The Game Bus Ch. 00 – Intro

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


***Writer’s Note***

This is my first time writing a story, hope you would enjoy reading it as much as me writing it. My characters narrated in the story, take on the appearance of Adam Foster and Nat Wolff from the show, room 104 season 1 episode 7, “The Missionaries.” Since I find them hot, and was inspired by a similar story I had read long before, hence creating a fantasy story.

Summary: A Game Bus pulled up into a quiet town, offering a prize of $1000 to winners who manages to complete the challenges inside. Nat and Adam were intrigued by the prospects of winning and decided to give it a shot. What they did not expect was that their lives were going to change after entering the Game Bus operated by a perverted Game Master.

**The Game Bus**

A big and long grey truck pulled up into the driveway next to the basketball court. It immediately captured the attention of the two boys playing basketball with its huge and flashy sign plastered to the side of the truck: THE GAME BUS!

Adam and Nat were intrigued with the mysterious truck that just drove into their quiet neighbourhood, with not much ever happening. This could be their chance to experience something else other than their usual holiday routine of shooting hoops and playing video games. Both boys dropped their basketballs and went towards the trailer, checking out what is going on with this huge and strange truck with dark tinted windows that made it impossible to peer kartal escort inside and claiming itself to be a ‘Game Bus’.

Suddenly from the back of the truck, metals stairs descended leading up to a door with a monitor screen in the centre. Words appears on the screen and a male game show voice announced from speakers within the screen, “Welcome boys, to the Game Bus! Do you want to earn extra cash just by playing a few simple games? Here’s your chance to win more than $1,000 if you clear the challenges set, and many boys have cleared the challenges and claimed the prize. So what are you waiting for?! Step right up to the door and you may begin your challenge! Only one person may attempt the Game Bus at a time.”

Nat jumped around enthusiastically exclaiming, “Wow did you see that? We could win $1,000 just by completing this Game Bus. We could use the money to buy new gaming laptops!”

“Well… this seems a little fishy don’t you think?” Adam seems to be uneasy about this situation.

“But this is our chance to try out something new and win some money as well,” Nat shot back at Adam. “Fuck it, I am going to give it a shot and see what happens, and when I win the money I’m not going to share it with you.”

Nat went up the metal stairs and stood facing the door with the screen. The screen flashed and words appeared together with the game-show voice announcing, “I see you are ready for the challenge. Please say out your name, age and consent to participate in the Game Bus before the game starts.”

“I kurtköy escort am Nat Wolff, 18 years old and I agree to participate in the Game Bus.”

“Very well challenger, this is your first test to determine whether you have the wits to clear the rest of the challenges.”

The screen flashed and a mathematics question appeared. “Challenge 1. What are the three consecutive numbers that add up to 108?”

“Pfft are you sure this is the first challenge? That’s too easy for the top math student like me.” Without even using his fingers to count, Nat immediately answered. “The numbers are 35, 36, and 37”

“Well done! You indeed have the brains needed for the games. You may now proceed.”

A click sound is heard from the metal door, and the door is now unlocked. Nat placed his hands on the handle of the door and pushed it inwards, revealing nothing but darkness inside. Before stepping into the dark metal trailer, Nat turned around and said to Adam, “This Game Bus challenges should be a cake walk, you better participate and win the prize too! Else you will be still using your lousy computer while I use my new gaming laptop. See you at the other end!” Nat stepped into the Game Bus and the metal door closed shut, leaving Adam outside staring at the door and the screen.

The screen flashed and the voice came. “Don’t worry challenger, your turn will come soon. Once your friend is halfway through the Game Bus you may proceed to start your challenge.” Adam stood there concerned about Nat and waited maltepe escort for around fifteen minutes, before the voice announced and startled him. “Your friend is almost finishing, you may now attempt the Gameeeee Bus!” Adam felt rather apprehensive about the whole challenge. But after brooding over what Nat just had said and having a competitive relationship with him ever since young, Adam decided that there was nothing to lose just by participating in just a game. He stepped up the stairs and faced the grey metal door.

“Before you first challenge, please say out your name, age and your consent to participate in the Game Bus.”

“My name is Adam Foster, age 18, and I agree to participate in the Game Bus.”

The screen flashed. “Alright! This is your first question to test your wits. What are the next three letter in the following sequence? J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, _, _, _, D.”

“What is this even?” exclaimed Adam, expecting a mathematics question just like what Nat had. His question just consist of random alphabets in no order. “Is this supposed to be a word?” Adam thought for a while and realised that they are not just any random alphabets, but actually the initial letters of the respective months in the year. The remaining months would be September, October, and November!

“S, O, and N”

“Marvellous, you got this right! You may now proceed into the Game Bus.” With that said, the lock behind the metal door clicked and Adam turned the handle and swung the door inwards. He could not see what was ahead of him and it was just black and darkness all around.

“This is it, let’s see what game the Game Bus capable is of.” Adam steps into the darkness, heart ready to face what further challenges would be next. Little did he know that his life, together with Nat, is going to change from that moment on.

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