An Adventure with My Brother

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It had been a while since I last saw you. You left more than five years ago to college in the East Coast and I remained in our hometown to attend a local college. You came to visit for dad’s 55th birthday party and I was excited to finally see my brother.

You were unrecognizable. You had definitely worked out. Strong pecs and abs, defined jawline. Me on the other hand, short but well defined ass and tits.

I said hi to you and you smelled so good. What I was feeling was indescribable. Temptation. Curiosity of seeing you naked. My mind started wondering…

I couldn’t believe I was fantasizing about my older brother. I got wet at the thought of you touching and fingering my pussy. Oh.. the taboo.

We were definitely flirty during dinner but I thought… hmm sibling love…

We decided to have a few drinks and catch up by the pool. Some of our cousins were there, and you were flirty with one of them and it got me jealous. I wanted you for me… you see it had been a while since I’ve been touched and I needed it.

Everyone went inside and it was late at night, we decided to get in the pool and drink a bit more. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol casino şirketleri talking but I asked if I could take my bikini top off and you didn’t mind. My cup C tits bounced out and you tried so hard not to look but you did. I got wet when you blushed.

I playfully started splashing you with water and you did it back to me. We were laughing and then you playfully hugged me from behind. Yum… I could feel your hard cock against my ass. Your hands were by my hips and slowly started going up. You grabbed my tits and started caressing them. I was going crazy at the thought you were my brother. Then your hand went down and inside my bikini, my pussy was so wet and you took out your hand and licked your finger. You put your hand back and started fingering me. You asked:

“Is this okay?” And I replied “oh yes”

I could see our family thru the window inside the house. We were the only ones in the pool and I took advantage of that. The feeling of this being prohibited excited me.

You put two fingers in and started sliding them in and out, I was against a pool wall. Your other hand grabbing my tits and you kept telling me “you like it lil sis?” My hand went casino firmaları down and I finally felt it. Your cock was so hard and I couldn’t wait to feel more. I turned around to face you and you kept fingering me while I rubbed your cock. I finally went inside your shorts and I can feel that it was huge. My mind starting racing. Would I let you fuck me?

You asked “do you like it?” And I just moaned. I started shaking, your fingers felt so good inside me… and I then I came so hard, I tried to be quiet but I let out a loud moan. My moan must of turned you on more because you sat on the pool deck and slid your shorts down, you grabbed my head and told me to open my mouth. You grabbed your cock and put it inside my mouth. I started sucking without thinking, oh brother your cock tasted so good.

You kept pushing my head down and I grabbed your balls and rubbed them. I pulled your shorts down a bit more and I told you to lift one of your legs and place it on the deck. I kissed and licked your balls down your gouch. I can feel your legs tense a little bit, while i sucked your balls and gouch I jerked you off. I felt so naughty.

You couldn’t take it anymore so güvenilir casino you got off the pool deck and pushed me against the wall. Your hand went down and you took off my bikini bottoms. You opened my legs a little bit and grabbed my hips. Suddenly I feel your cock go in. My pussy felt so full, you kept pulling me towards you and you started fucking me hard. Stroking my tits and going down my pussy.

You turned me around to face you, put me up on the pool deck and started eating me. I started rubbing my tits… it’s a good thing it was dark… your tongue started going in and out and I kept getting wetter and wetter. You then got out and fucked me on the pool then missionary, then doggy, smacking my ass. Telling me that I was your baby sis and you were going to take care of me.

You were about to come and I wanted to taste you. I quickly grabbed your cock and started sucking you. You moaned while telling me that you were gonna finish. I moaned and said finish big brother. You came while I was sucking you… and you telling me “take my load lil sis” you tasted so good. Your cum dropped down my mouth, throat to my chest… while I rubbed your balls.

I couldn’t believe we fucked. I jumped in the pool to “wash off” and you pulled your shorts back up and went inside. I then went inside, everybody had left. I took a shower and went to sleep. Wishing you came into my bedroom next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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