The Dark Room Ch. 02

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Jo lay in her father’s bed naked, her pussy oozing his cum, wondering what would happen next. She hadn’t thought beyond the immediate need of her body, of her desire to lose her virginity. Now it was over. Pandora’s Box could not be resealed (neither would her own, she thought with a secret snicker). Excusing herself to go clean up, Jo went to the bathroom before returning to her own room.

Dave’s mind was turning over a thousand thoughts a second as he lay there, from the savage elation of what he’d just experienced, to the horrified realization of what had happened between them. There was no doubt that things had changed forever and that there would be no going back. When Jo didn’t return he was torn between wanting to know she was alright and wanting to give her time to herself. He opted for ensuring that she was ok.

He pulled shorts and a t-shirt on and went to her room.

“Can I come in?” he asked at the doorway.

“Of course,” Jo replied happily, much to his relief.

“Are you ok Jo?” he asked, sitting nervously on the chair by her desk. Jo was lying on her bed, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. He couldn’t help letting his eyes wander down over her body. The pink cotton of her panties clung tightly to her pussy and the sight of the curve of her mons beneath it caused his cock to stir again.

“Yep. I’ve got some thinking to do, but I don’t regret what just happened.”

“Ok, well I completely understand the whole thinking thing, I have a lot to think about too. If you want to talk, please talk to me though, this isn’t something that we should hide from each other, we need to know where we stand in this Jo.”

“Ok Dad, I promise, I’ll keep talking to you.”

As her father stood up to leave, Jo glanced down at his shorts and realized that his cock looked like it was least half erect and that the sight of its outline in his shorts quickened her desire. She’d thought she might feel differently in the aftermath of their encounter, but now she wanted that big hard cock again.

Dave noticed where she was looking and blushed. He began to apologize,

“The sight of you stretched out on your bed like that sweetie… its incredibly erotic.”

“Dad, it’s ok, I understand. I mean, seeing you like that… it turns me on too.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Well yeah! I mean, its not like you’re tiny, you know, your dick, it’s huge! And I really like the way it looks. It was nice to get to see what I was sucking in the darkroom for once.” She smiled as she spoke and was pleased to see her father’s cock pushing his shorts further from his body as it rose to attention.

“Dad, I think you should bring that over here,” she said quietly.

“I don’t know Jo, I think we need to have a bit more of a think about this first.” Dave was attempting to give himself time to prevent giving in to his desire.

Jo got off the bed. “Then maybe I’ll just come to you,” she said. Dave knew he should retreat, but his feet felt as if they were mired in sucking mud; he didn’t seem to be able (or willing) to move them.

“This is what happens in the darkroom Daddy,” Jo whispered as she stroked his cock through his pants, her body mere inches from his. He glanced down and Jo’s nipples were like diamonds trying to tear their way through the tight fabric of her t-shirt and her hand was stroking slowly up and down the length of his cock, holding him through his shorts.

Jo luxuriated in the feel of his thick cock in her hands and dropped to her knees, pulling his boxers down. She cupped his balls with one hand and stroked him with the other.

“Your cock is so beautiful Daddy,” she said to him and then slurped the head of it into her mouth. Dave moaned loudly in response as he watched his daughter’s lips slide over his hard cock.

Jo took her time enjoying herself now, not having the urgent burning need to bury his cock in her pussy. Besides, she was quite sore down there from being deflowered and she didn’t think she could take it in there again so soon. This time she slowly sucked and slurped at her father’s cock, taking time to withdraw her mouth and lick up and down the whole length, even licking at his slightly hairy balls a bit, always working her hand on the shaft, or sliding it over the head, dripping saliva over him to keep him well lubricated as she teased and sucked.

“God, I love your cock,” she breathed, lowering her mouth over it again, sucking noisily. “Its sooo big.”

Dave groaned. The forbidden sight of his daughter sucking him and her dirty talk drove him insane with desire. His cock throbbed with the pleasure that he was receiving and he couldn’t believe that she was bringing him this close to cumming again. It had been a long time since someone had done this to him.

“Do you like me sucking you?” she asked, gazing up at him and guessing from how hard his cock felt that she was working him toward another orgasm.

“Fuck Jo, you’re incredible,” Dave replied looking down at her and bahis firmaları stoking her hair. Jo responded by taking his dick deep in her mouth and holding it there, her tongue swirling around and around as her hand pumped his shaft. He felt that familiar tension in his balls and suddenly he let out a loud groan as his cock erupted, shooting hot cum into his daughter’s soft mouth. Jo swallowed, desperately gulping it down as quickly as she could, not spilling a single drop. Dave nearly collapsed as she kept sucking him until he emptied completely.

“Mmm, Dad. I loved that,” Jo said, moving from her knees and pulling her father into a hug, crushing her tits against his ribs.

“Oh Jo, you have no idea,” Dave panted, holding her close, his softening cock rubbing against her.

“I hope you sleep well,” she smiled at him.

“I think I will now baby,” he smiled back. Jo angled her head back and pursed her lips, inviting his kiss. Dave bent down and pecked her right on her mouth, smelling and tasting his cum on her lips. His hands slid up her side, his thumb teasing at her breast, rubbing the cloth of her t-shirt against it.

“Night,” she said, moving away. Dave stared at her erect nipples pushing against the top.

“Goodnight.” He sighed and retreated to his room.

——————————- The following morning, Dave woke, stretching languidly and took his time opening his eyes. It was the best sleep he’d had in a long time and he guessed it had something to do with having emptied his balls twice.

“Hey come on Dad, we’ll be late for school!” Jo said, bouncing straight into his bedroom, startling him. He glanced at the clock. Shit, she was right. She was standing in her school uniform and before he’d even processed that fact his cock was reacting, it was standing to attention with his morning need. Jo made no move to leave the room and given the events of the previous day, he overcame his initial hesitation in throwing back the covers.

Jo grinned as her Dad clambered out of the bed. His massive cock was almost completely erect. “What a lovely sight first thing in the morning,” she thought.

“Horny already?” she laughed.

“Well uh, its not uncommon first thing in the morning and you standing there in your uniform doesn’t help matters,” Dave retorted, heading for the ensuite bathroom. Jo followed him, wanting to see more of his cock. Her dad stood over the toilet and glanced back at her.

Dave was surprised to see her standing there watching as he tried to aim at the toilet but found that he was too hard to relieve his bursting bladder.

“You know, having you watching doesn’t really help either,” he said.

“Why, what?” she asked innocently.

“Because if I’m too horny, I can’t pee.”

“Really?” Jo asked, having never thought about it.

“So if I did this, you couldn’t pee?” she said mischievously, advancing on him and taking his cock in her hand, stroking him gently.

“Exactly, and as I recall, we were about to be late for school, so if you would please be kind enough to leave me alone for a few moments, we might still make it,” he declared, reluctantly removing her hand from his stiff cock. Jo laughed and left the bathroom, hearing after a few moments the sound of his piss hitting the water in the toilet.

Dave walked back into the bedroom to find that Jo was still there, sitting on his bed watching him. He tried to ignore her, wrestling his desire down and, still hard, set about dressing. Jo watched him intently and teased him about the way his cock stuck up out through the waistband of his shorts until he bent it sideways and shoved it inside.

“I’ll have to ban you from watching if you’re going to tease me the whole time,” he told her.

“Tease you? Huh, if I was going to tease you, I’d do something like this,” she said, tracing her finger over her nipple, making it stand out hard against her bra and dress.

“Yeah, that would do it,” he said with a dry mouth, adjusting his cock again to get comfortable. He finished getting dressed and told Jo to get in the car. Jo reveled in her new found power and teased her father all the way to school, talking dirty to him about how much she liked sucking his cock. All the while she was rubbing her panties under her uniform skirt with her legs drawn up so that he couldn’t quite see what was going on.

“Daddy?” she asked at one point, fluttering her eyelashes at him and giving him that ‘do anything for me?’ look.

“Yes?” he asked warily in response.

“Can I ask the photography class over for a sleep over tonight?” Jo asked. Dave nearly drove off the road.

“Umm, well its Friday I guess that would be OK,” he stammered as they pulled up outside the school.

“Yay!” Jo said, jumping out the car and heading off to her first class.

Dave had to strategically hold his bag in front of him when he got out the car so that his erect cock would have a chance of subsiding before he got to the staff room. He kaçak iddaa had a hard on intermittently throughout the day after that, idly fantasizing about Jo and the four 18 year olds staying the night at his place; the same 18 year olds that had all sucked his cock at some point in the dark room.

The day passed quickly and he used the fact that it was Friday as an excuse to get away as quickly as possible.

When he arrived home, he found that the girls weren’t there yet so he took advantage of some spare time to look again at the photos that they’d taken for him. He reached into his pants and began to stroke his hardening cock as he admired the close ups of their pussies and tits. He didn’t let himself cum though. He didn’t want to do that. He was both excited and nervous and hoped guiltily that tonight would present an opportunity. He wanted to be ready.

—————— Allison had offered to pick all the girls up in her car and take them to over to Jo’s house. Jo went along for the ride and sat in the back next to Sarah and Lucy. Sylvia sat in the front with Allison. Jo was riding on a high that she couldn’t bring herself to tell her friends about, but her mood was contagious and the girls were chattering excitedly.

“Is your Dad going to be there tonight?” Sarah asked.

“Unless I pack him off somewhere,” Jo answered lightly.

“No, let him stay,” Allison said quickly as Sylvia laughed, agreeing loudly.

“You’re all terrible,” Jo said, pretending to be disgusted with the playful lust with which they began to talk about her father.

“But he’s got the yummiest cock,” Lucy said, teasing Jo.

“Well maybe I’ll declare my house a pussy only zone,” Jo said, poking her tongue out at her friend.

“That wouldn’t be so bad,” Sarah smiled, reaching in between Jo’s legs and sliding her hand under her school dress.

“Mmm, not bad at all,” Jo said, turning towards Sarah as she felt her friend’s fingers brushing against her panties. They stared at each other ever so briefly before kissing each other, lips parting to allow their tongues to dance together.

“Not here you ‘hoes!” Allison squealed, watching them in the rear vision mirror. “God, anyone could be watching.”

“I bet your Dad would like to watch,” Sarah said as they pulled apart in reaction Allison’s protest. Jo laughed it off, but she knew secretly that Sarah was right.

Dave heard the car pull up and went to his bedroom window, which overlooked the driveway on one side and the pool on the other. He packed his hard cock back in his pants as he stood watching the five girls piling out of the car, laughing and carrying on as teenagers do. When they reached the front door, he heard the noise spill into the house and thought that he should probably go down and say hello. He changed into his swim shorts and conscious of being semi erect went down stairs.

“Hey Mr Jones,” Allison called out happily when she saw him enter the room. Her eyes automatically dropped to his crotch just as his dropped to her breasts, clad as they were in a tight white t-shirt. He could see a black bikini string tied up around the back of her neck and the outline of it beneath the t-shirt. The other girls all called out hello to him as well and he could feel his cock stirring as he greeted them. Tight jeans, shorts and small tight t-shirts seemed to be the dress code for everyone except Jo who was still in her school uniform.

“Call me Dave girls, we’re outside of school and you’re all adults now, even though you haven’t quite sat those last exams.”

They all thanked him and experimented cheekily with calling him Dave. Jo rolled her eyes at them and said pointedly “We’re going for a swim ‘Dave’, so look after my friends while I get changed.”

“Huh? I didn’t say you can call me that young lady,” he teased in return before turning back to the girls offering to make some drinks. They followed him to the kitchen as he went to the fridge. He offered cokes all round and then paused, with a wicked thought, realizing they were all allowed to drink and some alcohol might loosen them all up a bit.

“Would you like something stronger? A round of cocktails perhaps?” The girls replied enthusiastically in the affirmative and Dave pulled out the blender and set to work.

Jo came back downstairs in her tight red bikini and Sarah called out, “Wooo check out the hottie!” as she came into the kitchen to find them all sipping on one of her father’s infamous concoctions. Dave passed her one and Jo took a sip before suggesting they head out to the pool.

“Are you going to join us…Dave?” Allison asked, pausing slightly as she had to stop herself from calling him Mr Jones.

“I think I’ll leave you girls to it for now and save Jo the embarrassment,” Dave said, reluctantly declining the opportunity to watch the girls in such small bathing suits up close, “but call out if you need another drink.” Allison looked a little miffed and Dave thought about changing his mind, but knew kaçak bahis that his bedroom had a view of the pool. He retreated upstairs after watching their tight little butts mince their way outside.

He stood at the window sipping his drink and watching as the girls started to put sunscreen on each other. His cock firmed up as the girls touched each other and remembered the binoculars that Jo had given him for his birthday a couple of years back. Rummaging in the cupboard, he found them in the bottom drawer.

He focused the binoculars, delighted with just how close it brought him to the action. It was almost as good as being there. He homed in first on Sylvia and Sarah. Sylvia was lying on her stomach as Sarah squirted lotion down her legs. From the way the skin of her back glistened, he figured that much of her was already done. Sylvia’s tight butt was encased in a white bikini and Sarah’s hands were moving slowly up and down the back of her thighs, spreading the sunscreen over them. Dave was surprised at how sensual the movement seemed. It wasn’t the quick slap on application that he expected. As Sarah’s hands moved up towards her bikini bottom Sylvia slightly parted her olive-skinned legs.

Sarah leaned over Sylvia obscuring what her hands were doing, but as she lingered Dave wondered if she was touching her in some more intimate way. Unfortunately, Sarah appeared to finish at that point and Dave stopped looking through the binoculars long enough to target another of the girls. Lucy was just stepping down the stairs of the pool in a floral bikini and he watched the water line as it rose up her body with each step into the water. He found the sight of the water slowly travelling up her body quite erotic and unconsciously adjusted his now hard cock in his pants.

He shifted his gaze to where Allison was stroking through the water, focusing on her as she came up at the side of the pool. She pushed up from the bottom of the pool and using her hands on the side, pulled herself out of the water in one graceful movement. From the angle that Dave had, he saw her firm breasts move beautifully, her tight black bikini glistening with the moisture. He followed her with the binoculars as she walked over and finished her cocktail. She disappeared from sight and he assumed she was coming inside again. He switched to where Sarah was diving into the water in her boy legged navy blue bikini and admired the way her lithe form cut through the water until she emerged on the other side of the pool, head back to send her red hair back and away from her face.

“Dave, I need another drink!” he heard Allison call from downstairs and nearly dropped the binoculars on his toe.

He adjusted his hard cock and pulled his t-shirt down, hoping to cover it (and yet half hoping that Allison would be looking) and made his way downstairs. As he turned the corner to the kitchen, he saw Allison quickly drop her hands from her breasts. He hadn’t announced that he’d heard her and had caught her by surprise. He said nothing though as his eyes were drawn to her obviously hard nipples under her bikini top.

“Oh hey Dave, can you make me another one of those cocktails please?” Allison asked, blushing. Her eyes slid down to his crotch after he said of course he would. Dave asked Allison to get him some ice from the fridge. As she went to pass it to him, a couple of cubes slipped out of her hand. She bent straight over to pick them up, not bending her knees. Dave admired her tight butt and the creased outline of her pussy lips under her bikini bottoms. He’d had his cock in there and wished he could slip in there again… like right that instant.

Allison smiled wickedly as she stood up and leaned past him to drop the ice in the sink, brushing against his arse as she did so. Then she stood close to him as he turned the blender on, letting her bare arm linger against his. She wondered if she could be bold enough to grab his cock in the broad daylight and give it a suck. The thought of doing so suddenly made her quite wet. As the blender stopped, she quickly contrived a simple excuse to touch him.

Dave passed Allison the drink, conscious of the presence of her youthful body so close to his. He imagined the warmth of her body and how nice her skin would feel.

“There you go,” he said.

” Mmm thanks Dave,” Allison said and leaned in, tilting her head up to peck him on the cheek. As she did so, she managed to slop some of her drink onto Dave’s pants. He jumped back in reaction to the sudden cold shock.

“Oh, God! Sorry!” Allison giggled, and quickly rubbed her hand over his pants to try and brush the liquid off, but only managing to rub against his almost entirely erect cock.

Dave backed up against the bench telling her that it was fine, not to worry.

“Yeah, but its terrible to waste such a delicious drink,” she smiled and crouching down and sucked the thin material of his swim shorts, her lips feeling the hardness of his cock beneath.

“Oh… ahh fuck,” Dave gasped as her lips locked onto his shorts. At that moment the door to the patio opened and Allison quickly stood up as Lucy walked inside.

“Hey the rest of us need drinks too!” she called happily.

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