Antique Doll

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Reed wakes to an attractive woman singing to him. Of course, it is another thing to wake up on his eighteenth birthday to an attractive woman singing to him as she slides slowly up and down his cock. When he gets passed the pleasure it finally settles in that the attractive woman is his Mother’s older sister – that is something else.

“Lisa, what in the fuck?”

“That is exactly what this is. Reed don’t tell me you do not like your birthday present?” She coos, “I could not take the rejection.” She grabs his head board and uses the leverage to push down until she has him balls deep – just grinding. “I have been waiting for this day, hour, minute, moment – since I saw you at the beach the summer you turned sixteen. I caught a glimpse of you changing in the hotel room and decided I needed this. So, many times I was about to jump you but now that you are street legal.”

She is velvet and the feel of her snug box squeezing, hungry nearly puts Reed over the edge. Her big tits hang above Reed. The nipples are just above his lips – he starts to suck one greedily. “Not anything of the kind. I wish you would have moved sooner.” He takes hold of her other plump nipple with his teeth. With it still captive he lets his head drop pulling the mound taught. Reed’s hands quickly find her ass. He circles his middle finger around her tight pucker.

She speeds up. “I just took a shower and I am all clean. Please be your aunt’s favorite nephew and …” Before she finishes he is one finger in her and am working the second inside. “Fuck .” She collapses against him.

Using his size and strength to lock her down allows him to finish pushing fingers in her. The position is awkward and would be damn near impossible if Lisa weren’t so petite. Reed feels his own fingers pressing against his dick through her inner walls. “I am your only nephew and you wasted that water from your first shower but you knew that before you decided to slut up didn’t you?” Telling her more than asking – he makes sure that his cock and fingers travel in different directions as he works her.

“Yes, sir.” She answers as she pushes the edge of her orgasm.

“Did I say you could cum? Who’s present is this anyway?”

“It is your present. I just want some icing from the cake.” Her tongue darts into his mouth and he feels his dick gauge up in her. She pulls away and bites her lip whimpering. Reed feels his release inside her as she starts to milk him squeezing like a vice. “Like that, sweetheart? Do you like your aunt’s pussy?”

“Yes, what red blooded boy would not? You fuck like a dream.”

“But now who will finish me?”

Lisa did not remember the depths of an eighteen year’s appetite. It had been awhile since her lover was so young. Before she realizes it she is on the bedroom floor with Reed’s hand holding her head down mashing it into an old bean bag chair. Lisa is being railed. “Is this the way you want it?”

“You feel so good.”

Reed jerks Lisa’s head up by her hair and then wraps his hands around her neck as he picks up speed. In the mirror on his door he can see her face changing shades. “You are beautiful like this,” he growls. As she notices them in the mirror she starts to cum, which is fine by Reed as he is already dumping another load deep in her.

They fall apart both trying to catch their breath. “Lisa, you feel better than I could ever imagine. And I have imagined fucking you a lot since I started jerking off.”

She rolls over, “I think you had about…” Reed stands above her and before she could move his hand wraps in her hair. He pulls her off the floor. There is still at least one more raging hard-on for this piece of ass. “No, casino şirketleri wait. We have to clean up and everyone will be back soon.”

For a moment his heat simmers and Reed notices that no one has kicked the door in wondering what in the hell is going on but he does not let her go. “Where are they?”

“They are running some errands before you get up. I told them I would run interference, if you stirred. Of course, I woke you up the moment they left.”

Reed pulls Lisa up spreading her legs wide as he puts her against the wall. She begs off until she is split open and wiggling herself. “You are the one that wanted to be stuffed with a young cock.”

“And I have no problem with doing this all day. I am just not sure Sis would appreciate us missing your party.”

“Yeah, I could see Mom being more “pissed” about that than this.” Finally Reed has the chance to really look at the woman whose body he has been using since he woke. She is twenty-five years his senior and still is as fine as anything stuffed into any cheerleaders outfit. Of course, she could never get those big tits into a high school cheerleader’s uniform.

“Come on let me down. I need to shower up again. And you smell like a freshly fucked teenage boy and that – well, we do not need that.”

Reed pushes his fingers into her mouth – the two that had been deep in her ass. “Understand this is not over.”

Lisa ran her tongue along his fingers. “No, no it isn’t just for the moment. I promise.”


Reed comes out of the bathroom drying his hair with only a pair of half buttoned up jeans on.

His mom and aunt are talking in the hallway. Lisa cleans up well and quick – of course. Lisa notices him, and then turns her head away quick.

“Reed, button up you aren’t all that.” His mother says.

“Sorry, I thought everyone had left.” He drops the towel and starts to button his pants. “Seeing Mom and Lisa together you forget how much alike they are.” He thinks.

“In your room.”

“Sorry.” Reed slides into his room which is still hot from the exertion.

“My son, a brain like a sieve I swear he’d lose his head… The towel is there in the floor. He parades about half naked like we do not have company. And my God his room smells like a cattle car.”

He can hear Lisa laugh. She says something about the towel and air freshener. Shortly, there is a knock at the door. Mom either asking him what he wants for his birthday dinner or busting his ass for the hallway and room. Reed opens the door and suddenly there is a hand in his pants.

“Lisa!” He looks over his head to see where his Mom is. The hallway is empty.

“She is downstairs working on something. I said I would make sure you got the towel off the floor. I’ll take care of it.” She kisses him in the least auntly way possible.

“Tease. We can’t do anything now.”

She runs her nails along the underside of his cock. “Make an excuse to duck out after the party. Come over and you can have anything you want.”


“Yes.” She said running her tongue through Reed’s mouth while letting go of his cock. Talk about mixed messages. Lisa turns and bounds down the stairs like a school girl.

After, the party his parents and Lisa are the last ones there. It did not take much to convince either of Reed’s parents that a young man had “other plans”.

“Should we expect you back tonight?”

He looks passed Mom and Dad to Lisa who stands behind them pantomiming sucking cock.

“No, I am going to hang with Harry and the guys. I’ll stay over.”

“Well, Happy Birthday. Have a good time and don’t get into trouble. Now is not the time casino firmaları I want us to start bailing you out of jail.”

“Got it.”

Lisa came up and gave him a hug. “Here, a little money. Have a good night.” She kisses Reed on the cheek, all very proper.

After Reed gives a quick peck to his Mother, he takes off not wanting either of them to notice the raging hard-on forming since Lisa hugged him.

“I will stay and help you clean up.” Lisa says.

“No, I’ll get it. Let’s have coffee and talk.”

Once in the car Reed unfolds the money which had something in it. It is a key and a note:

“I will meet you at my place. Let yourself in.”


Reed is at Lisa’s apartment for about an hour before she shows up.

“Jesus, Diane can talk. Bill had to make her let me go. I think he has his own plans about getting laid tonight. He seemed to be anxious about me leaving.”

“Probably not the image I want in my head, if you want me in you.”

“Sorry, Lover, but I have been wondering if Bill was as hung and as aggressive as you. If so, it is no wonder they have been together so long.” She begins to walk over to the couch.


“What, aren’t these what you want?” She says while pulling off her top.

“You know that is not why I am talking about. Quit playing so coy.”

“You stop being so coy. For a second I saw the heat still on you when you came into the hallway you would have screwed me in front of your mother. Her in front of me. Or both of us. You are a nasty little beast.” She smiles now standing in a pile of her own clothing.

“Look who’s talking.” Reed spins Lisa around. He lifts her up cradling her. “That little fucking in my room this morning that is as gentle as it is likely to get for you. I am going to use you how I want? He forces his tongue in her mouth. Pulling away he says, “Do you understand?”

Lisa looks up, “Why do you think I gave you the key?”


Waking up Lisa immediately regretted the night before. Not because she did not enjoy everything that happened to her – just the opposite – she enjoyed it far too much and now she was paying for it. Every sinew screamed and random bruises dotted her body as she started to move.

As soon as they had entered the room Lisa found herself dropped on the bed. Reed twisted her around by her hair to where her head was bent back over the edge. Lisa got a good look at his cock as it hung above her face. It had a lovely length but it was its thickness that made it so impressive.

“Open your mouth.” He pulled her hair back and down until her mouth popped open like a Pez dispenser. Quickly, he pushed himself into Lisa’s mouth and down her throat. She found it hard to breath. Her spit became thick as she started to gag. “Swallow it.” Reed sunk in deeper. After a few rough thrusts, he begins to spank her sex – his hands were large and yet hit with failing accuracy. It was too fast, too much her jaw tensed. “Don’t you dare.” His voice was forceful and menacing.

“Christ, he is quick to take charge.” Reed squeezed her neck and a nipple. She let her jaw fall slack.

“That’s right. If I wanted a little girl I would be somewhere else now. But I am here and you a going to know why by the time I am done with you. In the hallway you thought I would fuck my mother in front of you. I certainly would have and used your mouth to clean up. However, since I passed that opportunity up.” He slid out Lisa’s mouth.

Still gasping for breath she found herself on her belly. Slick with her spit his dick head was already in her ass. It still was not enough, he was thick… and she was being broke and her ring güvenilir casino on fire.

“Instead you are lube station.” He pushed almost all the way in her. “An ass slut but I am sure not nearly as good as your sister would be.” Lisa cried out as she tried to unimpale herself. His size and strength made her escape impossible while all her efforts just made sure that he dug in her to the root. Reaching under her, his hands wrapped around her breasts. Using them for leverage he finished his drive. “I did not want you for something easy.” His teeth sunk into her back.

“Fuck you are cruel.” Tears caused by pain and humiliation streaming down her face.

“Yes.” He began to set a rhythm in her – unable to speak she could only focus on this pleasurable agony. “Because this is what you want.” One hand slid down her body unto her clit already swelling under the paddling it had taken – squeezed immediately she came despite being ordered not to. Reed had found out exactly to push every button she had all too quickly. Even while she came under such harsh treatment he threatened to punish her for her defiance with her release. Then he released in her ass. Hot and salty it stung her torn edges of the tunneled vice that still held Reed so tightly.

Reed pulled out. “On your knees.” Lisa positioned herself between his legs and started to suck hard. “That’s right.” He pushed her head down.


The night continued that way until just before dawn. Occasionally, he took a moment to bend her over his knee and deliver a spanking or to administer some other punishment. She had lost track during the night but she could, in the light of morning, make out the purple marks all down her body.

As the memories of the last nights events replay in her mind, she did not see Reed. “He must have left. It is hard to say what time it is. Probably a good thing I do not think I could take another session at the moment.” She laughs.

The door to the bathroom opens and Reed steps out. “Well, that is too bad because you are going to have to.” He walks over to the bed and grabbing her ankles drapes her legs over his shoulders and enters her. Her twat is very swollen and sore. Lisa grits her teeth and starts to wince and shake. Still Lisa opens up to him with no resistance. “That’s it. Understand that from last night on what I say goes. Unless you want everyone to hear about how you seduced me and trained me to abuse you for your sick little fetish, so you can get off.”

“Please, no…”

There is no please. Just thank you and certainly there are no “no’s”. Do you understand?” He had pinned her hands above her.

“Use me.”

“I will as I wish.” It does not take long before he is cumming.


“How much cum can one boy have in him?” She feels her own body start to thrust up to meet him as it squeezes out one more orgasm. That surprises her more and as she thought it is near unbearable.

After she finishes, Reed pulls out. Cum, his and hers, tangles in strings from the head and pools on her stomach.

Lisa looks at him and her tongue lightly touched her lips. She feels a pull and thinks. “God, how can I be such a slut?” Her fingers trail through the cum trail, up between her breasts, and then dip into her mouth.

As if Reed can hear her thoughts – he responds, “Such a good slut.” As he lies down beside her and pulls her to him, as his breathing becomes paced and deep. Lisa swears she can feel him start to become erect already. She begins to kiss down his chest then stomach. As she slides lower, a “thank you” escapes her lips before she realizes it – as she drinks in his fresh hardness.

“Cum for me.” Her young master says.

Lisa, still sucking, obeys. Despite her soreness, maybe because of it, almost immediately she begins to shake as she touches herself. Her “O” follows quickly. There is no escaping this and she cannot find a reason to want to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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