Cousin Laura Ch. 01

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I had never really been close to my cousin Laura. Indeed, although we have only one year difference, she was a real nuisance when she was a kid and I never really enjoyed her coming round my house. Although, this was quite rare before she reached 13 and me 14 because she lived 4 hours drive away from my parents’ house.

At the age of 13, her parents moved to the same village as me because her father started working in the same company as my father. I was not too happy about this as I knew she would bug me. She quite often came to visit me and we passed most of the holidays together.

At the age of 14, I did not have much success with girls but yet I had never felt anything for my cousin. Indeed, she was very pretty and a bit overweight. Moreover she was always bugging me which was a real turn off for me. Sadly you all know what parents are like, and they would always tell me, “Come on Matt, you’ve got to spend time with your cousin, be nice to her.”

What else could I do?

So we spent time together and as she grew older she became nicer with me and we were getting quite close. She would tell me about her problems, her worries and finally I started to trust her enough to do the same.

On a physical plan she changed as well, as she started doing more sport, she started losing weight and her forms became those of a very pretty woman, and I did not fail to notice this.

At the age of 17, she was a very beautiful girl, she was 5ft7 for 50 kilos. She had long shoulder length died blonde hair and she was well tanned. We used to talk a bit about personal matters and therefore, I knew her breasts were a nice 36 B.

She only had had a few boyfriends before she reached 18 and from what she had told me it had never gone very far. On my side, I had been with a few girls but I must admit that at 19, I had never had sex with anyone. Of course I had caressed breasts, inserted my fingers in a few pussies and had my dick jacked off by a few girls, but it never went further.

My interest for my cousin grew stronger as I was always seeing her in swim suite or short skirts during the holidays. I even had a few hard-on when I could catch a glimpse of her thong and when we were fooling around, tickling each others.

A week after she turned 18 my parents and her parents had to leave, to go to a business trip organised by the company our parents worked for. As it was summer holidays, my parents told me, “look Matt, your cousin is not going to this trip and you are not going either, we would prefer if she stayed here for those two weeks.”

“Ok, at least I will have a bit of company,” I replied happily.

So it was decided, my parents and Laura’s parents went away, and later that day, around 4 pm, my cousin arrived at my house.

“Hi Matt,” she said, coming in the house.

“Hey Laura, so here are all your stuff?”

“Yep! Ready for two weeks in your house,” she replied, obviously very happy at this idea.

“Ok, Cuz, let me show you your room and help you carry these bags.”

“Oh thanks, I follow you.”

With this, we went upstairs and I showed her to the guest room which was at the end of the corridor, by my room.

My room is quite big, down stairs you have a large hall, the kitchen, the living room, an en suite spare bedroom and a dining room leading to the terrace and the swimming pool. Upstairs, my parents’ bedroom which is an ensuite as well, my room and 2 other guest rooms, and a bathroom with a nice bubble bath.

So we arrived at the door of the guest room she preferred, (I told you earlier we spent much time together).

“Hey Matt, thank you for letting me use this room,” she said.

“No prob, cuz, I know you like this one.”

“Settle in and let me know when you have finished, I am going to have a swim,” I announced before going to my room. As I was getting changed, I could hear her move around in her room as she was emptying her bags and putting her stuff in her room.

I went downstairs in my swimming trunks and dived in the pool, the water was really refreshing and it was a real delight considering the hot temperature outside.

After about 30 minutes, she came down to see me at the pool:

“Ok Matt, every thing is in place up there. How is the water??”

I swam towards the side of the pool, I was delighted to see her, she looked wonderful in her tight white top through which I could see to my amazement that she wasn’t wearing any bra. She was also wearing a short blue jean skirt, which showed her nice long tanned legs.

I approached her in the pool, “Yeah it is really refreshing,” I extended my hand towards her, “help me climb out Laura,” I said. She grabbed my hand intending to pull me out. I suddenly pulled hard on her hand!!!


She fell in the water, I had of course intended to do that, her head popped out of the water, and I started laughing.

“OOOOhh you…” She exclaimed in an angry voice.

“Ha haaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa,” I kept laughing with a bahis firmaları big friendly smile on my face.

“You… Ppppppffff heeeee hheeeeeee heeee,” she started laughing with me out load and I could immediately see that she had just been very surprised.

After a few minutes laughing, I told her, ” you see the water is delightful, you should go and get your bikini to swim with me.”

“Ok,” she replied merrily.

I climbed out of the pool quickly, indeed I did not want to miss the sight of her bare boobs under her wet t-shirt, and believe me it was a real pleasure to the eyes, her nice round breasts were now very visible under the thin fabric and I could clearly see the dark areolas of her nipples pointing out. Wow, this is a fantastic wanking picture I thought to myself.

I laid by the pool sunbathing while I watch her completely wet walking towards the house. Suddenly I had an other idea…

“Hey young lady what do you think you’re doing?” I shouted.

“What??!! I am going up to my room to get changed, stupid.” She replied confused at my previous question.

“No, you ain’t going in this house so wet, you are going to drip everywhere inside.”

“Well, ok then get me a towel.”


“Why?” she questioned.

“Too far I said smiling.”

“Ooh, com’on, you’re so lazy.”

In fact, I really wanted to see her forced to stay here longer while her clothes were drying. Instead she unexpectedly turned her back to me, “fine, then Matt,” she said, while she took her t-shirt off, showing off her bare back. I was dumbfounded, she was now sliding her skirt down, revealing a fantastic red thong. Her bottom was nicely round and I would have loved to be closer to it. I only had one wish, fondling those cheeks.

My jaw dropped and as she walked in the living room, she looked back at me and laughed.

A few minutes later she came back in a nice yellow bikini which contrasted nicely with her dark skin. I still had a hard-on due to the earlier incident and therefore I dived in the pool to hide my bulge. Without saying anything, she jumped in the pool and swam with me. I approached her and we swam together for some time…

When we felt tired, we decided to stop and climbed out of the pool to sunbathe again. I laid on my front by her side around 2ft away.

“Lau…Laura,” I stuttered,


I had no clue on how to talk about what I had seen her do earlier without looking like I had been shocked but still enjoyed it very much.

“Did you really think I would not give you a towel earlier??” I managed.

“I wasn’t sure,” she replied.

“Is that why you decided to take off your clothes?”

“Why? Didn’t you enjoy the show? Haha..”

I blushed, “well yeah, I… I did but never expected you to do that.”

“Come on Matt, it is just a thong you saw earlier it is not like I was naked or anything, my bikini barely cover more,” she stated a bit nervously.

“I suppose so… and I can’t even see why you bothered putting on the top of this bikini as it is the same,” I dared.

” Yeah, I suppose you are right,” she moved her around to unclasp her top, “you want to see this, huh?”


“Well ok,” she let her top fall off but quickly laid on her front immediately covering her two bozzoms before I could see anything. She looked at me and grin mischievously.

“But…,” I said.

“What you don’t think I am going to show you my boobs, do you?”

She looked away from me and added, ” I said it was nearly the same but you still did not see my front earlier!!!”

Beaten I did not reply, and laid there quite grumpy.

Nothing much happened in the next few days, we were just our normal selves, as if on the first day nothing had occurred. Yet, it is on the Friday of the first week that things changed again.

I had not forgotten about the incident but my cousin did not speak about it at all so I decided to just ignore it and enjoy my time with her during this week.

On the Friday evening, I asked my cousin what she wanted to do and she told me she had no idea, but that we should do something special as it was a Friday night.

I offered her to go and rent a movie, buy a few beers, and I knew I had some skunk left in my room. The one thing I quite enjoy when I am stoned is watching a scary movie, because you just seem to get so much into the movie that it scares the shit out of you.

Well, anyway she agreed on this idea and at 9pm, we took the car to go to rent a movie.

We found two scary movies we were interested in and therefore, we finally decided to rent the two of them. On the way back, we bought two packs of beers and get some take away food.

We settled in the living room, and we both sat side by side on the sofa. We always did this because the plasma screen and surround sound is so much better when you are right in front of the wide screen.

We ate, talking about pretty much everything, and as we finished, my cousin kaçak iddaa told me, “Should we start the beers and the movie?”

I told her that she could set everything up and that I would go and grab something in my room.

Five minutes later, I came back down stairs with all my skinning material and the weed.

“What’s that?” laura asked curiously.

“That’s just weed cuz.”

“I never knew you smoked that!”

She was surprised, but I replied, “well, now you do! Is everything ready?”

“Yeah, matt.”

I pressed the play button and started rolling my joint. I had a plan to make her smoke some, and I wanted her to feel ok about it.

Now, skunk tastes quite strong and can get you f+++ed pretty quick, so I decided to make a weak one so that if she wanted to try, (and I knew she would), then it wouldn’t be that bad for her.

I sparked up my joint as the movie started, I slouch in the sofa enjoying the movie and the weed while sipping my beer.

After a quarter of the movie, my cousin sounded a bit tipsy and kept looking at my second joint.

“Can I try?”

“Yeah sure Laura go ahead,” I handed her the joint and watched her take a small pull on it. I laughed and she looked at me, “hey cousin you gotta pull hard on it and take the smoke in your lung if you wanna have any effect.”

She did not reply and that time took a big pull on it. “Right, now keep it in as long as you can,” I directed. She did and finally coughed.

I started rolling two new ones as she kept pulling on that one, following the movie.

Now these ones were very strong ones!

“Ok cousin, I rolled this one for you to smoke afterwards.”

She agreed and we kept watching the movie.

By the end of the first scary movie, Laura was quite scared already, I knew she had always been scared by this type of movies, and now with the booze and the drug, she was really scared and kept jumping at each part a bit gore, or with a lot of suspense.

I set up the second movie, and rolled two new joints, she accepted without an hesitation and of course before pressing the button play, went to the kitchen to fulfil a few munchies.

When I came back, I laid on the sofa and Laura laid between my legs her back pressed on my chest. I really enjoyed the warmth of her body against mine and I must admit that it was quite cozy.

She was wearing a loose blouse and a nice short black skirt. The skirt slid higher on her thigh revealing to my eyes her long wonderful tanned legs. I slid my hand between the back of the sofa and the side of her body to place my hand on her covered thigh, but very close to her bare leg.

We kept on watching the movie and by now she was quite stoned and drunk. Each time she jumped because of what she was seeing on the screen, her skirt revealed more and more of her leg until finally the tip of my fingers touched her smooth thigh. She trembled at the touch but did not say anything about it and I did not remove my hand.

As she kept on jumping from time to time, her arse was really pressing on my hard cock now and it was quite pleasurable to feel her arse move every so often on my dick, yet I told her, “Hey Laura quit jumping like that it ain’t that scary.” She turned her beautiful face towards me and with her big green eyes she looked at me saying, “yes it is, this movie is really scary!”

At that moment placing my hand on her stomach, I laughed saying, “here you are safe babe!” I saw her smile and she kept watching the movie.

Half way through the movie, I dared placing my hand full on her thigh and slowly caressed her thigh each time moving closer to the inner side of her thigh. All the while, I kept watching the TV and acted as if I was really into the movie. I don’t know if she knew what I was doing but anyway she did not say anything about it and my little role allowed me to act innocent. It felt so good to caress this smooth thigh only ten inches away from her crotch.

I tried to look over a shoulder, to see if her thong was visible, but I could not see anything. I kept this going until my hand was now only a few inches away from her crotch and noticed that she was not jumping as much as before also she was still looking at the screen, but with my hand on her stomach, I could feel her breathing deepening.

I did not dare saying anything by fear of having to stop, and I my dick was so hard it was becoming painful. I was torn between the idea of going to the bathroom and release the pressure with the hand which was caressing the inner side of her thigh and the idea of continuing what I was doing.

I resigned not to jack off and continued with my caresses, my right hand was now just under her boobs, and as Laura jumped because of a very scary seen, my hand directly went to her covered crotch. She breathed in sharply and I did not move, yet I could feel her silky thong and the outline of her pussy lips on my fingers. I knew that by now she could not ignore where my hand was but I guess she still did not know kaçak bahis if I had done that by accident or on purpose.

As my hand covered her crotch, I could feel the warmth of her body, and my dick twitch with excitement. The weed had made my cousin very interested in the movie, but for me just made me horny as hell. I wanted to stop there, but I just couldn’t, the temptation was too great and I slowly caressed her covered crotch.

Laura was breathing deeply, and breathed in sharply as I managed to slide my finger under the edge of her thong, placing my hand directly between her pussy lips. She was very wet and warm.

I moved slowly my finger from her pussy hole to her clitoris and she would twitch each time I pressed on her button which hardened under my touch.

My right hand caressed her belly and I slowly inserted one finger in her pussy, just as the movie finished. Her body tensed immediately, her legs closed trapping my hand between her thigh and she sighed heavily.

I did not move except for my finger which I moved around in her pussy lips.

“Mmmmatt,” my cousin said.


“I don’t think that you should do this…”

“Why, doesn’t it feel good?” I replied.

“Ok, then but it is the first time someone touches me there, and we mustn’t do anything else.”


I slid my right hand to her thighs and pulled her legs to spread them, and she did not resist as I inserted two fingers deeper. My right hand moved back up to her left boob sliding under her blouse and under her bra.

“MMhhhm…” she sighed.

I kept sliding my fingers in and out as I twisted her nipple between my thumb and middle finger.

“Oooooooh Matt! It feels… So…mmhh…so good…”

I felt her close to climax and I moved my finger faster and faster in her pussy, licking and kissing her neck, this sent her over the edge.

“MMmmmmm…Yeahh,” she breathed out loudly, as I felt her body tense. “Oooooohh…oooooohhhhhoohhh… I…I…I am cuuuuuuuuuummiiiiiiiing!!!…” she yelled as she climaxed. Spraying her juices on my fingers.

She was breathing heavily with her eyes closed and she rested her head back on my torso.

She turned her face after a minute and I kissed her, she turned on her front laying between my legs and I could feel her boobs on my torso as she parted her lips and I inserted my tongue in her soft mouth, our tongues swirling together for a long time.

She then moved her head back and told me softly, “it was fantastic Matt, thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied.

Her hand moved to my crotch and she felt my hard bulge in my trousers, “wow it certainly had an effect on you, it must be painful…” she said.

“Yeah it is, seeing you cumming is quite a turn on babe.”

“Ok then, let me take care of this, I how you one.”

“Go ahead Laura, but have you done that before?” I asked, with the excitement of seeing this beauty suck my dick.

“Well, I have wanked some of my boyfriends before.”

I was surprised, to let her jack me off was already good but this wasn’t what I had in mind.

She undid my jeans, then she lowered my boxers and grabbed my hard cock in her finger. She slowly stroked my dick she already could see some precum at the top of my cock.

“Is that good?” She asked.

“Yeah, but may be seeing more of your body could help,” I smiled.

She thought about it and finally removed her blouse and lift up her bra revealing her wonderful breasts to my eyes. What a sight!!! They were perfectly round and her nipples were pointing out at me. I slowly moved my hand to her breasts and as she kept stroking my dick, I fondled her breasts, alternating between the two of them.

She smiled at me and stroked faster.

I slowly moved my hand downward to her crotch once again and inserted two fingers again in her pussy.

“Mmmh,” she sighed.

“Suuuuck my cock Laura,” I begged.

“I have never done that before…” she replied, I put my left hand behind her head and pulled her towards my cock, she resisted a bit at first but then gave in and suddenly I could feel the warmth of her mouth round my penis.

“Mmmmmmmhhh,” I breathed out.

She sucked harder and I think she was a natural, because she was doing a great job, bouncing her head up and down on my shaft.

After 5 minutes I new I could not last much longer, “Laulaura…I am gonna shoot!!!”

Her eyes widened, may be by surprised and she stopped sucking me as she felt jets after jets hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little bit and I saw some cum on the side of her lips, all the while she was moaning with her lips closed, “mmmhhhmm…mmmmhhh,” a mouth full of cum as I had kept on fingering her and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

I could see that her eyes widened as I felt her vagina cling on my finger and she could not scream because of the cum. She finally tensed up, arching her back and swallowed all of it before shouting, “OOOOOOOOOhhhh Fuuuuuuck… Yyyeeeeeaaaaaah AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!”

She collapsed on my chest, with a deep breath, smiling, eyes closed.

She was so beautiful, I ran my fingers through her hair thinking about what we could do later on.

To be continued…

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