Better Than I Could Ever Imagine

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First, I offer thanks to all the authors here who have written how- to articles. I read many of them in preparation for this story. I hope that you understand how helpful your articles are to some of us. This story is for all those who have had fantasies about our cousins. I just know that I am not the only one. It is also dedicated to my “Cuz”.

* * * * *

I come from a large family. My mother has 7 brothers and sisters, so I had many cousins. My mother’s youngest sister had 2 children. Her oldest was only 6 months younger than me. Her name was Gwyneth.

They lived around the corner from us, within easy walking distance of my house. So we did everything together. In addition to going to family gatherings, we were at each other’s houses very regularly.

As we got to high school I began noticing my cousin’s body.

As 18 year old seniors in high school, one weekend, Gwyneth had a party at her house since her parents were out of town. Her brother had gone with his friends to a different party, so Gwyneth had invited me and some of our friends from school for an end of high school party. As the beer flowed, the 18, 19, 20 year olds started to get horney. A game of spin the bottle was started. The bottle was spun and where ever it pointed, that person had to remove an article of clothing. The game proceeded until the players were in various states of undress, some naked, many in underwear. I was down to my jockeys, Gwyneth in her panties. On the next spin, Gwyneth had to remove her panties.

The first naked vagina that I ever saw, that was not on the glossy pages of a magazine, was my cousin’s.

It was absolutely enchanting. The date was June 29th, 1985. I never jacked off so hard in my life. For weeks following that party my cousin was the prime fantasy in my spank bank.

We went on about our lives. We went in opposite directions. She went to a different college than I did. Soon, we had different friends and the once unbreakable bond that held family together soon strained and then was broken.

Gwyneth went into the medical field, and ended up an emergency room nurse for a while. She eventually became a flight nurse on an air ambulance.

I went into the Navy and soon was a member of a SEAL team, conducting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gwyneth was married once, and had a son. That marriage soon faltered and failed. I, too, had a failed marriage early in my career, and I had a beautiful daughter.

We both found new spouses and resumed the married life. At Christmas and Easter, during family gatherings, we saw each other and talked about how our lives were going. But it was never like it was when we were younger. We exchanged phone numbers and vowed to stay in closer contact.

Following a tour overseas, Gwyneth called my cell phone. She wanted to know if my wife and I were interested in doing a Caribbean cruise. I thought it was a fantastic idea. After checking with my wife we booked the cruise.

The cruise was going wonderfully. Gwyneth’s husband, a former Marine, and I got along great. We talked shop while spending hours drinking mojitos and watching the women.

I found my eyes, hidden behind the orange mirrored lenses of my Oakley’s, watching Gwyneth. Her body was showing very little signs of age. She worked out like a demon. Her muscle tone still well defined. Her skin had taken on a nice tan through the course of our cruise, and watching her smear sun tan oil on her legs…on her thighs, up toward her crotch, then on her stomach, and the tops of her tits was almost physically painful for me.

On our last day at sea, after returning from the pool, my wife said she wanted to go to the casino. I was just not into gambling, so I told her I didn’t want to go. Gwyneth’s husband stepped up and said he wanted to hit the blackjack table himself. So I said, “You go on down with him, I am going to taking a nap.” They left together.

I went and flopped down on the couch in Gwyneth’s cabin and started watching TV. We had adjoining cabins separated by a door, so we moved freely between the cabins when the door was unlocked.

Gwyneth came out of the bathroom, toweling off her light brown hair. She was wearing her bikini with a college team t-shirt.

She plopped down next to me, and then turned so that she could put her bare feet in my lap and stretch out her long legs. We talked about old times. While talking about a mutual friend from high school Gwyneth said, “She always made fun of me. She said I had big feet.”

I laughed, and told her that her feet were not that big and that I had seen chicks with much bigger feet. Gwyneth lifted her left foot and held it close to my face, pointing her toes.

“My feet aren’t that big?” I grabbed her by that ankle and appeared to study the offered foot. The foot was tan on top, sole appearing pink. The toes were tapered and painted a red color that resembled arterial blood.

“No, in fact, they are quite lovely.” I began to massage casino oyna the foot, stroking the top of her foot with my finger tips, between the cords. Gwyneth was watching me. We held eye contact, her brown eyes gleaming. I bent the toes back and began making circles on the ball of the foot. I stopped.

“You see, your feet are fine.” Gwyneth then began wiggling the toes, saying, “Don’t forget the toes.”

I took the big toe and began rolling it between my thumb and index finger while sliding the fingers down the toe. While doing that, I glanced over at her. Her right leg was bent at the knee, and laid over to the right, allowing me an unobstructed view of her bikini clad crotch. My dick began to swell.

I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. We were cousins, 1st cousins. This was not right. I tried to change the subject.

“What color polish is that?” I was working the pinkie toe.

“It’s called ‘Hearts of Fire’.” DAMN! That didn’t work out the way I thought. I began sliding my index finger back and forth between her toes.

She said “You know, if we weren’t cousins, and not married, I would want to date you.”

I swallowed hard, and then looked up from the pretty toes. Her head was back, her right hand curled at her chin, the pinkie finger pulling her bottom lip.

“Gwyn, this could get really weird, because I have always found you attractive.”

She sat up quickly. She pulled her left foot away and set it on the carpeted floor, while curling her right foot under her. I thought, Oh boy….I have done it now. I have just ruined a relationship forever.

Gwyneth leaned over at the waist, scooting closer. Her face now inches from mine. A piercing stare looked in to my eyes.

“You find me attractive? Like, in a sexual way?”

Not breaking eye contact, I nodded my head slowly up and down.

“OH MY GOD! I thought it was just me having sexual desires for my cousin.”

We both laughed at that.

“You remember the spin the bottle game at my house a long time ago?” She asked

“Yeah, how could I forget it?”

“I was so scared you wouldn’t like me when I pulled my panties off.” She giggled again

“Wouldn’t like you??? Gwyn I jacked off to the thought of you naked for months after that!”

That got a huge laugh from her. When the laughing died away, she was again within inches of my face.

“Well, I guess we should at least try being kiss’ in cousins. Cam, do you want to kiss me?”

There was no creepiness factor any more. My cock was swelling up quickly.

I took my left hand and grabbed the back of her head, underneath the hair. My right hand was laid on the left side of her head, underneath the ear. I slowly moved my lips closer to hers. Our lips met gently. I used my lips to open hers, and her tongue darted out and brushed lightly across mine. I met her tongue with mine, and then touched it fully. I sucked her tongue softly then broke the embrace. I leaned back and waited for the response.

Gwyneth stood up. She reached up behind her and removed the bikini top. Her nipples were at full extension underneath the cotton t-shirt. She then came over and straddled me. I knew she could feel my powerful erection through the bikini bottoms.

She kissed me again and then whispered, “I want this if you do.” I kissed her mouth eagerly and said, “If we do this, will things be different?”

“No…I want to do this, no strings attached.”

I began kissing her passionately, reaching up and stroking her breast and nipples underneath the t-shirt.

She sighed heavily and relaxed into my arms. I maneuvered her so that she was lying on her back on the couch. I stood and removed my t-shirt exposing my chest, never taking my eyes off of hers. As I was removing my board shorts, Gwyneth placed her left foot on my chin. She folded my bottom lip down with her pretty toes. My shorts fell to the floor, revealing my now fully erect and pulsating cock. I held the foot and used my thumbs to cause her to spread the toes. I sucked the toes slowly, one at a time.

Gwyneth scooted down and removed her bikini bottom and pulled her right leg through the hole. It now dangled from her thigh. I now saw one of the most beautiful pussies in my life. It was shaved on the sides, and the pubic hair that was there, was cut in a ‘V’, with the point at her clit. It was not like that night 24 years ago. It was better. I continued sliding my tongue between her toes, while she ran her other foot up and down my cock, curling her toes over the head of my dick.

She pulled her foot away from my mouth, tucked it behind my neck and pulled me towards her.

I climbed between those succulent legs. Gwyneth kept the left leg over my right shoulder, while draping her right leg across the top of the couch. I kissed and nibbled down the leg. As I closed in on her now dewy slit, I stopped to inhale from her. I smelled the fragrance of coconut; it was the sun tan oil from her day lying out on the slot oyna deck. I also sensed the bouquet of eager vagina.

I caressed her inner thighs, planting butterfly kisses down to crotch, and then kissed lightly along the sides of her sex. I reached up and under her shirt, pinching lightly the nipples, and then dragging my finger tips down across her stomach. My tongue began grazing the sides of her pussy. I kissed around the pussy. I used the fingers of my left hand to touch her pussy. Her pussy now was slick with juice. The aroma of a female, becoming aroused, was overpowering to me, and the fact it was my cousin was made it even more stimulating. She whimpered softly, and began to wiggle her ass.

I went back up and kissed her lips. Her tongue eagerly accepted mine into her mouth. I tilted her head back and began kissing her throat and the sides of her neck. I then moved down to her tits after lifting the t-shirt to expose them. I took each nipple, one at a time, in my mouth and sucked the rock hard tips, while grabbing the breast. I kissed my way down her stomach. I reached the exquisite pussy again. I rubbed my bottom lip up the slit. At the top, my tongue fired out and the tip touched the clit for an instant, then I stiffened the tongue and ran it down the slit all the way down to the bottom. Moving back up, I licked the inside walls of the sopping pussy.

I began kissing and licking around the vulva. I next applied long kisses to both sides. I made my tongue as wide as possible and then I licked her pussy, from almost her anus up to her clit, then back to kissing the sides.

Gwyneth was vibrating and wiggling her ass. My manipulations were driving her into frenzy. Gwyneth was curling her toes, and then spreading them. She placed her left foot on my shoulder, flexing her toes on my shoulder. I continued closing on the clit, only to skim the sensitive organ with my tongue.

“Make me cum with your tongue…” Gwyneth whispered.

I began licking deep inside of her, and then I sucked the clit into my mouth, and dragged my tongue over it.

I became aware of her impending orgasm. Glancing up, I saw my cousin had her head thrown back, her eyes firmly closed. Sweat beaded on her forehead. She was panting.

I stopped long enough to whisper, “Gwyn, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Gwyneth began grinding her crotch onto my mouth. My cousin’s heated orgasm radiated through her body. Her thighs began to tremble. Looking up at her face, I saw my cousin in full orgasm. What a breath taking vision, a beautiful woman having a torrid orgasm.

The orgasm subsided.

I took her foot off of my shoulder and moved it so that she had to roll over onto her stomach. With her right leg now down on the floor and the left leg up on the couch, her pussy and ass were spread open and laid out.

I went down and began licking deep inside her pussy. I spread her ass open with my thumbs and dribbled my tongue on her anus. Her arched ass cheeks began to quiver involuntarily. I moved my tongue like a piston, in and out of the hole for a few seconds then moved back to the slippery, clinching pussy.

She came again, muffling her orgasmic moan into a pillow.

She came down from that cum. I moved up to face her. She opened her eyes. “Oh my God…” she sighed. She stared into my eyes. We smiled at each other. She scooted her ass down the couch. The head of my cock was now poised at the opening of her pussy.

The heat radiated from it to my pulsating cock.

I stopped smiling.

We were about to violate a major taboo. Everything flooded into my mind.

If this got out, how would our family deal with it? If it got out to the family, we could wreck the whole family.

Gwyneth and I already have a life long relationship. How would this moment of passion affect that relationship?

We both have ex-spouses, but we can never be ex-cousins.

This is where it would get tricky.

With the head of my rock hard cock grazing the lips of her enflamed pussy, I stared into her eyes.

“You know, if we do this, we can never take it back?” I asked

“Yes, I understand that, and I am okay with it.” She whispered.

I knew now, it was going to happen.

I leaned down and kissed her mouth passionately and eased the tip of my cock inside her eager pussy. She sighed heavily and I felt her melt into my body.

I eased the cock in half way now. The heated inside of her pussy was silky and it seemed to pull my cock deeper, clinching and squeezing.

I then slid in all the way. I stopped, broke the kiss off, and looked into her eyes one last time. My cousin shook her head subtly, up and down in the affirmative.

I began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy. I would pull almost all the way out, leaving only the head inside of her, pause for a heartbeat, then slide in all the way. The sensation was mind-blowing. I kissed her throat, my fingers in her hair. My tongue toyed with her ear canlı casino siteleri briefly, then back to kissing her lips. I licked her tongue, and then sucked her bottom lip into my mouth.

My cock began picking up the tempo, the penis now sawing in and out of her pussy. While kissing the left side of her neck, she whispered into my ear, “You’re going to make me cum.”

I lifted my upper body up. I grasped her hands, and interlaced my fingers in hers. My cock was pumping her dripping pussy faster now.

“Gwyn, come for me.”

The passionate kiss resumed.

My cousin began jerking underneath me. Her mounting orgasm began to boil up inside of her.

Gwyneth sucked in air through her mouth, so I released the kiss, allowing her to breathe in deeply.

Ever rising, the coming orgasm made her entire body quake, her stomach muscles fluttering.

Then it happened.

She arched her back, so that only her ass and head were in contact with the couch. The t-shirt she still wore was draped and clinging to her taut, tender breasts, the nipples protruding prominently through the cotton.

I felt her pussy spasm once, then twice, and then the throbbing pussy seemed to lock down on my shaft.

She began chanting, “Oh GOD…Oh GOD….I’m CU….CU…CUMMMMING!!”

I thought it was so loud the entire deck of the ship heard her orgasm.

Her orgasm exploded forth from the throbbing pussy. The muscles of her pussy started squeezing and releasing my shaft, over and over. The fluid drained from her sodden pussy, trickling down the crack of hers ass and pooling under her on the couch.

My cousin shuddered underneath me. Her face displayed a look of pure orgasmic pleasure. The torrid orgasm abated after some time.

“Oh my God, that was fuckin INCREDIBLE!” She said her face beaming

“You think that was something, just wait until we cum together.” I said with a smile.

I scooped her up and turned so that I was sitting on the couch, my cock still inside of Gwyneth’s steamy pussy.

She rested her arms on my shoulders and began sliding herself up and down my rigid, swollen cock.

I ran my finger tips over her back, down the sides of her legs to her feet. She began humping faster now. I felt her toes curl up tight and I used my fingers to uncurl them and spread them out.

Gwyneth jammed her tongue into my mouth, our tongues jousting back and forth. She caught my bottom lip and bit ever so gently. Her pussy became even more moist and I felt it getting more slippery on my cock.

My hands now moved to her ass, separating her ass cheeks. My middle finger began a rhythmic massage of little circles around her tight little asshole.

Gwyneth broke the kiss, and began throwing her head back and forth, her brown hair swinging in time to our fucking.

I felt her beginning to buck harder on my cock.

“I am going to cum again.” She whispered into my ear.

Kissing her neck, I said, “Me too….Let’s cum together.”

“I want you to cum inside of me.” She breathed.

My orgasm began in my thighs. It shook me. I opened my knees, spreading Gwyneth’s legs. I held her in place and began a hard piston action with my cock. I felt my cum moving up the shaft of my throbbing cock.

As it neared its explosive exit, I lifted my cousin’s head. “Gwyn, look me in the eyes.”

We stared into each other’s eyes. I saw love in hers. I hoped she saw it in mine.

“Gwyn….I’m going to cum inside you.”

“I’m cumming too.” It was a barely audible reply.

The sperm shot from the end of my cock to deep inside her pussy, just as her pussy began an intense, rippling orgasm.

We stared into each other’s eyes. For a moment, she broke the eye contact and looked up at the ceiling. My cock continued to pump sperm into my cousin. Her pussy started squeezing tightly around the base of the shaft, as if it was attempting to draw out all the sperm.

When she looked back into my eyes, hers were glistening with tears.

One of the tears broke surface tension and ran slowly down her cheek.

“Are you all right Gwyn?”

“Yes.” She wiped at her eyes. “That was perfect.”

“It was better than I ever imagined it would be.” I said

We kissed softly.

“I love you, cuz.” She said with a grin

“I love you too…cuz.” I laughed

“I need a towel.” She said as she pulled off of me, grabbed her bikini and moved towards the bathroom.

I put on my t-shirt and was just pulling on my board shorts, when I heard the key hit the lock.

I quickly sat on the puddle of cum on the couch, grabbed the remote control, and flipped to a sports channel.

My wife and her husband came in, loudly chattering and laughing.

Gwyneth came out of the bathroom and said, “How much did you win?”

Greg responded with that he had broken even.

My wife asked, “What did you guys do while we were gone? You weren’t kissing cousins, were you?” She laughed.

We all laughed.

Then Greg did his best imitation of dueling banjos from the movie “Deliverance.” There was a new round of laughing. Gwyneth and I just looked in to each others eyes, slight grins on our mouths.

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