The Family Ch. 01

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Last night, a family of six crossed a taboo line. Secrets came out. Decisions were made. No regrets were to be had. They are to Kross family.

Stan, Father Age 45
Carol, Mother Age 43
Marcus, Son/Brother Age 23
Sasha, Daughter/Sister Age 22
Brent, Son/Brother Age 21
Bethany, Daughter/Sister Age19


Day after the reveal…

Bethany, Age 19:

I slowly woke, coming to my senses, breathing in the scent of my father whom I was cuddled up to. This was the best part of having everything in the open, I could wake to his smell, cuddled with my bare body against his. I pushed myself up, looking at him with the biggest smile on my face. I also turned and looked at the rest of my family, my mother, sister and two brothers, all sprawled out on the living room floor, naked just as daddy and me.

As I turned back to him I saw that he was awake and smiling at me, his hands starting to stroke my back. He made a quick glance downward, which made me follow his gaze, smiling when I saw that he had some morning wood. As I gripped it and started to stroke, I couldn’t help but be so happy that we all found our deep love for each other.

As I bent down to take my dad’s cock into my mouth, he started to play with my tits, which in turn started getting my cunt wet. He must have known cause soon the fingers were playing with my clit. I climbed on top of him, guiding his cock into me as the memories of all the stories my siblings and I have told each other came racing back to me.


Three years before the reveal…

Sasha, Age 19:

I’ve always had a competitive nature, especially with my older brother. Both of us were sport types, he played football and basketball while I did softball and soccer. Ever since we were little we would always be in competition to see who could bring home more trophies within the year. As competitive as we were, we were also determined to help each other get better. Workouts and runs were a regular thing for us.

We were also each other’s partners in crime, though usually for a price. Say if I was at a party while I was supposed to be staying at a friends and mom was going to call and check, a quick text would alert me and I would call first with that friend who was of course at the party with me. That would result in doing one of the other person’s chores. Now that I was eighteen though, I didn’t have to ask him for much… except when I had been being naughty and getting plastered, and begging a ride home from him.

“You have got to slow down on your partying Sasha,” Marcus whispered as we walked back into the house at two in the morning. “This is the third time this month and we aren’t even half way through it!”

“Shorry… my big bro..,” I giggled, the alcohol making me slur my words. “Can’t… felp it. College parties… are funny… I mean fun! I jush… hope I didn… wake you…”

“Nah,” he shrugged as we tiptoed up to the second floor of the house. “Going to be up all night studying.”

“Cool… I can keep you company to repay you…” I said with a smile as I stumbled a little, getting caught in my brother’s arms. “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome little sis,” he looked at and held me for what seemed like several minutes before suddenly shaking his head and setting me upright. “Umm… yea. And also, you’re not getting out of doing dishes on lasagna night that easily.”

I blushed, recognizing a look that he had before letting me go, wondering if it was the alcohol making me see it. It had been ‘that’ look right? The look for desire? I didn’t get the chance to think much of it as my stomach be to grumble and lurch.

“Marc…” I whimpered, collapsing against a wall as he turned around slightly worried as he looked at me. “I think I’m gonna be sick…”

Marcus didn’t waste any time, putting my arm around him, telling me to hold it in for a second and helping to me to the bathroom. He got me there just in time and soon the toilet was filled with barfed up liquor. My head rested on the toilet, a cool rag was on the back of my neck and my brother’s hand rubbed my back.

“Better sleep in my room tonight,” Marcus said. “Probably gonna need some more help throughout the night.”

“Guess I’m gonna be washing a lot of disher…” I giggled before suddenly needing to throw up again.

It was about another twenty minutes before Marcus was able to get me to his room. He laid me on his bed, and disappeared for a moment. I was kind of in a daze, and my thoughts drifted to the look he had given, and the more I thought about it, the more I was sure I was mistaken. He returned a few minutes later with a glass of water and a turkey sandwich, ordering me to eat and drink.

“Anything you need from your room sis?” Marcus asked me. “Pajamas or the like?”

“No, I don’t wear pajamas anymore,” I said with a smiled as I nibbled on the sandwich. “I usually wear a long night shirt and my undies. The shirt should be hanging on my closet door knob.”

“Umm, ok,” he said standing there for a second, before quickly turning bahis firmaları to the door and walking out.

I sat there, confused a little as I ate my food. Did my brother just have a mental image of me in panties and a shirt? Was that really a blush on his cheeks that I just saw? I didn’t think too much about it, and finished my food and drink. He came back in with my shirt, a long pink one that said princess on it.

“Did you want to shower before bed?” he asked me. I shook my head no. “You go ahead and get ready for bed, I am going to take me one.”

With that he grabbed a towel and the gray sweatpants that he always wore to bed and walked out the door. When he was out the door I stripped down to my panties. As I went to put my nightshirt on I took a look at myself in the mirror my brother had on his desk. For some reason I enjoyed looking at myself naked, and liked being naked, walking around that way when I had the house to myself. I smiled, as I checked out my athletic body, my high b-cup breasts with the bar nipple piercings. My red hair, which I kept straight, fell to the middle of my back. I had put black highlights in it also, giving it contrast. I couldn’t see it but I had a tattoo on my back shoulder. It was a gift from my brother on my eighteenth birthday, a pair of naked twins embraced together as a symbol of my sign, Gemini.

On the desk was a picture of my brother with some of his friends at a beach party. He smiled at the person taking the picture, his well-toned chest stood out from all his friends. His dark red hair was short and spiked, his broad arms flexing. He had sleave tattoo of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades in their places, Sky, Sea and Hell, along his whole arm right arm, though at this point in the picture it was only an outline. He looked pretty sexy.

I started to think about how my brother had looked at me, whether true or imagined I still didn’t know, and couldn’t help but think of him seeing me like this. I think the alcohol must have taken over because I started fantasizing about him watching me as I slid a finger to a pierced nipple, tugging and pulling on it. Was I really doing this? Was I actually getting excited about the thought of my big brother seeing me play with myself? I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care. As I played with it, another hand slid down, a few fingers slid into my panties, the middle one quickly found my clit.

“Do you like watching me big brother?” I moaned at the mirror, as I played with my clit, letting my fantasy flow through my drunken mind. “I’m wet for you big bro…mmm.”

Suddenly I though I caught the sight of movement in the mirror and turned. No one was there, but the door was cracked open… I could have sworn it had been closed. I guess I had been mistaken. I was very drunk, actually, I felt like I might throw up again. I quickly tossed my nightshirt on and speed walked to the bathroom. I stopped outside the bathroom, hearing the shower still going I approached it and walked inside. Once I was I came to a halt, hearing my brother’s voice.

“Oh yesss… that’s so good,” I heard the muffled moan over the shower, blushing as I realized that he was masturbating, but not as much as when I heard the next few sentences. “God, yes. You look so good playing with yourself sis. Damn, when did you pierce your nipples? They look so fucking hot!”

Oh my god, he had been watching me play with myself. Suddenly my stomach gurgled and I remembered why I was here. I slowly moved back outside and knocked on the door before opening it up.

“Sorry, bro I feel sick again,” I said moving to the toilet and kneeling down.

“Sasha!” Marcus gasped started behind the shower. “Umm… yea it’s ok. It’s an emergency of course.”

I knelt at the toilet, hoping I wouldn’t throw up again and promising to myself that I would stop drinking so much if I could keep the food down. The nausea washed over me but my stomach seemed to calm down thankfully. I fell against the wall, as I felt the room spin also trying to process what I had just heard. My brother had been stroking his cock; think about me while he did. I know I had been masturbating thinking about him, but I was drunk, I had an excuse. Didn’t I?

“You ok little sis?” My brother popped his head out of the shower.

“Yea, I think I’m fine,” I said. “Just kind of dizzy.”

“Well, I’m about to get out,” he said. “Do you think you can make it outside to bathroom? I’ll help you back to my room after I’m dressed.”

I nodded, and forced myself to stand, getting up on wobbly feet and was able to maneuver myself outside. I slid back down to sit against the wall next to the door. Only a minute later did Marcus come out of the bathroom, in his sweatpants. God, why did my brother half to look so good? He tried to help me stand I started feeling real dizzy again.

“Alright, let’s do this then,” he said before sliding his arms under me.

I suppressed a yelp when he lifted me into his arms and cradled me against him. My head fell against his left chest, I could hear the thumping of kaçak iddaa his heart. I felt so right in his strong arms, I didn’t want to leave his embrace. I did though as he set me back down in his bed and covered me with the blanket.

Marcus then grabbed the plate and my cup before leaving the room again. He came back a minute later with more water and an Aspirin, which he made me take before turning off the light and laying down next to me. He was surprised when I suddenly snuggled up against him, laying my head on his chest so I could hear his heartbeat again.

“What are you doing Sasha?” Marcus asked.

“Cuddling with my brother who takes such good care of me,” I said with a smile. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Um, no I guess not,” he said and we sat there for a few minutes, I was tired but I had made up my mind about something.

“Did my nipple piercings really turn you on that much?” I suddenly blurted out.

“What the…?!” Marcus suddenly froze as he realized that I had caught him.

“Were you able to finish yourself off in the shower?” I asked stroking his chest.

“Sasha… why are you asking me this?” He asked.

“Why don’t you turn the light back on so we can have a quick talk?” I said sitting up on his bed.

What Marcus didn’t know was that while he fumbled with his bedside lamp I pulled my nightshirt off and sat on my knees. The light flipped on and he turned back to me and froze, staring at my bare chest. His mouth hung open, transfixed. That look alone started to make my nipples harden. He suddenly came to his senses and shook his head and looked at me.

“Sasha, what are you doing?” He said to me, trying to conceal his desire but the bump in the sheets didn’t look natural.

“Trying to show my brother that I don’t mind him getting off to the idea of my tits, cause I know that you heard me thinking about you while I played with myself,” I lifted my hands to my nipples, starting to stroke them letting him watch me. “Now answer my question big brother. Did you finish yourself?”

“No… I didn’t,” he stammered. “I was more worried about you. God, why are you asking me this?”

“You know why I’m asking this,” I said pulling them, smiling as he stared lustfully at them. “We both want each other. I know we shouldn’t but I’m too drunk and horny to care. It will just be this one time, we’ll do it and get it out of our systems. Please big bro, please indulge you little…”

He didn’t let me finish that last sentence. With a growl he suddenly grabbed me and pulled me to him, sucking one of my nipples into his mouth. He suddenly bit the metal bar pulling it and my nip with it. He released it before pulling my head down and crushing my lips against his. His tongue pushed into my mouth, I did the same letting our tasters dance together. I pushed my brother onto his back, smiling at him as I slid my hand down to grip the very nice bulge in his pants.

“Naughty brother,” I giggled stroking the growing tent. “Not supposed to be getting so hard for your little sister… fuck it feels so big.”

“And wet about you, my dirty little sis?” He smiled letting his hand slip between my legs and quickly finding the growing wet spot, which made me gasp. “So wet already. You want you brother’s big cock don’t you?”

I answered him by gripping the sides of his sweatpants while giving him a smile. He lifted his hips while I pulled them down, freeing his cock, which was indeed quite big, at least seven and a half inches, and quite thick. I couldn’t stop staring at it, though not just because of how big it was, but because it was my brother’s and cause I was lusting after it so bad.

I didn’t waste too much time before lowering my head and licking the tip of his shaft, moaning slightly as a drop of precum was scooped up by my taster. I wrapped my lips around the head, pushing down and taking half his cock into my mouth before slowly sliding back up and then sliding back down and taking a little more. He moaned before letting out a slightly feral growl. He gripped my panties and without me having to take my mouth of his dick he was able to pull them off.

“I need to taste you too sis,” he moaned before pulling me on top of him and taking in a deep breath. “God, you smell so fucking good.”

My brother’s lips attacked my clit and I couldn’t help but let out a squeal from around his cock. Hit bit and lapped at it making me moan as I continued to bob on his cock. He sucked up my juices as they dripped from me. And as to taste more of me he shoved his wonderful taster into my hole as to try and scoop more into his mouth.

“Oh my god sis, you taste so good,” suddenly I felt him push a pair of fingers inside my hole and started pumping them in and out. “FUCK! Damn you’re tight too!”

“God damn!” I cried out, lapping at his cock as his , before suddenly I felt myself peaking. “Oh god bro! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!”

Marcus pulled his fingers from my hole making me whimper for a second before grabbing my ass and holding me down as his lips locked around my clit again. kaçak bahis He sucked and pulled on my button while flicking his taster over it while it was still inside. That did it, I was coming, it was going to be big and I was going to scream. In an effort to muffle it as much as I could I shoved my mouth down on my brother’s dick as much as I could before letting out a loud squeal. Even with my mouth full of cock I was thankful that the house was big a soundproofed quite well.

“Fuck sis, yesss,” my brother moaned, releasing my clit as his cock was shoved down my squealing throat. “God damn, come on sis. Don’t you dare make me cum before I get to try that pussy.”

I slid my mouth off my brother’s cock, gasping and staring at it. As soon as it left my mouth I wanted it back in it, but my brother was right. I sat up on his chest and looked over my shoulder at gave him a sexy smile. I slid forward, straddling my brother’s cock sliding my cunt lips along the shaft teasing him more.

“You sure you want to cross this line bro?” I asked him teasingly. “As soon as you cock enter my cunt, it will officially be…”

“I don’t care Sasha,” My brother cut me off before I could say the taboo word. “I need this!”

I smiled before lifting my hips and guided my brother’s cock to my entrance. I had only been teasing him about crossing the line, we had already gone too far in my mind and I didn’t care. It wasn’t the alcohol. I was way sober by that time. As I lowered myself, I knew that deep down I wanted this… no I needed this just like he did.

I sucked in my breath as the head popped into my cunt and heard my brother gasp. My pussy stretched as more of his cock began to sink into me. Fuck he was big. He gripped my ass cheeks holding on to him as more and more of that lovely cock disappeared. I didn’t think I would be able to take it all but soon I was sitting in his lap with the entire thing nestled inside me.

“Damn, it’s so fucking tight,” Marcus moaned while he stroked my ass and hips.

“Doesn’t help that you’re fuck big bro,” I smiled back over my shoulder before slowly lifting myself up and pushing back down and extracting another long groan from him.

I smiled and did it again, feeling the head of his cock press against my womb as I pushed down. I slowly began to build up speed, moaning as I lifted my hips up and down on my brother’s cock. God that thought was so hot for me right now. I was fucking my brother! His cock was deep inside me! The thought suddenly pushed me over the edge and I squealed/growled as I came on his dick, shoving my hips down on him as I did.

“Well that was quick,” my brother chuckled suddenly giving my ass a spank and making me yelp. “You getting off on riding your brother’s cock?”

“Can’t… help it…” I moaned and gasped giving myself just a second to come down from my orgasm before resuming the fucking of his cock. “It’s so… fucking good! I know it’s supposed to be wrong… but your cock feels so right in me!”

“I know sis…!” My brother groaned gripping my hips and guiding me up and down. “I don’t care that it’s supposed to be taboo or perverted! I love it sis! Fuck it’s looks so hot with you riding me!”

“Mmm, you haven’t seen anything yet,” I moaned with a smile as I slid my feet under me and leaned forward, ready to give my brother a proper fucking.

“Oh my god Sash…!” I didn’t let my brother finish before starting to bounce on him.

I love fucking boys like this, and my brother was no exception. I slid almost all of his length out as I lifted my ass up and slammed it back down on him, my cheeks smacking against his skin. He gripped my ass tight as I fucked him, giving it an occasional smack. I was so wet at this point that I could hear sloshing sound as his cock moved in and out of me. God, everything was just too much I couldn’t help myself as I shoved my cunt down on his prick and threw my head back, growling in another orgasm.

“Fuck… bro… yess,” I was barely able to talk as I slowly started to move again. “Fuck you have a wonderful cock!”

“Damn sis… you’re creaming all over it!” He moaned back at me.

“Mmm, I want to see it,” I said reluctantly sliding off that lovely shaft.

I moved to the side and turned to see my brother’s cock, dripping with clear and white pussy juice. Fuck, it looked too good, I couldn’t help taking it back into my mouth. I moaned around his shaft as I clean all my pussy juice from his shaft. I’m bi and love the taste of pussy, especially if it’s on a dick, so doing this alone almost made me cum again.

“I need this cock back inside me,” I said taking my mouth off of it and starting to climb back on, but Marcus stopped me.

“Oh no, you’re being way too loud,” he said getting on his knees. “Turn around. Face down, ass up. That way when you cum you can bite the blankets and not wake up everyone in the process!”

I smiled and got into position for my brother, not bothered by it one bit. This was my other favorite position, and I usually came louder when fucked like this. I didn’t tell that to my brother though, instead with my head against the mattress I reached behind with both hands and spread my cunt open for him. He didn’t take long and soon he sliding back into my depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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