Subby: A Tale Of Obedience Pt. 01

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“Suzi, please connect to the Lez Be Friends website and continue the search,” Andrea told her A.I. while brushing her long blonde hair, staring at herself in the antique dresser mirror.

“Yes, Miss Andrea, searching…”

Images of beautiful women from all around the world would pop up in the right-hand corner of the mirror as soon as a match was found. Some of the women were nude or in provocative positions, including wearing dog collars and leather.

“Today, I have found thirty-five possible matches. Would you like me to continue searching, Andrea?”

“No, that won’t be necessary, Suzi, thank you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Andrea. Good luck and good hunting.”

“Thank you, Suzi. Now, let’s look at some of our candidates. Transfer images and bios to my Vidtablet.”

“No problem, Andrea.”

Andrea finished brushing her shimmering hair and jumped on the top of the covers on her bed. She propped the pillows up so she could get her knees up to her chin and hold onto the tablet with one hand. Running her right hand over her latest tattoo, she could feel the scabs and bumps of the healing tattoo. The tattoo ran under both of her perky breasts and was eight inches high. It was two women’s faces, and they were embraced in a kiss. Their eyes were closed, tongues intertwined, and the tips of their tongues formed a knot from which neither one could break free. Neither one wanted to…

Andrea made sure that every tattoo she had was quickly covered with a pair of short shorts and a teddy or camisole. The only stray tattoo on her body was at the base of her skull on the back of her neck. It was a vagina with a drop leaking out of it. The ink was covered with bright rainbow colors. Although she was proud of her tattoos, her family would not be if they discovered her secret. Her platinum highlighted hair covered the first tattoo she ever got when she came out to herself at college as a freshman. It was her reward for finally figuring out who she really was as a member of society. A teammate of hers, the water polo team captain, was her first taste of a woman, and she never looked back.

They often met at night under the secrecy of her dorm room as they “studied” together. Every lovemaking session ended in multiple orgasms and pizza. Her first love left the campus six months later, switching schools for a better scholarship deal. Andrea told herself she was not in love, but the loss hurt very badly. I will never let another woman hurt me again.

The off-campus tattoo parlor was run by a cute dyke with spiky hair and sleeves of ink who fell in lust with Andrea when she discovered that the first tattoo on her body would consist of a gorgeous dripping pussy. The buzzing sound and pain of that tattoo made Andrea so wet that she ended up letting the “artist” get her off when the tattoo was finished. She had never come so hard in her entire life with her legs spread wide, hips bucking in the air, and bare feet strapped into bağdat caddesi escort the saddles in that chair. Her cunt dripped and squirted, being lapped like a dog in heat for an hour. Her lover wanted to please her and did so on many occasions.

From that day on, Andrea always received “special attention” from her cute artist and a considerable discount if they were able to consummate the transaction. However, emotions were never part of the game, and love was a thousand miles away as they tasted each other’s juices in passionate throes of ecstasy.

Flipping through photos was exciting, and Andrea took her time reading every bio that went along with the pic. She was smart enough to know when some of these ads were just trolls looking for a hot bi or lesbian woman to chat with. On the other end of the connection was a fat middle-aged man in his mom’s basement pretending to be a lesbian with a jar of lube stroking his tiny cock. The syntax always gave them away. Besides, she had Suzi check I.P. addresses and sort things out in the cyber world.

Andrea studied her bio, coming across the image of a very beautiful, muscular, light-skinned African American woman. Damn, she is fucking hot… Half of the woman’s hair was shaved, and the other half was long, straight, and jet-black. Her eyes were jade green and the beginning of her bio read, “My name is Jet, and I am willing to do anything to please my dominate mommy, sister, or mistress. Please contact me day or night; I will make the time to meet you. Hugs, Jet”.

“Call, Jet,” Andrea told Suzi while she fluffed up her hair. She set the tablet across her lap and positioned the camera, so it was a full view of her beautiful face.

“Yes, Andrea,” Suzi replied as a chiming sound emanated from the tablet.

A woman turned around quickly on the screen and smiled from ear to ear. It was Jet, and she was ravishing. “Hi sweetheart, I am Jet. How are you doing tonight?” her accent was sultry, smooth, and raspy. Just the way Andrea liked her women.

“I am doing wonderful. My name is Andrea, and I was wondering if you were available to chat.”

“With a stunning creature like you, anytime you want, baby. Mm-mm, you are fucking hot!”

“Well, you are off to a great start! You are also very sexy. I take it you are a subby after reading your post.”

“Yes, I am. I learned a long time ago that pleasing a man or a woman and letting them be in control made my life a lot easier and much happier. I don’t date men anymore. I love the look, touch, and taste of a woman. You are all such beautiful creatures that I just want to please. I am willing to be a live-in subby if you wish. If you find me to your liking, that is, Mistress Andrea,”

Whoa! That last sentence was raspy and soooo very sexy. Andrea had chills up her spine. I am about to cum. Let’s see what direction my new friend would take me in. “Jet, baby, how would you treat me after a long bağdat caddesi olgun escort day at work when I walk in the door. I am sore and tired.”

“Oh, boy, this should be good,” Suzi commented.

Andrea giggled.

“Can I ask Mistress Andrea what she does for a living?”

“Yes, you may, and I am the CEO of a huge candy company.”

Well, Mistress Andrea, my typical day would consist of cleaning your apartment or house, preparing your dinner, and chilling a bottle of wine for when you arrive home. I would let you record any or all of my day dressed in any apparel you wish me to wear.”

Andrea’s right index finger found its way to her right nipple. She began tugging and squeezing it through her blue silk camisole.

“I like to wear panties of your choice and stop every hour or so to rub my clit. I would get wet to your liking. I would work out on a treadmill, stationary bike, or rowing machine in heels and a thong if you wish. I would hope your A.I. would be set up to record all of this so you could watch it whenever you were feeling “frisky.”

Andrea hadn’t realized that she was letting out a slight moan as she tweaked both of her nipples. She was also soaking the crotch of her silk panties without knowing it….yet.

“I take it this would be to your liking, my Mistress?” Jet smiled as Andrea’s eyes closed, and she slid down a little in bed. She positioned the Vidtablet between her knees on the bed so Jet could get a look at her entire body. The POV was to die for as Andrea’s right hand slid down the front of her panties.

“Very much so, my Subby. You are making my pussy so wet. Tell me what you would do as I opened up the front door and came inside.” Caressing her clit, Andrea let out a soft cooing moan.

Jet, who was also masturbating now with the camera pointed at her spread muscular thighs and creamy brown bald pussy, began her detail of how the nights would play out. “I would greet you at the door dressed as you wish. Normally I am completely nude with only a collar and a leash attached so you can walk me when I am not servicing you.”

“Oh, fuck!” Andrea gasped as her right index finger found its way inside of her wet, tight pussy hole. She licked her lips, telling Jet to continue.

“I would make sure you were in your favorite chair, shoes off, and a full wine glass in hand. I would get on all fours next to your chair and wait for my instructions from my Mistress. If you would like, I would massage your feet and toes. After your second or third glass of wine, I would ask you if you would like me to slide your nylons off and caress your legs.”

“Oh, my God!” Andrea said aloud as she rubbed her clit through the silky material that was soaked with precum. Using her left hand, she spread her pussy lips beneath the fabric so she could slide her right fingers inside of herself and brought the creamy cum to her lips. Andrea licked and sucked bağdat caddesi sarışın escort on her sticky goodness until it was gone. Peeking at the screen, she told Jet to turn around and get on all fours as she sniffed her own fingers. Jet did as she was told. Her caramel-colored ass was tight, and her fingers were spreading her pussy lips from underneath.

“Is this to your liking, my Mistress?”

“Fuck, yes! Oh, baby, you are going to make me cum. I don’t want to stop edging my clit. It feels too good.”

“Let me tease and edge your beautiful clit with the very tip of my tongue for as long as you wish while you sip your wine. I would switch from your clit to your gorgeous asshole with my wet tongue driving you crazy.”

Andrea slid her panties down to her ankles and spread her legs as wide as she could. Jet’s Vidtablet was aimed at her sweet wet pussy as she rubbed and teased her clit. Andrea slid two fingers inside of her vagina, and one finger made its way to the rim of her soaked asshole. She forced a finger inside of her rectum and almost came immediately. God, I am so fucking horny!

“When you are ready to cum, I would tell you to grab my hair and pull on it as hard as you wish. By now, I am lapping your soaked cunt lips and clit like a fucking whore in heat, needing to taste your creamy goodness. Force and push your pussy into my face and smother me with your wet cunt. I live to service you and make you happy. Cum for me, baby, cum hard for me!”

Andrea let out a sexy and shrill orgasmic yell as she rubbed her clit like never before. “Om my fucking God, I am cumming so good!”

“While you are cumming I would slide my finger into your asshole and wiggle it around. You put your feet on my shoulders and pull on my head as you squirt your creamy cum down my throat. I never take my lips off your clit, so you can cum as much as you want. I need you to cum all over my face and mouth. I love the taste of my Mistress’ pussy juice!” Jet moaned loudly to the point of almost screaming as she fingered her hole on all fours. Andrea watched her subby cumming and fucked both her holes at breakneck speed.

“I am cumming again!” Andrea shouted at the top of her lungs as she tasted her cum while finger fucking herself. Pulling her finger out of her asshole, she sniffed and licked it clean. Her hips bucked in the air as she wound down from a massive orgasm. “Holy shit, that was incredible.”

“Just think about how the real thing would feel,” Jet told her as she turned around facing the camera, licking her fingers clean, moaning like a voracious animal after a blood-soaked meal.

“How far away are you from me?” Andrea asked as she allowed Jet to view her address.

“Let me see, it looks like about two hours by train. Do you want me to visit you?”

“Fuck yes, baby! How is Saturday looking for you?”

“Can you meet me at the train? I promise you won’t regret it. You need to email me about your choice of my apparel. I will wear it for you this weekend.”

“Oh, boy, I am in heaven. I will email you soon. Goodbye, baby.”

“Yes, my Mistress, I am looking forward to serving you,” Jet said, smiling as the Vidtablet screen went black.

“Wow, I am spent…” Andrea shut the lights off and drifted off to one of the best nights of sleep in her life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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