Beach Body Ch. 04

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When Adrian returned to the living space he saw that Nora was right back where he had left her. She had an arm over her eyes, but it was hard to tell if she was sleeping or not. Probably not. He could kind of always tell.

“I’ll make brunch,” he said. There were no objections so he got to make brunch for his daughter.

Brunch was mainly Adrian sautéing some vegetables in the pan then poaching a couple of eggs. The smell moved Nora and she made to get up but her dad rushed to her side first. She let him help and thanked him quietly as she sat.

“When did you learn how to poach an egg?” she asked, obviously impressed. He smiled and shrugged. “Keep your secrets then old man.” They started to eat.

Adrian was glad that the tension, and embarrassment, had passed but he did want to voice some concerns. Mainly about Nora’s… untidiness.

“Hey I’m sorry you had to… see all of that,” his daughter said then, before he could start. “I was kind of tired the other day and just forgot.”

“All good, kiddo,” he told her, sounding a bit too chipper. Adrian wished the back of his neck wasn’t prickling. Turns out his daughter was dealing with this awkwardness a lot more maturely than he thought he would. Nora smirked at her father’s obvious though mild discomfort.

“Thanks for being cool about it,” she decided, which seemed to ease the man somewhat. “And sorry for walking in on you.”

“No sweat,” he said. He wanted to apologise too but he didn’t know for what. Just didn’t seem right that Nora was the one made to feel bad for just… taking care of herself. He tried not to think about that and took a large gulp of water. He had to make conversation to distract from other thoughts.

“So you’re really not dating then?” he blurted, only realising the implication of what he said when he saw the shock on Nora’s face. “Er… I mean… well I just…” There was palpable relief when he heard her laughing and he found it contagious. Nora snorted at one point which turned her dad’s laughter raucous.

“Wow Dad,” she chuckled, swiping the corner of her eye. “Correct I’m not dating right now.”

“Who was that last guy you went with? With the scruffy hair?” he tried remembering. Nora frowned at her father’s word choice. Went with? Alright, Old Fashioned.

“Yeah Lars, in college,” she said. There was confusion knitting her dad’s brow and she corrected herself. “Lawrence I mean.” She only started calling him Lars after they broke up.

“That’s right. And that was… in college,” nodded her father. “So it’s been a while huh.” Another blank look on Nora’s face.

“Dad just because I haven’t had a boyfriend since college doesn’t mean I haven’t-” she started then cut herself off because this was a weird conversation to have with your dad. She kind of enjoyed it though, seeing him squirm a bit too.

“Of course of course,” her father nodded again, almost a bobble-head at this point. “I mean look at you. Guys are obviously going to- sorry,” he finished, noting the glare from his daughter. At least he got to slip in an apology which finally made him feel better. They chewed in silence for a few seconds until Nora decided to break it.

“And what about you?” she said, keeping her eyes on her plate and moving her fork about casually. “You said you stopped using the dating app.”

“Oh yeah. That stuff was too complicated,” he said, happy to converse regardless of topic. Adrian felt a bit more knowledgeable at least, talking about his own life. “I haven’t really bothered with it much for the last year I think. What with trying to expand the business and all. Just trying to help Barret out where I can y’know?”

Nora knew he was talking about how they were wanting to open a second gym but she was less interested in that.

“The last year?” she repeated, causing her father to look up. “A whole year?” He was puzzled.

“Yeah I mean we looked at a lot of places but-“

“Not that I mean… you haven’t had a hook up in a year?” she asked, and she found herself gripping her fork and regret suddenly getting so nosy. She wondered if Dashe ever felt that way. Probably not. Adrian heard the term ‘hook up’ and felt that prickle again. Yeah… he hadn’t gotten any action in the last year but hadn’t really been thinking about it.

“Oh… uh yeah. Is that a long time?” he wondered, not sure what metric he should be measuring against. Nora wasn’t sure either and wasn’t aiming to make her father feel bad about it. In fact her own dry spell had been even longer but she was moreso in disbelief that nobody had been going after him. After all of that man. The image of her hugely naked father flashed in her mind again and she swallowed. Maybe it was just the way he was then. A bit more of an old fashioned gentleman who thought only people in committed relationships should have sex.

“About bahis firmaları a year and a half for me so, I guess not,” she said then, starting to heat in her neck from oversharing but barrelling on regardless.

“What?” Adrian almost shouted. She didn’t expect him to have such a strong reaction. Neither did her father, but the thought of his daughter not getting any attention for that long really bothered him for some reason. How could it be that long? She was beautiful and smart and funny, there ought to be guys lined up at the door. “Er… I mean, that’s fine too right?” he said, tamping down his personal outrage which he knew was ridiculous. He didn’t want Nora to feel ashamed for NOT having sex either.

“Guess we’re both just on a bit of a dry spell,” she said diplomatically. Adrian was appreciative of the chance to drop the subject and nodded. They both smiled as they finished the eggs.


“Oh crap! What time is it?” asked her father. Nora looked up from her phone to see the man twisting to squint at the clock on the wall while keeping his hands in the kitchen sink. “The game’s on!” He quickly stacked the dishrack and dried his hands. He kept glancing to the clock as he went for his bag. If he left now he could make it home before the second quarter ended.

“You can watch it here,” she told him. His eyes went to the nice widescreen television in front of the couch.

“You have the sports package?” he asked, surprised.

“No, but I know you do. You have that app on your phone right?” she surmised, patting the empty spot next to her on the couch. Her father wandered over, careful not to bump into her ice wrapped foot raised the ottoman.

“Yeah but I want to watch it on a big screen,” he said, regarding his cracked phone with a stiff lip. He knew how to do that at home. He sat down anyway and she plucked the device out of his hands. She started tapping away and Adrian tried to watch what she was doing.

“Uh huh, and once you’re on the wifi we can just connect it up to the TV,” she explained, and a couple seconds later said TV flickered on. The sound of an excited crowd rose up and it may as well have been a magic trick with how her father’s face lit up seeing the game appear.

“I didn’t know you could do that everywhere!” he exclaimed, so adorably excited Nora had to stop herself from giggling.

“Just need the wifi,” she said, which Adrian still didn’t fully get but he leaned back and simply basked in his daughter’s genius.

“Oh come on! Refs are blind! Call it!” he shouted, instantly absorbed. Nora was taken back to her childhood immediately and smiled.

There was an adbreak and Nora listened to her father’s reasoning for why that last foul called on his team was bullcrap. Even when he complained about referees he didn’t really curse. She nodded of course, then the sound of an unsheathing sword brought both of their attentions back to the television. It was a trailer for an upcoming epic fantasy roleplaying game. Adrian recognised the look of one of the character’s distinctive armor and perked up. Nora realised this was based on a book series he used to read to her, which she loved, but knew her father was even more of a nerd about it than she was.

They both frowned when one of the prominent female characters appeared, who in the books was meant to be a hardy, battleworn warrior who wielded an axe. The only way they recognised who this digital avatar represented was her weapon and the unique crest in the middle of her helm, which in the game looked to have been reduced to a glittering tiara. Most of her armor had been reduced, it seemed, designed to show off her generous cleavage, taut stomach and supermodel legs rather than protect her from anything.

“Is that meant to be Cartha?” asked her dad, perplexed by the sashaying woman on screen.

“I think so. Like a battle-slut version,” she joked. Her dad’s head snapped to her like he did when she said a bad word as a kid. She even felt like a child again seeing how his brow wrinkled, but then his expression softened and he laughed. He was obviously still a bit hung up on the language then, she guessed, which was the funnier part to her. Swords clashed loudly from the TV.

“It’s really coming out,” he said, sounding amazed on a few fronts. The graphics looked incredible, a short clip of a knight in silver armor slashing his broadsword through some enemy’s shield showing off the dazzling particle effects as sparks flew and the shield crumpled. The end of the commercial told the world the game would be coming out on PCs and consoles everywhere. Obviously a pretty beefy setup would be required. “Dang that looked awesome,” said her dad, Cartha’s depiction notwithstanding.

“And when we upgrade your computer you’ll be ready to play it,” she reminded him.

“Yeah? Yeah!” he nodded. “You said kaçak iddaa you were gonna help me with that huh. Can I get two screens?”

This did make Nora giggle. He was so energised about the prospect of more than one monitor.

“Of course,” she assured him. He looked thoughtful for a minute.

“But you’re not paying for any of it okay? It’s my PC,” he said firmly. Her father never liked it when she got him expensive gifts, probably due to some other old fashioned notion Nora would never understand. She had to concede though or else he wouldn’t let her help.

“Fine,” she said. He nodded, determined but obviously a little worried too. “I’ll send you a receipt. And I’ll make sure you get value for money.” Nora knew her way around ordering the parts from which websites. She could tell the relief on his face was more to do with not needing to do any research, which he perceived to be so complex it was akin to dismantling a bomb. He knew his daughter wouldn’t steer him wrong.

At some point it was the fourth quarter and Nora stifled another yawn. Her dad’s team was down by two. Now they were up by one. Oh down by two again. A tie now. A whistle blew for a timeout. She didn’t know who had the ball but could tell her father was annoyed. Nora was never much into watching sports (let alone playing them) but she liked sharing the couch with her excitable dad as he watched just to be with him and feel warm. Of course back then she would eventually maneuver her way into sitting in his lap and her ever accommodating father would keep watching and stroke her hair until she dozed off. Even his little jolts as he reacted quietly to whatever egregious mistake the refs had made wouldn’t wake her.

Nora was obviously too old to crawl into his lap now, but she did miss the comfort of that memory. Knowing how engrossed the man was she decided to try and recreate it. She turned her body, careful with her sore ankle as she hung her feet over the armrest on her side, then laid back and rested the back of her head into her father’s lap. She shifted her shoulders, moving up a bit to get comfortable and closed her eyes.

Adrian noticed and didn’t notice. These freakin refs. Replace the lot of them, in his opinion. He felt the weight of Nora’s head move onto his lap, getting a familiar, nostalgic sensation. When he looked down he saw his daughter’s eyes were closed and he smiled. He checked that her foot was elevated and returned to watching the game, enjoying her presence.

There were too many timeouts and too many foul calls, dragging the game out and not helping Adrian’s frustrations. What also didn’t help was the way his daughter was… snuggling. Judging by her breathing he guessed Nora had actually fallen asleep, but her head had moved from just being on his leg to getting much closer to his body. The warmth of her was pleasant, and he had been idly stroking her hair out of an old ingrained habit. He noticed the smell of her too, and his heart was thumping. He was shifting under his shorts and tried desperately to focus on the game, but ignoring his rising erection did nothing to stop it. He was soon at full bore, straining under the flimsy material of his shorts and underwear. It would be fine if only sleeping Nora didn’t seem magnetized toward it. Her head slid over a little and he sucked in a breath, the heat of her so close to his meat it might as well be touching. And then she was, cheek suddenly up against his hot hardness and Adrian didn’t know what to do. He was frozen and stared at the cheerleaders on the TV.

Nora was not asleep. She was surprised at how good she was at pretending… or maybe she wasn’t good at all and her father was well aware. That thought made her squeeze her thighs together but she kept still otherwise. He was so warm. After a few more seconds she snuggled in closer, daring to press her cheek into that meaty hot water bottle under his shorts. She was glad he chose such thin and airy clothes. She could smell him, the intoxicating manliness of it all could put her into a peaceful dreamland. She wanted to soak in it. Nora restrained herself for a full minute. Then she moved again, turning her face toward him slightly. She stifled the moan in her throat as best she could as she pressed her nose and lips into her father’s hidden erection. He was a rock. Not just rock hard, but completely motionless. Obviously he could feel this, but he didn’t bludge or flinch. Was he afraid to wake her? Didn’t want to interrupt his daughter’s sleep? Or maybe he just liked it. She knew it must feel good. It was driving her crazy. She shifted herself again, nuzzling against his crotch, and felt a throb. Fuck. She was melting.

Fuck. Adrian was gripping the armrest with white knuckles. Another whistle. He heard some indistinct shouting of players and coaches and the commentators adding some opinion. He couldn’t kaçak bahis parse any of it. It sounded distant. The main thing he could hear was a thumping heartbeat in his ears. Was Nora dreaming? Was she awake? Adrian couldn’t believe that. Of course not. She didn’t move often enough, he reasoned. She was just getting comfortable. Nevermind his own discomfort.

“Nora?” he tried, voice quiet but she was so close she would hear him. “Nora…” he said again. She didn’t react, face completely placid. He wanted her to wake her. Didn’t he? Then he should call out again. He didn’t. He let out a breath as his daughter snuggled up against him, her face fully contacted to his shaft with barely anything in between. It felt so good. He throbbed for her.

She barely heard her name and she pretended not to hear. He throbbed for her. Nora fantasized about the man having enough of this game and just pulling his cock out and flopping it onto her face. She had to still herself and not squeak at the image lest it give her away. Or maybe she should just pull him out herself. He wasn’t protesting now, would he protest then? She just wanted to see it again. She remembered how big he was in the shower, she knew at full hardness he was even bigger. She could judge his length with her face. She was soaking wet now, knowing she had done this to him. That he had let her. All she wanted to do was taste him. Would he let her do that? She nudged closer, not that she could press herself forward any harder. It was so warm on her face. A naughty hot water bottle. On her cheek. Next to her nose. Resting from her forehead to her chin. Over her eye.

He smelled. So. Good.

He would feel so good in her mouth. God she wanted him in her throat. She knew she was drooling now. She drooled in her sleep sometimes. She was drooling for his cock. Her father’s fat cock.

A whistle. It was suddenly louder than any other sound and she was jolted.

“Yes!” Adrian shouted, shifting in the couch. His jostling moved Nora’s head and for a wonderful moment she had her entire face buried there. But inertia made her turn away and she couldn’t pretend that didn’t wake her. “Oh, sorry,” her dad apologised, sheepish as he put down the TV remote. He looked at his slowly waking princess, eyes fluttering open. She smiled up at him. She had drooled a little. His daughter was angelic. “Game’s over. We won,” he cheered quietly, and she frowned in confusion. Adrian did his best to keep his still standing dick from brushing against her as he slid himself off the couch sideways. Nora’s head landed on the very heated seat where his butt had recently vacated.

“You’re leaving?” she said, sitting up and rubbing her eye. She felt irritable, like she’d been rudely awoken from a nice nap.

“Yeah. Gotta get to the office. Some new recruits to train,” he said, quickly picking up his bags. He looked up at the clock. “Don’t want to be late.” Nora knew her father wouldn’t lie and sighed, stretching her arms up and flopping back down onto the couch. Now she wished he would leave faster.

“Okay. We’re still on for tomorrow right?” she asked. “Even with my leg?” She looked at her ankle which felt pretty fine right now. Her father stood at the door, his shoulders stiff as he glanced back at his daughter.

“If you’re up to it yeah,” he said, noncommittal. He felt a little calmer now that his rush of movement seemed to be diverting his bloodflow elsewhere. “Seeya.” And he was out the door.

Nora waited for all of five seconds then raised her hips and pulled down her tights, underwear and all. She saw the state of her panties and gasped, slipping her hand between her legs hurriedly. She could scoop up a handful of her liquid arousal she was dripping so much. And she did, spreading it over her swollen vulva and working herself into a lather. She turned her head to press her cheek against the back of the couch, the residual heat of her father still there.

“Fuck…” she moaned, stuffing her fingers into that impatient, dribbling hole. That fantasy came back. A cock on her face that she could nuzzle. Lick. Suck. Worship. Her dad’s cock. She didn’t care about the wrongness of it. It was just a fantasy. No harm in it. She leaned into it. Like she had leaned into his actual hard erection. “Fuuck…” Indulging in this new kink felt so freeing. So good. The delicious taboo. She came hard on her knuckles, felt her wetness run along her thighs. She squeezed her breast with her other hand and writhed on the couch, senses buzzing.

Panting she stared up at the ceiling. Her hand kept stroking her throbbing pussy. She kept going, dreaming up the same scenario. Only this time he was more active. Stuffing his balls into her mouth. “Fuuuck…” She was so fucking wet. It didn’t take long for her second climax to rip through her.

And she went again. Barely took a break in between. Five orgasms in a row that she counted, as if she was making up for the workout she had to cut short that morning. She contemplated a sixth before actually falling asleep on the couch that still smelled like him.

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