Aunt’s Plan Ch. 02

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When I woke up I got on my computer determined to try and not think about what was coming to me that night. Aunt Penny wanted me to rest and so I would.

The best I could come up with was hitting up a friend from High School. Not just any friend. A friend I knew I could count on because all he ever liked to do was play video games.

I cooked myself some healthy lunch. Apparently Aunt Penny’s plan also involved food. She left me everything necessary in the fridge and I ate it happily. Then I spent the rest of the day at Mark’s house playing video games and talking. I couldn’t ask for a better summer.

I came home to a quite house. I thought Mom should be back already so I looked in the kitchen then in her room. She was taking a nap. I realized how hard she must be working, waking up early and going off to work for like 10 hours must be stressful.

She was lying on the bed facedown and hadn’t bothered to change her clothes. I walked in next to the bed. She was breathing peacefully. I found her attractive and reasoned that it could be due to her clothes.

But her body, to be honest I found her body very attractive. The ‘office attire’ must be a turn on for me. I knew it was creepy but I didn’t want to look away. I saw she was wearing stockings from her feet to under her skirt. I loved her beautiful pale skin but I didn’t oppose to those stockings either.

I delicately grabbed the bottom of the long skirt she had worn that day instead of pants. I followed her figure with my eyes. She had a nice butt, I thought, it was small comparing it to the other one living in the house, but it had a nice plump shape. I slowly moved her skirt up. Soon the skirt was above her knees and I couldn’t move it any farther without using more force. So I lifted it instead. The small amount of light was enough for me to admire what I saw.

The nylons ended at mid-thigh. She had worn a thong to work. I began to massage my private parts over my jeans as I watched. I was right about her pale skin looking smooth as hell, her butt cheeks under the low light in that skirt looked soft and smooth.

Then I snapped out of it. I could ruin everything I had going on with Aunt Penny if I got caught doing this so I left the room quietly. I’m too horny I told myself.

I made dinner for me and Mom. The ingredients were already all laid out for me on a list my Aunt had left. Mom woke up in the middle of this and was thankful I was making food for her.

“You don’t how thankful I am you’re doing that.” She told me. “I’ve been pretty stressed out at work lately. It’s not helping I got your Aunt that job.”

“I didn’t know she was working with you guys. I thought she was still teaching.”

“She got fired from that. Long story. I got her a job with us and she’s doing great it’s just that she’s new and makes mistakes every once in a while. I feel responsible for her.”

“Should I ask about why she was fired?”

“Better not.”

“Alright.” Mom did look stressed out. She left to shower and came back for dinner looking much better. Or maybe it was my dirty mind making me think she looked better. I do love those shorts.

Her shorts would always grab my attention. Tonight the main attraction was her top though. A simple white t-shirt. Mom didn’t have big boobs. They were tiny to be honest but they were boobs alright. If she showed more flesh I’d be happy I’m sure but I was happy too with a t-shirt that remarked her nipples.

It was hard not to stare at the visible nipples on the shirt. Small but pronounced on the cloth. We had dinner. Mom couldn’t stop talking about her work and I only listened.

“Mom, all you do is work isn’t it? You need some rest. Or a hobby of some kind?”

“It’s only temporary. We’re always very busy around this time of the year. It’ll slow down and I’ll take up a hobby like you said.” She said with a tired smile.

“Anything I can do to help you while I’m here just let me know.”

“Thank you honey. I’ll remember that. Meanwhile it’s great that you can cook now. Maybe you can start with that.” She picked up the plates and we went outside. We finished the evening by talking and watering the plants and such. I had trouble not looking at her body. Her soft legs looked so tempting in the daylight.

Aunt Penny came back home a half hour after Mom had left to bed. Obviously I waited for her. When she came in I was watching TV on the couch.

Before even saying hello I asked, “Are we starting right away?”

She looked at me with a smile but a tired face just like Mom’s. “We must, even though I’m so tired. We’re also getting up early tomorrow you know.”

“I thought so. Do you wanna eat something first?”

“I had dinner before coming back.” With that she moved into the couch with me. She put her head down on my crotch and closed her eyes to take a nap. I thought about just letting her go to sleep even if I didn’t want to but my body had other plans. My penis began to gain size and when Aunt Penny felt casino şirketleri it on her cheek she smiled.

“I’ll have to give you a lazy bj.” She flipped around and starting undoing my belt. I hadn’t changed and was still wearing jeans which I took off as fast as I could. Then I raised my feet too pulling off my boxers. Aunt Penny looked me in the eyes lazily first while her hand started touching my dick. I wasn’t fully hard yet when she put me in her mouth. Without moving she just kept my dick inside and soon I gained full size. Then she started sucking.

I watched her slow movements. Her body laid out on the couch, this is what she meant by a ‘lazy bj’. Then she pulled me out and starting licking my shaft.

“Can you reach my ass?”

With my right hand I stretched to do so. “Yea.”

“Play with me then.” I did. She had a fat ass in terms of size but it wasn’t fatty at all. It was firm. Getting blown and grabbing as much of her ass as I could over her office skirt took me to another level quickly. I started making involuntary moaning sounds and she encouraged it.

“Just don’t get too loud but I like to hear you.” She whispered. “Let me know when you feel like you’re close to finishing.”

After probably 5 minutes I knew the time was coming up. “Soon.” I was embarrassed about it but I needed to let her know.

“Don’t.” She said. She stopped. “There’s nothing wrong with stopping for a bit. Now I want you to grab your head and squeeze it a little. You’re going to have to figure out what works for you but…”

“I feel it.” I cut her off. It was like stopping the blood rush to my head just with a touch. The sense that I was about to erupt lessen quickly. Then she told me how to tighten my pelvic muscles.

“It’s not a magic trick. My point here is breathe a little. Also pull out and play with my clit or something it will help you last longer. Tonight’s part of the plan is about holding your climax as much as possible.”

She got animated after all this and fell off the couch. On her knees and in between my legs she continued sucking me. She was going faster now and somehow with that little rest I was back in the game. She was great at this. Her technique combined sucking multiple times and then pulling out and tonguing my shaft. She kissed my balls. She touched my head with her teeth as she smiled.

Soon I realized I had reach another level of turn on. Even though I felt like cumming once again I knew it was a bit of a different beast. It was a stronger erection I had reached.

I’m a quick learner. So I motioned her off by grabbing her face softly. I guided her up and leaned in to kiss her. She was happy to oblige. Meanwhile I did what she had shown me. The pelvic movements and touched my cock just the right way.

After the kiss I stood up. She liked it, and got back to business. It was all I could ever ask for. She knew what she was doing changing her movements and using her tongue to tease my member into submission. She grabbed my butt to hold on and attempted to go deeper. She couldn’t disappear my whole length but she tried making a exquisite gagging noise. When she tried I felt my head against the deeper roof of her mouth. The feeling was great but I think seeing her try was the bigger turn on.

Then she pushed me down on the couch again. I started to learn how to reinforce my cock at the little chances I got. I told her so.

“That’s what we want. This was supposed to take longer to achieve but I think you might just be a natural.” This gave me an ego boost. She slowed down to talk and suck. “It’s been almost a half hour. It’s great to last but also make sure you enjoy it as much as possible.”

“Oh I’m enjoy it don’t you worry.” I could barely speak with pleasure.

I could see she had an idea the way she eyed me. She increased her speed only stopping every once in a while to press my cock against her inner cheek until it popped out. Then she’d put it back and worked hard at it again.

This didn’t take too long to take me to the edge again. I tried to signal her the way to I had before to lift her head. She raised her eyes to let me know she understood but she wouldn’t stop. I leaned in with my hands on her hair trying to hold my orgasm. But it was coming. I opened my legs and sat up straighter just fighting the urge and pleasure. She was too much.

She had won and even before I came she had known. She pulled out and placed her two hands around my cock directing it up. I collapsed on the couch with my back as flat as it could be. I stopped feeling everything but bliss. Streams of cum started flying out, mostly falling on my stomach.

Without realizing it I let out one big moan. Aunt Penny reacted quickly.

“I’ll see you in the morning, bye.” Giggling she left while I tried to gain my senses from my climax. Then I heard a door open and somehow I managed to grab a blanket and threw it over my body.

“Hey! Are you’re still watching?” Mom asked.

“Yea. I’ll be off casino firmaları to bed pretty soon.” I thought I was through since she didn’t mention the noise but I was wrong.

“I’m sorry honey but, were you…” She lowered her voice. “Masturbating under that blanket?”

“No.” I replied quickly and looked at her just hoping she would let it go.

Instead she gave me doubtful eyebrows and said. “If you need to just go to you room.” I tried to stop her but she continued by sitting next to me. “I know you have needs. We all have needs, including me. But Aunt Penny is around too.”

“I know I know. Just forget about it.” I felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Like I said we all need it. Sometimes we need more than that.” She realized what she had said. “Sorry, shouldn’t have said that. I’ll go now, goodnight honey.”


Aunt woke me up. I looked at the clock and she had come 10 minutes earlier than the day before.

“You awake?”

“Yea.” I opened my eyes to realize she was only wearing Calvin Klein panties and a pink bra that could barely hold them.

“Today’s going to be a difficult day.”

“What do you mean?”

“Today’s Erection Day.”

“That actually sounds good to me.”

“Let me explain.” She took the thin blanket off me. Then pulled my shorts off but left my briefs. Then she turn around and bent a little. My eyes were glued to her beautiful ass.

“You like it?” I nodded even though she wasn’t looking at me. She started shaking it from side to side slowly. “Kiss it.” She came closer and I kissed it.

She then continued by bending over and stretching up her panties. Her ass looked so delicious. Then her hand moved in and moved her panties to the side, slowly bringing into view her naked cheek.

With her body bent over and another hand opening her ass cheek I saw her butthole and pussy. The show, however stopped there. She raised herself and turned to face me.

“See that?” She pointed toward the pole in my briefs. “That’s all you’re doing today and you won’t touch yourself. I can touch you but only to achieve that erection. It’s going to be hard for you but… only erections today.”

She wasn’t kidding. It was hard. At the breakfast she raised one foot to caress my cock and soon enough I was hard. Then I had to hide it from Mom as we left the house to the gym.

The gym was a treat. Both women decided to wear spandex leggings which I admired every chance I got as I worked out. I was really horny. All this sexual activity rather than tame me, had made me even hornier.

When we arrived back at the house Aunt Penny was slow to get out of the car. When she finally did she stopped me and signaled me to wait. Mom got ahead of us and Aunt Penny went looking for my cock over my shorts.

Then, risking getting caught, she pulled my dick out of my shorts. It was early in the morning and there wasn’t much movement in the neighborhood. Still Mom was only a few steps ahead.

With my cock in her hand we walked from the front yard to the house. Mom didn’t turn back. We followed her not only inside but to the hallway as well. Mom’s room is the last one on the hallway. She entered it and left her door a tiny gap open. Aunt Penny then stopped just outside of it. She turned to me and placed one finger in front of her lips telling me to be quiet.

We got closer. With her hand on my cock she pulled me in. My face now resting on her shoulder. We were like a young couple in the park except my cock was out pressing against her ass. It was a nice position but then she started whispering to my ear.

“She’s sweaty. Wow, your Mom’s boobs are small but look firm and toned.” She was watching Mom undress. I couldn’t see from my angle but she kept whispering. “She was wearing pink panties but oh my, she’s taking those off too. Put your hand in my pants John.” I squeezed my hand into her crotch. She was wet already and her eyes stayed occupied.

Then I heard the restroom door inside Mom’s room close. Aunt Penny then turned around.

“I told you I wanted kinky stuff and you have to accept it.” I simply nodded. “Now get on your knees.” I followed her instructions. “I got really turned on by seeing your Mom. She has a lovely body.” Her voice had changed, there was a horny desperation to it which I hadn’t picked up on before. “But maybe you already know that.” I kissed her butt as she said all this. “Pull my pants. I want you to do more than kiss. You like those panties don’t you, eat them.”

I kissed her butt cheeks and her panties and when she said ‘eat, I opened my mouth and with small biting motions alternated between left cheek ad right cheek, pulling them panties. She then bent her torso pushing the room’s door open without bending her knees. I saw her hands grab on to her panties and pull them down completely, revealing only centimeters away from my face her ample naked butt, opening up as she lowered herself.

My face güvenilir casino leaned in right away to taste her pussy with my nose very near her butthole and my eyes covered by flesh.

“Lie down.” She ordered. Hesitant to stop kissing her private area I lowered myself with my back onto the floor. All I saw was her butt following me down.

Once on the floor Aunt Penny sat on my face. She first lowered her knees to my sides while I stared at her butt resting on top of my chest. But then she scooted over so her vagina was right on top of my face.

I licked as eagerly as I could. My hard on wasn’t getting any attention but at the moment I didn’t care. I loved licking her pussy and touching her legs with both my hands. I could have stayed there all day.

After a few minutes of hearing her enjoy herself as I licked up and down and in, Aunt Penny needed more. She started grinding on my face first slowly, then at a faster steady pace. I stuck my tongue out as much as I could as she grinded on my face. Her movement however, brought her lips all over my face. She grinded against my tongue but also my chin, and my nose and up to my forehead I felt her pussy lips. She was in such ecstasy I started feeling her juices spreading down my face, her breathing getting heavier.

Time flies by when your aunt is fucking your face. The sound of water stopped and we both noticed. She didn’t want to stop.

“We should stop. One final thing my little nephew.” Her knees elevated off the floor and were replaced by her feet. Fortunately, she didn’t rise up and remained in a squatting position.

“Do me a little favor Johnny and lick my rosy hole.” Now on her feet, her butt moved to a position where her butthole hung in front of my eyes. “It’s so sensitive on the outside. Just taste it boy.”

Her voice resonated with overflowing lust and breathlessness. After 5 seconds of thought, and who knows what I was thinking, I stuck my tongue out and approached the tiny hole. Such a tiny hole in contrast with the mountainous sized butt cheeks surrounding it.

What does anything taste like when you’re consumed entirely with lust? I gave her hole a quick lick over. It was enough to hear Aunt Penny biting her lower lip so not to let out a moan. Then another lick and another right after and so on. I didn’t do this eagerly like I had with her other hole, instead I licked with a patient motion.

Abruptly she stood up, grabbed her clothes off the floor and ran to her room. Bewilderingly I raised my torso. What happened? Then I noticed through the door in front of me. Mom was inside her room with a towel wrapped around her body. She didn’t notice me down there on the floor even though have my body was inside the room. After freezing for a few seconds I stood up with an intent to run. Then her towel came off.

Cautiously for a few seconds I stared. I back off and moved against the wall so I wouldn’t be caught and I saw that Aunt Penny had been right, Mom was completely shaved and after that shower her body was glowing. It wasn’t my fault, I already had a hard on. I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I wanted to enter that room and well. I backed away slowly against my desires.

I went to my room and waited. Aunt Penny got in the other shower and soon Mom was out and about in the kitchen. I waited some more. After 10 minutes of waiting Mom was coming to say goodbye.

My face had the dried juices of Aunt Penny and maybe that was the reason why. The reason why I still had a strong boner under my shorts. It wasn’t a medical problem since there was no pain. But my cock had stayed hard without any help from me.

Mom would notice so I hid under the blankets.

“I’m off to work honey.”

“I’ll see you later mom, love you”.

Soon as she left I stood up and walked around my room. My boner stayed strong after the ten minutes it took for Aunt Penny to shower. Then she walked in wrapped in a towel. She signal me to follow her.

Once inside her room she pulled my shorts and briefs off, then pushed me down on her bed.

She dropped her towel and without a word began to look for a change of clothes. I just observed.

I had such a strong urge to jerk myself as she looked around but I knew I wasn’t supposed to. Her smooth skin just off the shower shined. Her shiny voluptuous ass cheeks bent over so she could grab her underwear from a drawer.

Female athletes tend to be very skinny everywhere. Not Aunt Penny. Her body was curvy as hell, big tits, and her ass smooth and bigger than twice the size of my head. When she found all her clothes she threw it all next to me on the bed. She grabbed her panties.

“I can’t touch myself but you’re not off limits right?” I asked.

She thought for a second and very carelessly replied no. So I stood up and walked behind her. I placed my dick between her cheeks and my hand around her torso to reach her tits. She let me enjoy myself for a couple of minutes but then started to get dressed.

She bent over to pull her panties on, which meant her ass pushed my cock around. I just remained there as she dressed, just caressing her body as much as I could. And so quickly it seemed she was out the door. This woman was going to drive me insane.

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