A Teenage Rake Ch. 02

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Foreword: I’d like to thank all of you for the wonderful emails and feedback I’ve received. I’m glad I could relate my fantasy (mixed with a little truth – which is up to you to decide which one) and find folks that enjoy it as much as I do. If you haven’t read my previous submission, while it may help solidify how my father and I interact, it’s not a required read in order to forge ahead with this submission.

Just a quick word of advice for you girls out there, if you want a car, but are short on the means, and your sex drive allows you to overwrite what society considers taboo… well, let’s just say I really love my new car, and I have my Daddy to thank for it (once again, fantasy and truth – you decide).

It was the last Friday of the month and I was donning my almost transparently white, thigh high stocking. The soft material slipped its way up my calf to complete my ensemble.

I knew he’d like this, after all he did tell me precisely what he wanted for this month’s contribution to my new Jetta. And when my father tells his little girl what she’s going to wear to make good on her car loan, then that’s what Daddy gets.

I left the room, feeling the AC chill my bare stomach and thighs (it’s always so cold in this house), as I hurried down the stairs towards the garage. With each step, I could feel myself grow moist, causing my panties to stick to my little pussy. I was dripping with desire by the time I came to door.

I knew he could hear the door creak a bit, from where he stood at the front of my car, arms folded across that manly chest. He turned and faced me, with that usual stern look of demanding he had for these days when I came to the garage to fulfill our agreement. His grimace broke a bit with that comforting smile of his. I could see the corners of his mouth touch his eyes, as he breathed in his baby girl.

Stockings, cotton panties, one of his white, button up shirts opened down the middle, and his favorite tie that I got him last Father’s Day. This is what Daddy wanted, and this is what he’ll get.

As I stepped into the humid air, I instantly began to sweat. I hate the tropics, but today I planned on working up a sweat with my father’s hard cock anyway, so why bitch about things. I threw my hair to one side and bit my lip with a smile, which I know drives him crazy. With my brother, Mike at practice and my mom at work, I wanted to get my Daddy all worked up, because I knew we had at least enough time for him to work my little body over good and rough.

“Hi Daddy.” I said in my best little girl voice.

And sticking to the roles we love playing, ‘Shut up you little slut. Daddy doesn’t pay your bills to hear you talk, does he?”

“No Daddy.” Placing his hand on the back on my neck, I looked him in eyes and smiled even more, as I felt the soft fibers of his shirt drag across my hardening nipples, while I stood up on my tippy toes. “You pay me to fuck, like a good little whore.”

“That’s right, sweetie, but what else does Daddy pay you to do.”

I looked down and saw my hands already at work on his belt and jeans zipper. I glanced back up at him, as I slid down to my knees, “You pay me to suck cock, right Daddy?”

“That’s right baby girl. Now put that mouth to use.” Taking in a breath and that thick man meat at the same time, my salivating mouth was well lubricated for the face fuck I was about to receive. I could feel my scalp start to burn with pain, as my father jerked my head and throat off his rod before slamming it back home…

When he first took me car shopping, telling Mom that I was too old to be driven around, I knew I could work out a nice deal to avoid paying for the car. Mom agreed to pay the insurance each month, if I paid for the loan itself (I think she felt guilty for denying me a car when I turned 16 a few years ago). I readily agreed and since Mom and Dad both keep separate checking accounts for their own personal spending, I knew it wouldn’t take much for Daddy to make the car payments for me, without Mom ever finding out. Now now… It’s not like that. I never had to black mail my father, and I wouldn’t have anyway. I simply fucked his brains out in every car we test drove.

We took four cars out that day for a drive. Dad, being ever so cool, made sure the salesmen had what they needed so the two of us could be left alone. The Miata was tricky, so we pulled into the empty lot of the local schoolyard and parked in the back. Being broad daylight on a Saturday, it was perfectly safe from prying eyes. I remember the car’s color absorbed the heat from the sun and practically set fire to my hands, as Dad bent me over the hood and pumped my little cunt full of cream within about five minutes. Usually he lasts quite a bit longer, but I had been teasing him the whole time and I guess the thrill of getting caught plowing his own daughter over the hood of some car in the back of the elementary school she used to attend years and years ago was just too much.

The Rav4 and the Bug went the same way. Each time he obviously managed to hold that magnificent load a little longer, ensuring I would never want for an orgasm, and making good canlı bahis şirketleri with that great dick of his. The Jetta was different.

When we got back with the Bug, the salesman must have thought we’d stolen it, as he was a little hesitant to let us take the Jetta out, but I had another idea, and one that might help with the price a bit. Before Daddy could object to Greg, the salesman, coming out with us, I stepped in front of him and told Greg, ‘That would be awesome. Nice day out for a girl to be with two handsome men in her new car.” I backed my ass up enough to rub against my father’s crotch, as kind of a re-assurance. Greg unwittingly sized me up in front of my father, and must have liked what he saw since I watched his trousers lose a bit of their wrinkle when he turned to walk away.

I turned to see that quizzical look in Daddy’s eye. “Don’t worry Dad. He’ll be cool.”

“I dunno toots. If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, this is a really big risk you’re putting us both up for. You may only get therapy, but I’ll get jail time.”

“Oh, don’t be such a puss Dad. Besides, I bet you ten bucks I get him to come off at least five grand on the car.”

“OK. You’re on.

A bit of acceleration and a few quick turns later saw the three of us on a secluded road behind the dealership. To our right, a high fence to protect all those cars from would be thieves, while to our left nothing but woods, and a nice long stretch of road in the front and rear to see if anyone was coming. It couldn’t have been better if I had planned it, so I slid the car to the side of the road and came to a stop.

Taking out the keys and placing them on the dash, I undid my seatbelt and turned to face Greg in the passenger seat. I could see Dad sitting back and quietly praying I wouldn’t land him on the front page of the local newspaper.

“Greg, I’ll be honest. I like the car, but my Dad and I agree that the price is just too high. So I have something that might help us all out in a big way.”

“Ummm… OK. What’s that?” I could tell he was a little nervous, but still had that ‘I’m your buddy. I’m your pal” salesman grin.

“I’m about to say something I will guarantee you have never heard in your life, nor will you ever get another opportunity like this again.”

I took his silence as encouragement, while I continued.

“You see Greg, I like cock. I like to get fucked and treated like a little whore. In fact, I’m fucking my father on a regular basis… well… and my brother. And my little pussy is so good, Daddy’s offered to buy me this car.”

To say his jaw dropped would be an understatement. The man looked like a Martian had landed and offered him the secrets of the universe. My father remained mute, eyes concentrating on our new friend Greg.

“So, my offer is this: you come off five grand on this car, which won’t be too hard with the dealer incentives you guys are offering in the sale flyers, and I will suck you, fuck you, and let you cum inside my little teenage ass. If you want, my Daddy can join in and you can both do whatever you want to with me.”

I popped the door open and stood out of the car, taking great care to display my little ass, encased in my white sundress. Walking around the front of the car, I came to a stop by Greg’s door and leaned over. His face still slack with expression and speechlessness, as my firm, ample tits spilled over the top of the low cut neck.

“Now, does that sound like a deal, or do I go make some other lucky salesman’s day?”

Apparently my lack of tact still hadn’t gotten through to ol’ Greg, who just stared at me in shock. I opened his door and stepped up to him where he sat. “You’ve got to move your legs out here sweetie; otherwise I can’t get those pants down so that fat dick of yours can get where I need it to go… And Greggy…” This was the point where any sane man would have come unglued, as I leaned back against the door, propped my foot on the doorjam, and ran my hand along the inside of my thigh, pushing my dress up enough where I’m sure he could get a nice shot of my little bald pussy. “I need it bad. Just ask my Daddy. I haven’t been fucked in at least an hour.”

He dumbly turned his head towards my father as I let out a small giggle. Dad only shrugged with that familiar, ‘I’m going to hell anyway, so why not?’ grin of his.

“Boy, if I were you, I’d already have that little girl on her knees.”

Something must have snapped in Greg, because he took one deep breath and stood up. The next thing I knew, I was roughly pushed to my knees, while he fumbled with his belt. I threw a quick smile to my Dad, who just shook his head and laughed. Yep, his little girl had struck again, showing no man no mercy.

I looked back up in time to see Greg’s thick cock bob against my cheek. Within seconds both of hands were on the back of my head and I was going to town on that pulsing fuckmeat. Running it along the outer sides of my teeth and lodging it in my cheek, opening my mouth wide and relaxing my throat so I could take it straight down the back of my mouth, and flicking my tongue along the underside the canlı kaçak iddaa whole time. I love sucking cock sooooooooooooo much.

“Ah fuck. I can’t believe this shit.” Greg gasped as I woofed down his pole like it was my last meal. “Dude, is she really your daughter? You really fuck her?”

“Buddy, if you were her dad, would you have any guilt about doing the filthiest things to her? Anyway, who do you think fucked her an hour ago?” He laughed.

“No fuckin’ way.” Greg laughed, while his hand just followed my head rather than controlling the rhythm as he had at first. “I would have to fuck her brains out everyday too.”

“There you go, boy. Now you know why she gets a car.”

“Fuck yea.”

I popped my mouth off his cock and looked up at him with my perfected doe eyes. “You know what I really want fellas?”

“Oh anything you want darlin’. Name it.” Said my new favorite salesman.

“I want you guys to call me the dirtiest names you can think of. And Daddy, you need to get out here, because I don’t think just one of you is going to be enough right now.”

“You heard her, Greg. Fuck that little whore’s mouth while I try and figure out how to get out of this tiny backseat you guys put in these things.”

“Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Greg sighed as he pushed my head back on his dick. “Suck that cock you little slut. Fuck you really are a dirty little whore. Fucking your dad and a total stranger just for a car. Damn girl.”

The car shifted back and forth as I saw Daddy hop out of the back. In a flash he was behind me, and I could hear the jingle of his belt, as another cock was set free in front me. On instinct, my hand shot out and started to jack my loving father’s stiff rod. I wasn’t quite ready to pull my mouth off Greg just yet. I was savoring the taste of his throbbing fleshpole in my mouth. I don’t know if he had intentionally put cologne on his cock, but I could taste it faintly, and smell it in his pubes when my face was buried in them. It was so fucking hot, my pussy was on fire.

I knew Daddy wasn’t in any hurry, so I went in for the kill on Greg. Within seconds, I had that man pouring what must have been liters of cum into my throat and down my chin. I could hear him take big whooping gulps of air as he came for this little slut in front of him.

Without missing a beat, I swallowed his cum which was a bit more potent than my father’s and shifted on my knees to receive Daddy’s dick in my throat. And being the Daddy I’ve always loved, I began to hear the usual obscenities he reserved for me and me alone. A mouthful of his cock and an earful of such words as cocksucker, cum guzzling whore, and little cunt spewed from between my father’s lips, as he raped my mouth. I lazily jacked off Greg who began to rapidly get hard again for me. I guess the current scene in front of him was too much. I assume it wasn’t everyday he got to watch a little girl in love with getting face fucked by two men, one of them her father.

I felt his hands on my hips, roughly pulling me to my feet. I stood, still bent at the waist so that Daddy’s cock never left my mouth. I felt the humid air blow against my now naked pussy, and before I could guess what was coming next, I had a strange salesman’s dick slammed straight into my little muff with one, hard grunt from both of us. He buried it in me so fast and so hard, I grazed Daddy’s cock with my top teeth.

“Watch it you little bitch. You nick me again and you’ll be taking turns up your ass. Understand me?”

I groaned agreement around the fuckpole in my throat and the one pounding my young cooch. The rest became a blur. Greg took some time, but eventually he too started calling me a little fuck cunt, slut, whore, and all the fun ones. Each of them trading positions for better angels at my little snatch, or my mouth, just to fill it them with cock, while molesting my clit, or pawing at my titties. Good thing my dress was white, as it had become one massive stain of cum from all three of us, where it had been bunched up around my waist. It wasn’t until my father picked me up off the ground and held me face to face before plunging his dick in me, that I finally got what I had begun to really need for that big orgasm I knew was building deep inside me. With my legs wrapped around him, I bounced up and down on his meat, as he looked over my shoulder at Greg.

‘Well boy, there’s one hole you haven’t pumped yet, and if I know this little slut, that’s what she’s practically drooling for now. Isn’t it baby.”

I screamed, “FUCK YEA, DADDY!”

“Tell him girl.” Dad stopped my bouncing so I could look back at Greg with my little doe eyes again. His dick in his hand, semi erect and looking like it may have one more good fuck in it, as I gazed into his eyes. The poor guy was hot, sweaty, and looked like he’d been through the wringer.

“Please mister. Will you fuck me up my butt while my Daddy cums inside my cunny?”

That was all it took. I giggled as I saw that cock grow hard, and he made his way towards me. Daddy held me still as Greg began to gently glide it into the tight opening of my ass. The more he pushed, the more pressure canlı kaçak bahis it put against my father’s cock still buried in my pussy. This caused all three of us to moan in unison.

I laid back against Greg, taking some of the weight off my father, as both men gripped my thighs and the cheeks of my ass. After a few moments, the sweat, cum and pussy juice that had cumulated at my little butthole paved the way for Greg’s bulbous cockhead to pop inside me. I squeaked and threw my arm around his shoulders to lean back and kiss him. My other hand finishing up the balancing act by digging into my father’s shoulder, as I exhaled, taking more and more of his thick dick in my butt.

After about five minutes, I had both of these men buried in my two favorite fuck holes, and the race was on. It took a bit to get the rhythm, but none of us said anything when it hit. We couldn’t say anything. All we could do was breathe, and moan, and fuck. Both of those steel poles just pumping in and out of me in perfect unison, the hot sun beating in my face as I twisted my nipples and squirmed on their cocks, feeling that good, hard cum I’ve been needing getting closer to my surface.

Greg began taking short, quick gasps between moans. My father must have known he was cumming and urged him on. “Go on boy. Cum in that little whore’s ass. That’s what she wants. Look at the bitch. You know that’s what she wants. Tell him, girl.”

“FUCK! Cum in my ass, mister. Cum in my butt, please! You too, Daddy! I want you both to blow those fuckin’ loads in my little holes! I need it so fuckin’ bad!”

And without another word, I felt the familiar feeling of a nice, hard cock letting loose a torrent of cum deep inside my little butt. And that was all I needed. I started to cum like a freight train. Squeezing my ass and pussy muscles and milking both those cocks for all I was worth. Ol’ Dad had done pretty good so far, considering he had already come four times today, but here he was again, joining Greg in filling his baby girl with hot jizz.

We stood like that, all three of tense and sweating, muscles straining in the summer sun, and each of us enjoying the last twitches of our heated orgasms. There was nothing else like it on this planet. No drug would ever take me to the places I’ve reached with my sexual adventures, and this was a prime example.

When they set me back down, my legs cramped and my butthole hurting a little, I felt lightheaded and woozy, but I loved it. I could feel their cum dripping out of me as I leaned forward and put my hands on the car to steady myself, while Dad and Greg put their clothes on.

I heard Greg’s Zippo close and looked up as he took a drag off his cigarette. “Little girl, that was definitely worth the five grand.” We all chuckled a bit, as I straightened out my dress and tried to assess the damage our little frolic had done to my grooming. A few white stains on a white cotton sundress was not a big deal, but my mascara had run pretty bad from the tears and sweat, and my lipstick was non-existent, as what was left of it was probably coating one of their cocks still. A few minutes worth of work was all I need to get my appearance in order. We settled back into the car, with the top going up and the AC going on, as I applied my makeup and decided the wet looking blotches on my dress would dry up in the AC soon enough.

A few minutes later and we were back in Greg’s office signing papers. A quick compliment to him about the picture of his wife and kids, and he was suddenly able to knock another thousand dollars off the sticker price. I couldn’t help but pass a big smile to my Daddy, who just shook his head with that grin of his.

Daddy and Greg shook hands, as we went to drive off the lot in my new Jetta, while I snatched one of his cards from his pocket and wrote my cell number down. He’s called a couple of times, and is trying to work up a gang bang for me with some of the guys in his service department. It works out well, since to help ‘pay’ for my car, as far as Mom was concerned, I started babysitting for Greg and his wife.

…So here we are, the last Friday of the month, and it was once again time to make my car payment, Both of us covered in sweat, as I was splayed out on the hood of my Jetta, with my loving father pounding my young cunt with that hard dick of his. I had already sucked him to the point where he yanked me off the ground and his cock, for fear of cumming to soon. Now I was taking it heavy and fast in my little fuckhole. The white, button up shirt was now plastered against my overheated body, as we both grunted our pleasures at eachother.

Over the last few months I’ve realized that while Daddy loves me very much and would never hurt me, he does like to get rough when he fucks me. Lately it’s been hair pulling, smacking my face when my cheeks bulge with that huge rod of his, or shoving himself deep in my ass without any lube. At first it was a little scary, but also very sexy. These days, I welcome the brutality more and more. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s because I feel so safe with him, that it allows me to let go and really be used like a little rag doll. My brother, Mike has begun to get softer and more gentle with me, which is nice, but I guess Daddy has Mom for those tender moments. When we both just want to fuck and see me violated, that’s when Daddy comes looking for my little sweet meat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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