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Big Sis

Sarah and I had often talked about our fantasies and the common theme was being exhibitionists and fucking in public. So after much discussion we decided to have sex on camera in a professional studio.

After careful research I made a phone call to a studio not far away and had a chat with the photographer. He mentioned that couples fucking on camera was far more common than we realised.

After talking it through with Sarah we decided to go ahead and set a date several weeks away after our summer vacation.

In this time we had both trained, leaned up and got great tans which both of us would deny was heavily motivated by the upcoming shoot.

As the date go closer it was apparent we were both getting nervous and our sex life had dwindled. Tensions high we seemed to avoid each other and it felt like we were treading on egg shells.

The day arrived and we dropped the kids off to various friends under the guise that we “had a work thing”

The drive to the photographer was carried out in silence but we arrived 45 minutes early and decided to get a drink in a nearby bar to pluck up our courage.

Immediately we opened up to one another and confessed our nerves, fears and both talked about pulling out. I realised how much I loved her and missed her and got a mutual feeling back. We kissed and I immediately got hard. The look in her eyes told me she felt the same and we headed immediately to the studio.

Upon arrival we meet Max the owner and photographer who was in his mid 40’s, tall and ruggedly handsome. However I hadn’t realised he had an assistant who would be present, a good looking mixed raced guy called Eden who was in his mid to late 20’s.

I looked as Sarah who beylikdüzü otele gelen escort appeared comfortable with this and secretly this excited me.

We moved into the studio which was a mock bedroom with soft lighting and playing chilled music. The setting was perfect.

Max told us they would leave us to begin and come back to operate the cameras from closer angles.

As soon as they left we were kissing and our bodies connected. The passion was through the roof. Sarah was wearing a sexy dress, no bra or knickers.

I laid on my back with Sarah on top of me kissing passionately, my hands run down her back, across her ass and then I pulled her dress up over her tight, tanned bum. Sarah reacted to this big lifting her bottom up with a little wiggle left and right which sent me crazy.

I looked up and noticed the guys were there, both of them directly behind her and pointing their cameras at her ass and bald pussy.

The adrenaline and endorphins surging through our bodies we lost ourselves, Sarah slid down me and pulled my rock hard cock out and begun sucking hard. Her tongue licking all the way up my shaft and then sucking deep down on me.

Sarah was now fully bent over in front of Max and Eden, I could only imagine how good her pussy looked from their perspective. I knew from the angle of her hips and arse she was showing them her body rather than just sucking me off which turned me on so much.

I decided to mixed things up as I needed to taste her sweet pussy juice. I told her to removed her dress and spin round into a 69.

Now with her pussy above my mouth I realised I had never seen her this wet, this beylikdüzü rus escort early into our love making. Her pussy juice dropped onto my face…..I almost cum there and then in her mouth!!

Her hips wriggling and mine thrusting we found a rhythm like no other.

Sarah took control by spinning round and teasing my cock with her soaking wet pussy. I looked up and realised it wasn’t just me she was teasing but also the boys who now had their cocks in their hands wanking hard.

I beckoned to Sarah who turned to see their actions, she turned, smiled and then her eyes rolled giving her an expression of pure ecstasy. I brought her head down to mind and kissed her passionately, by doing this it brought her ass up and exposed more of my cock penetrating her pussy.

I heard Max grown loud which prompted Sarah to look at me. Without a word we both knew what this meant, she turned and nodded to Max who in seconds had dropped his jeans and pants. Sarah slid down and was now back to sucking my cock. As I looked up and watched Max go down on Sarah, she let out a moan of pure satisfaction. After a while max stood up and slid his cock into Sarah which took things up another level.

With Sarah groaning to the sound of a cock in her mouth and pussy she switched things up by fucking me in reverse cowboy and sucking Max’s cock. Then when I thought it couldn’t get any more erotic Eden was next to max with a massive hard cock, Sarah took no time to suck on it which was clearly stretching her mouth. As she rhythmically slid up and down on my cock she sucked both their cocks, licking the tips together.

I decided it was time to let the boys fuck her together. It beylikdüzü türbanlı escort was no surprise she wanted Eden in her first as she bent over by his big brown cock and directed Max to her mouth. I had never seen Sarah’s arse stick up so pertly and I had never seen her pussy so stretched. Her lips gripped around his wide cock beautifully and she groaned louder than I had ever heard her before.

The boys didn’t hold back and took control of her body. Sarah has always loved being dominated and now she was by two strangers.

Now riding Max, Eden came from behind to also enter her. Filming 2 cocks in her little tight cunt was amazing. She made noises I never heard from her before. She beckoned me over with a finger and was soon sucking my cock. With 3 cocks in her, she was pouring with sweat.

I was and wasn’t surprised when Eden whispered to her if he could fuck her ass. She replied, “yes, do it”

With a cock in her pussy, arse and mouth our ultimate fantasy was realised. We took turns swapping and I have to admit my personal favourite was sharing her pussy with Max’s cock.

I was the first to cum, followed by Max whilst we were both still inside her. We then got off, grabbed a camera each and filmed from different angles as Eden punished her with his huge cock.

With a combination of our combined cum and the friction of Eden’s girth there was so much cream coming from her pussy, and then Eden let out a loud moan and cum in Sarah.

As he slowly removed his big cock Sarah laid there with her legs wide open, her pussy was gaping and all of our cum oozing out down to her ass hole.

It was so intoxicating I wanted to fuck her there and then with all the cum still in her.

As the boys kissed her on the lips and sucked her tits I finished her off with my fingers. She cum louder than I’d ever heard before.

The drive home was unreal, we looked at each other with burning passion like never before. Without a word spoken we entered the house, put the video on and fucked into the night.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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