The Package

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Note: I wrote this story years ago, so I know the technology is out of date. I still think it’s sexy though!


Admiring my wife’s always neat penmanship, I glanced at the Mexican stamp and opened the neatly wrapped package, faintly smelling her perfume as I pulled the tape off and opened the small box. I read my name neatly written on a creme colored envelope bordered with pink carnations, with the words “read this first” underneath. I gently pulled the envelope from the package and inhaled softly, letting the smell of her perfume take over my senses as if she were sitting next to me, her soft fingers wrapped around mine.

I opened the envelope and pulled out the handwritten letter. I smiled to myself as I read it, hearing her voice in my head. “Mi amor, I miss you so much. It feels so good to see my parents after five years, but since I have been gone, I realized something that I had forgotten in the six years we’ve been married. I need you and I love you so much.”

My heart pounded as I read her words. “I miss everything about you, your touch, your kisses and especially your…” I could imagine her cheeks turning crimson as she smiled softly at her own thoughts while she wrote the letter. I continued on to the next paragraph.

“We’ve always talked about our fantasies. Some things that you say you want me to do I have always told you that I could not. If you look back in the package, you should find a videotape. When you are done with this letter, look at the video, and remember that I love you with all my heart and always will. My heart belongs to you. Forever.”

I took one last smell of her perfume before I carefully placed the letter on the table and pulled the videotape out of the cardboard box. Carefully written on the front of the video were the words, “For my love.” I looked quizzically at the video, my eyebrows furrowing as I tried to determine the contents. I smiled at myself as I imagined the image of my relatively innocent and very beautiful wife telling me how much she loved me.

I carefully placed the video into the player, grabbed the remote control, and relaxed onto the sofa, turning on the TV and changing the channel. I was right, Her beautiful face filled the screen, her long dark hair framing her round face, her brown eyes looking at me lovingly. Her mouth began to move and I increased the volume so I could hear her words.

“…miss you so much. It seems like we’ve been apart for years even though it has only been weeks. Every night I go to bed, thinking of you…” she paused momentarily as she looked down, then looked back into the camera and continued. “Thinking of you fucking me with your hard cock.”

The camera pulled back and I could see her round breasts at the bottom the screen, her hard nipples visible through the sheer nightie I bought for her on her last birthday. “I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.” She paused again and smiled wickedly. “Do you miss these?” Her hand moved onto the screen and I watched as she softly pinched her nipples then cupped her breasts, pushing them together and softly jiggling them. “So you want to see them, honey?” she asked. “Would you like to suck on my nipples. I would love to feel lips on them and a tongue teasing them.” She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, letting out a slight moan as her fingers returned to her maltepe escort nipples with a soft squeeze.

Her face was filled with lust and the camera pulled back a little more. I could see her bare stomach as she pulled the nightie over her head, completely exposing her full breasts. Her hands returned momentarily to her breasts, softly squeezing them before her hands moved lower off the screen. I could see her arms moving slightly, and I knew she was masturbating as she continued.

“Do you remember your fantasy?” My wife asked. “How you have always wanted me to share myself with other men.” She paused shyly and took a deep breath. “Remember how I always answered that I couldn’t do that, that it wasn’t me?” Her arms moved faster, I could imagine her fingers running up and down her pussy as her eyes closed and she moaned softly. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful wife was teasing me with my own fantasy.

“It’s time that I admitted something,” she continued. “The first time you ever confessed your naughty fantasy to me, I was surprised, shocked that you would want me to do something like that.” Her lustful eyes pierced through the TV screen. “At first I was hurt. I thought that you really didn’t love me if you wanted me to… to fuck other guys. Then I realized that there is a difference between making love and fucking and I sort of understood your fantasy and it excited me. I still continued to say that I didn’t want to do it, but I lied about the reason. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to do it, but because I was afraid… am afraid that I would like it too much.” Her arms moved faster and I imagined her fingers rapidly moving up and down her wet slit.

“In the two weeks that I’ve been down here, well, you know what I’m like. I made myself orgasm every night with my hands. Then a couple of nights ago at a party, well, I might of had a little too much to drink, and you know me, I’m a natural flirt anyway, these two guys kept talking to me, telling me how beautiful I was and I soaked it all in and flirted back. After a while, their compliments changed, they started telling me how nice of a body I have. Then one of them made a comment about how nice my tits are. I could have stopped everything there, but I was… I was too… I wanted them. I wanted to fuck. I really wanted to fuck them. Right there in the middle of the party, in front of everybody.

“They told me how nice of an ass I have. I still could have stopped everything, but I couldn’t. I just smiled, trying to hide my desires from them. I went outside to cool off, and they followed me. I could have stopped them, but I just smiled at them. I knew what I was doing, and I knew I beginning to lose control, but I didn’t care. All I could hear were your words echoing in my head. ‘What would you feel with another cock in your pussy, or two?'” I don’t know what amazed me more, the scene she was describing, or the glazed, lustful expression she wore. This was my shy, innocent wife?

I couldn’t believe it. My mouth hung open as she continued her story, the pure lust in her eyes making my cock hard. I rubbed my cock through my pants and watched as she confessed. “Once we got outside, one of them asked for a better look at my butt. I don’t think he thought I was really gonna do it. I don’t know who was more maslak escort surprised as I lifted up the back of my dress, me or them. You should have seen the looks on their faces…” She paused for a second and bit her lower lip before she continued, “I don’t know what got into me. Just having them looking at me, staring at me… lusting….”

Her hands came back into view, slowly sliding up her stomach and cupping her breasts. “Just thinking about what I did just makes me…” She pulled one of her nipples to her mouth and slowly licked it as she let out a low moan. She dropped her hands and pushed them back down off screen. Her arms moved slowly back and forth and I imagined her hands playing with her wet slit.

“One of the guys,” she continued, “reached out and touched my butt. I pushed his hand away. I mean, letting them look isn’t the same as touching…. I wanted to show them everything, so I turned around and pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders and pulled. Their eyes opened wide as they stared at my tits. I’ve never been so horny in my life. I couldn’t stop myself. I mean, I don’t know what got into me, but I stood next to one of the guys, I’m not even sure which one, and let him feel my boobs. Before I knew what was happening, I was on my knees and I had his cock in my mouth. Thinking about it now, I mean I was right outside and somebody had to see me, but I didn’t care. As hot as I was, he was even hotter, he came almost right away, in my mouth, and you know what. I didn’t care. I could feel his cum inside, and it was dripping out of my mouth and onto my tits.”

I couldn’t believe it, my wife, the same woman that was embarrassed to make love to me in a hotel room because the people in the next room might hear, sucked a guy off in public and let him cum in her mouth. She hardly ever gave me blow jobs, and when she did it was only with a half-hearted effort.

“I don’t even remember walking to their house, but the next thing I remember was bending over a couch and feeling…” She paused for a second and smiled wickedly. “Do you know what I felt, honey? I felt this.”

The camera zoomed out and I realized that she hadn’t been playing with herself the whole time, but she had been stroking some guys cock. Suddenly everything came together in my head. Not only had she been stroking this cock while talking to me on the video, somebody had to be running the camera. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly, and I watched as she lifted herself up, then pushed the head of the cock into her wet pussy, moaning loudly as it slid between her pussy lips. Once the head was between her labia, she opened her eyes and spoke. “I felt his cock slide into my pussy, just… like… this.” She pushed herself down, arching her back as the cock slid into her.

Once the cock was completely buried into her pussy, she smiled softly and her eyes fluttered briefly. “It feels so good, honey. It’s about the same width as yours, but a little longer. I don’t know why I waited so long…” My wife moaned and rhythmically pushed herself up and down. I could see the cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Pull the camera back,” she said addressing somebody else beside myself for the first time. Let him watch this too. I want your cock in my mouth. I’ll bet he’ll love mecidiyeköy escort watching that.” The camera pulled back, and I could see her entire body for the first time. A naked man stepped next to her, and she stared straight into the camera as she kissed the tip of his cock and pumped it with her hand. Still staring at me, her eyes locked on the camera, she took his cock into her mouth. Instead of daintily sucking on it, she took the whole thing into her mouth. As she pulled it put, she smiled at me and said, “as you can see, I’ve gotten some practice sucking cock. If you’re nice to me when I get back, I’ll show you how good of a cocksucker I’ve become.” With those words, she closed her eyes and pushed the whole cock back into her mouth as she continued to pound the other cock into her pussy.

For the next fifteen minutes, I watched these two guys fuck my wife. I don’t know how they lasted so long. Just watching them I came three times, my cum spraying all over myself. Finally, with a loud groan one of the guys pulled out of my wife’s pussy and shot his load all over her tits. Then almost right after, the other guy groaned and came in her mouth. The cum was dripping out of her mouth. Instead of repulsively spitting it out like she did the one time she let me come in her mouth, she swallowed it. The cum that dripped out of her mouth she greedily licked with her tongue, pushing the cum dripping off her chin with her finger back into her mouth, then seductively licking her finger.

“Look at all this cum all over me,” she said into the camera as she picked up a drop of cum off her left nipple. “It feels so good and…,” She licked her finger again, “and tastes so good.” Without missing a beat she continued.”I hope you miss me. As much as I love and miss you, you’ll have to forgive me for saying that I don’t miss your cock. I’ve had plenty of that lately. And later tonight I’m going to have even more. You see, to get these guys to agree to making this videotape, I had to agree to be the hostess at a card game of theirs with a bunch of their friends, and I have to wear whatever they chose. You know what I get to wear?” she asked as she stepped off the screen. “This.”

She held up a tiny black and white something, I guess it was some kind of uniform, but not something that I’ve ever seen a hostess wear. It was completely white, sheer at the breasts, then black in the middle before it melded into a white sheer skirt. She smiled innocently and added, “Here’s the underwear.” as she held up a tiny white sheer thong. At least I think it was a thong. I don’t even know if it had enough material to be called a thong.

“I’ll let you know how the party went when I get home on Sunday. If it goes anything like I expect, I think I’ll be pretty well fucked by then.” The screen went blank momentarily and I reached for the remote, but before I could shut off the TV, her face re-appeared on the screen. This time she was dressed. I could see the straps of a dress or blouse on her shoulders. “I love you, honey,” she said into the camera. I could see people in the background and it was bright daylight. Then she winked and added, “When I get home do you know what I’m going to let you do?” She paused and continued, “I’m gonna let you eat my pussy and taste the cum of the last guy I fucked. Will you like that?”

Then the camera panned back, and I could see her straddling some guy and grinding her hips into him as people walked behind them, only a short concrete wall hiding the lewd movements below her waist, but nothing could hide the lewd expression on her face as she pumped away. She moaned softly, desperately trying to hide her orgasm, then the camera faded to black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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