The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 02

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Halloween was soon upon us, and Sally and her friends in the cheerleaders had an idea of being the “Zombie Cheerleaders of ‘Oxford College.” Unfortunately, if Mother could cause any dismay or disappointment she would, such was her misanthropic disposition. Sally pleaded with her for a week until she finally gave in with one condition. I was to wear a cheerleader outfit and chaperone them.

It was a divisive move to drive a wedge between Sally and me, and it was going to work as I was never going to wear woman’s clothes around the neighbourhood. I soon became the new begging post for Sally, and as much as I loved her and her team-mates, I refused to give in to the vicious ridiculing prescribed by my Mother.

After much begging, I condescended to look at the uniform, but all that did was reinforce my resentment.

“Typical spoilsport male pig!” cynically renounced Mother crossing her arms in defiance while cutting me a scar cutting stare.

“You can ridicule and threaten me all you like, I’m not doing it, and that’s that!” I underlined and walked out.

“There goes your ‘fun’ night out girls,” spat Mother.

“To be fair mother the skirt is much too short, I’m sure he’s have got arrested anyway,” sighed Sally in resignation.

I went up the stairs, my anger fading replaced by feelings of sorrow for sister.

I lay on my back on my bed, staring at the ceiling, too nervous about doing anything constructive. Sally came in begging.

“Please just for us, I’ve got her to agree to you wearing a long dress as a coach, please?”

This devious act of our Mother was working, she knew Sally wouldn’t forgive me, and I couldn’t afford to have another female enemy in the house. My social ineptness meant that Sally was my one connection with the ‘customary world’. Something I needed such was the oppressive hierarchy laid down by the popular sportsman of the county.

I gave in to an overjoyed Sally who hugged and kissed me in an eruption of relief. She ran off to tell her friends the good news.

I was to be entirely dressed femininely in a Halloween costume. It was far from being my ideal costume, but my Mother was adamant. She insisted on it with the pretence, it would make an excellent costume for taking the younger cheerleader girls and their younger siblings, trick or treating. She picked the outfit herself one that she knew would make me squirm in its femininity.

“I want you to wear full make-up and a wig with your outfit,” demanded Mother with a maniacal threatening delivery that demanded my submission. She left the room, and Sally saw how miserable I was about the whole thing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you with the make-up,” persuaded Sally buoyantly trying to be of assistance.

“Thanks but I’m not going to try and make a good job of it.”

“I’ll give you some books and my make-up just to get you in the right ball-park, well acceptable for mum anyway.”

“Thanks Sally.”

“Don’t worry this will pass, she’s just gone a bit nuts with dad leaving an all.”

“A little nuts! She was barking mad before he left,” I lamented.

“It takes two,” mysteriously opined Sally as she was rarely heard to back up our harridan of a Mother.

When she first suggested it, I was mortified. Still, as Halloween drew nearer, I secretly started to warm to the idea. My costume was to be a collection of my mothers and my sister’s clothes.

Mother left my costume in my bedroom, and to my horror, a pair of panties was included. The panties were my sisters; they were plain white cotton. I thought of just hiding them, as surely my Mother wouldn’t be inspecting under my dress.

The longer I thought what to do, the more the panties allured me. I started to mysteriously be turned on and became attracted to them thinking how naughty it would be to wear them.

Come the night I took my clothes to the bathroom I felt sick to my stomach detesting the very touch of female attire, as I knew once the bahis firmaları word was out I’d be the laughing stock of the college.

I could hear the cheerleader team with their little brothers and sisters all joking enthusiastically.

I remembered the advice from my sister,” Make-up first, and then clothes. I stripped naked and started on my make-up.

I picked up the virgin white innocent looking cotton panties and opened them up. I stepped into them and pulled them up slowly over my sensitive young legs. That was it, once that light caress started on my legs, there was no going back. The higher up my legs, the panties got, the more euphoric I felt. When they were finally pulled up over my sensitive hardness, a shiver went up to my spine, and my head had a rush!

I was rock hard and fought against the urge to masturbate as they were waiting for me. I quickly got into the rest of the costume with the stockings exciting me also. The panties were making me euphoric, and I couldn’t help the permanent erection that had made my penis head pop over the light frilly waistband. I was thankful for that in a way as it was stopping any friction from the panties on my sensitive cock head.

I made my way for the front door to join some of the Cheerleaders in their Zombie modified outfits and make-up. Their sibling youngsters were with them, ready to be chaperoned around the neighbourhood.

I was just about to open the front door when Mother quickly opened the door to the living room.

“In here please,” she sourly instructed, ordering me into her presence. I walked in and stood nervously to attention before her.

“Did you put the panties on as well?”

I blushed at the perverted personal question and kept silent.

“Well?” she insisted.

“Why do you want me to wear them?”

“Your father would have insisted,” she curiously replied as she stepped forward and grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled upwards.

“Mother!” I cried in a sickly fight to hold my dress down.

“Let me see!” She barked, and I flaccidly gave in.

She pulled my dress right up, exposing me in my little white panties and stockings.

“You’ve got an erection!” she howled in disgust.

“No I haven’t, they’re just small,” I managed to argue back as thankfully the sight of my Mother, and her asking such shocking questions had quelled my ardour.

“Off you go,” she said as she forced my dress down seeing my red face, “And don’t think of taking them off, I’ll be inspecting you when you get back.”

I walked around with the Girls and siblings trick or treating. My head in a daze as the effect of the panties making me forget the assault from my Mother. I loved how they felt on me; every step the light cotton caressed my ever-hard cock.

Sally, Liz, Mandy and my favourite from the cheerleader team Gemma was with us. All in their Halloween degraded uniforms. Strategically ripped and stained skirts, Laddered fishnet stockings and plastered white ghoulish make-up splattered with fake blood.

Gemma still looked sexy despite her distressed outfit. I kept behind her marvelling at her bountiful ass and fishnet stocking legs. Gemma’s sexy body and the sensual stroke of the white cotton panties had me aroused for much of the time.

Oxford is a two-tiered city with its University and orbital colleges on one side and the car and railway industry on the other. The Football, Cricket and Rugby grounds are for the Universities and colleges only and yet maintained by the council tax of the ordinary folk there. This causes resentment towards students, and so to be in the suburbs in drag was dangerous.

I kept my mind of this by continually ogling Gemma’s sexy ass, dreaming of getting up her short pleated skirt. Doing this maintained an erection in my panties, and I was perpetually light-headed with sex on my mind.

We must have been ‘trick or treating.’ for well over two hours, and I could feel the leakage of my excessive kaçak iddaa pre-cum drip down my legs.

I had to tell my sister and younger siblings we were finishing early and hurried them up towards home. I had to get home before I wet my panties, unfortunately speeding things up was the wrong thing to do. The accelerated walking rubbed the garment on my teetering cock, and I ejaculated well before our home road. I groaned in pleasure as the shiver of my first panties induced orgasm pumped with-in me.

I managed to sneak past Mother and get alone in my bedroom. I gingerly undressed, stepping out of my dress and stockings. I slowly rolled down my panties and assed the copious amount of cum I had spewed into them. I couldn’t hand them back to my sister un-washed as I had flooded and stained the garment in a prominent place.

The next day I returned all the other things but kept the panties hoping she wouldn’t miss them, as she was sure to have plenty of those garments to hand.

Things were normal for a few days until my sister caught me on the landing.

“Hi, James,” she brightly greeted.

“Hi, Sally,” I replied with trepidation as I knew what was coming next.

“I was just wondering,” she stumbled,” when you’d be returning the rest of my clothes?”

My sister and I got on well, but even she was embarrassed to ask for her own panties back. Sally stroked her long black hair and flashed a sweet smile from her beautiful face. She was quite a cool girl and was very popular at college, which was contrary to my, ‘loser’ image. Despite that, she was always very kind to me. I guessed this was because we created a bond against our tyrannical Mother.

Even so, I struggled to answer her in my embarrassment. I thought I’d buy some time and told her that I had put them in the wash as anytime we borrowed anyone’s sports clothing, be it socks, shirts or shorts we always washed them before returning them.

Unfortunately, this excuse aroused suspicion.

“Oh!” she blurted quickly stopping an urge to smile.

“What?” I guiltily challenged as I started to blush.

“I was just curious why you were keeping them as you returned everything else?”

Sally wasn’t a cruel girl, and I was sure she was saying this in all innocence as I blushed like fury. I struggled for a reason to tell her why I hadn’t returned her panties while I had everything else.

“Look I’m afraid I stained them after going to the toilet,” I stuttered in shame. Hoping Sally would take my unbridled embarrassment as a sign of leaving skid marks in her undies.

“You stained them?” she said in shock while furtively looking around to make sure nobody was within earshot.

“You enjoyed wearing them that much?” She whispered with her eyes wide and mouth agape.

“No, no, no!” I quickly denied anxiously grabbing Sally by the shoulders,

“I mean, I soiled them!”

“Oh!” giggled Sally, “I thought for a moment you’d,” her voice trailed off, leaving me in limbo at what she was thinking.

“What?” I guiltily asked.


“Come on what?” I pushed hoping against hope that she had some innocent reason.

“Hey, don’t worry,” she calmed, “just wash them and return them.”

“But what did you mean ‘I enjoyed wearing them so much’?”

“Nothing, it’s just that some guys.”

“Some guys what?”

“Some guys like to wear cheerleaders panties, too, you know?”

A new panic set in at the revelation that they were her cheerleader panties, part of her uniform that she dearly loved and practised in the confines of her bedroom. I still had to push her at what she was getting at even though I knew.

“Some guys like to wear cheerleaders panties, too you know to what?” I pushed.

Sally sighed and looked around again and then whispered, “To jerk off in.”

“Oh!” I blurted unconvincingly a little shocked to hear my sister talking about male masturbation, “I see,” I bumbled on.

Sally kaçak bahis looked at me with a concentrated blank expression.


“You did, didn’t you?” Sally whispered.

“No, I didn’t,” I fiercely denied.

“Look I don’t care if you.”

“If I what,” I cut in.

Sally again checked around to make sure nobody was listening.

“Like to wear my panties,” she whispered.

“I,” was all I could stutter as I reddened furiously, my sister had me squirming on a hook, and I was lost for words. I couldn’t believe my innocent little sister could know of such things. She was still my little sister even though she was just a year younger than me. I always believed she was untouched and virginal, as she had never hinted at anything vaguely sexual in my presence.

“Actually, I think its quite cool,” she added, “just return them when you’re finished with them,” as she turned and walked away.

I returned to my bedroom in shock; my sister somehow knew about my little kink. I opened my drawer and took them out and studied them. By now they were very stained as they had their hooks in me and I slept in them every night masturbating. The plan was to throw them out, as I was sure Sally had plenty to wear. That had all changed in the knowledge that they were her cheerleader panties.

Sally didn’t make a big issue over her missing panties. That was just as well with our harridan mother who would make a scandal over a trivial matter. My problem was to get them cleaned and ironed before her next practice without being discovered.

I washed them quickly with just soap and water and then tried to iron them by flattening them between my two mattresses. I went to hand them back still slightly damp and roughly ironed. I ran across the landing, and I knocked on Sally’s bedroom door. It felt like she took forever to answer as I nervously looked around with the lingerie contraband in my hand.

“Hi!” Sally brightly welcomed.

“I’ve brought your panties back.” I stuttered in embarrassment.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, Sally’s friend Gemma pushed by.

“Hi, James, how you are doing?” she gaily greeted as she passed.

I quickly hid Sally’s panties behind my back in agitation.

“What was that you said?” Perkily asked Gemma, without care as she bounced energetically down the landing.

“Nothing, just a joke,” I managed to venture as Sally joined me in the doorway.

“Bye!” merrily continued Gemma, “I’ll let myself out.”

“Bye Gemma,” I bid watching her leave. All Sally’s friends were adorably kind, and as a love-struck virgin, I loved them all.

As soon as the front door shut, I returned to the business of returning my sisters panties back.

“I told said you could keep them,” Sally flatly said without a sense of sarcasm in her voice or an expression of contempt in her face.

“Why would I want to keep them? I hissed back still trying to keep up my façade, “besides their part of your uniform.”

“I have a reserve pair,” Sally sighed, “Look,” she began before taking me by the hands and leading me into her bedroom. She sat me down on her bed and looked earnestly into my face.

“Look I know boys get off wearing their sisters’ panties, it’s well known.”

“Look, I don’t wear them,” I vehemently denied.

“Okay, okay, I can see your upset, but its no big deal.”

I sat there, embarrassed in my rage.

“You like Gemma, don’t you?”

Instantly the image of Gemma comforted me, and I smiled, “is it that obvious?” I beamed back as I calmed down.

“Shall I see if she’s free for a date?”

Gemma was a lovely girl, all kindness and smiles, sexy curves without an evil bone in her body, the perfect girl for an inept virgin like me.

“Would you please?” I gushed rising from the bed.

“No problem.”

“Thank you, Sally, thank you so much.” With that, I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and then made my way to leave.

“Oh, and James?”

“What?” I asked already punch-drunk in a fantasy world with Gemma.

“You can keep those panties,” she joked.

I blushed and walked on, Sally’s panties still firmly in my hand.

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