Aunt Jane and His First Time Ch. 02

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When he came down in the morning he found her dressed in a thick white cotton house coat and sitting at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee. She looked at him, cool and amused.

“What’ll you have for breakfast,” she asked, “There’s most things.” He saw a place had been laid for him.

“You didn’t think I’d gone then?” he asked.

“The great detective saw your car was still outside the house.”

He helped himself to orange juice and cereal.

“So,” she said, maintaining her look of quiet amusement, “What would you like to do to-day? We could look around the town – a couple of interesting churches. Or there are some lovely walks, along the river, up onto the downs. While you think I’ll make you some fresh coffee.”

She stood up. Her housecoat was up to almost her neck, came down to her calves and concealed her figure. He was suddenly flushed with lust. He got up, grabbed her feeling for her shape under the shapeless coat, and kissed her abruptly. She did not open her mouth to his tongue, but backed off while holding him round the waist, keeping her cool.”

“What’s this? Enthusiasm for my ideas?”

“I want – I want to please you. This time.”

“Do you? Please me? Yes, I suppose you could do that.” She spoke thoughtfully, lingeringly. Then her hands pressed down over his bottom, slowly felt his buns, curved under to caress the swell of them from beneath. “Yes, I could adjust myself to that. I’ll do your coffee then I’ll go and have my shower. I’ll think about just how you could please me. And when you’re ready to go about it, just come up to my bedroom. You know where it is.” She detached herself, busied herself at the kettle, put a fresh cafatière of coffee in front of him to brew, and vanished.

His ideas about how to please her were pretty straightforward, simplistic even, but his experience almost nil. After being overcome with lust, he was now apprehensive. She had been so good to him the evening before and he really did want to please her, but just what beyond the obvious might be involved and could he manage it?

Eventually he made his way into her room. She was seated at her dressing table, still in her house coat.

“Now,” she said rising, “I’ve got just the thing for you to do that would really please me.” She came and hugged him briefly, hand round the back of his head to stroke his hair. Then she went over to her big double bed, pulled the duvet off onto a chair, and lay on the bed with her knees and feet over the edge, much as she had been the night before on the sofa.

“You just kneel right there in front of me,” she said. She raised her knees till her feet were on the bed and parted them, but continued to conceal herself under her housecoat. He duly knelt.

“Now you’re going to give me a nice thorough licking,” she said, “And I’m going to tell you all about how to do it. You’d better open me up with your fingers first. Then get yourself down there and lick up right from my bottom to the top of it all, nice and wet, slowly, and keep at it.”

She pulled her housecoat aside and lay back. He found himself staring the fat lips of her cunt and their sprinkling of off-blond hair, with her thick thatch above. Aunt Jane herself had vanished from sight – he could only see the swell of her stomach. He was glad of it. His education had so stuffed him with ideas about the whole person, the total relationship, woman as not just objects and so on – but here the object, her cunt, was exactly what he wanted to focus on undistracted. He stared at her lips and at the dry wrinkled skin of her inner lips between them, closed as if permanently in a twisting join, and fusing at the top into the slight swelling of what was presumably the shaft of her clitoris. He had thought of a cunt as simply a slit but it was not like that at all. It was a substantial affair. He thrust the fingers and thumb of his right hand down its sides and clasped its bulk, fascinated and with a degree of awe.

Suddenly remembering he was supposed to be pleasing his aunt, and grateful she had kept quiet and not hurried him, he put one thumb on each lip and pulled the two apart – not easy as the hairs were a bit tangled and her inner lips stuck together. Inside she was pink and extraordinarily complicated. How simple his own male apparatus seemed by contrast. No doubt all would become clear to him in time.

A faint thick smell of womanhood reached him. It restored him to lust. He thrust forwards and stuck his tongue in the crevice of her bottom as instructed. Then drew his tongue over the ridge of her anus, dipped into a tiny hollow at its centre, and ran over smooth ground till he hit the base of her cunt. But that had closed up again. He casino şirketleri had to use his thumbs to open her again. His tongue abruptly slid right down into the indefinite, to rise again onto her moist inner plateau. Then he skidded unintentionally round the sides of her inner lips, which had closed though her cunt was open. All very complicated. It was not easy to insert his fingers and hold them apart so that his tongue could slide up between them. He liked her taste – sharp but not strong. He came up against the almost vertical bastion of her clitoris, surmounted it and slid away down its diminishing shaft till he was licking her hair. He went back to the base.

“Keep it wet,” she said in friendly tones, “And not so hard. A smooth even glide, if you please.”

He held the cheeks of her bottom apart, affording a lovely rank view of her wrinkled anus in its wide aureole of brown skin. He set off again. The difficulty remained her inner lips, which kept joining up and deflecting him round them, but he developed a way of letting a finger go first to part them.

He felt he had sussed the thing out. More to it than he would have thought. But now he could relax and enjoy it. His saliva flowed generously over his tongue. He speeded up with greater confidence. He wriggled the tip of his tongue in that intriguing hollow of her anus, then round the larger and less defined opening of her vagina, and noticed that when he did so she quickly grew moister till she was wet, not just moist. He noticed she had raised her arms – he could not see, but reckoned she must be caressing her breasts. Her breathing grew deeper.

“Lovely,” she said, “Just keep it going. No faster. No harder.” He licked on, tongue fully extended and quite at home in its new area of activity.

“Lovely,” she said again. “Now – put your tongue up to the shaft of my clit and just flick it gently to and fro and from top to bottom – it’ll rub against the bone beneath – gently mind.”

It was just as she said – he could feel the shaft under his tongue and it shifted to and fro as he flicked it. He thought it was swelling a bit, especially down at the lower end.

“Can you feel the little rim just before the end?” she said, “Just touch below it with your tongue, wriggle it the tiniest bit, gently, it’s very sensitive.”

He explored with the very tip of his tongue and found the rim, then titivated with the very tip just below it. She let out a great sigh. “Yes,” she said, “Yes. Now. This is the main bit. Lick and flick up and over the tip of my clit. I’ll let you know if you’ve got it right.”

Pleasing her was a complex business but absorbing. He loved it. He got his tongue down onto the flat spaces of her cunt between her inner lips and flicked up over the knob. Feeling the knob under his tongue, it had swelled up as a tiny ball.

“Yes. Again. A little softer. Keep it wet. A little slower. Yes. Lovely. You really are lovely. Now keep it going just like that. Don’t change. Don’t start to speed up or do it harder when you feel I’m getting close.”

Her breathing deepened. Her stroking of her breasts was slower. Her knees lifted and parted a little more. Her thighs swung too and fro. He licked and flicked, excited himself at her growing excitement. It was like someone climbing a slow mountain slope.

But the slowness created a difficulty. His tongue got painful at the root from the unaccustomed and unvarying movement. He tried using his neck more than his tongue but his neck did not take to it much either. His knees were getting painful, stuck in the same position on the floor. It all became less of a matter of being excited himself than of making sure he did not ruin her rising excitement.

“Yes!” she cried suddenly and loud. “Yes! Keep going. Don’t change. That’s it. Yes! Yes! Oh! It’s coming. It’s coming. Don’t stop for god’s sake. Oh! Oh! Yes! This is it! It’s here! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her bottom leapt and jerked and he had a job to keep at her clit. Her thighs clamped tight round his head, jerked it up and down along with her bottom, him from side to side. He managed to keep licking. Her cunt flooded, pouring liquid down all over his trapped chin. It was extraordinary, a phenomenon, he was caught up in it literally and metaphorically, he had never imagined the like, this big woman in the throes of ecstasy and hurling him to and fro with her thighs.

Eventually, but not quickly, she calmed, lowering her thighs, releasing his head.

“Just lick softly, “she said, “Up and down my cunt. Go very easy on my clit. Ease me down gently.”

He licked, amazed at how wet she was, her vagina like a well, and all tasting more strongly that at the start, casino firmaları and the smell of her so pungent. He went slower and slower, and that seemed to please her. Besides being easier on his tongue. Eventually he pulled back.

She sat up, bent over, took hold of his head.

“That was wonderful,” she said, “But you know that don’t you? You pleased me all right. Completely. Come up and lie beside me. Take your things off first.

He hastily undressed while she managed to rouse herself enough to shed her house coat and pull the duvet over to cover them. They lay side by side, their bodies touching. No need to say anything – each lingering in the feel of it all.

Eventually she stirred.

“I’m going to do something very nice for you,” she said, “And for me too, seeing as what pleasing me is your idea for to-day.” She got up and headed for her bathroom. He looked at her full body and bottom, a real woman not a half-child or stick insect.

She came back with a towel, went over to her dressing table to get something and came back. “Lie back,” she said, “With your legs apart. Close your eyes. Just relax.” She tucked the towel under his bottom, then started to stroke his arms, his chest, slowly and lightly. “Relax,” she said, “Relax. No effort from you this time round. Just relax.” She stroked his legs downwards, and then the tops of his thighs, taking her time. He did relax, gave up control, lie and let her do as she was doing. Then she touched his cock. Very lightly. Barely touching. Stroked his stomach. Came back to his cock, held its weight softly in her hand. Slid another hand round his balls to press them ever so lightly. He breathed deeply a couple of times, really relaxing, giving himself up to her to do as she wanted. Holding his cock, she clasped it, rubbed it very softly, left it to stroke his thigh again, returned to clasp it and slide slowly down it and back, as it slowly expanded at her touch, distended though not yet hard.

“Now – I’m going to milk you,” she said. “Lovely milk for both of us.”

He felt her turn in the bed and return, then something cool dropped on the shaft of his cock, and she grasped it again and ran her hand up and down it, and he realised she had put on some sort of oil so that her hand slid smoothly up and down. Another drop, only a drop, fell on its head. With fingers and thumb she rubbed it into the ridge of his glans and, very gently, over the sensitive head of his cock, and the little eye at its tip. Then slid slowly down his shaft and back again. Another movement from her, another drop, this time on his balls, and her other hand eased the oil into his scrotum, pressed his balls softly and moved just a little over them, over the oiled surface.

This was all so completely different from when he masturbated, tugging quite fiercely at himself, quickly reaching a fierce climax. He lay, relaxed, letting it happen to him, slowly.

His cock was now hard, her hand slid up and down a little more rapidly. Her other hand wrapped right round his balls to press and rub the hidden root of his cock beneath them so that he was excited and hard from root to tip. With one fingernail she started to scratch the tight skin between his cock and his anus. He trembled with novel excitement.

She stopped moving up and down his cock and started pushing up at the rim of his glans with her fingers. She moved her oily palm over his tip where he was most sensitive. He felt rock hard, distended to the uttermost, cock bursting with blood. She pushed her thumb up and down at the join at the front of his glans. The base of his cock squeezed, the top of the shaft gripped in her hand, her thumb pressing against the centre rim of his glans – it was too much. Suddenly a great jerk of cum shot up from the base of his cock, surged up it and burst out of him. He cried out. Spunk splashed onto his stomach, the tip of his cock almost in agony from sheer pleasure. She ran her hand up over his tip, exacerbating pain and pleasure alike. Then, as the jets of sperm died down, she started milking him softly from the base, drawing out the last drops, soothing his cock, smearing the mingled oil and sperm over the head of it, slowing and easing him down and eventually, after some while, withdrawing.

She lay back. He opened his eyes, dazed. She rubbed the cum on his stomach with her fingers and palm and, to his great surprise, carried her fingers to her mouth and licked them off.

“A long time since I’ve tasted that. The real thing,” she said.

“That was wonderful,” he said. He felt so relaxed, so at ease, quite unlike bringing himself off.

“Lovely for me too. Also you needed to be milked. When you fuck me, we don’t güvenilir casino want it to be over too soon.” When she said the word fuck she lingered on the ‘f’ and brought out the ‘ck’ as hard as possible.

“Time for a break,” she said, got up, fastened her house coat, and vanished downstairs. He towelled himself off, went to the toilet, came back and sat upright in the bed feeling quite pasha-like. She came back with a tray, a couple of coffees and some biscuits.

What he liked so much, found helped him so much among such new experiences, was that she was so at her ease. Nothing they did seemed at all extraordinary or out of order to her. The domestic touch of coffee and biscuits felt reassuring rather than trite. She was in the utmost good humour.

“Thank you so much,” she said, “You don’t know what it means to me. After no sex at all or sex with clumsy cretins feeling ashamed of myself. Or wanking. Which is all very well but is not the same whatever they say.”

“No, it’s not,” he said with feeling.

“You know, I come hardest the way you’ve just done it for me. But I love the feel of penetration, of having a nice stiff cock up inside me. And I often do come that way, but it’s different.”

They sipped and munched, the atmosphere remarkably peaceable.

“Now,” she said, “I want my lovely fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Is it a bit soon? Do you think you can get in the mood? Let’s see if we can get you interested again”

She shrugged off her housecoat. He found himself looking down at her breasts, full and loose and big nippled. He had not noticed them much until now, owing to the appeal of other elements. He reached across and put his hands on them, moulded them. He loved the way they gave under his fingers, loved holding their weight in his palms. He bent and sucked a thick nipple, squeezing her breast. His cock began to stir again.

She bent her head down and licked the top of it with her tongue. Then took the head between her lips and sucked softly, licking the tip the while. Then slid her mouth down the shaft and drew his cock into the wetness, licking wetly round it. And ran her mouth up and down. His cock slowly extended itself, stiffened.

“This will work best if I ride you,” she said, “Lie flat.” She pulled down a couple of pillows and stuffed them under his bottom, then sat over him facing him and waggled his cock till she found her entrance. Holding him upright, she slipped down onto him till she was sitting on his thighs with him right up inside her.

She said, lent forwards and thrust rapidly too and fro, her breasts dangling and bobbing before his eyes. He reached out to feel them. His cock responded to her thrusts and got harder. Her groin banged down against his.

She slowed a bit, sat up a bit, rode him to and fro, panting slightly, looking him in the eyes but as if absorbed in what she was doing, in her own sensations.

“Now – give myself a bit of help,” she said, sat more upright, and inserted a forefinger between herself and his stomach, presumably onto her clit. “Ah – yes.” She speeded up. A couple of times she raised herself too far and he slipped out and she had to push him back in again. Then she bent forward like a jockey towards the end of a race and really galloped, none of the slow and gentle now, and he squeezed her breasts, and she was panting and panting. “Oh – yes – it’s coming – here it comes – shoot, shoot – spunk, fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, spunk, fuck, spunk, fuck, yes, yes, oh, the works, this is it.” She banged so fast he was surprised she could manage it, then suddenly collapsed on his chest.

“Oh. Jesus. That was good. An effort. Worth the effort. Fucking hell.” Then after a pause, “But I didn’t feel you come – did you come?”

“No. It’s OK though.”

“Its not OK at all. You have to have your come. Probably me doing all the fucking, of you. I’ll roll over. You bang into me. You’ll soon get off.”

She put his arms round him and rolled over with him still inside her. Once on her back she raised her knees, put her arms round her legs to get hold of his bottom.

“Now,” she said, “Do it for you not me. Fuck me. Fuck bang into me. Fuck me hard, fuck me.”

He was smiting down straight into her. Her hands, clasping the cheeks of his bottom, pulled him into her at each stroke. She was right – really fucking her got him going. For the first time he started voicing it all,.

“Fuck”, he cried, “Fuck you, fuck your cunt, fuck your wet cunt, fuck that wet cunt, fuck that great cunt, fuck your hair, fuck your cunt, fuck you, fuck you.” – and, in a sudden greater stiffness and a sudden spurt, jetted his spunk out into her, panting. Then he in his turn collapsed on her chest.

She stroked his back and his bottom fondly. “Well,” she said, “You made a comeback there all right. You’re a proper lovely little fucker, aren’t you?”

“Speak for yourself,” he said.

“We’re a pair.”

“My god yes.”

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