Better Tech

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Author’s note: This one’s a quickie. After my last story, “Goddess Next Door,” practically turned into a short novella, I wanted to cool off with a premise I could execute in far fewer words. This one’s an Aisling-universe story.

Also, as usual, every person described here is at least eighteen years old.


“Hello and welcome to Better Tech, the one stop solution for all your tech needs. My name is Sarah. How may I help you today?”

Sarah smoothed down her knee length skirt as she repeated the canned greeting for the hundredth time today. Her eyes flickered to the wall clock hanging above the store’s entryway, mentally counting the minutes until she could clock out.

Thirty more minutes until-

“Yes, young lady, I do need some assistance.”

The speaker was an elegant woman, perhaps in her forties, though as Sarah looked towards her she noted her youthful … um, fullness, had not yet left her. Indeed, Sarah would not be surprised to discover her curves had only increased in beauty over ti-

“…excuse me?”

Sarah’s eyes snapped back to the customer’s face. Behind her, a tall, bulky companion frowned.

“I’m sorry. Of course I’d be happy to help you. What were you looking for this evening?”

The woman held out her hand. “The name’s Freia, since you gave me yours.”

Sarah stumbled over the overly formal gesture, taking the customer’s hand in a firm shake. “Plea- ahem. Pleased to meet you,” she said.

Freia gestured back to her companion. “And this is Dallen.” She put her arm around Sarah as the two began to walk through the store, vaguely in the direction of the massive flatscreens dominating the far corner. “We were looking for something to help us with our new business’s … productivity, I guess you could say.”

Sarah considered this. “Perhaps a set of personal tablets, or a few netbooks to start?” Freia’s arm slid down Sarah’s back, and rested right above her ass.

“Sure,” she said. “Show me what you’ve got. We aren’t in any hurry.”

Sarah glanced back at Dallen, who was silently plodding behind them, a terse bodyguard standing watch over the whole proceeding.

“Well,” said Sarah, pointing to the aisle where the tablets were displayed. “We could start here.” Freia was rubbing Sarah’s left ass cheek, pinching it politely. The associate pressed her legs together, momentarily enjoying the sensation.

“What’s your price range?”

“Money’s no object,” Freia said, as she gestured toward Dallen. The large man nodded and walked off.

“Huh.” She had heard the expression, though never in this particular context. For most customers, money was the only object. “Well, in that case, if I could start by recommending the C-27i Pro here-“

She rattled off the various features of the tablet and its operating system, including the different cloud storage subscription services available. As she did, Freia had begun to unzip Sarah’s skirt. She let it fall to the tile floor. Sarah stepped out of it, her dress shoes squeaking.

She saw Dallen talking to her manager out of the corner of her eye as she spoke. The man was up to something, judging from her manager’s narrowed eyes. Her brow furrowed, but she decided it was not her problem.

“… though honestly, the free option would give most people enough cloud storage for their needs. Ten gigabytes for personal use is typically more than enough, though we understand if, depending on the line of work, your small business would require more.”

Freia nodded as Sarah finished canlı bahis her explanation. The woman was now silently unbuttoning Sarah’s front; she flushed as the tops of her breasts came into view. She could feel the tickle of cool air against them, and decided she liked the sensation.

“Very good,” said Freia. “Though, I assume you also have some business software packages available to go with this?”

Sarah nodded as she straightened her panties, gesturing now to the aisle behind her. “We have quite a few options available,” she agreed. “If I may ask, what kind of work would you be using these for?”

“Mostly appointment keeping, and some accounting,” Freia said. The woman slapped her ass as she passed in front of her, which caused Sarah to yelp, though she made sure to do so so professionally.

Her manager heard her. He looked over from his place across the store, saw her helping a customer, and nodded. He was rubbing his lower lip, which looked like it had been cut. Sarah noticed his shirt was hanging open, completely unbuttoned.

At least he set a good example for his team.

Freia followed her to the other aisle, arresting the associate’s quick stride as she methodically unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. Dallen had returned, and handed Freia a small stone with a weird letter carved into it Sarah didn’t recognize.

And that was the last button. Sarah relished the slight breeze that passed across her bare skin, caressing her midriff. Well, no, that was Freia stroking her navel, right above her panty line. But, well, what can you do? She was a customer.

Sarah bent over and pulled out an empty box hanging from the bottom of the shelf. The program suite, creatively titled Appointment Express, was available as a download once you entered the code sealed in the box into their website.

She felt the back of her panties pulled down as she straightened up, and she wiggled her now bare ass in response, as was proper. Her pink lace panties still covered her pussy, though, so she was still within company dress code.

“This is probably your best bet for keeping track of multiple appointments. The suite also includes a basic word processor-“

She continued her explanation as Freia listened patiently, her fingers working to undo Sarah’s bra. Sarah herself rolled her shoulders, letting her white short-sleeved shirt fall from them and rest on her elbows. She dropped it to the floor, and Dallen stepped in to pick it up.

” … while the functionality of the included spreadsheet program isn’t as much as you’d get from, say, Office Desk Pro, it’s still more than enough for most small business needs.”

Another customer passed by, dropping her bra next to the line of printers set up at the other end of the aisle. Sarah shot her full breasts a jealous gaze, though it looked like her manager was taking this one.

Yep, she was right. The man quickly confronted the customer, pulling his cock out as was policy when breasts were bared. The customer indicated she wanted a demonstration of one of the printers, and the manager, stroking to full hardness, was happy to oblige.

Sarah turned back to Freia, who was frowning in her general direction. Was it something she had said? She pulled off her own bra, and wondered if the woman wanted her to present her bare ass again, as part of the effortless customer experience she read about in the work manuals.

Dallen stepped away for a moment, the building key in his hand. Sarah wondered for an instant why he had the key, but a snap bahis siteleri at her back distracted her. Freia now had her bra in her hands, and was setting it aside along with the rest of her clothes.

“Thanks,” said Sarah. She noticed, for the first time, that the woman had kept every scrap of clothing she had shed, having set it in an empty space on the shelf when they had moved to this aisle. Sarah reached down and rubbed her leg against the woman’s thong, the customary sign of gratitude she learned months ago in training, used when the employee notices how wet the customer was getting.

“Mmm . . . no biggie,” said Freia. “I think I’ll take that software suite. Now, we wanted to set up a cell phone plan for our employees, and have their phones connect to our appointment database.” She was humping Sarah’s leg now, which probably meant that she was in a good mood. Time to upsell.

“No problem at all,” Sarah said, disposing with her panties and stepping, completely nude save her work shoes, towards the cell phone section as she pulled Freia along by the waistline of her thong. “We have several 4G plans available with our smartphones, and that software suite you picked out includes several phone apps that can connect to your central database, if set up correctly.”

She noticed one of her coworkers educating another customer about the various data plans that were available, as he pistoned his cock in and out of her pussy. She was leaning over the sales counter, the glazed look on her face clearly due to her below-average communication abilities. She was clearly bored.

Sarah stopped up to the smartphone section, pausing to decide which particular one to sell her customer on. The GT or the GX . . .? She’d go with the GX, the more expensive model, and if they weren’t keen on the higher price tag, she’d offer the GT.

Freia’s finger slid into Sarah’s pussy at that moment, the surprise causing her to yelp. She leaned back into the woman, smiling professionally as she turned her head and bit at Freia’s earlobe.

She shuddered at the older woman’s touch, then listened as she spoke.

“Tell me about your cell phone plans, huh? And I’ll fuck your pussy nice and slow while you do. Think of it as a challenge.”

Sarah liked challenges. They were an opportunity to grow, something her manager liked to repeat so much he had the saying printed out and hung in the break room. She simply nodded, biting her lip as Freia’s other hand caressed her clit.

“Well, our phones can, connect with any of the big, fucking, four networks, so if there is one you pre-FER” this last word came out as a yelp when Freia stuck three fingers inside. “Then you can opt for that one,” she gasped out.

Sarah pitched forward, putting both hands firmly on the rack of phones as her body quivered. One hand shot out and gripped the GX phone case, holding it in a shaky grip so Freia could see.

“This one is, probably the fucking best, oh don’t stop, please don’t stop, oh!” She threw back her head and moaned as Freia stepped up the work she was doing on her clit. “It’s the best phone we offer, and with a two year contract, such a long contract, so long and hard and thick back there, oh!” She gulped, and continued, “With that contract, we can, get this, to you, for only, sixty, fucking, unnnng,” she felt herself come close to the edge, and with both feet planted on either side of her, eyes pressed shut against the mounting pleasure, she found herself at a loss for words.

Her pleasure faded back down again, orgasm bahis şirketleri held at bay, as Freia prompted, “Sixty dollars?”

“Right,” Sarah gulped. She saw Allison, the new associate, giggle as a customer stuck their tongue up her ass. Then, another increase of pace and her eyes glazed, her attention elsewhere.

“We can get this, to you, for sixty, whole, dollars, unnng,” she shifted her hips, impaling herself against Freia’s hand, her own right hand pinching her nipple madly. “For the two year contract. Mmm.” She had bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, she noticed oddly.

Freia leaned over her, her lips at her ear. “And are there any pay-as-you-go plans?”

Sarah nodded. “Those are definitely, fucking, available,” and she was silenced as Freia’s tongue met her mouth, lapping up the small drops of blood hanging on her lower lip. Then, she took her lip in her teeth, growling savagely as she escalated her attack on Sarah’s pussy.

“So,” Sarah breathed out as Freia’s teeth retreated. “It would be, two hundred and, fucking, no, fifty dollars, per phone if you wanted to, use one of, those plaaaaaaaaaaans!” She screamed out that last, her pussy dancing on the edge of orgasm, the edge of that sweet drop into le petite mort.

Freia’s hand shot up to Sarah’s left nipple, tugging on it sharply, as her other hand continued its ministration. “Yes,” the customer said. “Now that sounds like a deal!”

And Sarah came, thoughts of her sales commission the furthest from her mind as she shook atop Freia’s hand, coating it and her sleeve with her liquid love. The orgasm vibrated through every part of her, as the customer embraced her to keep her from falling on her face.

Sarah saw stars glisten at the edges of her vision as the orgasm began to fade, replaced by a languid satisfaction. She was looking up into her customer’s beautiful, almost ageless face.

“Well,” she said, her voice no higher than a whisper. “Let’s ring you up, then.”


Sarah’s workplace underwent quite a few changes after that, all for the better.

Freia became a regular customer, for one thing. Whenever she came in, the whole staff did their utmost to show her Better Tech’s definition of customer service. Dallen, during a rare fit of generosity, gifted his runestone to the manager, who saw to it that every employee received a hefty bonus for taking care of such an important customer.

The staff meeting that night was particularly exhausting, seeing as every worker in attendance was assigned in turn to drive each of the top three performers over the point of orgasm.

Sarah was one of those top performers. She remembered exactly half of that meeting, having blacked out partway through her sixth orgasm. Her manager assured her they had brought her to six more before the night was done.

The dress standards were relaxed a bit, as well, which drew the eye of corporate. One Tuesday they sent a representative to straighten out a few things with the manager. Sarah saw through the office window the manager explain to her a few things, show her the runestone Dallen had given him, and then demonstrate the benefits of their unique dress code.

Sarah got off three times watching them fuck each others brains out. The directives from corporate lessened after that delicious incident.

In the end, Sarah noticed she was drawing a larger measure of confidence from her work at Better Tech. Every day she asked herself, How can I please the customer today? Sometimes that meant wearing a tighter thong than she was used to, or working out more so as to better fit her new corset.

And sometimes, it simply meant showing the customer exactly how Better Tech could be their one stop fucking solution for all their sex needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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