Culture Night

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Tonight was the first ‘culture night’ that Lee suggested they add to their dating routine. Annika had agreed, but she was less enthusiastic than Lee. She preferred going to bars or dance clubs. In fact, that’s where they had met five months ago.

The initial activity was the offbeat Artomatic exhibit. It was a Washington, DC open admission art event. Each year it was located in a different building in the Metro area that was empty and scheduled for renovation or demolition. The unusual location of the free show was part of the attraction and was as out there as much of the art. This year over 1000 ‘artists’ were on display scattered throughout eleven floors of a building in the lively Crystal City area of Arlington, VA. The venue offered unique settings for the art. Former offices. Hallways. Empty conference rooms. Large open bays. Tiny closets. A cornucopia of spaces would be a descriptive understatement. Many painted over, decorated or transformed to reflect the artist work.

Running for five weeks, Artomatic attracted a diverse crowd. The attendees skewed young, artsy and professional, but with it’s share of young families and mature attendees.

This Thursday bands of thunderstorms brought strong winds and intermittent heavy rains to prematurely darken the June skies and pelt the large glass windows. The storm and the weeknight combined to keep the crowd down to a trickle.

Lee had walked in the Underground from her nearby job with a government contractor. As she waited for Annika to arrive from the Metro, she sat in the lobby and responded to texts and emails.

Annika blew in like a fresh breeze. Thin and pale, she had a somewhat French look. Perhaps it was her narrow ingenue face framed by frizzy hair in a loose bunch with random strands escaping. A bright red, sleeveless sundress clung to her waifish frame and accented her figure. It was a simple design, but low cut and more than a bit flirty. It’s short length swung freely from her narrow hips. Despite her lean build, she moved with an electric energy and projected a confident air.

Her overall appearance seemed casual and easy. In fact, she was one of those people who could make any look seem simple. Lee knew better. It took a lot of practice, expertise and effort to constantly look so casually elegant.

They exchanged a hug and a chaste kiss in greeting. “You look great, Anni.” Lee offered as she touched Annika’s uncovered forearm.

“Thanks. You too, girl.” Annika returned the compliment.

Lee appreciated the comment, but knew she wasn’t as attractive as Anni. In contrast to her taller friend, Lee was of average height and weight. The benefit was she did have shapely curves. Dark bangs covered her forehead, yet the rest of her hair was styled short for summer coolness and ease of maintenance.

Her outfit reflected that she’d come directly from work. A light-weight, waist-length blue jacket covered a sleeveless, white blouse. Her knee-length skirt was professional in contrast to Annika’s playful mini. However, it’s high waist and deep blue diagonal stripes with thin white accents tended to draw eyes to her chest when the jacket came off. The outfit was comfortably fitted without being overly clingy or suggestive. Lee wore a simple silver necklace and a watch. Annika a colorful necklace of natural beads and a series of disparate bracelets.

The girls approached the entrance table. After an ID check, each got a yellow wristband clearing them to buy drinks at the bars set up throughout the building.

Riding the elevator to the top, they exited at the 11th floor and started browsing in a large open area that stretched two-thirds of the building. The open-registration and low fee for the participants meant the artwork was a very eclectic mix. Some was crap, mundane or amateurish. Others were artistically impressive or undeniably creative. The wide range made the show fascinating. There were surprises around every corner. A significant percentage was bizarrely interesting or interestingly bizarre.

The pair wandered in and out of offices converted to temporary galleries. At some stations, they laughed at the quality or the subject matter. At others, they rolled their eyes or looked at each other with blank “is this really art” expressions. Then, they’d come upon some paintings or sculptures that were so stunningly beautiful that they wished they could afford them.

As they wandered, they kibitzed about work and bantered easily with compatible senses of humor. The show allowed them to learn more about each other’s tastes. It was just the sort of shared experience Lee hoped for when she’d suggested these nights out.

On each floor, a volunteer was seated in the corridor near the elevators. Otherwise, they encountered only a handful of other attendees. It was like a private gallery showing.

While some spaces were dimmed to highlight the artwork, most were lit with standard overhead fluorescent lighting. This made the inside bright in contrast bahis firmaları to the darkening skies outside. On the East side of the building, they paused at the floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the view of the DC monuments in the distance. Closer was the Potomac River and planes arriving and departing from National Airport. An occasional lighting bolt illuminated the towering thunder clouds.

The art covered a wide range of subjects: every kind of painting, many photographs of people and landscapes, trash art, jewelry, primitive sculptures, poetry and protest art, and fine furniture. However, it became apparent a significant percentage focused on nudity or sexual themes. Some male, but largely female. Some artsy. A number erotic. Some just fascinatingly smutty. Simple black and white photos of nudes. Photoshopped naked women superimposed on galaxies and nebulas. Barely clothed Princess Leias. Stone sculptures. Spread-eagle self-portraits by hefty artists. A few were accompanied by social commentary poems or paragraphs, but most stood on their raw merits.

Lee found the emphasis surprising. For Annika, some of the displays were particularly stimulating. Perhaps that was what diverted her attention. She was more a doer than a watcher anyway. She persuaded Lee to stop at one of the bars for a drink and listen to a band. They showed the yellow wrist bands that announced they were of age. Lee ordered a wine. Annika a lite beer.

They leaned on one of the tall tables with a view of the river. As they chatted, Annika patted Lee’s shoulder or touched her hand.

Some looking at the couple might surmise they were work friends enjoying a night out. The more perceptive might pick up the telltale clues that they were young and in lust. The lingering touch. The sincere attention to what the other said. Longish gazes into each other’s eyes.

While Lee described the challenges of a current project, Annika focused on her expressive face. The narrow eyebrows, shaped and dark, that emphatically displayed concern, interest or surprise. The smiling lips that twitched just before emitting a deep laugh. Annika had an impulse to kiss her, but refrained from interrupting the story.

After the drinks, Lee suggested they visit a couple more floors before going out for dinner. Although Annika had enough art for the evening, she agreed to please her friend.

Perhaps, it was the erotic art, or her attraction to Lee. It didn’t take long for Anni’s mind to wander. When it wandered, it often turned to sex. To occupy herself, she decided on some playful seduction.

Annika began by walking closer. Then, there were more touches while making comments about the artwork. The small of the back. The upper arm. Once, smoothing the hair above Lee’s ear.

When Lee, still enthralled by the show, didn’t consciously notice the increased attention, Annika decided to ratchet up the flirtation. Pulling at her bra strap, Annika said, “This is binding. I’m going to get more comfortable.” Stepping into one of the rooms, Annika made a show of removing her bra. She reached inside the top of her dress and opened the front hook. Then she twisted her arms to remove it while keeping her dress in place. Lee tried to ignore her and concentrate on the art. Shaking her freed boobs and stretching her arms over her head in a seductive pose, Annika said, “That’s much better. Do you want to take yours off?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”. Lee replied.

“OK.”. Holding the flimsy red lace bra out to Lee. “Could you put it in your handbag? My clutch is too small.”

With a roll of her eyes, Lee took the warm bra. Annika’s scent lingered on the satiny material. Lee tucked it into her purse assuming her friend was trying to be deliberately salacious. Although she didn’t want to take the bait, there was no denying her animal attraction to Anni’s bod. She couldn’t help but notice Annika’s breasts as her pokies were clearly visible through her dress. The pert B-cups were comely globes. They moved in her dress with every step. Not with a saggy bounce, but with a sexy jiggle.

As they proceeded from one artist’s work to the next, Lee tried to keep focused on the art. But it was a losing battle. They were in the ‘can’t get enough of you’ physical phase of their relationship. Therefore, it didn’t take much for thoughts to turn sexual. Without making eye contact, Annika moved with deliberately provocative intent. Lee noticed the small come-ons: a hand dusting her breasts; an extra sway in the hips; bending forward to ‘examine’ a piece that spilled more of her boobs from her dress.

Annika didn’t know art, but she knew people. While Lee tried to be furtive, Anni was delighted to see her glimpses at her breasts. ‘Got her.’ she thought. Intending to catch her off-guard, she pointed at a cut-out and said, “Lee look at this clever design.”

When Lee stepped forward and leaned in, Annika took her shoulders and pulled her in for a firm and passionate kiss. Startled, Lee dropped her kaçak iddaa hands and took the kiss. When Annika broke it off with a huge, satisfied smile, Lee was still disconcerted: surprised by the unexpected action, piqued by being tricked, and physically buzzed by the succulent physical contact.

“Wha … what..was that?” Lee stammered.

“That was a kiss, silly.”

“I know that.” Lee emphasized her annoyance with a click of her tongue. “Why here?”

“I couldn’t help myself. All this sexy art and you looking so pretty. It made me horny.” Annika replied with an innocent shrug.

“You’re always horny.”

With a tilt of her head and a coquettish smile, Annica said, “That’s not a bad thing.” Checking to determine if anyone was watching them, Lee exhaled an exasperated sigh, “Well, don’t start. This is not the time nor the place. Especially not for that kind of kiss. You know I can’t resist you when you start kissing me like that.”

Taking the remark as a compliment, Anni nodded with a devilish gleam in her eyes and said, “I know.”

“Ohhhhh.” Lee exhaled, clenched her fists and strode to the next stand.

Even her annoyed departure was stimulating for Annika. She watched the bare legs below the neat skirt. How Lee’s hand rested on the back of her leg just where it became her behind. Then, unintentionally keeping Anni’s eyes riveted on her tushy by toying with the fabric of her dress. The feminine sway of her lush cheeks.

Lee wanted to be angry at Annika. She was the shyer of the two and not given to public displays. But, she was flattered by Annika’s sexual interest and attention. And, her body betrayed her. She recognized all the symptoms of falling under Anni’s wicked spell. Again. Triggered by the luscious kiss and the frank expression of affection. There was a warm stirring between her legs. She couldn’t deny that Annika’s overt feminine sexuality was part of the attraction for Lee.

That notwithstanding, she blushed at the thought of getting into a public kissing fest. Even in a semi-deserted gallery. She decided to cut the show short. Speaking over her shoulder, she said, “We’ll go after this floor.”

In an attempt to distract Anni’s lustful mental wanderings, Lee nodded to a painting of a bucolic forest and river scene and asked, “What does that picture remind you of?”

“A vagina.”.

“It does not!”

“That’s what I see. The hills are the lips. The forest is the hair. The river is the slit. It’s obvious.”

“That doesn’t look anything like a vagina.” Lee replied emphatically, then blushed at her loud voice. She noticed a nearby couple turning to look at her and reddened further. She turned away and shot Anni an ‘I could kill you’ look. Annika shrugged, then they both tittered like naughty schoolgirls.

Lee gave up. She despaired of Annika ever having more than a passing interest in art. But, she loved her insatiable interest in sex. She was very good and sharing. Lee had learned more, and enjoyed it more, in the last 5 months than in her previous 24 years.

Shaking her head, Lee decided to go with the flow. Strolling next to Anni, she pointed at the most prosaic still life of flowers she could find and asked, “I suppose that looks like a vagina to you?”

After a quick glance, Annika pronounced, “Yup. That’s definitely looks like a twat.”


“Alright, a pussy.”

“No it’s not.”

“You’re just trying to get me to say ‘cunt’.” Annika teased.

“I am not!”.

“Well, I won’t do it,” Annika said with faux indignation and raising her chin in the air. “That’s just crude.”

“What is the matter with you tonight?”

“Hey, I didn’t pick the show with all the dirty pictures.”

“Rrrrr. Seriously. How can that picture make you think of … a …” Flustered, Lee stumbled over the choice of words and finally whispered “… a vagina?”

Enjoying her ability to discombobulate her lover, Annika explained, “You can see sex in most things if you’re in the mood and you look hard enough.”

Lee folded her arms on her chest and gave her a skeptical expression.

Undeterred, Anni pointed to the still life. “This, for example, is easy. Flowers are often an analogy for a woman’s sex organs. And this one, with the soft petals folding, and the blossoms opening, and the waves of pinks and reds. In fact, the more I look at it the more it reminds me of your sweet cooch. It’s making me hot just to look at it.”. She emphasized the last comment by dropping her hand to her lap and making a salacious rub.

Lee was appalled by Annika’s fixation, but simultaneously impressed with the reflective description. She nonetheless wasn’t ready to concede the larger point. She shook her head and pushed the hair momentarily off her forehead. “That’s just you. Most people would only see beautiful flowers. You just have the mindset of a horny teenage boy.”

Mock offended, Anni replied, “That’s not true. I got through two whole floors. Besides, art kaçak bahis is in the eye of the beholder and what your mind is open to. Let me show you.”. She took Lee by the hand and lead her past several artists stations, quickly scanning the work. They stopped in a room with large canvases with colors smeared in abstract designs.

Looking around, Annika seemed pleased. She stepped to the door and closed it. “This will give us privacy for our experiment.”. Lee moved to object. But, before she could speak, Annika put a finger to her lips to silence her. Pointing to the rain pelting the window, she said, “Don’t worry dear. There’s almost no one here. And they won’t miss one room for a couple of minutes.”

Annika took Lee by the shoulders, removed her jacket and placed it with their bags on the chair. “I need you comfortable.” She placed her in front of an unframed painting with bright, multi-layered swirls of thick paint. Predominantly shades of red with an occasional black or white accent. Standing behind her, she pulled Lee’s hair over her ear then leaned forward and spoke with a quiet voice. “I want you to take a minute to gaze into that picture and then tell me what you see.”

Lee sagged her shoulders, “This is silly. It’s not meant to depict anything.”

“I know, but humor me. Remember, this is art appreciation night.”

Lee noted the subtle dig that it was her idea to come to the show. She closed her eyes, shook her head to help clear her mind and then examined the painting. She took in the details of the strong colors and the bold brush strokes. Then, she stopped thinking and let her mind wander over the canvas and take in the entire expanse.

After a minute, she formed an impression. She was hesitant to say anything. Annika could have a sharp wit. In her current mood, she might just laugh and dismiss anything she said as pretentious posturing. Lee decided to take a chance. She spoke softly and said, “I imagine a turbulent and storm tossed sea. It is mostly blood red because of the sunset light. The black highlights give it a sense of foreboding.”

The room was silent. Annika stared at the picture over her shoulder. Lee bit her lip and listened to Anni’s breathing. After an eternity of seconds, Annika tilted her head against Lee’s and said seriously, “Yes. I can see that. If you stare deeply, you can almost feel the power of the waves that could sweep you away. You have a wonderful imagination. Thanks for sharing.”

Lee relaxed and exhaled a breath she didn’t know she was holding. Her fondness for her lover expanded with the open-minded and intimate exchange of perceptions of the colored goop smeared on a canvas. She leaned into Annika’s warm embrace.

After a few seconds, Annika spoke, “Now, honey, I want you to see it through my eyes. First, we need to clear your mind. Close your eyes again.”.

As Lee did, Annika turned her around and brought her close. She dropped her face and let their lips barely touch. As they exchanged breathes, Annika dropped one hand to the small of Lee’s back and pulled her closer so their chests rubbed. At the same time, she pressed her lips more firmly and moved from a gentle peck to a passionate lip caress.

Lee was taken off guard. But, their previous verbal foreplay had its effect. She kept her eyes closed and melted into Anni’s embrace. Within seconds, her mind was empty of conscious thought and was lost in the ride of sensations racing through her nerves. Her hands fluttered and settled on Annika’s hips. She appreciated anew Anni’s enticing cologne.

They remained locked for long moments. When she broke the kiss, Annika whispered, “Keep your eyes closed, dear.”. She gently turned Lee back to face the picture. Shifting her grip, she gave Lee a looser, but just as sensual hug from behind.

Her cheek leaned against Lee’s and stroked it like a kitten rubbing your leg. Her right arm folded lightly across Lee’s chest with her palm resting on the outside of her left tit. Her left hand touched Lee’s hip and her fingertips played with the soft fabric of the grey skirt.

Immersed in a mellow and amorous feeling, Lee felt light-headed. A sense of warmth and security washed over her body and a squishy tingle began to spread in her belly.

“I want you to look at the picture again and think of us together.” Annika murmured.

Lee didn’t want to open her eyes and break the cozy spell. But, like a hypnotist’s subject, she followed directions and lifted her heavy lids while squirming more tightly into Anni’s arms. Her eyes rested lazily on the thick swirls of color.

Before Lee could form a new impression, Annika began to softly describe a different view of the painting. “Look at the bright reds and vibrant pinks. Brilliant colors. Very alive. Passionate.” As she talked, her hands started to massage Lee’s body.

Lee’s eyes stared at the picture, but they were more unfocused than concentrating. She was more attuned to the pleasant signals emanating from her body. As Anni’s hand drifted across her breasts, her nipples aroused and tightened.

“In my mind, those are feminine colors. Prom dress red. Girly, innocent pink. Powerful, but at the same time romantic. Sultry and steamy.”

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