Behind The Rectory

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A old man recalls his youth…


Back when I was 18 it was easy to intimidate me. All it would take was a stern look and I would shrink into nothingness, and when it came to stern looks there was nobody better at it than Father Scarff. Having been a well mannered lad back then I had never felt the wrath of the strict priest like many of my friends.

That good nature was what got me that summer job at the church that summer of 1969, and since I would need money for books for fall when I was to start at Hudson Valley Community College, I figured that I had it made but on this one morning in July my little head did the thinking for me and to say it didn’t work out would be an understatement.

While picking up litter from the lot in back of the church where the local kids played stick-ball, a kid I knew from the neighborhood was standing in a corner of the back wall of the rectory taking a leak after the game broke up. Kenny was a cute kid that I had always had a crush on, and since he would be going away for college soon I got brave for one of the few times in my life, figuring that if not now, when?

Coming up beside him while he peed I told him I thought he had a cute dick, which was true since I had seen it many times after gym class in the locker room. He gave me an odd look but didn’t hide himself but instead turned a bit so I could get a better look.

At that point in my life I was kidding myself about my sexuality, telling myself it was just a phase I was going through while seeking out ways to look at other guys naked. The showers at school were ideal, but since school was over I had to settle for peeks at other guy in public restrooms. I was far from ideal but there were no other outlets for my curiosity.

This was just like that, watching Kenny peeing against the wall, and after his stream turned into a trickle I asked if I could help him finish. He didn’t say anything but didn’t stop me when I reached over and took it by the shaft and wiggled it around, and when my wiggling turned into pulling and stretching his modest sized organ I could feel him getting hard.

I had managed to keep my homosexual tendencies a secret from everybody during my high school years when I knelt down in front of Kenny my secret was out.

There was nobody back there, since I had looked around carefully before I swooped down on Kenny, and within a minute I had Kenny hard and was pressing his back against the brick wall as my mouth slid up and down his skin flute fast and hard.

Heaven turned to hell fast though, because all of a sudden Kenny let out a yelp and scrambled away from me, leaving me confused as I knelt there, but confusion turned to horror as I felt a hand grab me by the nape of my neck and lift me to my feet.

“Master James,” the booming voice of the burly priest bellowed as he effortlessly lifted me while spinning me towards the wall that I had just pinned Kenny against. “This is what I pay you for?”

This public display of cock-sucking clearly wasn’t in the job description and although I mumbled an explanation that was hopefully inaudible because it was stupid and implausible, I decided that silence was a better defense so I shut up. His steel grey eyes were also a factor in that decision, and I withered against the bricks while wishing I would get beamed up to the Enterprise like what happened on my favorite TV show Star Trek, which I recall had just gotten cancelled.

No help was forthcoming from Spock or anybody else, so I was prepared to hear the words that I knew would be coming, and then I would have to explain to my Mom that I had lost my job, although I prayed that the actual reason would never be told to her because she was highly emotional and given to hysterics at times.

“Inside, Master James,” Father Scarff commanded with a wave of his beefy hand and an extended index finger as he addressed me over-formally like he did when he was not pleased, and I did as I was told.

I supposed he was going to pay me what I was owed and send me on my way, but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I didn’t even want to the money. It wasn’t because I hadn’t earned it, because I had really busted my butt – except for that brief interlude he had just witnessed – but because I was so ashamed. What had gone on back there was a sin, and where I had done it made it even worse.

“Sit,” Father Scarff sat as he pointed at the chair on the other side of his enormous desk, and after he sat down and folded his hands in front of him I waited for the lecture.

I knew all about the weakness of the flesh and how I must walk in the spirit and turn away from temptation. Heck, it was Father Scarff who had pounded it into my skull every Sunday, except for the ones I weaseled out of. To say that I had proved the message hadn’t sunk in completely – well, he witnessed that first hand.

It wasn’t fire and brimstone he gave me though. He explained that he wasn’t mad but disappointed in me. So was I, and outside of brief glances up to meet his withering eyes I kept my eyes on the desk where his burly arms rested, the reddish grey hair coating his forearms as he tapped his fingers together.

“Do you understand me, Master James?” Father Scarff asked me, breaking me out of my trance, and I nodded while trying to catch up on what he had been talking about.

Something about everything in its proper place, to everything there is a season, and it sounded like a song by the Byrds as he tried to reason with me. I wasn’t fighting the sermon, but I had been expecting to catch hell and here was Father Scarff telling me he understood because he was young once too.

“I suppose telling your mother about this would be the proper thing to do,” he mused while I tried not to cry or worse, but he let the sentence trail off as he shook his head.

Father stepped away from the desk and began walking around the room much like he did while delivering his sermons, and I kept my eyes forward as he came behind me hand place his hand on the back of my neck, squeezing it a little as he told me that doing what I did to that young boy was not right.

“Kenny – he’s 18 same as me,” I said, as if that would justify what I was caught doing when I was supposed to be working.

“Just the same – some things are meant to be done behind closed doors, and may I add that the way you were doing that leads me to believe that this wasn’t the first time or an isolated incident either,” Father Scarff said, almost like he was saying that it was alright with him what I was doing, and when his hand left my neck while he came over to my side I looked up at him, or at least tried to but I got distracted on the way.

Father Scarff had his dick out. His cock I should say, because Kenny had a dick and I had a dick, but what was hanging out of the fly of his black slacks was a cock. I had seen a few by then but none had been like the pale hose that was a foot away from my face.

“Well?” Father Scarff said as he reached down to take the limp organ in hand and giving it a long and languid pull before letting it go to hang there unsupported.

The pull he gave his cock made the already enormous penis even longer although the bulbous head remained hidden under the long foreskin, and as I looked up in my complete disbelief he put his hand on my cheek and took me it was alright.

“Follow your heart,” he told me as he guided my face a little closer, and then my hand went up to hold his cock and lift it.

Heavy. That was the first thing I noticed when I put my hand around the shaft, or at least came close to circling it, and raised it so I was looking right into the end of the long foreskin. It was like lifting a salami, and judging by the way Father was directing my face there was no doubt as to what he was looking for.

From above I heard Father Scarff moan as I took the fat cock into my mouth, and I tried hard to keep my teeth away from the tender skin as I struggled to get my lips further down. I heard a rustling of fabric güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and looked up to see Father taking off his shirt, exposing his barrel chest that was covered with hair that had been red once but was being taken over by the grey.

Then Father was undoing his belt and letting his slacks fall to the carpet, and after he unsnapped his boxers and let them drop he stepped out of them, now naked except for his black socks.

“Go down farther James,” he instructed while I looked into the bush his fat cock grew out of, and now without the clothes around it his penis looked even bigger.

As Father Scarff got stiffer his cock got larger still, and I guess I was doing a decent job because while I had never experienced any one this big before, he was right about me not being new to this. My lips couldn’t even get halfway down the shaft and could only make it down to where both of my hands gripped the veiny monster’s organ.

I was still scared but despite it all my dick was hard as I sucked as much of what had to be 10″ of throbbing manhood, and while my jaws were screaming at being stretched out so severely I began to think that getting caught with Kenny like I had might not have been such a bad thing after all.

Suddenly my face was being pulled away, and at first I thought that Father Scarff might have been on the verge of cumming and didn’t want to cum in my mouth, which wouldn’t have bothered me at all, but that wasn’t it.

“Disrobe James,” Father Scarff said as he stepped away and went behind his desk, and when I didn’t jump up right away he repeated it for me.

I didn’t want to get naked in front of Father Scarff, or anyone else for that matter because not only was I very modest by nature, I had a could deal to be modest about. My body was pudgy and while my dick wasn’t exactly small, it sure as hell wasn’t big either, especially compared to what was swaying in front of Father Scarff.

I did what Father said, and after I got naked I cupped my hands over my privates in an attempt to hide myself. Since my raging boner had shriveled up from fear, hiding my shortcomings was not difficult at all in this state.

“Move your hands away James,” he commanded as he walked back around the desk with a tube in his hand, and his face remained placid when he saw my meager endowment, which at least was better than a laugh.

My other experiences, save one, had been one-way affairs with me going down on guys while I jerked myself off, either while I was doing it or afterwards while replaying the scene in my mind. Part of my insecure nature I suppose.

“Over here,” Father Scarff said as he guided me around the big leather chair I had been sitting in, and when I got behind it he bent me over the back of it.

“What…” I mumbled as I looked back in time to see Father Scarff spreading some kind of gel all over his swollen manhood, making the glistening spear look even scarier, but that was my last look as he spun me back around and down over the back of the chair again.

“Stay where I put you and spread your legs,” Father Scarff said, and while this wasn’t something I had any experience in, even my naive self could figure out what was going to happen.

I told him I didn’t want to do this, but he assured me that I did even if I didn’t realize it. He asked me whether anybody had even taken me anally and he seemed delighted when I said no adamantly.

I was sobbing when I felt his fat greased finger push into my anus, and when a second one somehow was forced into me I was in agony. I even cried out for my mother when his fingers corkscrewed all the way into my ass, and he found that amusing, calmly noting that neither mother or father was going to stop the inevitable.

My only consolation was there was no way he would be able to put that cock of his into me, and I believed that right to the end. Pleading for mercy and insisting his cock was too big did not good and may even have made him more determined to cram that monster güvenilir bahis şirketleri in.

It took a while, and I may have even passed out briefly when the head popped in, but after that I just stayed bent over while Father Scarff’s hands held my hips, rocking in and out and inching a little deeper with every thrust as my feet got raised from the carpet.

With each thrust the chair lurched a little bit forward until the desk stopped it from inching any further. Father Scarff’s breathing sounded like a locomotive as he got into a steady rhythm and even though he was going deep and hard the pain dulled and then disappeared, replaced with…

“Do you want me to stop, James,” Father asked after what had to be close to five minutes of constant thrusting, and while I didn’t answer I guess I didn’t have to because after he reached around me and grabbed my dick, which was hard as blue steel he chuckled.

After a half dozen of savage yanks I came, spurting my load all over the back of the chair, and after I went limp he let go of my dick and put his hands back on my hips because he wasn’t done. Far from it.

I don’t know how long it lasted but Father had a hell of a lot better self-control than I did. He went fast and then slow, and his thrusts ranged from tender to brutal while I hung over the back of the chair like a rag doll.

Father Scarff finally came, letting out a loud moan as I felt his cock jerk inside of me, and then a pleasant warmth filled my bowels and soothed my sore insides. After Father Scarff’s cock slithered out of me he picked up his clothes and retreated to the bathroom.

“Clean your mess James,” Father Scarff said as he pointed to the semen which was drooling down the dark brown leather.

I went over and grabbed some tissues, and after checking and being relieved that what was oozing out of my butt wasn’t blood, cleaned up what had to be the mother-lode of ejaculations. I was just finishing getting dressed when Father Scarff emerged, looking like he always did with his cheeks perhaps a little ruddier from the exertion.

“Be sure to sweep up around the light pole in back,” Father Scarff noted. “I think that’s where all the boys gather to smoke.”

“Yes Father,” I replied, stunned that apparently I still had a job despite it all.

“Are you mad at me James?” Father Scarff asked as I walked past him on my way to the door.

“No Father.”

“Are we still friends?” he asked, and after I nodded affirmatively he put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “We won’t be putting on any more public displays with the neighborhood lads, will we James?”

“No sir.”

“Good, and it will hurt less next time,” he said as I was ushered out the door. “I promise.”

“Yes Father,” I said as I realized this wasn’t the end but only the beginning, and despite the burning sensation that would linger all day, I found myself wanting that next time to be soon.

It was soon, and very frequently all during that summer. I spent almost as much time bent over that chair than I did working, and I was kept on after school started in the fall. My education continued, and I even got to go to NYC for a couple of days with Father Scarff for some sort of conference.

Father Scarff even introduced me to a fellow priest one night, and the three of us had quite a time in that hotel room. I didn’t mind Father Scarff sharing me, and by that point I think it was safe to say that I was in love with him.

It all ended one day that winter when I showed up at the rectory and saw that the younger brother of a friend of mine had taken my place. Not my actual job, but the honor of being taken while bent over the chair. My chair. I was crushed.

“James, I understand how you must feel but there’s so many troubled young men like you, and there’s only one me,” he said while trying to console me. “I do my best.”

It was never the same after that, and while I kept going to the church it hurt to see him and knowing there was somebody else. A whole lot of someone else’s, I learned as I paid attention to what was going on around the church. I even saw my old friend Kenny emerge from the back door of the rectory once, but then suddenly and without notice Father Scarff was gone, transferred to another parish far away.

I never forgot him though, even to this day.


thank you for reading

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