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Ostensibly I was reading, but it was hard to keep my eyes focused on the page. I was sitting at a small table near the pool in my hotel, sipping an iced coffee drink and waiting for my traveling companions to wake up this fine morning. Probably it would be an hour or two, hence the book.

I was on my fourth re-reading of the same stupid paragraph when I glanced up again, forgetting what I was reading. The object of this glance was the young woman who had recently taken the table next to me. Long blonde hair, deeply tanned skin, average height, average weight, symmetrical face–in short, what many men would take to be ideally attractive. Not really the type I usually look for in a partner, but I couldn’t deny that I’d love to get in her pants. Not that she was wearing any. She had come to sit and read the newspaper in a skimpy white bikini. Probably relished the furtive looks of men who knew they’d never have a chance with her. She certainly wasn’t making any move toward the pool.

If that’s the case, I’m sure I was helping to boost her self-esteem with my frequent glances. I couldn’t tell, through her dark glasses, whether she noticed. I decided to assume that she did but not to mind. Probably I wouldn’t ever see her again, after all…

But wait! What was that? “Sorry?”

“I asked what you’re reading?” she clarified.

I was startled for a second; I hadn’t expected to start up a conversation. Instead of saying anything I showed her the cover. “Is it interesting?”

“Yes, it is,” I answered, getting my composure back. Sort of.

“It doesn’t seem to be holding your attention,” she replied with a coy smile. I still couldn’t see her eyes; it was hard to read her. But that smile was inviting. Was there an opportunity here? Couldn’t be. That sort of thing only happens in my fantasies.

“Well, I’m still waking up.”

She lowered her glasses and peered over the top so I could finally look her in the eye. They were blue. Figures. “Are you?” was all she said. But her tone made this a playful accusation. I smiled, blushed, and looked away.

She leaned forward and put a hand on my leg. This movement brought her cleavage into my field of vision. I didn’t look up as she said, “Listen, I want you to come back to my room with me for a bit.” Now I looked up, eyebrows raised in surprise. Her look was smoldering, seductive. I couldn’t believe this. The obvious interpretation of her meaning was too good to be true. Was she a prostitute? This doesn’t happen.

Her hand moved up my thigh just a little bit–nowhere naughty, but the slight movement was suggestive enough. Then she stood up and took a few steps away, turning her head to look over her shoulder in what she surely knew was an incredibly sexy pose. “Are you coming?”

The intellectual part of my mind was playing through all sorts of wild explanations for this behavior, but another part knew what it meant and didn’t waste any time in obeying. She led me into the elevator and pressed ‘8’. As the door closed she turned to me and took a step, putting her chest about half an inch from mine and looking up at me. “There’s one thing,” she said. “If you come into my room with me, you have to promise to do whatever I tell you.”

My nervousness increased tenfold when she said this, and I started imagining sitcom-like scenarios in which I ended up handcuffed naked to a bed while she made off with my money. But I also found myself in a state of incredible arousal. I was aware of a mild discomfort where my erection was bound by my shorts, but I didn’t dare adjust myself, or move at all. I was terrified of waking up and finding this was all an illusion. The elevator door opened. “I promise,” I said.

She smiled, said, “My name is Sara,” and stepped off the elevator, walking down the empty corridor with a bounce in her step. I followed more slowly, terrified by some of the possibilities I was imagining but unable to resist others. She unlocked and opened one of the many identical doors and held it open for me. I entered a room just like my own. The first thing I heard was the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. The second was the sound of the door being shut and locked behind me.

Sara walked around to stand near the door to the bathroom, then turned to look at me. She looked me up and down and then said simply, “Strip.” I hesitated a moment, then pulled my shirt over my head and unbuttoned my shorts. I didn’t dare pause to think about what was happening, and in mere moments I was naked. Sara’s eyes went to my erection, standing out thick and hard. She smiled, but didn’t move. She just stood there, still in her bikini, looking at me. I looked back, trying to focus on the soft curves of her body rather than the strangeness of the ataköy türbanlı escort situation.

Perhaps a minute passed like this; though I was no less aroused I started to lose my erection. What was going to happen? Was I supposed to wait for her to tell me what to do? That had been my impression. But she wasn’t doing anything. I took a step toward her; she held up her hand to indicate that I shouldn’t come any closer. The shower fell silent. The bathroom door swung slowly open to reveal a tall, naked man. He ran a small, white hotel towel over the dark skin of his bald head and down his neck. I followed the movement downward, across his broad, heavily muscled chest. His dick was flaccid and hung between his thick legs. He made no movement to cover himself. He looked at me; I felt small and suddenly embarrassed by my nakedness, my own body that of a scholar rather than an athlete. Mercifully his gaze turned to Sara. She jumped at him, reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck (she could barely reach) and pulling him down for a passionate kiss. As they broke the kiss she whispered, “Look what I brought.” He looked at me again, then down at Sara with a smile. She unclasped her hands and dragged them down between them. Her body now blocked my view, but from the movements of her arms it was clear that she was touching his cock. He closed his eyes. She pressed her breasts against him and started kissing his chest and making little moaning noises. My penis grew rock hard again as I watched.

After a bit Sara stepped back and her man lay down on the bed. His cock was now fully erect, and my gaze fixed on it. It was beautiful, long and hard and dark, definitely longer than my own. I mentally guessed it to be ten inches. I felt Sara’s hand on my shoulder, and her lips brushed my ear. “Suck him for me,” she whispered.

I was startled; I had become incredibly aroused at the prospect of watching these two beautiful people, but somehow I hadn’t imagined doing anything like what she asked. I didn’t move. “You promised,” she reminded me. So I had.

I stepped gingerly forward, to the foot of the bed. Slowly I knelt, feeling the mattress give under my weight. I was between his legs, looking up at his hard cock twitching over his stomach. His eyes looked past me at Sara, for which I was grateful. I tried to pretend it was just she and I in the room. Gingerly I inched forward. Nervously I reached out with my right hand. Finally it touched another man’s dick for the first time in my life. I lifted it gently until it stood more or less vertical, and allowed myself to be awed by its size. I wrapped my hand around it and tried to find a comfortable grip. It was strange, my fingers stretching along the flat side and my palm cupping the bulgy underside, opposite the way I hold myself when I masturbate. Once I had become accustomed to the feeling I started to stroke him gently.

Remembering the command that had brought me to this position I put my left hand on the mattress for support and leaned forward. I paused with his dick a couple centimeters from my mouth, partly out of anxiety and partly out of excitement at each new experience. I looked only at the massive cock before me–it looked so much bigger up close, and even though its girth was similar to mine, it seemed much, much thicker. I wanted to focus on it, to forget about who it belonged to and think only of this vision of phallic perfection. There is a reason there are so many close up shots in pornography–an erect cock, particularly engaged in some act of penetration, is a powerful sexual symbol that moves men and women, straight and gay alike. My sexual orientation was no obstacle to my admiration for the beautiful organ I held in my hand.

Finally my lips touched the head of his cock, and I jumped back, startled by the novelty of the feeling. Soon I was kissing all around the head, opening my lips a little to wet it with my saliva. My tongue snaked out and licked the ridge where the circumcised head of his cock met the shaft. I heard him breathe more deeply. I felt the bed shift, and I looked up to see Sara sitting on the edge of the mattress, leaning over to kiss him. She was naked now, too, and I admired the curve of her spine and her tight ass for a moment before returning my attention to the task at hand.

Reinspired by the sight of the lovely woman I was, after all, doing this for, I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock inside, sealing my lips around his shaft. It took me a little bit to get the hang of the movement, but soon I was sliding my lips up and down his cock. His dick was slippery with my saliva, and my hand slid easily along the part that I couldn’t reach with my lips. I gagged a few times, trying ataköy ucuz escort to take as much of him as I could, wanting my first blowjob to be a good one. Tears came to my eyes, and I stopped what I was doing to wipe them away. Wanting a brief respite, I licked along the length of his shaft, and then boldly moved my tongue to his testicles. I gently sucked his balls into my mouth for a few seconds, then took his dick back in my mouth and began the up-and-down movement once more. I kept the strokes shallower this time but increased my speed.

There was no way to tell how long I kept this up, but it seemed like forever. He started to move his hips a bit and tense his muscles, encouraging me to keep going. I was getting tired, but tried to renew my efforts. Soon Sara’s blond hair cascaded around the base of his cock, and I looked up to see her head resting on his stomach, her face turned to me, watching. She smiled. “Keep going,” she said. “He’s going to come soon. Make him come in your mouth for me.”

I didn’t think I had it in me, but I started moving even faster. The novelty had worn off and I wanted it to end, I wanted to do something easier, and preferably with Sara. Her encouragement spurred me on. “That’s it,” she said in a soft, seductive whisper. “Keep going. We’re almost there.”

Then she stopped addressing me and turned to her lover. “Are you going to come baby? Come for me. I want you to come in his mouth.” Finally he let out a single, stifled groan and raised his hips off the bed. I braced for his orgasm, and after a couple seconds I tasted his warm semen filling my mouth. It was salty and tasted much like I imagined it would, but I wasn’t prepared for the strange texture. I kept my lips sealed over him as his dick pulsed, waiting until he had settled back onto the mattress and the convulsions of his cock had slowed before carefully sliding off of him. I quickly swallowed and looked up at Sara, who gave his softening dick a quick kiss before sitting up and giving me a peck on the cheek.

“Now do me,” she whispered and quickly lay down on the bed next to her lover. I moved over as well as she spread her legs for me. Her pussy was shaved and smooth, which excited me (my past girlfriends would not do that). This time there was no hesitation as I leaned forward, supporting myself on my elbows and grabbing her thighs to keep her legs spread. Before I touched her with my tongue, however, I held my head a couple of inches above her and just exhaled warm air onto her pussy. She squirmed and lifted her hips off the bed. I kissed her all around her moist pussy, continuing to tease her.

The mattress shifted as Sara’s lover got up off the bed. I paid no attention, entirely focused on the task at hand. Finally I got my tongue into the action, licking from the bottom of her slit to the top, parting her lips and tasting her wetness for the first time. It was exquisite. She moaned. I pressed my tongue against her clit and slowly moved it back and forth. She lifted herself upwards, increasing the pressure momentarily.

I was startled at this point to feel a hand on my ass. I stopped what I was doing and lifted my head, but before I could turn to see what was happening, Sara firmly grabbed my hair and gently pressed my head downward. “Don’t stop,” she commanded, breathlessly.

Now there were two hands on spreading my ass cheeks. Sara’s lover was hard again, and he had smeared himself with a lubricant–which I could now feel cold and slimey against my anus. I gasped and again tried to lift my head. I wanted to say something. I didn’t know what–I was incredibly aroused and I didn’t want to ruin the scene, I wanted to keep on pleasuring Sara. But I wasn’t at all ready for my first anal experience, and I was terrified by the size of the dick that I knew was about to penetrate me.

But still Sara kept my head firmly between her thighs. “Shhh,” she said. “You were making me feel wonderful. Keep going.” I couldn’t say no. I just shoved my tongue into Sara’s pussy, moving it around, licking in a circle in order to press against every part of her vagina. She was incredibly wet and tasted wonderful. I tried to focus on that.

At the same time, I could feel an unwelcome pressure on my anus. I tensed, resisting the invader. But he was insistent, and soon he pushed through my resistance and the head of his well-lubricated cock was inside of me. It hurt. I grunted and stopped licking Sara. I couldn’t focus on anything but the intense feeling of being penetrated for the first time. It wasn’t pleasant, but at least he had stopped and wasn’t trying to go any further.

Sara freed herself from my grip on her thighs and slid down the bed, moving further beneath me. ataköy üniversiteli escort I could no longer reach her pussy. She lifted my head and looked into my eyes. “Don’t worry. Relax,” she said as she let go of my head and slid her hands between us. I felt them grasping my penis, and she slowly began to stroke me.

Despite the pain, I was feeling more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I moaned as Sara started touching me. I felt like my testicles had been working overtime to produce sperm; it was as though I were ready to burst.

Sara’s lover began to push forward. He moaned too, as my anus clenched around him. It still hurt like hell, but the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure combined into a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, which wasn’t really pleasant but was entirely sexual. My bodied cried out for the release of orgasm. The dick in my ass began to move back and forth, though only probably half of it was actually inside me. Sara started stroking me faster. I tried to look into her beautiful eyes, but they were staring over my back. She was smiling at her lover, even as her hands continued to stroke my penis. I buried my face between her large breasts and gritted my teeth against the overwhelming sensations.

It couldn’t have lasted very long, but it felt like hours. I began to get used to the pain, although it never really abated. The feeling in my stomach was almost more unbearable. I needed release. And then I got it. I hadn’t even noticed it coming, but suddenly I was coming. My penis spasmed as I shot my semen between Sara and I. I felt the first warm splash on my chest; most of the rest covered her arms and hands. I cried out; it was the most exquisite orgasm I had ever experienced.

After I was done, the feeling in my stomach began to subside, as did my arousal. The dick in my ass continued to move slowly back and forth. I could still feel the pain of being stretched around his massive cock, but it seemed duller. I lay heavily on Sara’s chest, trying not to move.

Finally I felt him pull out of me. Sara gently pushed me off of her; I rolled over and lay on my back with my eyes closed. I didn’t want to look at the man who had just fucked my ass. I could feel the bed shift as Sara stood, and then I could hear water running in the bathroom. I tentatively opened my eyes. The bathroom door was open; through it I could see in the mirror Sara washing her hands. Her lover stood behind her, bending down to nibble at her neck and clutching a breast in each large hand. Sara was smiling happily and looking at their reflection. He had a hungrier look.

As soon as the water was turned off they ran quickly back into the room. He sat down on the bed next to me and stretched out, his shoulders leaning against the headboard. His cock was still erect, lying against his well-muscled stomach. Neither of them looked at me. Sara gave me no further instructions. She jumped onto the bed and straddled her lover, grasping his dick with both hands. She held it straight up and positioned herself over it, then swiftly impaled herself on its girth.

She moaned and closed her eyes as she started moving up and down, trying to take all of him inside her. I watched intently as inch after inch of his dark cock disappeared inside her. Finally he was all the way inside her. She leaned forward, brushing her nipples against his chest and giving him a long, passionate kiss. The she started moving her hips in circles slowly and whimpering. After just a minute or two she started screaming and digging her fingernails into her lover’s muscular arms. She squeezed her eyes shut as she had an intense orgasm.

When it subsided she sat up straighter again and started to lift herself with her legs. Her labia clung to his massive dick as she slid up about half way, then plunged back down. She started slowly, but quickly progressed to swift, forceful movements. I was amazed by the strength and stamina she displayed.

The two of them gazed into each others’ eyes, still completely ignoring me. I was beginning to get aroused again, but it seemed that I wasn’t going to get much else out of this experience. I watched, enraptured, as Sara had a second orgasm. They changed positions, putting Sara on her back with her legs pulled toward her chest as far as they could go. Her powerful lover thrust into her again and again. She was moaning constantly; he would grunt occasionally. Now I was amazed at his stamina.

As Sara had her third orgasm, I started to feel like I was intruding. They were lost in each other and showed no signs of stopping. I quietly stood up and started to dress myself. I was disappointed that I hadn’t gotten to experience what he was experiencing now. The whole thing had gone much differently than I had hoped. I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. I opened the door and quietly let myself out. As I stood in the hallway, still listening to the loud noises of pleasure coming from Sara, I knew one thing for certain–the fantasy that had been fulfilled today had not been mine. But I certainly had one more to add to my own repertoire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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