A Story for Jen

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As I’m wandering through the lingerie section, I notice you watching me. I can’t help but blush thinking that you must realize that I am looking for me rather than someone else. I select a pair of black lacy French briefs, the kind that mould to the shape of my arse, a matching pair of suspenders and a pair of sheer black stockings with little bows at the back of the ankles. I can feel your eyes on me as I wander the aisles, trying to get the courage up to take my purchases up to the counter.

I am so nervous, that I drop the packed with the stockings in them, and when I bend down to pick them up I drop everything else. My face is bright rd, as I bend down to pick them up. As I am trying to pick up the lingerie, a pair of black shiny heels stop in front of me. My eyes move up the shapely calves, encased in stockings, I followed the legs up to where they disappeared inside of a mid thigh length skirt. Realising that you would be watching me I quickly stand up and look at your face. You have a knowing smile on your face as you watch me trying to regain my composure.

I drop my eyes and mumble something about them being for my girlfriend. You give me a knowing smile and take the items to the counter. I meekly follow you. Halfway to the counter you “accidentally” drop the stockings and bend down to pick them up. I am treated to an amazing view of your sexy legs all the way up to the lace tops of your stockings. While picking up the stockings you turn and notice tuzla escort the look of lust on my face, and the reaction in my pants.

You take me by the hand and lead me back to the changing rooms. I’m blushing furiously, but follow you willingly. You turn to face me and undo the top button of your white blouse. My eyes follow every movement your hands make, and I catch a glimpse of the lacy bra you are wearing. You wait till my eyes again meet yours, and ask who I am buying the lingerie for. I quietly admit that they are for me.

You smile at me and undo another button on your blouse. I can now make out the firm roundness of your lace encased breasts.

“You like to wear panties?” You ask

I look at the ground, blushing, and nod.

You kneel on the ground in front of me and undo my belt and pants, and let them fall to the floor. I am wearing a pair of white satin panties, and my hard cock is outlined in satin, in front of your face. You poke out your tongue and trace the length of my satin covered cock, then stand up in front of me.

“Do you promise to do anything and everything I say. Without hesitation. If you do, I promise you will enjoy this. If you say no then this is the last you will feel of the sexiest woman you are ever likely to meet.” As you say this last line, you take my hand and rub it against your pantied pussy. I can feel your wetness soaking through the lace of your panties.

I nod my agreement. Not trusting myself to speak. tuzla escort bayan “Firstly you must stand there and watch. Place your hands behind your head and don’t move” you order me. I place my hands behind my head, feeling very exposed in my satin panties and business shirt.

You undo the rest of the buttons of your blouse and let it hang open, giving me a very sexy view. Then you run your hands over my chest, before turning around and rubbing your sexy butt in against my panty covered cock. I moan and try not to move. You slide your hands up your stockinged thighs, lifting your skirt, and hook your thumbs into your lace panties. Then in one movement, you slide them down your legs and off, again, grinding your arse against my cock.

You turn around, looking at the wet spot appearing in my panties at the tip of my hard cock. You take your panties and hold them up to me, letting me smell your sexy smell, before opening my mouth and pushing the panties inside, gagging me.

“We cant have you making noises,” You say “The customers will hear.” I nod in agreement with you.

You smile at me then stand again and walk over to the corner of the room, and take a seat. You slide your hands up over the lace tops of your stockings and up to your neatly trimmed pussy. I can see the juices glistening from where I stand, motionless. You beckon me over and tell me to kneel. I drop to my knees in front of you and you pull my head to your soaking wet pussy. My tongue escort tuzla explores your pussy, tasting you, flicking over your hard clit. I can feel your orgasm approaching and as you get closer you stop me and pull me by my panties closer to you. My hard satin covered cock is now pressing against your wetness. You start rocking back and forward, the satin covered cock rubbing against your swollen clit, pushing you over the edge. As your stockinged legs force my cock harder against you my cock erupts spilling cum into the satin panties.

You tell me to take of the panties and hand them to you. You take them from me and dip your finger into my cum, holding it to your lips and tasting me. I watch you, incredibly turned on. You hand me the French brief set I have just bought and tell me to put it on. I slide the panties up my shaved legs, then attach the suspender belt. While I am sliding the sexy stockings up my smooth legs, my cock is getting hard again. I watch you watching me, occasionally you dip your finger into the panties once more to taste me. Once I am dressed you motion me over and hold out your cum covered finger for me to lick.

While I am cleaning your finger of my cum, you rub my cock through my new panties, then slide them down freeing my cock. You pull the head of my cock to your pussy and start teasing yourself with it. I bend down and kiss you, still tasting my cum in your mouth. As we kiss you slide my cock into your wetness. Taking me all the way in one smooth movement. You start to moan, and then stuff my panties into your mouth to keep yourself quiet while we fuck. Our stockings rub sexily against each other while we slowly fuck ourselves to another orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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