Blue Panties

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I’ve been living for a while now, as a single dad with a teenage son, and a demanding job. I really miss a woman being around. Especially I miss a woman’s panties lying on the floor all wet from her excited pussy.

I have followed a unique career path that has taken me to the role of a medium sized corporate businessman. I still carry my college degree in art with me everywhere I go. Shortly after my divorce, I decided just to concentrate on making the best art I could and just immersed myself in it.

I painted images of anything I thought of, and found exciting as subject. When I was married, I used to paint mostly landscapes and abstract designs. They were easy subjects for other people to understand and I guess because I was good at it, and sold a lot of paintings I fell into a sort of commerce trap of choosing things to paint I knew would please other people. But I moved thousands of miles to the west coast and sometimes you just have to let go of something you’d like to do in order to do the things you need to do.

For me, the urge never goes away to be creative. After getting a little more settled, I began painting again a couple years ago. Now I just paint what I want and don’t really show my work to anybody. It gives me freedom to pick whatever I want for subject. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always found women’s panties really sexy. So I’d cut out lingerie ads from newspapers or magazines that had women in panties or just pictures of panties. I’d put them on my drawing table, and just draw for hours and hours, wonderful sexy panties. Even now, as I write, I’m thinking I’d like to be drawing but I need a break and a little exploration in another creative direction.

I thought I’d set up a website for my art last year. So I got a computer internet connection at home. But actually, I think I spent more time exploring chat rooms than setting up a website because I still don’t have a website. But I did meet a wonderfully sexy and erotic girl named Jessica. We’ve never met. She lives thousands of miles from me and I never thought we would meet until one day, about a week ago. My son had gone back to the Midwest to spend a couple weeks with his mom, and there was a knock on my apartment studio and I opened the door.

Standing before me was a beautiful woman in her early 30’s dressed in a yellow tank top, black skirt just below the knees, a few inch heels and a very pretty smile. She had just a trace of “slut red” lipstick that didn’t detract from her natural simple beauty and a hot curvy body. Her breasts were full and round and the yellow tank top pushed them together creating a very deep cleavage path for my eyes to follow. When she spoke my name, ” Hi Steve”, I knew right away it was Jessica. We immediately went to each other’s arms, pulling tight to one another as her wonderful breasts snuggled to my chest. My arms went around her upper back and hers went around my neck. Our eyes closed to them moment as our lips met in a wonderful first kiss. Both our hearts were racing a million brushstrokes a second.

She told me she wanted to surprise me and she wasn’t sure if it was okay, so she had already checked into a hotel room. She almost apologetically told me she was hoping she wouldn’t be inconvenient. “Nonsense. You don’t have to stay at a hotel. You can stay here. My son is gone for to see his mother and it won’t be inconvenient at all. In fact, I really want you to stay here if you would like to.”

“Oh Steve, I was hoping you would say that.” I really want to spend as much time as possible together.”

I wasn’t sure what to do next. I took her on a little tour of my apartment. It’s not a fancy place. Mostly my son has his things located for convenience and as a couple of guys, we just have early American box as decorating theme. A lot of stacks of things are around. Stacks of newspapers and Music CDs are stacked in various corners. More towels than we need, are scattered around the bathroom. Several paintings are on the wall, but none of them are panties. I keep my little panties images secret from my son so he won’t think his dad is some kind of pervert or he might be embarrassed bringing friends over. I do like other images sometimes anyhow. Especially I like to paint images of the beach. So I have quite a few paintings of the beach and ocean waves on the walls. As we passed down the apartment hallway to the master bed room, It never struck my mind, that the drawing I was working on, of some soft violet panties with flowers, was openly on view atop my worktable.

Jessica saw the panty drawing immediately. I had mentioned painting and drawing panties to her several times in emails and how much I really found panties just extremely sexy and arousing.

“Oh Steve.” She teasingly asked me with a little devious smile, “What are you drawing? Those look like very sexy panties.”

I turned and tried to quickly move the drawing so it wasn’t in view, but it was really too late and Jessica just snickered at my efforts. “Oh Steve, let me see.” She stopped my arm and pulled the drawing back to the worktable. “It’s lovely. I love the colors you picked out. They look so soft and sexy. Do you bostancı escort bayan have any more? I’d really love to see your art.”

I was a little reluctant. I’d never shown any of the drawings I had secluded in the back of my closet to anyone. “Maybe later Jessica.”

“Please Steve. Promise you will show me. I’ll show you my panties.” I liked the sound of that. I liked it very much and my little inner arousal pulse let me know just how exciting the prospect sounded to my cock.”

I was a little red in the face, and didn’t quite no what to say. I could tell she really did like the drawing by the soft tone and reassuring sound of her voice. It actually really made me feel like a big hidden secret was okay with her. I wasn’t just alone in my appreciation of art and sex. And I knew no matter what I showed her, my own little erotic images of panties would surely pale in comparison to the vision and feel of whatever panties she had on.

“I even want you to paint my panties Steve.” Jessica said. “Would you like that? Would you like to paint my panties Steve?”

“Oh I’d do that. I’d love to do that.” I told her. And I was completely sincere and eager to do just that. The only question in my mind was should I use a paintbrush, fingers, or my tongue?

Jessica moved closer to me closing the distance between us. I felt her breasts press into my chest and she raised a hand to touch the side of my face. Our eyes met again. She had wonderful pools of brown passion. I lowered my face to hers and our lips touched. It was a very gentle tender loving kiss. Her tongue tip swept teasingly across my lower lip as we pulled apart. I closed my eyes and heard her sexy whisper, “Will you paint the panties I have on?”

“Oh yes”. I answered without opening my eyes in an eager return whisper.

“Well if you’re good to my panties, then I’ll let you have them later tonight.”

“Oh yes. I promise to be very good.” I opened my eyes and saw the sparkle in hers. She knew my promise would come true. I was very aroused. My cock was tight inside my pants and I knew Jessica could feel it pressing into her skirt as she wiggled her hips gently back against my erect shaft.

It was one of those moments, when any more lingering and we would have been naked in less than a minute. But we had things to take care of first and we both knew what needed to be done first. We returned to the living room, I grabbed a jacket and we left the apartment. My car was parked right outside the door. My mind was seeing a million colors. I still felt the kiss on my lips from the bedroom only a short time ago. I could still feel the embrace we shared as her body pressed to mine and our tongues collided. Remembering the feeling of my hands sliding down to her bottom and pulling her tighter to me made my heart beat faster. I wanted to feel her again soon as possible.

I opened the car door for her and as she went to pass, her body crossed behind me. I felt her breasts caress across my back. I turned, took her into my arms and kissed her. Her body molded into mine like it was naturally made to fit. Her hips offered her crotch as a pillow to rest my growing erection. Her tongue and her lips just aroused my body with hunger and lust. Just as before in the bedroom when we kissed, she felt my erection. I felt her gently move her hips to allow my hard cock to comfortably nest between her legs. We broke our kiss off just as our hands finished their sweeping caresses of each others ass. She whispered to me, “My panties are so wet for you Steve. They’ve been wet for you since I left home.”

I looked into those warm glazed eyes of hers, and replied, “And my undies are wet for you baby. I can’t wait to touch each other.”

I left my hand on her ass as she slid down into the passenger seat and closed her car door. Then went around and got in my own side. It was actually hard to walk with my erect cock. Inside my cotton briefs, I knew there was plenty of wetness already from our kissing and touching. It’s a good thing I had on some briefs instead of no underwear at all, or I would of had a very visible wet circle on the front of my pants for certain.

I sunk into the driver’s seat, started the car, and began to pull out. Just as I turned, Jessica leaned towards me and we again kissed. This time our tongues dove into one another’s mouth. Her hunger for my lips and my penetrating tongue chasing hers escalated our passion. Both of us let out little moans and were inspired by the wet licking mouth sounds filling the car. It sounded wanting and we were just that. We badly wanted each other. As we kissed, I slid my left hand to her yellow tank top. I spread my fingers so they curved over and around her warm breast. Her nipple was in the middle of my palm and I could feel it was hard and very aroused already. I barely stroked her and she made no motion to move my hand away. We kept kissing and my cock kept growing more hard and tight in my pants.

Finally, we broke away for breath. “You better have more will power than me Steve, because I won’t stop. I’ll fuck you right now if you don’t stop.”

The idea was very tempting. In fact, ümraniye escort I’m not sure how or why I didn’t just start taking her clothes off right then. My cock certainly wanted not to stop. But somehow, I put the car in motion and pulled out of the parking lot. We weaved through the apartment complex heading towards the hotel. I looked over at Jessica and could see her nipple I had just touched was aroused and pushing the yellow tank top out. She saw the target of my eyes and noticed her own arousal. She gently let her fingers drift down and caressed her other nipple through her tank top. I wanted to keep watching her fingers, but I had to look back to the road.

As we pulled onto the street, I steered the car with one hand and place the other open palm on the console between our seats. Seeing my hand, Jessica guided her own hand to mine and folded her fingers in it. I felt her fingers stroke my long middle finger like it was my cock. As we stopped at the stoplight, I made sure my foot was on the brake, and leaned over towards Jessica. She leaned towards me as if we were two sides of a triangle and we kissed between the big yellow and red dots. Usually I think the red lights last too long but this time, it went by too way too quick. Her lips felt warm and comfortable. Her pressure naturally tender and her soft nose touched mine. I could feel her inhaling the kiss just as I was. We didn’t want to break apart but a honk from the car behind us reminded us the light had changed. I said, “Oops” Jessica giggled a little, squeezing my hand.

At each stoplight I would check the rearview mirror and look at her. Her gaze was unabashedly on my cock. When she would see me turn, she would glance up, and smile back. Our fingers continued caressing. My cock continued straining and I’m sure between her legs, her pussy lips were squeezing the folds of her panties in a warm wet caress. Her panties. I wondered about her panties. I wondered what color they might be. I wondered what texture and how soft they would feel. I wondered how easy it would be to feel the outline of her pussy through them with just a tiny light fingertip. Several times since we had met, I had gone to bed at night imagining what it would be like.

I imagined her lying back on a soft white bed with soft white sheets and white panties. Very soft plain white cotton panties with a very small lacy edge trim around the top and leg openings. Artist canvas is usually cotton. But the type of cotton used for artist paintings is necessarily stiff and with a rough texture to allow paint to easily adhere and control. To get a really smooth surface, you have to coat the raw canvas, sand it with fine sandpaper, then repeat the process several times to get it as smooth as you want. The great Renaissance painters used to have as many as thirty layers of preparation on their canvasses before they ever put a color on. I wanted to paint Jessica’s panties like that. I wanted to paint a hundred layers of caressing wet strokes on her panties for her.

My fantasies always seemed to involve white panties. I imagined Jessica sitting down and stretching back on the soft white sheets. She put a pillow under her head and all she had on was the sexy white cotton bra and panties. She would open her legs for me wide. Spread them apart giving me full access and I would slide a little white pillow under her ass to tilt her up and make her even more accessible. She would watch me as I prepared her panty canvas. She would slowly slide her fingers along the edge of her white bra while I moved to the edge of the bed my little worktable. I would sit on the edge of the bed between her legs. Some soft music would be playing while a dance line of candles lit the room. I’d reach over to a jar holding dozens of different purpose brushes and select one. I’d lean forward to her panties my face only a few inches away and stoke the brush up along the inside of her thighs. Closer and closer my brushstrokes would get to her panties until the soft fibers lapped over the hem and onto the soft cotton crotch. I’d get another brush or maybe bring the whole jar and set it to the side of her leg so I could switch brushes back and forth. Round and Flat brushes. I’d stroke her panties up and down the length of her tender pussy lips sheathed beneath the surface. I’d use the round brush to circle where her little clitoris might be hiding and aching to be touched. I’d vary the strokes and the pressure to the sounds of her breathing. As I looked up to see the passion on her face, her fingers would be inside her bra stroking her nipples in the same way I stroked her pussy through her panties. I’d lean forward and lick her panties. The wetness from my tongue stokes would make the thin cotton tighter to her pussy lips. I’d layer her panties with stokes from my brushes, and my fingertips. Eventually, I would be able to tell by her breathing and her hips moving, the surface of her panties was just right for my tongue to paint her into a masterpiece. One day, I hoped this would be real, not just a fantasy.

Jessica smiled back at me. We made small talk about the traffic as I got on the freeway. The sky was clear and electric escort kartal blue without a cloud. A beautiful midday blue sky was above us full of promise and safety. I imagined the sky color might match Jessica’s panties. There were very few cars for the middle of the day and traffic flowed easy. As our fingers playfully stroked each other, we continued on the freeway headed to her hotel exit. I speeded up into traffic and felt Jessica take my hand. She moved it to her thigh and slid it upwards pushing her skirt up with it. Her soft silky stockings sent currents to my swollen cock. Her legs were curved softness like they were sculpted from some kind of womanly substance only a master sculptor could imagine.

I saw the exit sign come up and almost forgot to take it when I heard Jessica say, “I want you to feel my panties Steve.”

As we exited the freeway, we saw her hotel. It was only a couple of blocks away and again we came to a stoplight. I looked down at my hand and watched as Jessica slowly pulled it further up the inside of her skirt. Her skirt was so far pushed back up, it bunched to her hips and the sexy white garter belt straps that held her stockings up were completely in view. I could see the curve of her ass from the side. She spread her legs in her seat and didn’t slow my hand’s movement until I felt my fingers touch her soft panties. They were silk. They were wonderful, soft silk panties. “Oh.” was all I could get out of my mouth. Her soft think layer of silky lacy panties was just as wonderful as I knew it would be to touch. It was like touching a butterfly’s wings. A soft still butterfly with a little honey spot in the middle. I could feel her little honey that had leaked through. I gently used my fingertip to circle it as the light changed to green and I drove another block to the hotel.

Cars passed us now in the left lane, but they couldn’t see where my hand was. Perhaps if a tall truck or van had come by, they would of, but I wouldn’t of stopped or paid any attention and neither would of Jessica. We were in our own little world and nothing could slow our path to the explosion of passion we had between us. At the next stoplight, I took my other hand from the wheel and slid it also under Jessica’s skirt up to her panties. All my fingers could now touch her panties as we kissed deeply.. I stroked her with my fingertips up and down. I explored her silky softness and felt her wetness. I glanced as the light changed colors to green and pulled one hand back from her panties to the steering wheel. I caught a quick glimpse of her legs way up past the top of her stockings. A view that was just teasingly short of her panties. I pressed my foot on the gas pedal and the car resumed moving forward.

The hotel turn was before the next light. As I slowed, then turned to the right into the driveway, I could feel Jessica take her own hands and pull her skirt up to her waist. I made the turn and eased into a long driveway. “Look at my panties Steve.” She said.

I glanced down where my fingers were caressing. I could see her panties for the first time. They were powder blue. A lighter softer shade of blue than the sky, but lovely and the middle where my fingers had found and stroked her pussy lips was much darker and richer in color from her wetness. It almost made me hit the curb because I forgot I was driving for a second. The sky was open and wide above us and her legs would soon be open and wide with the sky in soft silky lace. My cock was stretching and pleading for space to expand in my pants. The hotel parking lot was only about half full. Mostly businessmen stayed here and they would be still out on business calls. “Oh Steve, I’m so excited right now. My panties love the way you touch them.”

Jessica closed her eyes. It didn’t matter how close we were to finding a parking space, she couldn’t slow the passion already overwhelming her pussy. My fingers began feeling Jessica’s hips pushing back. Her clit was now swollen from my touch and driving her wild. I spotted an area of wide open parking with no cars. I glanced at her yellow tank top and could see her nipples erect and puffing out the fabric. I pulled into a parking space. We were isolated. Jessica placed her hand on my jeans and she felt my hard cock begging to be unleashed. I had to momentarily take my fingers away from her panties and put the car in park. I left the key in the on position so the CD kept playing. The song was called “Desire”. We both felt the desire for each other flooding over us like a tidal wave.

I looked over at Jessica and again we both moved towards each other to embrace. This time our mouths merged together in a greedy open mouth wet kiss. Our eyes closed. Her hand stayed tightly pressed to my crotch. My hands touched the side of her shoulder and face. Her arm went around my neck and shoulder. We kissed and softly moaned our pleasure. We moaned outwardly with abandon lost in each kiss. We sighed and gasped for air. We let passion rule our communication. We wanted each other more than we had ever wanted anyone before. We alternated soft lip kisses with deeper wet tongues passionately stealing our breaths. She smelled incredibly nice from some fragrant perfume she wore. Her hair tickled my face. My nose traced her face. My lips and mouth explored her sensuous neck. Her neck was wonderfully responsive to my sucking. “Oh Steve, I want you to fuck me. Fuck my pussy right here Steve.” she pleaded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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