Chloe and the Rocker Ch. 04

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I am still continuing this series despite the complaints I received about too many 18 year old teens involved and not writing “proper” anal sex. I feel that it’s a really fun series if a bit stereotypical in that a rock star gets all the girls. If there are any fans of this series, this one is for you. To any new readers, there is information in the other 3 stories that would be helpful in your understanding of how things are the way they are. I recommend reading the others first.


Chloe woke up to the sound of rain on the window. It had rained all of yesterday and through the night. Still, her prom had been wonderful and the rain wouldn’t stop this weekend from being incredible as well. It was probably going to be spent all indoors anyway. She leaned in to kiss Adonis and was pleasantly surprised when he kissed back. Not wanting to pull away, Chloe continued kissing him and soon they were making out.

Adonis slipped his tongue into Chloe’s mouth, which she received eagerly. Their tongues danced all around before intertwining as they shared a passionate kiss. Afterward, she rested her head on his muscular chest and traced patterns on his body with her finger. Totally content, Chloe suddenly had no desire to leave the warm bed they shared. She wanted to stay there and make love all day. So naturally she protested when he moved.

“Where are you going?” Chloe asked.

“We need to shower. I thought we could do it together,” Adonis replied.

“Are we going somewhere?”

“That and I figured you might want to wash your make up from last night off,” he said.

“Oh.” Chloe had almost entirely forgotten that part.

She followed him to the bathroom. He stopped briefly to get an extra towel then stepped inside and turned the water on. Chloe entered too, closing the door behind her.

“Expecting someone to come in and find us?” Adonis asked teasingly.

“No. I, um…damn.”

Blushing, Chloe hopped into the shower. She was pleased to find the water temperature was perfect. She stepped under the water, closing her eyes and letting it run down her face. Since she had forgotten to bring anything that would help to remove make up, she had to settle for this. You bring clothes and make up over here so you wouldn’t have to always pack in advance and you forget make up removal. Brilliant, Chloe, she thought to herself.

Then it occurred to her that Adonis wore make up for the shows. Before she could ask him about how he got it off, she felt his hands in her hair. She never thought she would enjoy having someone wash her hair. After he finished lathering, he rinsed his hands and got the soap. He started down at her legs, rubbing them as he soaped them up. Slowly he worked up and stood again. His hands came to her pussy, soaping it up. Chloe moaned softly.

Adonis went to her ass next, then back to her stomach. He had to pause a few times to put more soap on his hands but that did nothing to ruin how good it felt. He took his time with Chloe’s large breasts, squeezing and fondling them. Once he was done he finished with her back, neck and arms. Chloe stepped under the water again, rinsing off the soap. Then she turned around to rinse her back and hair. When she stepped closer to Adonis, Chloe was feeling pretty good.

Without prompting, Chloe lathered her boyfriend’s hair and rinsed her hands, proceeding to get the soap. When she reached his cock she gave it special attention. She stroked it until fully erect and made sure to wash it thoroughly. Next, her hands lingered on his abs and chest. When Chloe was done she just barely managed to switch places with Adonis so he could rinse off. Then an idea came to her.

“As long as we’re in the shower, I’d like a facial,” Chloe said bluntly.

“Sure,” Adonis agreed.

“Thanks honey.”

Chloe knelt down and began stroking Adonis’ cock. Ever since her sexual awakening, she enjoyed being with someone who encouraged every idea she had. She continued stroking until his cock was hard. Then she hungrily took it into her mouth izmir escort bayan and sucked eagerly. Her head bounced up and down as she continued. A thought entered Chloe’s mind that although she wanted to be with and share as many girls as possible, Adonis had the only cock she would ever want.

Adonis moaned softly as Chloe sucked on his cock. As he had noticed before, his girlfriend was getting better every time. He never would have guessed she would have such high sexual desires after he had taken her virginity. But it made things much more interesting. He felt Chloe sucking harder and harder, eager for him to cum. Eventually she pulled his cock out and licked the head as she stroked the shaft. Chloe was able to sense when he was close and closed her eyes, tilting her head back as well.

Adonis ejaculated all over Chloe’s face and breasts. She happily licked the semen still on his cock before rinsing her body off. When she stepped out of the shower, Adonis was waiting with a towel for her. Chloe took the towel and turned the water off. As she toweled off, a question occurred to her.

“When does the big tour start?” she asked.

“In a month or so. Near the end of June we play TD Place. The day after you graduate is Toronto, after that is Montreal, then Halifax, Fredricton, St. John’s, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Vancouver, Victoria then back to Ottawa at the CTC,” Adonis answered.

“All the major cities,” Chloe observed.

“There’s probably several places I’m forgetting. They haven’t announced the full schedule yet.” He shrugged. “It’s pretty much all summer. Should keep us both busy.”

Chloe smiled. She had already decided that she would go with Adonis on the tour, no matter what her parents said. After summer and the tour were over she wasn’t quite sure what she would do then. She’d figure it out later.

“Is there anyone else I know coming on the tour?” Chloe asked.

“Crystal of course. And Maddie will be going too. Fragile Figures is one of our support bands to open the shows.”

“That will be lots of fun!” Chloe exclaimed.

They went back to the bedroom to get dressed, but Chloe didn’t want to leave yet. She wanted to have sex first. She was about to say something when her stomach protested. Then Chloe remembered that she had been up for an hour or so without having breakfast. Though it was late May, it was pretty cool outside because of all the rain. Chloe chose blue panties and matching bra along with jeans, a white sweater and heeled boots. She brushed her hair quickly after drying it.

Adonis was wearing jeans with a white t-shirt and denim jacket. His long brown hair fell down his back with a red bandana around his forehead. He also wore black leather shoes. Chloe grabbed a jacket and an umbrella and they left the apartment and went down to Adonis’ car. In 10 minutes they were in the ByWard Market inside a diner called Zak’s. It was one of Adonis’ favourite places, Chloe had learned.

As they waited for their orders, Chloe thought she saw someone familiar walk by the window. After a closer look she realized it was Maddie, the singer from Fragile Figures. She wore ripped black jeans, white shoes and shivered under a thin red and black checkered sweater. She was carrying a guitar case and looked pretty tired. Chloe got up and ran outside into the rain.

“Maddie!” she called as she got onto the sidewalk.

“Hi Chloe,” the blonde replied, shivering again.

“Are you okay?” Chloe asked.

“Actually I’m kinda cold. And tired. I’ve been out here all night,” Maddie replied.

“Why don’t you come inside and warm up,” Chloe offered.

“That sounds good,” Maddie replied.

“Is everything okay?” Both girls turned to see Adonis on the stairs just outside of Zak’s.

“Maddie was stranded here all night and was just about to come inside,” Chloe answered.

“That’s a good idea. Here, I’ll put your guitar in my car,” Adonis said.


Adonis put Maddie’s guitar in the trunk of his car. When he escort izmir came back into the diner, the food had arrived. Maddie and Chloe were sharing Chloe’s breakfast since it was pretty big. Adonis sat down on the other side of the table.

“Hey,” he said.

“Heeey,” both girls replied and then giggled.

“If you don’t mind my asking, why were you out in the ByWard Market all night?” he asked.

“Well I played a really late solo show last night. By the time it was done most of the buses had stopped running, particularly the one I needed to get home. And I didn’t have money for a taxi,” Maddie explained.

“Oh I wish we had known. We could have brought you back to your place last night,” Chloe said. “We were out for my prom,” she added after seeing Maddie’s confused look.

“That sure would have been better than hiding until morning,” Maddie replied.

“I’m sorry,” Chloe said, feeling guilty.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I don’t have your numbers so you wouldn’t have known.”

“I’ll be happy to give you a ride home once we’re done breakfast,” Adonis offered.

“Well um…I kinda had enough of being alone for the time being. So could I maybe go with you two?” the blonde asked.

“Sure,” Adonis and Chloe agreed at once.

For the rest of breakfast they talked about the tour. Maddie was very excited to be going along. It was a chance she had been dreaming about: a nationwide tour and playing in front of thousands of people. Chloe was interested when she found out the sets for Ignatius would be more originals as opposed to the mainly cover songs they were playing around Ottawa that spring. Eventually it was hard for Maddie to keep up with the conversation. Her clothes were very wet and she wasn’t able to really warm up.

After paying, the three of them went outside. Chloe took off her jacket and put it on Maddie but Adonis wasn’t convinced it would be enough so he put his own denim jacket around the slender blonde. In the car, Chloe sat in the back seat in order to let Maddie be closer to the heater, which Adonis had turned to high. Maddie was able to stay warm during the short drive back to Adonis’ apartment. Her clothes were still wet though so she shivered again once they stepped outside.

“The next time I play a late show, I’m doing it on a warm night. No more rainy night performances,” Maddie declared.

They led her up to the apartment and she darted in eagerly after the door was unlocked. Chloe went into the guest bedroom with Maddie. There, she helped the blonde undress. Once Maddie was naked, she laid down in the bed. Chloe covered her with blankets.

“I can put your clothes in the dryer but I don’t have anything for you to wear in the meantime. My clothes won’t fit you since I’m so curvy,” Chloe said.

“I like curvy,” Maddie replied. “And that’s fine. I don’t mind being naked while we wait.”

Chloe smiled, remembering when the two of them had sex a week ago. Maddie had been a great partner despite being a virgin at the time. Leaving Maddie to get comfortable under the blankets, Chloe left the room to find Adonis. He was in the living room examining his bass.

“Something wrong?” Chloe asked.

“This thing fell to the floor while we were gone but there’s no damage that I can see,” he replied.

“That’s good. I wanted to go down to the Metro and buy some things so we don’t have to go out for lunch or order anything,” Chloe said.

“Is there something wrong with that?” Adonis asked teasingly.

“I guess not but we’ll be doing it on the tour probably the whole time so I wouldn’t mind actually making something myself. Besides, it saves you from paying for three people if Maddie wants to stay longer,” Chloe reasoned.

“Okay.” Adonis gave his girlfriend some money for the groceries and the keys to his car. Chloe grabbed another jacket and left the apartment.


“Oohhh baby yessss…”

The words, which were definitely from Maddie, greeted Chloe as she reached the door to her boyfriend’s izmir escort apartment. It excited her instantly. Chloe came in, locked the door and set her bags down. Then she quickly undressed and went to the bedroom. Maddie was on top of Adonis, riding his cock. Her legs were tucked behind her, her bare feet perfectly accessible. Not knowing why, Chloe was immediately drawn to them again.

Chloe got onto the bed and started licking Maddie’s heels. Maddie moaned softly and continued thrusting Adonis’ cock into her tight pussy. Chloe continued licking Maddie’s feet for several minutes before moving. She sat next to her lovers and pulled Maddie into a kiss. The blonde kissed back eagerly and the two teens were soon locked in a make out session. Maddie moaned into Chloe’s mouth as she fucked Adonis.

After breaking away from Maddie’s lips, Chloe laid down to kiss Adonis next. As she kissed her boyfriend, Maddie started bouncing up and down on his cock, riding hard. Adonis kissed Chloe deeply and passionately and she eagerly returned it. Next she licked up along Maddie’s leg, then across her tight stomach. Chloe’s tongue reached the blonde’s modest breasts, which she started licking every inch of.

It wasn’t long before Chloe started sucking on Maddie’s nipple. The blonde teen moaned loudly and then screamed as Adonis ejaculated inside her at the same time she started to cum. Maddie felt a lot of semen fill her up before she slowly dismounted from her lover’s cock, trembling from the after effects of her orgasm. Chloe moved closer to kiss Maddie once again. Then Chloe laid down in the spot previously occupied by Adonis until he too had moved to kiss Maddie.

“It’s my turn,” Chloe announced after settling in.

Without a word Adonis lifted her leg and pushed his cock into his girlfriend’s wet pussy, giving slow and powerful thrusts that set her off with a series of moans. Maddie took this opportunity to return the favor, rapidly licking Chloe’s large breasts. Her tongue danced all over until her lips closed around a nipple, sucking hard and insistently. Chloe couldn’t do much else but moan and breathe.

Adonis gradually started thrusting harder and faster. Chloe screamed in pleasure. Then Maddie got an idea and decided to give it a try. She lowered her pussy to Chloe’s face. The copper-haired teen’s tongue shot out instantly and plunged into Maddie’s pussy. Maddie moaned loudly as she was relentlessly eaten out. Chloe moaned against her pussy, the vibrations running through the blonde’s body.

Chloe was letting her tongue dance all over the inside of Maddie’s pussy. She could taste some of her boyfriend’s semen still inside but knew that it was only a small amount. The rest must have headed for Maddie’s womb. Briefly she wondered if the blonde was on the pill. Probably not since she no doubt wasn’t expecting to be fucked by a guy anytime soon. Chloe recalled Adonis saying that he had no interest in having sex with Maddie but obviously he changed his mind. Chloe was glad he did.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the ravaging her pussy was suddenly receiving. She reflected this in her tongue fucking of Maddie, licking hard and very roughly. Soon it was too much and Maddie came into Chloe’s mouth. She swallowed it all happily. Maddie collapsed to the side of the bed, breathing heavily. Chloe herself was breathing hard by now and started panting. Then Adonis ejaculated, filling her pussy as she screamed his name and came hard.

Once he pulled out, Chloe ended up cuddling up with Maddie, who fell asleep almost immediately after. As Chloe held Maddie, her previous train of thought returned. For whatever reason, the thought of Maddie becoming pregnant with Adonis’ child didn’t bother her at all. In fact it kind of excited her. It would bring the three of them closer, which wasn’t a bad thing as far as Chloe was concerned. Still, she wasn’t going to share her thoughts with Adonis just yet.


I hope this chapter wasn’t too disappointing. It wasn’t as long as the last one but there wasn’t as much to cover this time around. In the next chapter Chloe will hook up with Crystal for some one on one sex and will graduate high school. Then the tour begins and who knows what will happen then? Please feel free to leave your comments.

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