A Perfect Gentleman

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“So then Steve suggested we try… anal sex”.

Charlotte let a wicked smile steal across her face and turned it slowly round the room.

There was a mixture of responses — some couldn’t suppress a giggle, others tried to maintain a poker-faced composure, although a flicker of reaction had already given them away.

Happy that everyone wanted to know more, Charlotte continued.

“Well, I said… yes! Definitely. I’d be really keen to try it!” She turned to Steve, still smiling. Steve was blushing a deep red and didn’t seem to know quite where to look.

“I said… it’s really brave of you to ask me for it, Steve. I really respect you for plucking up the courage, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I will!”

Charlotte looked deep into Steve’s eyes as she said this, and reached her hand out to cup his chin.

More embarrassed than ever, Steve cast his eyes downwards, unable to meet her gaze.

Charlotte ran her fingers through Steve’s hair, tenderly and slowly. “There, there! It’s OK darling, you don’t mind me telling everyone, do you?”

She addressed the dinner-party guests again, who were hanging on her every word.

“Steve was a perfect gentleman — he insisted on buying me something extra-special to wear, just so I’d feel my sexiest. I told him the sort of thing I liked, and he scampered off to get it. When I unwrapped it, he asked me if I liked it.

“I had to tell him görükle escort that I did, but but it was a little on the small side! He was an absolute darling and took it back and explained everything to the shop assistant, and he said she laughed when he told her, but she was happy to swap it for the size up.

Charlotte paused and savoured a mouthful of Rioja, twirling the glass stem between crimson fingernails as her rapt audience awaited more juicy details.

“Thursday night, we agreed. I had a candlelit soak in the tub, then Steve rubbed my feet for quite a while and he did a marvellous job, which always, you know, gets me in the mood. Steve had bought a bottle of lube as well, and so he put some on his fingers and I told him to make sure it was well worked-in, because I’ve heard that can be quite important!

“I watched him get one finger in up to the knuckle, then with a bit more lube and a bit of practice we were up to two fingers, weren’t we darling?”

Steve was purple with deep shame at his wife’s spilling the beans on the ins and outs of their sex life.

“I took my nice new present out of the box and Steve helped me put it on,”, Charlotte continued. “It looked great! I caught myself in the mirror. Thank you darling! I looked down at Steve. It really suits me, don’t you think? Steve looked up at me but he didn’t say anything, just nodded a little. I think he was quite nervous, weren’t you bursa merkez escort darling?”

No-one had touched their food or wine since Charlotte had begun recounting her tale. Some glanced at Steve, gauging his discomfort, and moved back to Charlotte’s face which bore a triumphant light.

“So then I leant over him and said, On your knees boy! And then I just gazed at his arse for a while. Steve has…” She turned and delivered the words slowly straight at him. “A really… great… arse.”

“I could tell he was a little bit nervous, as he was struggling to get an erection — probably, you know, a bit overcome by the pressure of the situation. That wasn’t a problem for me of course, and once I got it lined up it went in quite smoothly, although I had to push rather hard and I think Steve thought I was being a bit rough, and maybe getting carried away a little — sorry darling!

“You did enjoy it though, didn’t you? I certainly did! I got quite into the whole thrusting back and forth thing. Poor Steve was gritting his teeth and little tears were squeezing out the sides of his eyes, but I could see there was some action happening with his tackle though — pretty soon his willy was rock hard and pointing up into his tummy, so he definitely was enjoying it!

“It was easy enough for me to reach round and grab his balls and give them a firm tug. I bent over and whispered bursa escort bayan in his ear, You’re my bitch! And that was it! He spurted his little load everywhere.”

A couple of the women had reached out to grip their husbands and give them a pointed look.

“Well, I made sure I kept going until I was satisfied,” Charlotte continued, rubbing Steve’s thigh. “We even tried a different position with you on your back — sort of reverse missionary — very sexy! I could look you right in the face while I’m fucking you. And pinch your nipples! And play with your thingy, even though it had gone all soft.

“All in all, I must have had three or four really good orgasms — although I think your poor little bottom had really had its fair share after twenty-five minutes, don’t you darling?”

Steve couldn’t even mumble a response.

“Sounds like fun!” ventured one of the other women, with a smile to her husband. “Will you be trying it again?”

“Absolutely!” laughed Charlotte. “I think Steve might have found his natural place in the pecking order — he really seemed to take to his role.”

She gazed at him affectionately. “I bought you a little present darling — you were so generous to me!”

She produced little box. “Go on! Open it!” Subtly pitched as a delighted exhortation, with the undercurrent of an order.

Steve looked up briefly at Charlotte, to see if there was any chance she would spare him what he was quite sure would be further humiliation. It was clear that she would do no such thing.

The guests leaned in as Steve opened the lid. On a piece of velvet inside the box lay a shiny stainless-steel chastity device and, on a delicate silver chain, one small key.

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