Allegra , Steve Ch. 02

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Chapter Two


It was a glorious morning as we set out to the nearby town of Ashland where an upscale mall had recently been opened. I thought it would be just the place for me to celebrate my newfound sense of wantonness.

I was wearing a cream rayon skirt that flattered my tan thighs and a lime green sleeveless shirt that barely reached down to my navel. Open toed sandals in white leather, and a Yankees baseball cap completed the college co-ed look. Dressed in khaki chinos and a button down shirt in lemon yellow pin stripes, Steve was looking quite preppie, and delectably handsome.

“Mmmmmm.” I remarked, as we approached the car. “You look very handsome, young man. Are you having thoughts of seducing anyone?”

“I don’t know about that,” he replied looking at me. “I think I am more in the mood to be seduced by an older woman.”

“Aha, my son is getting good at repartee, is it? Here,” I said throwing the keys of my Lexus to him, “you have been wanting to take this car out ever since I purchased it. Today, you can drive. I think you have earned your spurs.”

“Oh, mommy, you are the sweetest.” Grabbing me by the waist, my son lifted me off the ground and kissed me on my lips. “I promise, I will drive carefully.”

Arriving at the mall well before noon, we found that the place was not yet crowded. We got a parking space not far from the entrance, and quickly made our way inside. Anyone watching us would not have guessed we were a mother and son. More like an attractive woman with a younger lover.

The mall was one of the new concept malls, with fountains, indoor gardens, food courts, specialty shops, and just about everything else to seduce a shopper into spending more money. The place was attractively laid out, and it was quite a pleasure to walk around just looking at everything.

“Honey,” I said, when we came to La Femme, a lingerie boutique. “I have to buy new underwear. Do you mind if I stepped in here?”

“Mom, do you really need any more underwear right now? You have so many pairs already.”

“Well, I suppose, I really don’t ‘need’ any. But I feel like buying some anyway. I am in that kind of mood. And,” I added with a sly smile, “if you are a nice boy, I will even let you help me choose some.”

Steve’s eyes immediately began lighting up. “Really, mommy. Now that is something I would love to do. I have never been inside a lingerie shop before.”

“Shhhh….” I cautioned him. “Go easy on calling me mommy in public. People might find it kinky to see a grown up son helping his mom select her underwear.”

Walking inside the shop, we discovered it was tastefully done up in pastel shades, and the displays were mounted aesthetically. Seeing me, an attractive, middle aged woman came up to us. She must have been in her early forties, and was stylishly attired.

“Hello, I am Diane and welcome to La Femme. I own this shop. Please tell me how I can be of assistance to you.”

“Well,” I replied, “we are just looking around. My lover here is in a romantic mood. He wants me to splurge on expensive lingerie. He says that will make him feel good.”

“Sure, I bet it will,” she replied saucily. “That’s what lingerie is for, isn’t it? ” She turned to Steve. “You have anything special in mind sir?”

“Everything here looks very pretty,” Steve replied looking around the shop. “But what I like most,” he began adding in a slightly conspirational tone, “are silk and lace. And it has to be very classy.”

“You are a lucky lady,” Diane responded, looking at me. “He is a man of style.” She beckoned us to follow her to an inner section of the shop.

“Here, I think the La Perla selections are just what you want. Very European and classy. I am sure you will like this range.”

“Mmmm, La Perla,” I replied. “I am impressed. Not many shops in this area stock the brand. I always have to get them from New York.”

“I am glad to have a customer who appreciates the expensive things in life.” Diane squeezed my arm in an intimate gesture. “Now that you have discovered La Femme, you don’t have to travel to New York each time you want to splurge on lingerie.”

“Surely, that’s a relief,” I responded as I walked around looking at the displays. “I love the way you have set up your shop. And so many lovely designs and patterns. I think I am going to find it difficult, making up my mind.”

“Oh, honey. Take as much time as you want. Just let me know when you are ready for billing.”

“Some of these designs look very, very alluring. Can I try them on?”

“Sure. The trial rooms are at the back. One condition, though. With intimate apparel, once you have tried them on, you will have to purchase them.”

“Oh, surely yes. It’s just that I would like to give Mr. Handsome here, a preview of what’s in store for him this weekend.”

“In that case, you should definitely look at the range of French knickers. They are the current rage in Europe.” Diane was smiling as she gave me a naughty wink, casino şirketleri and left us to attend to some other customers who were just walking into the store.

Steve and I walked around, trying to make up our minds on what to buy.

“Honey,” I breathe into his ears, standing in front of a rack displaying bras in gossamer thin silk. “Select whatever turns you on. This is going to be my treat for you.”

“Mom, everything here looks so sexy. I don’t know where to start.”

‘You have any favorite color, baby? Or do all colors turn you on?”

“Mommy,” he whispered, “I find everything you wear a big turn on.. Anyway, since you asked, why don’t we start with plain white lace? ”

He pointed to a white underwire bra with a delicate floral pattern embroidered on the cups. “I think this little number here, will look very pretty on you.”

“I like your choice, sweetie. Looks like you have a natural talent for this. Why don’t you pick one up while I look around for a pair of matching panties? You know my size, don’t you? It’s 34 C.”

While Steve was looking through the shelves to select the right size, I turned to a rack displaying panties.

“What do you think of this?” I asked, picking up a G-string in soft stretch tulle. The front of the panties had a simple linear cut, tapering down into a narrow gusset made of smooth satin. The back was breathtaking. There was a tiny, high riding panel in an exquisite pattern of criss-crossing braids. It looked absolutely sexy. “Do you think this looks too slutty?”

Holding the panties in his hands, Steve began running his fingers over the material, touching and fondling the soft fabric.

“Mmmmmm. Mommy, they look soooo adorable. You must definitely take this. And in any case, I think, slutty is nice.”

“Baby, do you want me to model them for you?”

As he began nodding his mute assent, I walked over to the trial room and quickly undressed. Picking up the panties we had selected, I pulled them up my legs. They fitted snugly over the mound of my pussy, and I turned around to give Steve a glimpse of my ass cheeks bisected by the thin strip of cloth.

Bending down from the waist and slowly spreading my legs, I could feel the gusset of the panties riding into the crack of my ass. “Is this what you wanted to see darling?”

Steve stepped close to me and cupped my ass cheeks. “Yes,” he replied in a husky voice. “Exactly what I wanted to see,” he said, running his index finger up and down my crack.

‘Aren’t you going to try on the bra as well? I want to see how the whole ensemble looks.”

I picked up the bra and lowered my breasts into the soft lace cups, and then pulled the straps over my arms.

“Here, ” I said, looking over my shoulder, “will you please fasten the clasps for me?”

I could feel Steve’s hot breath on the nape of my neck, as he took the straps in his hands and began to fasten the snaps on the bra.

Moving back a little, I snuggled up closer to him as he cupped one hand over my breasts and gently squeezed them. The feeling of the smooth silk on my nipples was exquisite.

“Oh yes honey, keep rubbing my nipples. Pinch them baby. Hurt me.”

Steve held one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and began to gently pull and tug at it. The sensation caused by the friction of the silk on the sensitive skin was indescribable. It felt as though my entire breast was on fire.

“Yeah, sweetheart, that’s the way to do it,” I moaned deliriously.

With his other hand Steve drew me closer to him till I could feel his throbbing erection nudging against my asscheeks.

“Mom,” he whispered into my ear, “you look so hot and sexy. I feel like taking off your panties and licking your pussy right now.”

I could feel myself getting moist. “Easy darling,” I said, disengaging myself from his arms, “or you will get me all juiced up. I don’t want to get these panties wet and sticky. We still have to bill them, and let’s not have Diane at the counter give us funny looks.”

I watched myself in the mirror and it was an erotic sight. My son was standing behind me; his crotch pressed firmly to my backside, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

“C’mon honey, let us quickly choose some more things that you like, and get out of here before we do something naughty.”

We spent the better part of the next hour at La Femme, selecting sexy underwear for me. I purchased teddies, tap pants, bikini panties, camisoles, bras in a variety of colors, culottes, everything that my son took a fancy to.

“My, my,” Diane commented, when she was ringing up the sale. “Looks like someone is going to have a wild weekend.”

Steve let out a throaty laugh. “I certainly hope so. That’s what she has promised me.”

Diane looked at me and winked. “It’s so nice to see a couple in love. You must visit La Femme again”

“Sure, we will,” Steve replied. “Maybe next time, I will come alone, and get something to surprise her.”

“Please do that. casino firmaları And I promise to give you my personal attention.”

“Now, I don’t want you to give him too much attention,” I chipped in. “Remember that he is already spoken for.”

“Ain’t that the truth, honey. The good ones are almost always spoken for,” Diane let out an infectious laugh as she wrapped our purchases and put them into a large shopping bag.

“Here you go,” she said, handing over the bag to Steve. “Thank you very much for shopping at La Femme.”

I turned to Steve and said, “Honey, why don’t I wait here while you go and put this bag in the car. That way, we won’t have to carry it around the mall for the rest of the day.”

As Steve walked out of the shop, Diane turned to me and laid her hand gently on my arm.

“Do you have a business card? I will put you on my list of preferred customers. That will ensure you get a mailing of all special offers and promotions.”

I opened my purse and handed her one of my business cards. She looked at it, and a smile formed on her lips. “Allegra! What a lovely name! One doesn’t get it to hear it often though.”

I laughed. “My parents went through this whole Italian phase in the early years of their marriage. My dad had spent a year in Italy after his college, and he had a fascination for everything Italian. My mom says that he must have had an

Italian girl friend named Allegra when he lived there.”

“Oh yes, parents can sometimes do the darndest things,” replied Diane.

“In any case, I cannot complain. I too think it is a pretty name. What about you?” I asked. “What brings you to a mall in small town Kentucky?”

“I am originally from around here. I got married and moved to New York when I was barely out of High School. A few years ago, I went through a messy divorce. I discovered my husband was cheating on me. So I left him. My lawyer was very good, and managed to get a generous settlement for me. So I came back to my roots, and opened up this shop. I always had expensive tastes in lingerie; so this looked like a good business to get into.”

“Good for you,” I replied. “Husbands can be quite a pain at times. Don’t get me started on that topic.”

“Oh hey, are you both talking about me?” Steve came walking back into the shop. “Your purchases are safely deposited in the car, and if you are finished, we should get going.”

As Steve put his arm around me, Diane turned to me and touched my shoulder. “Please do stop by again. We get new collections in here almost every other month or so. And frankly, it’s not always that I get the pleasure of having a customer who appreciates the better things in life.”

“Sure, Diane,” I smiled. “I have a feeling that you will see me quite regularly. Now before we leave, can I ask you for some help? We are ready for lunch now. I heard there is a good Italian restaurant in this mall.”

“That must be the Tuscany? It’s adjacent to the multiplex at the west entrance of the mall. It’s a good place. Serves great Italian food. Their lasagna is easily the best in town.”

“Mmmmmm. sounds yummy. Thank you. You have been a great help.” I turned to Steve. “C’mon, honey, I am famished.”

The mall was now getting crowded with weekend shoppers. Steve was holding my hand in his as we made our way to the west entrance of the mall. It had been a very long time since I was in such a romantic mood. I felt like I was walking on air.

I knew what I was doing was totally wrong by all standards of conventional morality. But I did not care. All that mattered was the intense feeling of sexuality that my son had aroused in me. I wanted to shout out to the world, “Look at me. I am with my lover, my son, and I don’t care what you think about it.”

Tuscany was a tastefully done up restaurant with discreet décor and subdued lights. Not the kind of garish place one usually finds in a mall. We got a table at the far corner of the restaurant. I ordered a bottle of wine to go along with our lasagna.

“I think you are ready to have the occasional glass of wine, young man,” I joked as the waiter walked away after pouring us each a glass of wine. “As of this morning, you have officially become an adult. There’s one condition though. Drinking only under the supervision of your mom.”

“I think I can live with such rules,” said Steve, raising his glass in a toast. “To my mom who I think is the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”

“Oh honey, that’s so sweet of you. You do know the nicest things to say to a lady.” I raised my glass and clinked it against his. “And to my wonderful son, who is helping me re-discover what it is to be young and desirable.”

Lunch was a cozy, intimate experience. We kept up a light, mischievous banter, occasionally touching one another under the table or holding hands when we were not busy eating.

Looking across the table at my son, I wondered how my world had changed so dramatically within the course of a few hours. It was as though güvenilir casino I had been reborn, and was living an entirely new life. I had not experienced such intense feelings in years. The mood was so erotic that I felt myself getting moist.

“Baby, what would you like to do next,” I asked Steve once the table was cleared and the check had been settled. “It’s only half past two. Still too early to get back home.”

” Let’s see. Why don’t we take in a movie? The multiplex is just around the corner. I am sure there will be something we both like to watch.”

“Now that’s what I call a brilliant idea.” I held his hand in mine as we stepped out of the restaurant and walked towards the multiplex. There were three theaters in the multiplex. Two of them were showing the latest blockbusters. The third one was showing an oldie, a favorite of mine. The marquee read, “Pretty Woman. Last show at 2.45 PM.”

A naughty thought quickly formed in my mind. “Honey, would you mind if we went for Pretty Woman? It’s a favorite of mine, and I am in that kind of mood today.”

‘Sure, mommy,” he replied as we neared the ticket counter. “That’s fine by me. I know you have always had a crush on Richard Gere.”

I stepped up to the counter and raised two fingers. “Do you have two tickets for Pretty Woman?”

The counter clerk smiled at me. “Lady, it’s the last show. I think you maybe the only two people in the theater.”

Aha, I nodded to myself; my hunch was right. I plucked the tickets from his hand and we entered the foyer of the theater.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you wait here for me? I need to make a quick visit to the restroom. Maybe you can get us something to drink.”

Leaving Steve at the refreshments counter, I went into the restroom. I had been so turned on by what had happened during shopping and lunch that my panties were already soaked through with pussy juices. I needed to get out of my wet underwear.

Walking into one of the stalls, I lifted up the hem of my skirt. Hooking my fingers to the waistband of my panties, I slowly peeled them off, leaving a slick, wet trail down my thighs. I smiled to myself as I stuffed them into my handbag. I knew what I would do with them later on.

I sat down on the toilet seat and spread open my legs. In the bright light of the restroom, I could see the swollen lips of my sex glistening with juices. Bringing my hand down I slowly touched myself. My labial lips were puffed up and slick with wetness. I ran my forefinger up and down my slit, and let out an involuntary shudder as the tip of my finger grazed my engorged clit.

Using my fingers, I gently parted my plump outer lips, and looked at the glistening inner lips that were almost twitching in anticipation. They gleamed pink and wet, and as I watched, a long pearly strand of clear juice bubbled up and began to drip down into the toilet.

Resisting an urge to plunge my fingers deeper into my wet hole, I tore off a length of toilet paper and wiped the juices from my cunt. I was so excited that the more I wiped, the wetter my pussy seemed to get. Finally, I folded a large wad of toilet paper and gently patted my pussy lips dry, not applying any pressure. My legs were wobbling with passion as I stood up and smoothed my skirt.

My cunt was on fire, and as I moved over to the wash basin to rinse my hands, I could feel the insides of my thighs become slippery once again with my juices. It was a delicious feeling and I squeezed my thighs together in the anticipation of an impending orgasm.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My face was flushed and my eyes were heavy lidded with desire. Opening my handbag, I took out my hairbrush and ran it through my hair. Then I unscrewed my tube of lipstick and re-touched my lips, giving them a rich, lustrous look. As I returned the hairbrush and lipstick to my handbag, I noticed a lollipop lying in one corner of the handbag. I suddenly had a naughty idea. Removing the wrapper from the lollipop, I spread my legs and pushed it slowly into my aching vagina. As the smooth round head of the candy slid into my fevered hole, I could not help letting out a contended sigh. It felt sooooo good. I pushed it in till it was lodged firmly against my cervix and only the tip was peeking out from between my pussy lips as I walked out of the restroom.

Steve had already purchased a large Coke and was waiting expectantly for me. I took the pop from him as we walked into the dimly lit theater. I looked around. The ticket clerk had been right. There was hardly anyone else in the theater. Just another couple who were sitting in a corner towards the front of the theater.

“Wow, mom,” he whispered, as we took our seats in a corner, far away from the other couple. “Do you realize that there is hardly anyone else in here. It’s kind of spooky.”

“Spooky, or is it exciting?” I almost giggled, holding his hand in mine and slowly pressing his fingers. “Just think about it. We are practically alone in here.”

I took the Coke from his other hand rested it along with my handbag on the seat next to mine. “Do you know what that means? Nobody will see us do anything.”

“Ooh, mommy. You are so naughty. That is why you chose this film, isn’t it?”

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