Summer Heat

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Big Tits

I realized I had been staring at her breasts for the last couple of minutes and that she was watching me do it.

It was one of those hot, hot days. Hot in this gray office, where of course the air conditioning had died. Hot in the truck I drove delivering big bottles of water – the water was kept cool but not the driver. Hot in the elevator surrounded by chattering secretaries. My shirt clung to me like I was in a wet t-shirt contest and my shorts rode up and clutched at my sweaty crotch. I was hot and tired and dragging myself from building to building praying the end of the day would finally come.

The problem is, when I’m tired I get horny very easily, and then I stare. My mouth opens, my eyes glaze. Usually I’d snap out of it and the woman would either ignore me or glare at me. But this one was smiling back, as dozy as I was.

Cindy, that’s what her name tag said, was sitting at her desk, a headset on her head, the only person in the office. She had short red hair, a light white blouse with the sleeves rolled over her shoulders, the unbuttoned all the way. She had made no move to cover herself when I walked in. She just waved and told me where to put the water.

The thing was, her bra was tossed over the filing cabinet behind her. Her pale twin moons were only half covered by the blouse and the edges of bright red nipples peeked out like a second illegal bahis pair of eyes. There was a vein of sweat trailing down between her soft curves. That is what I had zoned out on.

We locked eyes for an instant and then I snapped my head back and continued to unload bottles. Now my cheeks were burning, just to add to the already sweltering heat! I lifted the last bottle and put it on the pedestal; the neck popping over the receptacle and as the bottle started to make that satisfying glug-glug-glug sound, I realized a hand was running slowly across my crotch, feeling my throbbing boner.

“I’m bored,” said Cindy into my ear. “That phone hasn’t rung all fucking day. I know what you want. And I like sharing.”

I turned to her and she opened and dropped her blouse to the floor. Her skin was white as only red head could be.

“You want some tities?” She cradled hers out to me.

I nodded and quickly stripped off my t-shirt and shorts.

“Oh my!” she said. “You’d get in less trouble if you wore some bikini briefs.”

“You’d get fucked less if you didn’t grab guys by their cocks.” I pulled off her shorts with one jerk and tossed them over my shoulder.

“God!” She clambered onto the desk, spreading her legs to show me her curly red pussy. “I’m so horny, but I’m so hot too!” She tossed her headset onto the chair in frustration.

Horny illegal bahis siteleri honey or not I knew I wasn’t going to get far unless I gave her what she really wanted.

I grabbed a smaller bottle from my cart. It was still fairly cool and that should just do the trick. I snapped open the lid and stepped up to the overheated Cindy sprawled on her desk, arms open, legs spread.

“What are you doing?” she said. I raised the bottle up and held it over her. “Oh, no.” She held her hands up. “Don’t, it’ll get everything-“

I dumped the water over her head, across her boobs, and down, soaking her pussy. As she gasped and spluttered I dragged her towards me and dumped the rest of the bottle on myself.

She had about five fans trained around the desk and the air movement across our wet skin instantly made everything cool and brought out goose bumps.

“You bastard,” she said, as I slid my ice hard cock into her still steaming pussy. “You glorious bastard.” She put her feet on the edge of the table and urged me on, shaking her breasts in my face, spraying me with the droplets that hung off her popped nipples.

She had a tight little snatch and quite quickly we built up some friction. We decided dogs has the right idea for the summer.

On her hands and knees on the desk, the fans blew right between her swaying knockers, across her juicy cunt canlı bahis siteleri and over her straining bottom as it was smacked-smacked-smacked by my smooth belly.

“Fuck me water boy!”

“Fuck you phone girl!”

We were getting into the frenzy, the last thundering banging before everything explodes when the phone rang.

I just keep going; I can feel my head running along her sugar walls. I’m really there.

Cindy doesn’t stop bucking, but she grabs the headset, puts it on and then answers!

“Hel-lo. An-ders and Glea-son.” I’m really pounding her now, partly because I like it and partly because I want her off the fucking phone. She can’t talk straight, it’s like she’s pounding her chest and talking.

“No, Mrs. Glea-son. He’s not, in. No-one, oh! is in.”

“That noise?” I groan and slap her bottom. She glares at me but keeps sliding her ass up and down my shaft, giving little squeezes with her snatch as she goes.

“Oh my god, yes!” She’s starting to twitch, raising her ass up. “I mean no! It’s not Mr. Gleason. Oh my pussy, do it, do it!” I’m going all out now. “It’s the water boy! That’s it fuck me with it! No Mrs. Gleason, he’s much bigger than Mr. Gleason! Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Goodbye Mrs. Gleason, I’m going to cum so hard!”

She collapses onto her face and hands and nice cushy boobs, but I’ve got her ample hips in my hands and hold her ass up to me and fuck away mercilessly until I’m shooting load after load into her. Then I pull out and spray her bottom and the small of her back and then up her spine into her hair.

There is a lot to clean up afterwards…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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