Becoming Jessie’s Bitch Ch. 02

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The metallic click made my cock twitch. I looked in the mirror and soaked in the sight. Jessie stood behind me dressed in a black tuxedo holding my leash in his left hand as his right rubbed my bare shaved chest. I was naked from the waist up except a black studded leather dog collar that looked and felt surprisingly comfortable.

“Do you like your collar?” Jessie asked as his hands roamed over my chest. His touch felt good and my cock strained in my pants as he toyed with my sensitive nipples. I always loved when my wife played with them and with Jessie it was no different.

“Mmmm,” I cooed softly, “yes.” My wife and I had dabbled with BDSN and I had always enjoyed it when she took control. Jessie was naturally in control and I liked the way it made me feel.

I wasn’t wearing any underwear and my hard cock made a prominent tent in the crotch of my black dress slacks. Inside my slacks I wore a studded leather cock ring securely around my cock and balls keeping me painfully hard. Unlike the dog collar the cock ring was not comfortable but it was very erotic and I liked knowing it was there.

“Are you ready to go out and play?” Jessie asked as he tousled my hair. I had spent the morning naked doing chores for him around the house. He had me make and serve him both breakfast and lunch in the nude. During the day I wore just the cock ring which he had secured onto my dick immediately after my morning shower. Between and after his meals I cleaned, vacuumed and did laundry in the nude as he watched. He mixed flattering comments with humiliating requests and remarks keeping me continuously excited. I was not allowed to cum but twice during the day he had me kneel at his feet and suck his big delicious cock until he exploded in my eager mouth. His cum was delicious and I was enjoying my time as his slave. I was also looking forward to my night out under his control. There was something liberating about being under another person’s direction and the fact that it was a man dominating me was somehow more erotic than if it had been my wife.

“Yes sir,” I said softly as he moved closer to me and pressed his hard cock against my ass. One of his hands moved up my chest to my throat and he grabbed it firmly as his other squeezed my hard dick making me moan softly. His lips grazed the back of my neck and his hot breath tickled my ear sending shivers through my body.

“If you are good I will fuck you in front of an audience,” he whispered firmly as he ground his hard cock enticingly against the crack of my ass. “You’ll like that won’t you slut.”

His hard dominance was at odds with the soft sensuality of his soft lips and the sensation was incredibly arousing. My entire body was on fire and tingling.

“Yes sir, I would love that.” I replied honestly. In addition to being submissive I was, at heart, an exhibitionist and the picture he had painted fell perfectly in line with my twisted kinky desires.

“Let’s go my little fuck toy,” he said as he turned toward the door and tugged my leash, “it’s play time.”

Jessie drove us in his car into the city 35 miles from my house. With traffic the trip took nearly and hour and he insisted the I spend the time getting and keeping him hard. I unzipped his pants and fished his gorgeous cock out of them. I slowly stroked him as strangers sat in their cars just a few feet away. The tinted windows of his Mercedes gave a modicum of privacy but if anyone looked hard enough they could see what was going on inside his car even if they couldn’t tell who was doing it.

Jessie tugged on my leash and brought my head down to his lap as was sat at a light in the city.

“Suck it slut,” he said sternly. His tone was deep and it demanded obedience. I quickly opened my mouth and engulfed his stiff dick with my hungry lips.

My head bobbed quickly over his cock as I slurped noisily on it. The head of his dick disappeared down my throat with each stroke and saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth. I had sucked him so many times that I could easily take his full length inside me and he was quickly approaching an orgasm as we turned off the main road and down a narrow one way street.

Jessie pulled canlı bahis me off his dick before he reached the point of no return and stuffed it back into his pants as we pulled up to valet parking in front of a swanky club called The Sanctuary. I had never heard of it before but the line of people waiting to get inside left no doubt that they catered to the gay and lesbian communities. I knew instantly that Tina would love the place and I suspected I would be back there with her when she returned home from her trip.

Jessie led me to the bouncer, a huge muscle bound man wearing a tuxedo that struggled to contain his enormous chest and arms. He waived us past without hesitation and I felt his eyes on me as Jessie tugged on my leash guiding me into the club.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light of the club and I looked around at the myriad of different people inside. The crowd ranged from butch to femme, twink to bear and somewhere in between lay Jessie and I. I had never been to a gay club but it was not much different from what I imagined. The music was loud and the bass thumped in my chest as my eyes scanned the crowd. We were far enough away from my house and at a place that I didn’t think I would know anyone but I was relieved just the same that I didn’t see any familiar faces. The club had four small elevated stages on which scantily clad men and women danced as eye candy, oblivious to the crowds below them.

I felt several hands touch my smooth naked torso as Jessie led me to the bar. He ordered us two glasses of scotch and told me to drink up. He rested his hand on my thigh as we sat at the bar and I was surprised at how comfortable he was at the club. I had assumed he was mostly straight when Tina first brought him home, a bisexual guy like me with a preference for women, but at The Sanctuary he was clearly in his element.

We sat at the stool sipping scotch and watching the crowd of people inside the club. The crowd appeared to self segregate with the women on one side of the room and the men on the other. My eyes were continuously drawn to the dancers on stage, both the men and women and I realized that as much fun as I was having with Jessie, it would have been even better if Tina was with us.

“Finish your drink my pet,” Jessie whispered into my ear. His soft lips kissed my neck and a low moan escaped my lips. He had never kissed me before and to be honest I had never wanted him to but his lips felt nice as they trailed tender butterfly kisses across my neck and up to my ear. His skilled fingers found my engorged cock straining against the fabric of my slacks and he stroked me slowly, teasing me to the point of insanity.

I quickly gulped down the glass of scotch and turned to face him as his lips left my ear and found my waiting mouth. He kissed me softly at first and then his insistent tongue slipped past my lips and entwined with mine. I returned his kiss and moaned into his searing hot mouth as he continued to tease my rigid cock with his talented fingers. I had never dreamed I would make out with a man, much less in public at a gay bar, but doing so ignited a fire inside me the likes of which I had never imagined. He broke off the kiss and playfully bit my bottom lip making me whimper like a scalded puppy.

“Calm down my pet,” he said as he stood and tugged on my leash. “Let’s go in back to the VIP rooms.”

Jessie led me past another enormous muscle bound, tuxedo clad bouncer with spiked blonde hair and down a dark hall. I could hear the faint sounds of sex over the loud music and my heart raced in anticipation. I was ready to play.

I peaked into one room and saw two twinks on their knees in front of a pair of leather clad men. I’d never watched two men together and I was amazed at how erotic they looked. I felt sweat running down my face despite the fact that it was cool in the club. My body was on fire.

Jessie turned into a dark empty room and pushed me against the back wall. He lunged toward me and pinned my body as our mouths met in a torrid deep kiss. His hands ran over my body, up to my head and then down my back as he ground his hard dick against me. “Are you ready my pet,” he asked as he quickly unfastened my pants bahis siteleri and dropped them to the floor, “are you ready to fuck.” His words sent a shiver through my body.

“Yes master,” I groaned loudly. He turned me around and pulled out his cock as he bent me over a heavy leather couch. I moaned as he poured lube down the crack of my ass and pushed his fingers inside me. I was facing the entrance of the room and I could hear people in the hallway but I dared not look up at them.

Jessie rubbed his condom covered cock over my asshole and I looked back at him with soft pleading eyes.

“Please fuck me,” I moaned. I was hot and I needed him inside me. I wanted all the voyeurs outside to know it.

Jessie continued to tease me with his big hard cock. He pushed the head against my sphincter and eased the fat bulbous head inside me making me groan with the delicious combination of pleasure and pain. He stopped with just the head inside, teasing or torturing me.

“Do you want it all slut?” He asked in a deep confident tone. He was all butch and I was his bitch.

“Yes, please fuck me hard,” I moaned loudly. I wanted him all and I wanted him hard and fast.

“Fuck you hard what,” he asked firmly. I could tell that he was playing for the crowd and that really turned me on.

“Fuck me hard master,” I groaned loud enough for all to hear.

Jessie pushed his hips forward and buried his cock balls deep in my ass. “You’re a good pet,” he said tenderly as he stroked my back tenderly.

“Thank you master,” I groaned. His balls pressed against mine and my cock throbbed as he pulled back and started thrusting into me. I looked up and saw the massive bouncer from the hall walking toward us and my eyes widened with fear.

The bouncer smiled and fished his cock from his pants as he moved in front of me. He presented his cock to me wordlessly and I quickly sucked it into my mouth. I had never imagined that I would suck a cock as another man fucked my ass but it was the most intense sexual experience of my life. The bouncer’s cock was average length but it was very thick and filled my mouth and stretched my jaw to perfection.

Jessie grabbed my hips and thrust his big hard cock into me ferociously as the bouncer held my head and fucked my throat with slow steady strokes. He was clearly excited and I felt his balls contract as he neared orgasm.

I sucked hard on the bouncer’s thick cock and swallowed as it exploded in my mouth. I had only tasted Jessie cum before and I loved at how different, but equally delicious the bouncer’s hot cream was. I slurped his spunk and sucked his softening dick as Jessie continued to fuck my ass hard and fast.

The bouncer stuffed is flaccid cock into his pants beside me and another man stepped in front of my still hungry mouth. He was a light skinned black guy with a lean build. He pulled his cock out and milked it until a huge dollop of clear fluid oozed from the fat bulbous head. His cock was longer than the bouncer’s but it was thinner and it easily fit into my mouth.

Jessie slowed his pace to keep from cumming. He slowly pushed the length of his cock deep inside me and slapped my ass as he watched me suck my first black cock.

I was still bent over the couch, meaning I didn’t have to support my torso so I brought my hands to the black guys legs and ran them slowly up his muscled thighs as my throat opened. I swallowed his entire shaft and held him inside my throat as I fought my gage reflex. I ran my hands over his strong muscular ass and squeezed his cheeks making him moan loudly.

The black guys breathing was erratic and I knew he was close. I wanted his hot cream and I wondered briefly if he would provide me with a third delicious variation of hot man goo.

My fingers tickled the black guys sphincter and he moaned softly giving me encouragement to enter him. I had fingered my wife’s ass and his was not much different but his reaction was instantaneous. His cock exploded in my mouth and the volume of his cream was overwhelming. I swallowed quickly but cum spilled from my mouth and ran down my chin as I continued to finger his asshole.

My jaw hurt and my back ached bahis şirketleri from my position across the couch. Jessie pulled his delicious cock from my ass and guided me onto my back on the couch. He hoisted my legs in the air and sank his cock back inside of me with my ankles on his shoulders as he stood at the end of the couch.

An small slightly built twink with an almost pretty face moved beside the couch as Jessie fucked my ass. He pulled his pants down and offered me his cock. I took it in my hands and stroked it as I licked the uncut head. I could taste sweat mixed with precum as I teased his head and sucked on his foreskin. He let me suck on his thick uncut dick for several minutes before climbing onto the couch with me in a 69 position and lowering his mouth to my still hard dick. He gave me the best head I’d ever had and I felt my climax spiral out of control.

Jessie fucked my ass hard and I could tell he was going to cum soon. I learned later than he had pulled off his condom when we switched position and I felt him erupt inside me as he came hard. He continued to fuck me hard until his climax ended and then pulled his dripping cock from my ass and sat on a chair beside me as I continued to suck the uncut twink on top of me.

I felt another cock sliding over my gaping ass and I moaned my approval. I was beyond rational thought and I groaned around the twink’s uncut cock as the stranger started to fuck me with long slow strokes.

My dick exploded in the twinks mouth and he slurped my cream without losing a drop. He started bucking his hips hard pushing his dick all the way down my throat until he came deep inside of me. I didn’t have to swallow because his cock was so deep and my body went slack for a moment as I recovered from our near simultaneous orgasm.

The pretty twink climbed off my sweat covered body and quickly dressed beside me as I looked between my legs. The bouncer from the door stood between my legs and thrust his obviously thick cock into my gaping hole. His shirt was unbuttoned displaying the biggest most well defined chest I had ever seen outside of a magazine. I watched his muscles ripple with each powerful trust of his cock and my just spent dick began to grow anew. It had been a dozen years since I had recovered that quickly from an orgasm but their was something raw and primal in the way he looked as he fucked me and it had a very powerful effect on me.

My cock stood at attention and I reached between my legs and wrapped a fist around it as bouncer number two fucked me. Sweat rolled down the cleavage of his massive pecs and I had a powerful desire to run my tongue over his smooth muscular body and taste his salty essence.

“You like that don’t you bitch,” Jessie said when he saw my reaction to the bouncer’s body.

“Yes master,” I panted. My fist was a blur on my hard dick and the bouncer’s thrusts matched my hand as though I was fucking myself with his cock.

“He looks like he is close. Where do you want his hot cum,” Jessie asked. His voice was almost playful but there was no doubt that he was my charge.

“On my cock,” I moaned like a randy whore. “I want him to cum all over my cock. I want his to cover it with his hot seed.” I could feel my climax staring to build and I knew that when he came I would soon follow.

“You heard the whore,” Jessie said to the bouncer who was very obviously on the brink of a very powerful orgasm. “Cum on his cock.”

The bouncer pulled his hard cock from my well fucked asshole and deftly tore the condom off it. He stroked it quickly until hot white cream spewed from it and coated my cock and balls leaving them incredibly slick.

I pounded my cum covered cock as I looked at the bouncer’s taut muscular body. The image was etched in my mind and when I closed my eyes tight I could still see it. I cried out loudly as I came harder than I have ever before. My chest heaved and sweat covered my body as if I had just climbed out of the shower. My consciousness faded from the ferocity of my climax and I awoke alone in the room with Jessie by my side. My pants were on and he stood ready to leave.

Jessie tugged my leash and led me out to the car. My hair was disheveled and I could fell the slick wet mess from the bouncer’s cum on my cock. I was more sexually satisfied than I had ever been in my life but I knew that it was just the beginning of a new world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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