Stepdaughter with Her Best Friend

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“He’s waking up,” I heard Ellie, my stepdaughter, say.

As I opened my eyes, I saw Ellie, dressed in a halter top and sarong, kneeling on the floor in my study. I realized that I was lying on the love seat. Ellie’s best friend Tina was crouched beside Ellie, naked.

I groaned, a headache forming right above my eyes. I recalled Tina riding me as she told me a story about sharing Jake the plumber with Ellie in their dorm room, and that I had just asked Tina if she had licked Ellie’s pussy.

Ellie’s voice from the doorway had been the shock that had caused my blackout. I wondered how long she had been mopping my forehead with a warm cloth. Then I wondered what her nipples looked like. A quick glance confirmed that, despite her Florence Nightingale moment, they were erect, straining braless against the stressed strips of fabric covering her generous cleavage. As she breathed, they swayed, as if begging to be licked.

“Should he go to the hospital to be checked out?” Tina asked, interrupting my reverie.

“I don’t think so, I think he just passed out because with so much blood engorging his cock, there was not enough for his brain to deal with my arrival,” replied Ellie, with all her pre-med confidence. “I think everything is working fine now.”

She giggled, and I realized that she was staring at my erect cock, wobbling upright in the air.

“To answer your question, Daddy, I did lick Ellie’s slit clean after Jake had fucked her – actually, after he had fucked both of us.” Tina said. “He was out of gas, so while he finished fixing the sink, we played with each other. We were just too horny to be satisfied with what he had to offer.”

“I thought you said he had a nice big fat cock,” I replied.

Ellie giggled and said, “Is that what she said?”

I still didn’t know how much of Tina’s seduction scene she had watched, but apparently she had missed seeing her best friend sucking my precum off of a thumb, licking it like a lollipop, teasing me. However, Tina and I had gone a lot further, and I still wondered just when Ellie had started watching

“I actually compared it to your step dad’s cock.” Tina explained. “Don’t you agree that they’re a lot alike?”

As she spoke, Tina reached over and stroked my shaft, once only, slowly, dramatically, emphasizing her comment. She cupped my large mushroom head in her fist and squeezed gently. I assumed that from Ellie’s position, she had a good view of the slit gaping open.

“Oh, look, its winking at us,” Ellie giggled, confirming my thoughts.

Tina pumped my cock again, flexing her fist, pumping it.

“Not bad recovery for an old man,” she slurred, the booze she had guzzled while waiting for Elle still affecting her.

“I thought you said I wasn’t old,” I stammered, my breathing affected my feeling Ellie leaning closer, wondering whether those were her erect nipples brushing my arm hairs ever so lightly.

“Of course you aren’t old Daddy,” Ellie interjected. “Tina likes them much older than you.”

Since I had married Zola, Ellie’s Mom, when Ellie was small, I was the only Dad Ellie had known.

Tina seemed to be enjoying teasing Ellie as much as she had me earlier. I noticed that Tina’s slight movement to grasp me had drawn her nearer to Ellie. Their naked shoulders were almost touching I felt like I could almost see the heat radiating between them, linking Tina’s naked, just fucked body with Ellie’s scantily clad form — which, if Tina had been correct about Ellie’s afternoon plans, was also recently sated. Unless, I considered, she was home early because, slut or not, she had not succeeded in her quest for sex.

“Why are you home so early?” I asked, my brain not editing itself, since alas, too much blood was flooding towards my cock, which was surging to fullness in spite of its recent discharge into Tina’s tight twat. “Tina said you were out for the afternoon.”

“I decided to come home and see if Tina was here.”

“The guy you were with turned out to be a dud you mean?” Tina asked as she tickled my balls with her baby finger, her fist clenching the bottom of my shaft, tilting the head right towards Ellie.

Ellie laughed, deep from her gut. “You know me so well, T. He came in my hand as soon as I got him out of his pants. I thought about going to a bar and trolling, but then I remembered that you had asked if you could sun by the pool. With Mommy going shopping, and the little brother at summer camp, which would leave you and Daddy alone. I know how much you love vamping him. Once I thought about that, I had to see just how far it might go with no one here to chaperone.”

“Was it a coincidence that you left a pitcher of margaritas?” I asked.

“Tina doesn’t need booze to want to fuck, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to loosen things up,” Ellie blushed. “I gotta admit that I was more excited thinking about what might be happening here than I was by my date.”

“Just how excited?” I pressed, noticing that Ellie’s neck was flushed right down into her cleavage.

“More wet than damp,” Ellie admitted, “and my tits were aching so much that I came as güvenilir bahis soon as my date touched them. I let him think that he was responsible for it.”

“Was it me or Daddy that got you so hot?” Tina asked, her free hand gently touching Ellie’s arm.

“Both… I remembered all the nights we talked about Daddy, how describing his cock for you got you ready for me to eat your pussy… about how we would pretend a dildo was his cock, and take turns.”

“And now I’ve fucked Daddy for real,” Tina taunted, poking her tongue out at Ellie.

“I know. I saw you.” Ellie’s voice stammered a bit, her boldness fading.

My cock was confused, it wanted to be kissed by Ellie, sucked by Ellie, to fuck my stepdaughter, whether my brain did or not. Cocks are not inhibited by a conscience. Ellie’s ambivalence — if that was what the stutter represented — might have caused my organ to begin softening.

Tina prevented any shrinking of my manhood. She rose slightly, leaned across my body, and gave my slit one flick with the very tip of her tongue.

I smiled as I noticed that Ellie also rose, leaning over her friend’s naked body so she had a clear view. This confirmed that she was at least still curious. It also gave me a fresh angle to see the dangle of her full tits in that halter, first of the valley between the mounds, and then of the side of her left breast, hanging in the fabric like a melon in a sling.

Ellie’s tongue flitted quickly along her lower lip, unconsciously imitating Tina’s action.

Still leaning across my body, Tina reached back, and rather than just touching Ellie’s arm, caressed it, rubbing firmly from wrist to the inside of the elbow, and then describing slowly smaller circles right in the joint. I felt my lips pucker, and realized that I wished that I could be kissing and licking that flesh. I knew how it drove Zola nuts when I did that, and Tina’s attention to that spot suggested ‘like mother, like daughter’.

“Did watching make you all wet?” Tina asked teasingly. “Ellie likes watching, Daddy,” she added, looking me in the eye. Well, she was once I pulled my gaze from Ellie’s tit. Both girls giggled as I blushed, and Ellie’s nipples brushed against my chest, only the fabric of her halter separating us.

As I wondered how much of Ellie’s actions were intentional, and whether she really wanted to fuck me, or only tease me, Tina shifted again, gracefully pivoting closer to Ellie, and turned almost facing her.

“Why are you the only one wearing clothes, El?” Tina breathed. Now I knew I’d fell asleep watching porn again, and this was all a dream. Except it was my computer porn that Tina had discovered before seducing me. Maybe this was her porn star moment?

I realized that for a moment, everything was frozen, freeze framed. We were at a turning point. Until now, Tina had been the primary tease, Ellie mainly a spectator. If she stopped at this stage, we could all just laugh it off as Tina being drunk, Ellie walking in and getting confused, and me, well, I’m a man. Blame hormones.

“Maybe she doesn’t want us to know how wet she is. After all she never answered that question,” I said.

Tina was bolder than me. She was not conflicted about wanting to fuck my stepdaughter, nor about watching us fuck. She advanced the action by reaching over and undoing the knot behind Ellie’s neck. The two triangular slings dropped, revealing Ellie’s pendulous boobs to my hungry eyes for the first time. I had not seen her topless since she was a little girl.

“What do you think Daddy? Which of us has nicer tits?” Tina asked, dropping my cock so that she could cup both of Ellie’s mounds in her palms and give them a quick heft before she rose higher and strained her chest towards me, presenting handfuls of her smaller, firmer athlete’s flesh.

“I thought this… is about Ellie… about…whether… she is…wet,” I stammered, dodging the question. My cock however stood firm, unaided by Tina’s fist, so my interest remained obvious.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Tina replied.

Before Ellie could speak, or move to stop her, Tina ran her right hand down from Ellie’s shoulder to her waist, stopping only briefly to fondle my stepdaughter’s tit, this time giving the nipple a distinct tug, which made Ellie wince.

“No fair,” I objected, “What you’re doing to her now probably is making her wet even if she wasn’t while she was watching us.”

Tina chuckled, nodding agreement. At the same time, she grasped the knot in the sarong, which sat high on Ellie’s right hip — the fabric angled down towards the left, dipping low enough to suggest the absence of panties, and possibly even tan lines. The skirt fell away, puddling in Ellie’s lap and across her legs, leaving some modesty, which my cock agreed was even more exciting than complete nudity. My balls were tight to my groin, my shaft full, and my slit was leaking precum.

Ellie noticed my reaction, perhaps because my hand moved automatically down to cup my balls, and I may have given my prick a good shake.

“Enjoying the show, Daddy?” she squeaked, in a tiny voice that reminded türkçe bahis me of the timid six year old who had been the flower girl when I married her mother. This was no act, but she had not contradicted Tina’s accusations of being a slut, and had openly talked about her disappointing date. Her shyness must be related to the taboo of nakedness in front of me, which made me feel better about my own ambivalence.

Tina spoke before I could answer. “One look at his cock and you know he likes this.”

She slipped her hand under the loose folds of Ellie’s sarong, not baring that honey pot entirely. The subtle finger motions suggested what she was doing, which somehow was sexier than if I had a clear view. I fisted my cock, noticing that Ellie’s eyes were glued to my activity. I was amazed that she was able to pretend to ignore what was happening in her lap.

Finally, Ellie’s jaw relaxed, her lower lip dropped a millimetre, and her breathing became panting. Only then did she turn her face to look deeply into her best friend’s eyes.

“Yes, watching you fuck Daddy made me wet,” she admitted. “But not as wet as what you are doing now.”

“I know, I can feel it now, silly,” Tina laughed. “What part of me seducing Daddy did you like best?”

“Well, I didn’t see the beginning, and that was probably the best part. I would have loved to see the look on his face then.”

“I found her naked in here, and quickly saw she’d been cruising porn on my computer,” I croaked.

“His jaw dropped open, and his eyes popped out like in a cartoon,” Tina added. Her hand was busy rubbing Ellie. The fabric still masked the details, but Tina’s elbow was moving back and forth, suggesting that she had wasted no time teasing Ellie’s labia apart, and had already begun fingerfucking that young twat. I found myself wondering whether it was natural, shaved, or nicely trimmed, perhaps in a heart design… my mind wandered.

“I think Daddy likes this almost as much as I do,” Ellie moaned. “Look how his cock is standing straight up. I didn’t know old guys could get that stiff.”

Tina turned just her head, not pausing in her play with Ellie. Her eyes travelled along my body from my erection up to meet my eyes, and then her lips spread into a huge grin.

“Ellie hasn’t fucked nearly as many old guys as I have, Mr. B…oops, I mean Daddy. She really is a slut, I wasn’t lying about that, but her type is mainly muscular jocks, and she has a weak spot for guys with tans — a lot of them are gardeners, yard guys, pool boys, that sort. I guess that’s why Jake, being another hunky working man, got her going.”

“Don’t forget nerdy boys, though, T. I love seducing virgins.”

Tina chuckled and nodded. “That’s right, Mr. B. No library is a safe place when your step daughter is around. Horn rim glasses won’t hide a man with steel from her. Of course, one look at Ellie, and they turn to steel.”

“Nice and hard,” Ellie moaned, each word drawn out into two or three syllables as Tina’s fingers worked magic in Ellie’s lap.

My brain pulsed, generating incongruent images of Ellie spritely flouncing between tables in one of her blue micro bikinis — the ones that had made me avert my eyes all summer, denying my obsession by not looking – her bouncing bountiful boobs acting like magnets to pull eyes up from heavy tomes, and cause tongues to flop out of mouths. I quickly realized that the halter and sarong she wore today, which were more reasonable spring school wear, would do the job just fine.

“Short shorts,” I blurted, not meaning to talk out loud, thinking of other legitimate student clothing that would drive the boys wild.

“Is that what you like, Mr. T? Cut off white jean shorts, with cuffs just below the ass, to show you wear to look? Or would you prefer them even smaller, with a bit of butt flashing, making you wonder if Ellie is wearing a thong or going commando? Do you picture them crisp and clean, or sweaty, frayed near the crotch, maybe wet from washing the car?”

“Is that why you girls are always offering to wash my car?”

“We were starting to wonder if you would ever notice,” Ellie answered.

“So I finally decided that I had to take direct action,” Tina added.

No one spoke for a moment as Tina shifted her position slightly. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Ellie was enjoying the slight jiggle of Tina’s modest bosom as much as I was. Settling so she was turned more towards me, Tina continued finger fucking her best friend, my stepdaughter, and if anything, was plunging harder and deeper into that young vault. The new angle allowed her to reach up with her right hand and resume fondling my cock.

“So am I,” I gasped, barely able to speak as Tina’s hand pumped my shaft, urging me closer to another explosion.

“Oh, T, don’t waste Daddy’s load.” Ellie sighed, her voice dropping another octave as her chest flushed red. I had never seen her orgasm, but this was how her Mom looked just prior to climax.

“Do you want to swallow this load? Or have it in one of our cunts? If you want to taste him, I have a load in my pussy you can eat.”

Ellie güvenilir bahis siteleri did not answer right away. Her head had drooped over, hair brushing my shoulder, her eyes shut, her jaw slack. I thought I saw a little strand of drool forming. Tina’s arm had slowed, easing Ellie that last bit to the edge.

With a sigh, Ellie plunged over the edge, her hips suddenly rising up, the sarong slipping away. Her head rose off the sofa, and she threw her hair back as she thrashed about. I could now see Tina’s hand pumping deep inside Ellie, four stiff cocklike fingers moving in a blur, and thumb waggling against Ellie’s clit.

“Oh, yes, Ohmigawd, Dadddddddddy…..” Ellie screamed. I was glad Zola wasn’t home, and wondered quickly whether Ellie’s climax was loud enough that her Mom would hear it at the mall, or wherever she was.

The waves subsided and Ellie slumped against the couch, her head so close that I felt her breath bathing my ear. “Tina makes me come so good, Daddy. I screamed your name because I wished that you could feel how great it was.”

I lifted my head just enough to turn and give her forehead a gentle stepfather kiss, trying not to deal with how similar Ellie’s shaking orgasm was to when Zola played with our toys. Trying to ignore those thoughts just made me move on to reflecting that fingers or dildoes always made Zola want a good hard fucking, usually followed by a cleaning from my tongue. Was this also like mother like daughter?

A sweet musky odour wafted to my nostrils as Tina moved her hand up out of Ellie’s crotch, and began caressing those pendulous breasts. This smell was also familiar, though likely more because mother and daughter ate similar diets and shared soap than genetics.

I shook my head slightly, seeking denial. My efforts were wasted, as Ellie tilted her face and planted her lips squarely on mine, her tongue forcing my mouth wider, slipping past my teeth, and thrusting into my cheek before darting out as she spoke.

“Silly Daddy, that’s the proper way to kiss a girl.”

Just the sort of thing her mother might say.

“Good thing you didn’t come when Ellie did, Mr. B.” Tina said, jolting me back to reality.

What was I doing kissing my stepdaughter? Though technically, it was Ellie who had kissed me.

I did not have long to be contemplative, because Tina followed her comment up by quickly returning her attentions to my stiff flagpole. More precum had seeped from the tip while we were focussed on Ellie’s pleasure. The scents mingled in the air into a heady brew.

“Isn’t that a beautiful cock, El? Wouldn’t you love to lick that sheen right off of it?”

Half my brain wanted to scream “No”. It was wrestling with the half ruled by my cock, which was saying “She’s already watched you fuck her best friend, she wants to fuck you. What the hell? Why not?”

Because her mother would kill me, that’s why not. Zola might forgive me being seduced by Tina — after all, I hadn’t gone looking for it, and a naked teen is hard to resist. A follow up fuck of my wife’s daughter, with lots of chances to say no, was a whole different story. I was supposed to be mentoring her, not fucking her, even if she was a slut. Even if, as Tina had hinted, Zola might be a slut too.

“It is so beautiful,” I heard Ellie answer dreamily, “fatter than most of the guys I’ve fucked. In fact, it looks just about perfect. The few that I’ve tried that looked bigger hurt too much.”

She paused, giggled, her post orgasmic state replaced, I guessed, by a fresh surge of horniness. “And, anything bigger would definitely not fit up my ass.”

Up her ass? My stepdaughter did anal?

Tina apparently saw my confusion. As she shifted along the floor and positioned herself where she could start licking my balls she said, “Oh, Mr. B. — Daddy – did I leave out the part where Ellie isn’t just your ordinary slut, she’s an anal slut?”

“Well, T, if you want to be fully accurate, I’m pretty much a double penetration slut. If I can’t find two hard cocks, toys will do, or of course, fingers…or feet. I love a good toe job.”

I was still speechless from what I has seen and heard already, and Tina was too busy for the moment to respond immediately. She was running the flat edge of her tongue up the underside of my shaft. She stopped short of the head, which was now slimy from precum, and ran her mouth down my length after rimming the bottom edge of my helmet.

Only then did Tina look up, a wide grin on her shiny teen lips. She met my eyes, and her mouth spread even wider, her tongue flicking across her teeth and moistening her lips. She looked ravenously hungry. My abdominal muscles tensed defensively, some primal caveman instinct worrying that she might decide to chomp down and eat my cock as a snack, and not in a pleasant way.

After holding my gaze for a few heartbeats, or forever, it was hard to tell, Tina shifted just her eyes. I knew that she was now staring at Ellie, but I could not tell how Ellie was responding, or whether she was passively relaxing post orgasm, or playing with herself. Her bountiful tits were a younger firmer version of her mother’s, a great contrast with Tina’s tighter smaller bumps. I found myself no longer wondering which sort I preferred, but just glad that God had provided such variety for my personal enjoyment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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