The Professor’s Women Ch. 13

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This is the thirteenth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this episode, a whole new world opens up for our family, and they explore new perversions.


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Thirteen: New Friends and Lovers

Monday morning at ten, the Chair of the Visual Arts Department had just finished going through her morning mail and was thinking about getting a cup of coffee, when there was a knock at her office door. Kathy got up from her chair and walked to the door. When she opened it, she came face to face with the Education Department’s newest Professor, Rosalyn Baker.

Kathy invited the woman in, and closed the door behind her, locking it. The two women embraced, and sat on the ubiquitous well-worn brown leather couch that seemed to be in every office on campus. They engaged in small talk for a few minutes, finally talking about their common interest, the fact that their two children were madly in love with each other.

They both decided that it was, perhaps, too soon to be discussing wedding plans, so instead, they talked about their children’s sexual compatibility. Kathy asked Rosalyn about her ‘relationship’ with her son, and how large his cock was. Jon’s mother described his manhood in detail, and told Kathy that they had been intimate since she relieved him of his virginity when he was sixteen.

Rosalyn asked, “I know that your family has a very ‘open’ relationship when it comes to sex, both from the things my son has told me, but also from the rumors I have heard around campus. Is your husband really as big as the campus rumors say he is?”

Kathy smiled and answered, “Jackson is not only as big as the stories make him out to be, but he is the best lover I have ever encountered, and I have had many. From what my ‘daughter’ has told me, your son’s cock is nearly as long and at least as thick as my Jackson’s is. If you are interested in sharing, I would be willing to allow you to sample my husband’s ‘Monster’ as long as you and Traci would allow me to take your son Jon’s for a ‘ride’.”

Rosalyn smiled and looked into Kathy’s blue eyes, and said, “I think a family ‘get together’ is in order,” before she kissed the older woman passionately.

The two women wasted no time undressing, and Kathy feasted on the younger woman’s voluptuous boobs, sucking on her large, dark red nipples, like a hungry baby at her mother’s breast.

Before long the two women were in the sixty-nine position, with Kathy on top sucking on Rosalyn’s long, protruding, dark red labia minora and erect clitoris, while Rosalyn burried her long tongue in Kathy’s dripping vagina, and flicked her G-spot.

After fifteen minutes of intense Sapphic lovemaking, the two women brought each other to a thunderous shared orgasm, and soaked each other in their juices. As they came down from their ecstatic high, they kissed and tasted each other on their tongues, smiling, and imagining repeating this interlude many more times.

Finally, as they were redressing, Kathy said, “Rosalyn, I would love for you and Jon to come to our house for dinner Friday night. You don’t need to bring anything but yourselves. I can promise you a unique and delicious ‘desert’.”

The boy’s mother kissed the girl’s stepmother, and said, “I am very excited about sharing my son with you, and I know that Jon will really enjoy it. With all what I have heard about your husband, I think that experiencing his ‘Monster’ would be a ‘dream come true’. I hope that Traci will not get jealous of you experiencing my Jon. Also, I think I would like to spend some time with her as well. “

The two women kissed goodbye at the door, and Kathy said, “I don’t think we need to worry about Traci being jealous. She has always been very good about separating sex and love. Even though she loves your Jon, she still shares our bed, fucking Jackson and I often, but I will have a mother-daughter chat with her tonight, just to make sure.”

Rosalyn left, and the two women went about the rest of their day, thinking about their mid-morning tryst, and the future of the many sexual ‘combinations’ this potential ‘group marriage’ might bring.

When Rosalyn got home, later that day, her son had his books spread all over the kitchen table, doing homework. As she told him about the ‘meeting’ she had with Kathy, he said nothing. When she finished, he undressed, picked up his mother and carried her into their bedroom. After she undressed, they made love without saying a word, for the next two hours.

Later, as they ate dinner in the nude, Jon told his mother how happy he was about being allowed to fuck his future mother-in-law, and was glad that his future bride was alright with him doing it. Rosalyn told her son how much she was looking forward to experiencing ‘Professor Monster Cock’, and was excited that she would be able to taste Traci’s pussy as well.

At the dinner table of the Powell house, Kathy was relating what happened konyaaltı escort during her ‘meeting’ with Jon’s mother that morning to her husband and ‘daughter’.

The two listened with rapt interest, and didn’t say a word until she had finished her description of all that had happened, and all that had been said. Finally, she said to Traci, “Baby, does it bother you that I’ve been given the opportunity to fuck the young man you’ve fallen in love with?”

Traci smiled and said, “No Mommy, it’s just sex, and even if you do fall in love with his cock, it’s not the same as being in love with him.”

Kathy looked at her husband and said, “What about you, my loving husband? Other than when we were on the island during our honeymoon, yours is the only cock that has been in my vagina since we met. Does it bother you that I’m considering ‘cheating’ on you?”

Jackson smiled and said, “Darling, like Traci said, it’s only sex, and I don’t consider that ‘cheating’. After all, I will be fucking his mother as well. I know you would never do anything that would threaten the sanctity of our marriage.”

Traci chimed in with, “Mommy, I get to eat his mommy’s pussy too, and who knows, it might even turn into an orgy as well. I haven’t had one of those since my ‘Coming Home Party’ at the Spa, and that was a blast!”

They finished their dinner, and decided to sleep together in the front bedroom/office, and after they fucked each other to sleep, all three dreamed about the new ‘couple’ they were about to share their beds and lives with.

On Friday evening, Jonathan and Rosalyn Baker arrived at the Powell home on College Avenue. The two families sat down to dinner, and their conversation was about everything but sex. The parents talked about their jobs, and the two youngsters talked about their classes and instructors.

After dinner when the leftovers were put away, and the dishes were done, Traci took charge, and told everyone to ‘retire to the living room’. She told her Daddy to sit in his chair, and Mommy to sit on his lap. She told Jon and his mother to sit on the couch. She stood in the middle of the room and said, “Mommy, will you please take Jon upstairs to my bedroom and undress each other, I will join you two very soon.”

After they left, she said, “Daddy, please take Jon’s sexy mother up to your bedroom, and fill her up with your beautiful cock.” Traci took off her dress, leaving her nude and said, I’m going to join Jon and Mommy, but don’t worry, I will join you two later and we will have lots of fun.” She went over and kissed her Daddy passionately, and left the room.

Jackson stood and walked over to the couch where he held out his hand to a somewhat stunned Rosalyn and said, “Well, I guess we have been given our orders.” She took his hand and was led upstairs to the front bedroom/office, where they undressed, and stared lustfully at each other.

She was completely enthralled by the immense hunk of man meat that was standing at attention in front of her. She dropped to her knees, grasped it, pulled the foreskin back, and stared at the swollen purple head that was already dripping pre-cum. She licked the ooze from its head, and took as much of it into her mouth as she could.

He moaned loudly as she sucked on his ‘Monster’, and reached down to fondle her huge breasts, grasping her large dark red nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twisting them, and causing her to nearly swallow his cock and choke on it. As she became lightheaded, and started to collapse on the floor, he caught her, picked her up, placed her on the bed.

When she regained consciousness, she realized that someone was assaulting her pussy, and saw the top of Jackson’s head as he was licking and sucking on her nether region. By this time, he had two fingers in her vagina, his thumb in her ass, and her clitoris in his mouth, as he sucked and tapped on it with his tongue. Before long, she lost control and had a screaming, squirting orgasm, like none she had ever experienced before.

At the other end of the hall in Traci’s bedroom, Jon was eating Kathy to her second orgasm, as Traci rode Mommy’s tongue to an orgasm of her own, when they heard the scream coming from the room at the other end of the hall. The three stopped, and smiled at each other, knowingly. Jon lined up his cock with his future mother-in-law’s vagina, and drove in into her with one smooth, steady thrust. Kathy moaned, “OOHH FUUCCK!” when he bottomed out in her, and shared a passionate kiss with Traci.

When he heard his wife’s loud moan at the end of the hall, Jackson stopped eating his new lover’s pussy, and repositioned himself to drive his ‘Monster’ into his daughter’s future mother-in-law’s dripping vagina. He pulled his foreskin back and drove with a firm, steady thrust into a vagina that felt strangely familiar. When he hit bottom, she had her second screaming, squirting orgasm of the night. He didn’t stop, and continued to fuck her until kültür escort she came screaming again. When her Kegel’s clamped down on his “Monster’, he lost control, and filled her with his seed.

When Jon heard his mother scream a second time, he started fucking Kathy like a man possessed, and soon she was cumming again. When he felt her vagina clamp down on him, he lost it and exploded into her spasming vagina. When he rolled off his future mother-in law, Traci went to work licking their combined juices from her Mommy’s pussy, and off of her boyfriend’s softening cock.

When she finished, she got out of her bed and left the two lovers to sleep. She walked into her ‘parent’s’ bedroom, and proceeded to ‘clean up’ the two lovers in her parent’s bed. First she sucked her Daddy’s softening ‘Monster’ clean, and then started to drink from her future mother-in-law’s flooded pussy.

When Rosalyn felt her pussy being ‘cleaned’ she opened her eyes and saw a mass of blond hair hovering over her midsection, and realized that her future daughter-in-law was the one that was giving her so much pleasure. She tapped the young lady on her shoulder to get her attention, and motioned for her to turn around so she could return the favor.

When Jackson came out of his fog, he saw his daughter on top of her future mother-in-law in the sixty-nine position, with them dining on each other. It was then that his memory returned, and he realized that his bed partner’s vagina had felt exactly like his late wife Elizabeth’s had. This revelation caused his head to spin, as he thought, ‘What the fuck!’ and then realized that he couldn’t possibly be right. He drifted off to sleep as his two bed partners continued their mutual cunnilingus beside him.

All through the night, Traci went back and forth between the two bedrooms, joining the lovers in their pursuit of their sexual fulfillment. By morning, she had been fucked by her Daddy and her boyfriend three times by each, had eaten (and been eaten by) her Mommy and future mother-in-law, more times than she could remember. She was sound asleep in her bedroom as the three ‘parents’ and her boyfriend were eating breakfast together (in the nude) in the dining room at ten o’clock, Saturday morning.

After they ate, Kathy and Rosalyn decided that it was time to measure their men. Kathy retrieved the cloth measuring tape she always carried in her purse, and had the men sit side-by-side on the living room couch. The two ladies sucked on their men, until they were fully erect. Kathy then measured both men’s penises, both in length and circumference. Traci had awoken, and walked into the living room in time to witness this spectacle. It was determined that the men were the same size girth, that being 7 ½” circumference. Jackson was 12 ¼” long from base to tip (with his foreskin retracted), and Jon was 11 ½” from base to tip.

As the two men stood, thoroughly embarrassed by the whole thing, Jackson finally said, “Jon, you are still young, and could grow even more.” They both laughed that one off, but knew that there was probably no one they knew that was anywhere nearly as hung as they were.

Kathy finally said, “Well we’ve fucked each other silly. What do you want to do now?”

Traci looked at Kathy and said, “Mommy, do you think we could all go to the Spa at your condo?”

Kathy looked at her ‘daughter’ and said, “I don’t see why not, as long as no one else is using it, and we won’t need any suits either.” Jon and his mother looked at each other stunned, and then at Traci who said, “We had a nude orgy party there last summer when I came home from the east coast with my friends,” and everyone laughed.

After they all got dressed, Jackson and Kathy rode with Rosalyn, while Traci gave Jon a ride in Liz. When the got to the condo, Kathy led them all to the spa, put the ‘Out Of Service For Maintenance’ sign on the door, and locked it behind them. When they were getting undressed, Jon said to Jackson, “Wow, that is some car you and Traci built, it gave me a hard-on just riding in it!” Jackson and his daughter just smiled knowingly.

They spent the next four hours playing, sucking, fucking, and discovering all of the different ways that five people could enjoy sex together. They even spread the cushions from the chaise lounges in a row on the floor and experimented with several combinations of daisy chains. Also, the two men took turns doing double penetrations on all three ladies, while the other two ladies sixty-nined each other. When they were totally spent, they just relaxed in the hot tub, until their stomachs started growling.

They all got dressed, and drove to their favorite eatery, where they sat at the big round booth in the rear. After they finished their steakburgers, fries, and milkshakes, the ‘merry band of incestuous perverts’ drove back to the Powell’s where they spent until Sunday morning, all of them fucking each other silly.

Jackson woke up with bride asleep on top of markantalya escort him, and his morning wood buried in her vagina. Traci woke up on top of her boyfriend with his morning wood buried in her vagina, and her mouth suckling her future mother-in-law’s right breast. Both father and daughter thought the very same thing, ‘Life doesn’t get any better than this’.

Later when they were eating a light lunch while still nude, Jackson asked Rosalyn if they had any plans for the 4th of July weekend. When Rosalyn said they had none, Jackson told the whole table that because of all of their ‘activities over the weekend, he had forgotten to mention that he had been offered an opportunity to spend a weekend at a privately owned, ‘very special’ resort in rural northwestern Indiana.

A friend of his was a member of the club, and had made reservations but could not use them because of a family emergency on the west coast. He had offered the package to Jackson at no cost, other than food and drink, and had made all of the arrangements so that they would be welcomed there. Jackson added, that because Independence Day was on a Sunday this year, the college would not have classes on either Friday the 2nd, or Monday the 5th, they would have a four day weekend.

When Kathy asked him about the details, Jackson said that the name of the place was ‘The Paradise Sun and Fun Club’. It was a members only naturalist club, in a very secluded part of Paradise Township, Indiana. He told them that nearly all of the people there were polyamorous, and that sex in public was not only allowed, but encouraged. He told them they would be staying in a two bedroom cabin with a hot tub and an outdoor shower on the deck.

He told them that the only requirement was that everyone had to be disease and drug free, and since everyone had just gotten their checkups for the school year, they were covered.

Traci squealed, “Wow Daddy, that sounds like Martha’s Vineyard all over again!”

Kathy smiled, and said, “What do you say Roz, Are you guys up for this?”

Rosalyn looked at her son, who nodded, and was sporting a ‘stiffy’. She said, “We’re in!”

Just then, Traci noticed Jon’s excited state, grabbed his tumescence, and dragged him upstairs to her bedroom by it.

Jackson stood, walked around the table, and took each of the ladies by the hand, and sat in the middle of the couch. Kathy and Rosalyn got the idea and sat on either side of him.

They took turns licking and sucking his cock until they had him fully hard, and then turned around kneeling on the couch with their asses pointing toward the fireplace. Jackson got up and lined up his cock with his bride’s waiting pussy, and drove into her with one steady stroke. As he was backing out of her, Rosalyn scooted next to Kathy, Jackson switched holes, and drove into his daughter’s future mother-in-law’s pussy. He kept switching back and forth, fucking both women alternately, and after ten minutes of this, both women were on the edge of an orgasm.

Jackson sped up his pace, and when he felt them both close to their orgasms, he stuck a thumb into each of the women’s assholes, and they both came together. He was so excited by their cumming simultaneous, he came without touching his cock, and squirted all over their asses and backs. The two ladies took turns licking his sperm off of each other’s asses and backs, and then took turns sucking their juices from his cock. Jackson sat down between them and they were making out like three horny teenagers when Jon and Traci came downstairs after their ‘quickie’.

The five looked at each other laughing heartily and decided it was probably time for them to get dressed. Jon and his mother left around dusk, after the two families shared a dinner of leftovers. Mother and son undressed soon after the walked into their home. They climbed into bed together, and made gentle love together, because they were too tired to fuck like they usually did. The Powell family also decided to sleep together in the front bedroom/office, and all five fell asleep completely sexually satisfied.

Over the next several weeks the two families became closer, and Traci spent a couple of weekends at the Baker home. Traci taught her future mother-in-law a few new tricks about cunnilingus that she had learned from her several lesbian lovers, and they shared the toys that Jon had bought for his mother over the years.

On Monday the 28th of June, Jackson asked Leslie if she knew of anyone who had a minivan, or any other larger vehicle that he could borrow for the long holiday weekend coming up.

When she asked him why, he told her about the trip that he had planned, but had forgotten that all of their vehicles were too small to comfortably transport five adults for the distance they were going.

Leslie’s eyes got really big and said, “Oh wow Jackson, that place is amazing. Brenda and I went there with a bunch of her nurse friends last summer and we had a blast. My brother has a Suburban, would that work?”

Jackson said, “That should work fine as long as it’s not too old.”

Leslie smiled and said, “It’s only two years old, and it’s a lease return he got from the dealership where he works.”

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