Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 15

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That night ended my problems with what was going on and I decided to accept things, with limits. Limits as to what we would and wouldn’t do.

Jeanne dropped a bombshell when she whispered in my ear, “Daddy’s coming in the morning. With Deb and the cameras.”

“What! Already! I thought you were going to build up to that.”

“I have to do it, Honey. Thinking about it’s, been, driving me crazy.”

“So! All of this is just to manipulate me.”

“No, Honey! No! It’s more showing and including.”

“That’s right, Stephen. We aren’t trying to manipulate. We each want something. Even you.”

“Honey, we’re just trying to have what we want without losing you. And, come on, admit it, like you made me admit things. You’ve enjoyed everything that’s happened. Wanted it even.”

“We can have our fantasies, without losing each other.”

“Oh, Yeah, Judy. Just what is your fantasy?”

“Pretty much, like yours. I’d say. You like more than one woman and, I’ll bet, have thought about multiple wives. Haven’t you? Hmmmm?” I didn’t answer, just grimaced. “Well, I want two husbands.”

“We’ve been talking about it, Honey. Don’t look so surprised. If you and Ronny agree to it, we want us to be a marriage.”


“Ye-us. Judy and Ronny and You and Me.”

“But, what about …”

“Don’t think about anyone else, OK.” Jeanne said as she kissed my cheek. “We’re all maneuvering. If we’re honest with ourselves, things will be fine.” She kissed me. “You got, two hot women, for the night, here.”

It took mere seconds for the two of them to erase all thought from my mind. As Judy was kissing me, Jeanne slid down and started sucking my dick. ‘Oh, Yeah! More than one woman, is great!’

As Jeanne’ deep-throating was making me want to cum or fuck, she raised her head and said, “Your turn, Sis.”

I thought she was talking about Judy sucking my dick. But, Judy lay back and Jeanne climbed over me to lay on her. Jeanne kept sucking my dick as Judy began eating her pussy. I worked my hand under Jeanne toward Judy’ pussy.

There was a hand there. It raised to let mine slide under and then lay on mine. I didn’t know whose hand it was. This hand didn’t guide me, it stayed softly on mine as I played with Judy’ pussy.

Jeanne constantly brought me to the edge and stopped, as she repeatedly moaned and quivered. She would suddenly freeze with my dick buried in her mouth as she moaned and jerked. Judy did much the same thing as I rubbed and fingered her pussy.

I was at the point where I wanted to throw Jeanne off of me and start fucking her. I don’t know if Jeanne sensed it or what, but she got up and sat on my dick and began grinding her pussy.

“Sit on his face, Judy. He can please us both at the same time.” The lust in her voice was enough to make the pope hard.

There I was, sucking and fucking a pussy. I love licking and sucking, smooth pussy lips and hate those rings in Judy’ pussy. The ones above her clit are fine, but not the ones in her lips. ‘They gotta go!’

Without getting a mouth full of jewelry, I had to stick with licking from asshole to clit and tonguing her hole. And, Man! That is frustrating, because I like sucking those lips into my mouth. I kept after licking Judy’ pussy as Jeanne would bounce a couple of times on my dick and then grind on it.

I was imagining them playing with each others tits. But, every time I tried to move my hands up, one of them would push them back down. I was only allowed to let my hands roam from their waists down.

I wasn’t familiar with Judy, sexually, so I didn’t know if her pussy squeezing my tongue was orgasmic or ability. Jeanne, on the other hand, has a reactive pussy. When she has an orgasm. Her pussy flows, heats up, vibrates and the opening repeatedly squeezes together, hard.

Through her heavy breathing, Jeanne softly whispered, “Time for him to cum, Sis.” I thought she was going to step it up, but she got off me.

‘What The Fuck! NO! Get back on there!’

Judy lay down and took me in her mouth. I was hunching, trying to fuck and cum, so I was now fucking Judy’ mouth and she grabbed my ass. Thrusting violently and cuming. Not in Judy’ mouth, but down her throat. I could feel her chin on my stomach and her nose hit by my balls. At the same time she was smothering me with her pussy. Unable to breath and didn’t care if I died or not, cause I was cuming and it felt good. No, it felt fucking fantastic.

When Judy rolled off me, I was gasping for air, having antalya escort been brought to the point of suffocation. I felt a warm cloth on my face, as I lay there recovering.

“Damn, Sis. You flowed all the way to his ears.” Jeanne said with a chuckle as she washed my face.

“I do that, sometimes, when it’s really good.”

They snuggled against me, sandwiching me between their naked bodies, and we drifted off to sleep. Several times during the night, one of them would wake me up for another round of passion.

In the morning, Judy got up and I soon smelled breakfast. Jeanne had stayed with me.

“Did you notice anything, last night.”

“You talking about me cuming?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Why was it always Judy?”

“Cause, I wanted to keep myself worked up and ready for Daddy. And, Judy wants to show you that she wants you. Does that bother you?”

“Yeah, it kinda does.”

“Which part?”

“Judy, some. But, mainly, your father.”

“Daddy? Why?”

“The usual. You know. Big cock. A man loses his woman to a big cock.”

Jeanne reached up and turned my head towards her.

“Oh, Honey! That is not going to happen! Believe me! You have an out. Anytime, you say ‘No More,’ it all stops.” She kissed me passionately.

I guess, I just need to hear that, repeatedly. We heard Judy call out, ‘Breakfast.’ We all ate and after, I cleaned up. More to think than anything. We settled in the living room, talking, and I forgot about coming events.

I irritated Judy, when I commented that those rings in her pussy had to go. They were her ‘badge of courage,’ from a bad time in her life. What Judy has are ‘hog rings.’ Permanently snapped together. You have to cut them to get them out.

She told us that her dealer, would have her held down, after each gangbang. He would take the pliers and position the ring, putting it in without anything for pain. Then he’d hand her, her clothes and push her out the door. She’d have to dress in the doorway, bleeding and in pain.

Once there were four rings, he would lace a chain through them. Securing it with a little lock. She said, he would laugh and say, “You ony fuckin us, bitch.” She added, sadly, “An addict will do anything for a fix. Anything!”

Through all of her addiction, Ronny thought she was just going through some sort of phase and would grow out of it. Love is blind or, rather, blinding.

We got into a discussion of Judy using removable jewelry. For sexual purposes, like when I want to eat pussy. So, I get a mouthful of flesh not foreign objects. Judy agreed, but she was keeping her piercings, because she liked the fact that nobody knew, she was pierced like a circus freak.

The doorbell rang and I was brought back to adolescent tension. Everyone settled in the living room and engaged in small talk. It was unreal, like we aren’t going to film Jeanne fucking her father.

My insides were knotted. I didn’t want her to have his big dick, but at the same time, I wanted to watch her have it. Jeanne paid all of her attention to me, until Deb spoke.

“You gonna do it here, the bedroom, or both?”

Jeanne kissed me and whispered in my ear. “You won’t be sorry, Honey. Honest. I’m yours for life.”

She kissed me again and I said, “Go on. Get your pleasure.”

“Here. Just in here.” Jeanne said as she got up.

Keith smiled as his daughter approached him. She sat next to him and they kissed. They began slowly with pecking kisses and timid hands. Deb moved around quietly with a handheld camera and Judy snuggled up next to me.

“We can have fun, too.” Judy whispered as her hand went between my legs.

I looked up to see Jeanne passionately kissing her father as she slipped her hand under his shirt. Keith was unbuttoning Jeanne’ blouse.

“Are you two, Lovers?” Deb asked loudly.

“I thought they weren’t going to be identified!” I said surprised.

“Shhhh!” Judy shot back, then whispered in my ear. “They won’t be. Jeanne gets to edit the videos.”

“Videos!?” I mumbled.

“Yes. There is more than one camera. Now, be quiet and watch. Or, you’ll need to leave.” Judy kissed me. “You do actually want to watch this, don’t you? And not have to wait for the video.”

I shut up and Deb repeated herself. “Are you two, Lovers?”

Jeanne looked at Deb and said, “Ah, um, No! We’re Father and Daughter.”

“So, you’ve done this before?”

“Uh, No. This is the first time.”

“Tell me, why now?”

“Ah, fethiye escort ah, well. I guess it’s cause I thought about it, before. And, when I watched daddy and my little sister have sex, I decided I wanted to.”

“Well then, you two go ahead. And, don’t hold back.”

By now, Keith had Jeanne’ blouse open and pulled her bra up, exposing her tits. Holding a tit in his hand, he bent down and licked the nipple. Jeanne closed her eyes and moaned as she caressed his head. He began sucking her tit causing her to squirm. Jeanne wanted to get to it. She pushed him up and pulled his shirt off before going for his pants.

Her father stopped her and said, “Take your clothes off.”

They removed their clothing, Keith standing, Jeanne sitting. As Keith stood naked, in front of Jeanne, she ran her hands up his legs while smiling up at him. Jeanne leaned forward and kissed the end of her father’ dick. As her hands moved toward it, she licked up its length.

Keith closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure he was getting from his daughter. Jeanne took his inflating dick in her hands, stroked it a couple of times and opened her mouth. I knew she had been practicing with the summer sausages, but seeing that growing monster in her mouth was unreal.

Jeanne tried to take more and more of her father’ dick in her mouth. She wanted to please him by doing what he liked and she was building her own passion to have him in her pussy. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get more than half his dick in her mouth. The thing was just to hard and unyielding to bend down.

She had her father lay down on the couch. He immediately pulled her on top of him, so he could eat pussy. Briefly, she stayed upright and we could see Keith licking and sucking his daughter’ pussy. Then she blocked the sight by laying down to get at his dick again.

She stroked it, licked it and kissed it, before putting it in her mouth again. Slowly bobbing her head up and down, more and more of her father’ dick went in her mouth. Just past the halfway point, I could see the strain in her eyes as she tried to push farther down.

Slowly, with each bob of her head, more and more of his dick disappeared. Until, finally, her lips reached its base. She pushed forward, more, and her nose touched his balls. I leaned sideways and could see how her throat grotesquely bulged.

She held herself there, far longer than I thought she could. From her muffled moans, daddy’ mouth on her pussy must have had her delirious with passion. Slowly she raised up, only a few inches, and went down again. It must have been enough to get a breath of air and then get all of him in her mouth again.

For several minutes, Jeanne would take all of him in her mouth and hold it there before slowly raising up to breath and go back down again. She brought a hand around to cup and roll his balls. This is when she increased the speed of her motions.

Jeanne went faster and faster, up and down her father’ massive dick. Keith began to flex his hips, throat-fucking his middle daughter as he ate her pussy. Jeanne stopped and held him completely in her mouth. Keith was still trying to fuck her mouth.

When she had held her breath as long as she could, she raised her head and loudly sucked in air. She raised her head until only the head of his dick remained inside her mouth. Wrapping both hands around it, she slid her mouth down again to meet her hands. Her head came up until her lips touched the head of his dick and went back down.

Judy whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna suck your cock while we watch. Don’t hold back. Cum whenever you want.” She kissed my cheek. “And, Oh Yeah. Use your hands.” Then she moved down to my lap, opening my pants and pushing them down.

Jeanne began to move her hands up her father’ dick to follow her mouth. She was moving slowly at first, pausing to occasionally moan and shake from her father’ pussy eating.

I didn’t even notice Judy sucking my dick, at first, because I was hypnotized by watching my wife sucking her father’ dick. It was when I noticed the feeling in my own dick, due to Judy matching her sister’ movements, that I really noticed.

Watching my wife sucking a dick and feeling it in my own was mind blowing and bringing me quickly to orgasm. To breakup my thoughts, I began using my hand on Judy’ body. With her help, I got to her tits. Then, with further exploration, I discovered she was naked from the waist down. I had no idea when she took those clothes off. kaş escort She was hot and wet, so all of this was turning her on as well.

Even with deliberate distractions, I was building to orgasm. As I felt it coming on stronger, I noticed Keith’ balls tighten. ‘Is Jeanne going to suck him off?’ I thought. ‘Take his load in her mouth.’

As the cum was racing up my dick, Jeanne answered that thought. She grabbed her father’ balls, sat straight up and squeezed his dick, hard, saying softly, “Not yet, Daddy. Not yet.” Then she shook, gasped and went stiff. Keith’ pussy eating, got her again. She was squeezing his dick so hard, it looked like his dickhead would pop.

There was no stopping me, I was cuming in Judy’ mouth with my fingers in her pussy. Jeanne looked at me with lust filled eyes and smiled. She pushed back, sitting above Keith and bent to kiss him. His face was glistening and I knew she could taste herself on her father’ lips. And, for that matter, he could taste himself on hers.

Keith sat up and Jeanne scooted in behind him. As he turned around, she lay down, spread her legs and reached for him. He was doing something, I couldn’t see, with his dick.

Jeanne wantonly said, “Let me Daddy. Let me put it in.”

Keith leaned forward and kissed her. Both of her hands grasped his dick and rubbed it up and down her pussy.

Jeanne positioned his dickhead between her lips. “Ready Daddy? You ready to fuck me, for the first time?” She pulled on his dick and the massive head popped in. Jeanne moaned. “Oh, yessss, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your baby girl.”

Shit! Just hearing that, made my balls jump. Keith pushed in and Jeanne put her heels on his ass as she still gripped his dick. She was pulling up, trying to help him inside. But, it was clear, that huge appendage wasn’t slipping into her pussy. No matter how hot, wet and ready she was. It was going to have to be worked in and they were both working at it.

“Ooooh, God! So Big.” Jeanne moaned, loudly.

It had to be stretching her tight pussy. I know how tight her pussy is on my dick and her father’ is twice as big as mine. Finally, he was over half way in and began pistoning into his daughter.

“Oh Jesus Christ, Daddy. Yessss. Yessss. Fuck Me!” Jeanne almost screamed out.

I hunched, jamming my dick in Judy’ mouth and pushed my fingers, past the knuckles, into her pussy. Judy moaned and sucked hard on my dick. I couldn’t see what was going on at the other end, but I could see her fucking him back. I could also see his big dick finally go all the way in and hear Jeanne grunting to his thrusts. And, I saw blood. That big dick of his had torn her pussy at the bottom. At that, I wondered if it would ever be the same.

Keith had bottomed out hard and Jeanne cried out, “Stop! Oh God, Stop!” Keith started to pull out and Jeanne moaned out, “Don’t! God, don’t move!”

I didn’t know if he was just too big or if the pain from her torn pussy, finally caught up with her brain. After a couple of minutes, Jeanne’ hands were on his ass and her hips started to move.

“OK … Go … Slow.” Keith started to pull back. “No … Don’t … Pull … Out … Much. Gotta … Get … Used … To … It.”

Slowly, Jeanne’ grip on her father’ ass relaxed, allowing him to pull further out of her pussy each time. Then her hands slid to his hips and she was thrusting back as hard as she could. Minute after minute after minute passed as Keith fucked his daughter. Until he was pistoning all but the head of his massive dick into her pussy.

Jeanne was cuming so much, it was running down the crack of her ass and lathering her father’ dick. Keith was hitting it like he was ready to cum, when I saw his balls pull up.

I don’t know if Jeanne sensed it or what, but she whispered, “Cum in me Daddy. Fill your little girls pussy with cum.” The wanton lust in her voice was enough to give a dead man a hardon.

That had to be a trigger for Keith. He slammed into Jeanne hard as he grunted loudly and jerked repeatedly. He was filling his daughter’ pussy with cum. More and deeper than anyone ever had.

I could hear them kissing as I watched Jeanne’ pussy contracting on the base of her father’ pulsating dick.

Just then, my vision blurred, as I came. Not in Judy’ mouth, but down her throat. She had all of me in her mouth with a finger up my ass. And I had all of my fingers in Judy’ pussy with my thumb in her ass.

When my vision cleared, I looked up to see Deb smiling as she got Judy and I on video. The two lovers, slowly untangled and Keith pulled out of his daughter. Jeanne’ pussy remained an open gaping hole and I wondered if it would ever close up. Slowly it did, to my relief.

Jeanne had been fucked by her father’ monster cock, and I liked it.

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