Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 09

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Thanks for all your comments. They really do make the stories worth writing. Enjoy!


Danny and his mom were pretty tuckered out after their shit-session that night and slept together quite soundly. When Danny woke up in the morning his mom was already up and had breakfast ready for him.

“Hey sleepy head, how’s my big boy today?”

“Morning Mom.”

Like always Danny sat down to breakfast in his usual half-asleep state while his mother chirped like a bird.

“I’ve got something really special planned for us today honey. Right after breakfast I want to show you something.”

Danny knew this must be good, so he scarfed down his meal and even cleaned up his place at the table. His mother was wearing a silk nightgown and he ran his hand over her plump rear while she cleaned the dishes.

“How’s my baby? I bet you’ve got that big thing all hard again, don’t you?” She reached over and wrapped her hand around it. “Mmm that’s so nice and big honey. Lets go to my bedroom and I want to show you some things.”

Danny was only partly surprised to see his Mommy pull out from under the bed a briefcase and put it on top of the bed. She undid the combination and opened it up, then pulled out a few things Danny was familiar with onto the bed.

“Honey, I think now we can share these toys. Your Dad and I love to play with these on ourselves and each other.”

Danny looked on as his Mom pull out the butt plugs, dildos, and pumps with a slightly guilty feeling. He knew them very well but Dianne didn’t know this. She was very excited for what she was going to teach to her son.

“Show Mommy your cock honey. Oh yes. That’s good, that’s nice and big. You see this here, do you know what this is?”

“It’s a penis pump, Mom.”

“How do you know, you naughty boy! Then you know this is for me. This is Mommy’s pussy pump. We’re going to pump together, Danny, Okay?”

“Okay Mom.”

“Watch me first sweety and then I’ll help you with yours.”

Dianne sat at the edge of the bed and spread her fat legs so that her silk gown was no longer covering her shaved twat. She dugg her fingers into her big labia and started rubbing the juices all over her groin, making it very wet. Then she pressed the cup of her pump over her pussy and began to squeeze the pump bulb a few times. Danny sat next to his mother on the edge of the bed watching in amazement as with each pump his mother’s pussy filled up the huge clear bowl between her legs.

“Oh yeah Mom, that looks so good!”

“You like that?”

“Oh Mom, your pussy looks so juicy in there.”

“Mmmm it feels so wonderful. Now I’m just going to keep this nice and pumped for about 20 minutes, and then you’ll get to see what it’s like.”

Danny sat next to his mom and ran his hand over her fat thigh while enjoying her escort ataşehir silky ass with his other hand.

“Stand up and let me suck your cock sweety.”

Danny obediently stood up for his mother and pulled off his boxers and put his massive dong in her face. He watched his mother’s fat lips suck his meat in slow strokes while she held him by the balls. She slobbered on his cock real good until it was dripping.

“Okay honey, now take this pump and put it around your dick until its sealed up good and let me pump it for you. I don’t want you to do too much at first. It will take some practice before your penis puffs up as much as my cunt.”

Meanwhile Danny knew otherwise. He had been packing this tube for a year now. He sat back down on the bed with his mother and put the tube over his dick and held on. Dianne squeezed the bulb a few times watching her son’s penis react.

“Oh yeah Mom, that feels so good!”

“Ooo yes it does baby. Kiss Mommy!”

Danny put his tongue in his mother’s mouth and gave her a sloppy kiss. Dianne looked back down at her son’s pump.

“Ooo you’re doing so good. It’s getting nice and big honey! Bigger than I thought! Does it hurt? It’s not supposed to, let me know if it does baby.”

“No Mom, not even close. Pump it up some more.”

Dianne squeezed a few more times, watching in amazement at her son’s meat filling a 3″ diameter tube almost to all 12 inches.

“Oh yes, that’s my baby boy! How did you get this good at pumping your cock up honey?”

“Mom, I’ve known about this briefcase for over a year and I pump whenever you’re out.”

“Oh you naughty boy! Well I guess I’m glad because now I can enjoy my son’s big juicy meat!”

Danny liked it when his mother talked nasty like this and made dirty looks at him. He massaged his mom’s big nipples and kissed her long and lovingly on the bed as their genitals were being stretched inside their vacuum pressure toys.

“You know what your father and I like to do when we pump?”


Dianne reached over and grabbed one of the toys, a long one, the double dildo.

“We stick each end of this in our bottoms. I want you to do it with me.”

“Geez Mom, that’s great. How do you want to do it?”

“Get on your knees on the bed and let me get your bottom ready.”

Danny was packing the tube so well it was easy for him to move around without breaking the seal on his pump. He got on all fours while lifting his butt in the air and felt the weight of his big pump sagging down.

Dianne’s pump was good enough for her to stand up behind her son, take off her gown and lick his butthole very sloppily. She started digging two fingers in and out of his ass.

“Oh yeah Mom, that feels good! Stick your fingers up my butt.”

“Here you go honey. I’m going kadıköy escort to stick four fingers in you, I want to hear you grunt for me.”

“Uggghh! Uggghhh!!”

“Yes baby, that’s my good boy.”

She took out her fingers and admired his gaping hole and sucked on the dildo. Then she carefully slid it in and out of her son’s butt. Then she put it in about 6 inches and told him to hold it there himself.

Danny reached around and held the long double dildo deep in his ass while his mother crawled on the bed on all fours. She readjusted her pump so that it was firmly in place.

“Now come over behind be and give me the other end of that dildo.”

Danny crawled over and felt his mom take the other end of the dildo and immediately fit it into her ass. Then he experienced the most wonderful sensation of his mother’s fat butt squishing up against his as their asses fought for the length of the big dildo. They pushed back up against each other’s rears and groaned and made lots of guttural noise.

“Oooh! That’s it! Yes honey! Good boy!”

“Oh fuck yeah mom! Oh!”

They continued to grind their butts together enjoying the wonderful sensation of their simultaneous anus packing and pressure on their genitals.

“Here honey, lets try another position.”

Dianne took the dildo out of her butt and got on her back and told Danny to do the same. They intertwined their legs until they were close enough together to fit the dildo back in each other’s rectum.

They stared at each other with naughty looks and took turns making writhing expressions as they squirmed, stimulating their rectums.

“Are you ready to see my pussy baby?”

“Oh yeah mom!”

She pulled out the dildo and moved over to the edge of the bed.

“Get on the floor honey, I want you between my legs.”

Danny took out the dildo and got on the floor between his mother’s big thighs and watched up close as she released the pressure. She pulled off her pump cup and her now enormous and puffy vagina spilled out. It was all red and juicy and glistening wet, almost the size of a football. She dug her hand in it and made a nasty face to her son, but she didn’t have to say anything. Danny buried his face in his mother’s swollen flesh, moving his face around, completely enveloped by her warmth and wetness.

Dianne held the back of her son’s head and grinded her hips into his face. Danny found her big clit in her folds and attached his mouth to it.

“Suck it! Suck it! Yes baby, suck Mommy’s dick!”

He was really getting into it and he loved the sloppy flesh and wetness all over his face.

“Suck it baby! Yes! Suck it! Ohh You’re gonna make me cum aren’t you! You’re gonna make mommy cum!! Ohhh Yessss! My little cunt fucker! Yesss!!!”

Dianne convulsed into a very hard orgasm shaking maltepe escort bayan and shuddering as her son sank his face into her pumped up pussy. She gushed streams of slippery juice all over his face.

When she was done shaking Danny looked up at his mother with his face covered in her cunt sauce, up to her nasty face from between her thick legs and up through her big tits.

“Good baby! Mommy loves you. Let me see how big you are honey! Show me sweetheart!”

Danny stood up released his pressure and slid off his big pump. His huge, swollen cock fell out in front of his mother. It was now almost 3″ in girth and 10 inches in length. She grabbed it with both hands and Danny watched his mom rub his juicy pumped up cock between her DDD juggs. He took it from her and smacked her in the face with it.

“Oh yes baby, do that some more. Slap your Mommy in the face with your big penis. Yes! Ohhhh!”

Danny stood there enjoying the sensation of his heavy, long, and wet penis make a mess of his mother’s big features on her face. He smacked her big, fat mouth, full cheeks, and big nostrils with his wonderful dick.

“I want you to shove it up my ass. With you shove it in my bottom? Fill my shit hole up with my son’s big cock honey!” She let out in a depraved voice.

Dianne turned around and got on all fours, then had to press her face into the bed when she reached around spreading her full fat ass wide for her son. She arched her back and her ass looked like two globes with a puckering hole in the middle and a juicy mound of flesh underneath.

Danny put the fat head of his pumped cock against the rim of his mother’s butt hole and pushed, spreading her gaping asshole open even more.

He grabbed on to her fat wide hips and began fucking his mother’s rectum with long, deep strokes. She spoke nasty encouragement to him in a fairly controlled tone.

“There you go, sink it in, nice and deep. Fill me up sweeheart! Does mommy’s ass feel good around your swollen penis honey?”

“Oooh yeah Mom!”

“All the way honey, pack my shit honey, fill your mother’s shit pipe baby.”

Danny was taking long, deep stroked all the way into his mother’s shit tube, all 10 inches. He loved sinking his cock into her wide hips, round thighs and fat juicy bottom as her sphincter squeezed around him.

“I want you to cum in my bottom honey. Cum for me baby. Shoot it up my ass!”

Dianne squeezed her anus tightly and it wasn’t long before she felt her son squirt his hot semen shot after shot deep in her ass.

“Yes dear, Yes! Cum for me shoot it up Mommy’s anus”

Danny pumped, slapping up against his mother’s fat ass, his big balls slapping against her wet puffy pussy.

“Yeah Mom! Oh yeah!

“Yes honey, that’s my good little buttfucker!”

“Oh that felt so good!” He said, collapsing on the bed besides her.

“Yes it did sweetie. Cock feels so good in the bottom. We’ll have to see if we can get one for you. How’s that sound dear?”

“You mean getting fucked by a real cock?”

“I do indeed. And I know just the right person honey!”

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