Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 10

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Having already almost cum before breathing out the first hit of poppers, my cock sucker clearly remained interested in taking me deep into his sexy mouth, to pump hot cum down his waiting throat. I had been riding the waves of sensations, but at this point, the peaks were growing irresistible, my cock feeling gigantic as his lips moved over it.

Normally, my resistance to skilled cocksucking is higher, but after 2 hours at the baths, this was the first real oral session I’d enjoyed, not only today, but for the last 2 weeks. Of course, as I have discovered, the baths are the best place to find dedicated cock suckers that want uncovered cock. Men that get off making other men cum so good, men whose offers of hot oral sex are impossible for a poppers slut to resist.

Even now, the rush making my heavy cock’s pleasure grow ever more immense, it was just barely possible to grasp my length, sliding along the delightfully slickened shaft, making the skin taut, luxuriating in the perfect satisfaction of a man going down on me. There is nothing more purely decadent than letting a stranger indulge in performing oral sex, without any inhibitions, poppers so addictively enhancing the experience.

Years at the baths have turned me into a true poppers blow job addict. Finishing a process that started the first time I did a hit from the little magic brown bottle while stoned, my first girlfriend canlı bahis going down on my cock. Creating a primal sexual response centered on hard cock being worshipped by another, until orgasm overwhelmed me, pumping her mouth full of hot cum. It is only in the last few years that I have started using poppers with men.

Now, time was being stretched as a tongue slid around my cockhead, my guiding hand growing slack. Providing him the opportunity to take complete control again, as I began to thrust my hips, pushing my cock ever deeper into the entrancingly warm wetness.

Just before cumming, I managed to stop, though his determination remained obvious even while allowing another interruption. One that he clearly knew would not last long, pulling his smooth lips slowly over and off my cockhead. No longer quite on the edge of orgasm, I couldn’t help myself from holding my cock, positioning it so he could start to suck me again, rolling a bit on my hip to give him better access to my ass as I swiped my horny cockhead back and forth over his softly welcoming lips.

Decades of experience using poppers warred with the simple desire to just mouth fuck a man until filling his mouth with hot cum while having my ass fingered. This is the paradox of using poppers when male – you only cum once, but stretching out the experience too far leads to a state where orgasm finally becomes unlikely. bahis siteleri Normally, it is possible to extend the experience beyond the first temptation, but today was different.

At least twice during this visit, with two different men, the bottle had almost been opened, both times having regained enough control to believe that it would be possible to enjoy multiple hits. And each time, before opening it, the fun stopped. This time, riding the incredible sensations as my cock returned to a stranger’s willing mouth, orgasm continued to beckon, so close to overwhelming my restraint.

Rush is an incredibly tempting drug, one that perfectly enhances gay sex. This hit had been deeper and longer than customary, the effects still growing stronger as he sucked me deeper, finger teasing my ass perfectly. An aspect of what makes it so extraordinary is how large rush can make your cock feel, filling a surrounding universe of pure yielding pleasure, melding with the sensations of one’s hole being played with into a glorious state of sheer animal bliss. Knowing that by this point I could not keep myself from mouth fucking him, shifting my rod no longer quite possible, particularly when he so quickly recaptured my turned on cock with his mouth, pressing down my stroking hand.

Pulling back at the last second, holding my turned on cock out of his easy reach, the pulsing from my balls was bahis şirketleri fantastic, particularly as his finger continued to press further, the contractions against his finger clearly signalling just how imminent orgasm was. Too strong to effectively resist by keeping my cock clasped, preventing the cum from escaping, as had worked a couple of times before.

“God yes .. mouth fucker .. cock slut” I moaned, helplessly driving into his willing mouth, pushing deep into paradise as he began to make me cum, beyond any possible resistance, pressing hands on his head. Waves rising up my shaft as his mouth surrounded it, taking all of my cum, jet after jet, until he finally swallowed my last drops. I have probably cum in dozens of men’s mouths at this point in my life, and have no memory of a single time that one of those men had not swallowed all of my cum, unlike most women most of the time, in my experience.

After cumming, my cock grows extremely sensitive, to the point of pleasure and pain becoming almost impossible to separate. He kept me inside his mouth, first making me squirm at the sensations, then to start to moan and struggle, trying to stay within the pleasurable boundaries, even as he toyed with me, emphasizing just how painfully intense he could manipulate me post orgasm.

Slowly, I withdrew my cock from his attentions, utterly wiped out. Rarely do I so completely lose myself in cumming at the baths, having become essentially incapable at this point of anything but laying on the platform. He left, but there was no way for me to even rise into a sitting position for the next few minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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