him, so he was standing some distance from the partition. He was far enough away that yet another man was able to get between it and his feet, although David was too engrossed in the fucking and sucking he was doing to notice him until he felt the new man against his legs. He became very much aware of his presence when he felt a tongue start to lick his balls and the side of somebody’s face against his erection.

As his mouth stroked back, David glanced in the direction of his feet and saw a man’s face looking up at him. The man lightly took hold of the cock that was next to his face, rose higher and took it into his mouth to start sucking it in and out. David moved his feet slightly to give the new man as much room as he could, but he was really more interested in being fucked and sucking off the man on the platform than in what was happening to his own erection.

When he felt the cock in his mouth starting to throb, David concentrated even more on it. He knew the man was going to cum soon, so his lips tightened and started stroking it even faster. The man on the platform had been letting David set the pace but, as his climax drew closer, he became less passive, and started thrusting his cock forward. This was a normal thing to the man who was doing the sucking and, although he didn’t really like it, he realized he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I’m going to cum,” announced the man, as he thrust his cock into the mouth that was bringing about that event.

David said nothing, but he did start sucking even faster. He felt the cock jerk in his mouth and tightened his lips to keep the cum from leaking out. The first gob landed on his tongue, and he savored the taste and kept sucking. Another load was ejaculated into his mouth and, after a few more strokes, David knew that would be all the semen that he was going to get from that man. He was even more correct in that belief than he could have known because, when he was through cumming, the man pulled his cock out of the mouth that had done such a good job of sucking him off. Without saying a word, he wrapped his towel around his waist and walked away.

Slightly miffed that he had no chance to lick the rest of the cum off the man’s head and shaft, David savored and swallowed what he had and concentrated on what was happening to his asspussy and his own cock. He backed slightly away from the partition and gave more room to the man who was kneeling in front of him, and started thrusting back harder against the man who was fucking him.

With his mouth no longer full, he moaned blissfully from the twin pleasures. The two men who were teaming up probably didn’t know each other, but they set up a rhythm. When the cock drove into his ass and David fucked back to meet it, the kneeling man drew back, to move his face forward again when the other man withdrew.

They maintained that tempo until David knew he was on the verge of cumming, and the man who was sucking him off apparently knew it too. He tightened his lips and started stroking the cock between them at a faster pace. Less than a minute later, from the intense pleasure he was getting and had been getting all morning, David climaxed, ejaculating his cum into the mouth that felt so good. The man on his knees kept sucking until two more gobs of semen had been squirted into his mouth. David was through cumming, but the man who had just sucked him off kept his cock inside his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue.

Unlike the man he had just sucked off, David let the kneeling man enjoy the feast of semen to the fullest. He watched as the man held the softening cock in his fingers and licked it all off, and when it was clean, he lightly squeezed it to get all the cum that was still inside. When he was satisfied, he got to his feet and walked over to the stairs that led to the platform. David hadn’t seen him before, but he hoped he would get a chance later that day to reciprocate for the first-class blow job.

The man who was fucking him was also ready to cum, and he started ramming his cock in harder and faster. David held onto the lower edge of the hole in the partition and matched the new pace. The man grunted and sighed, and fucked even faster, until his cock seemed to expand suddenly, and he slowed his pace. He didn’t stop entirely until he had thrust his cock in and out a dozen more times, but he finally pulled it out, affectionately slapped the ass that had made him so welcome, and left.

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