Staying with Aunt Jannie Ch. 09

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It was a very slow Saturday. The anticipation for tonight as killing us. Me and Nicky felt very anxious for everything that had happened with my husband, and with the arrival of the day he had to go.

“I’ll organize my things and get a part time, while I get into a community college that’s cheap and convenient,” said Nicky. I’ll wait until after I turn 19 to tell my mom I’m leaving the house. That will be a little difficult to handle, my mom. She would be heartbroken to know I’m leaving. Should I say where, and with who? Should I tell her about us?”

“I think it’s best if we postpone that for later on. I’m no ready to tell my sister that I’ll be leaving with her son, and that we might even get married someday. Ha ha, that sounds so fucked up, doesn’t it?” I said.

“Yeah! Ha ha.”

“O my god! I’m going to miss you Nicky!” I said with moist eyes and hugging him. We were both lying on the bed.

“I will too, but once we get together again in a few weeks, or maybe months, we’ll be together again, and this time, if you can accept me that is, forever.”

“Of course I will! I can have no other than you. I love you.” we kissed with tears in our eyes, and the day moved onward.

Our plan for tonight was to simply get out through the front door, no secrets, no excuses. My husband was sure to see us get out, but this time he had nothing he could say to stop us. At about 5pm, me and Nicky took a shower together in my room, without my husband noticing we were doing it. Nicky fucked me again under the hot water and steam. He kept cumming inside of me since the night he did it for the first time. Now I was probably sure to get pregnant with his child, and this notion made me very happy. We got ready for that night. Both well dressed, and smelling good. I looked particularly sexy, and my lover complimented me as much as he could. I would say to him that all that was intended for him that night, and no one else, and he would smile. The time to go to have our triple date came, and we headed out. Before we reached the door, my husband, drunk attempted to speak his mind.

“Look at you, you look like a whore! With you little gay friend at your side. Just where the hell do you think you are going, bitch? You are still my wife!” he said, dragging his words.

“So? I’m going out with Nicky, to have some fun together. Today is his last day here,” I said.

“And I can’t go, can I? Bitch, you deserve to be left on the street, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with you!”

“And you deserve me to cheat on your sorry ass, pathetic asshole. Now get out of my life and leave me alone!” I said a little loud. I was getting really angry, and Nicky was holding me back by my hand, trying to make me stay calm.

“Don’t bother coming back tonight! I don’t want you here anymore. I want you out of my house, you hear me?” he said.

“I’m not going anywhere until I sign the papers, unless you have money to pay for a hotel?”

“I ain’t paying for shit!”

“That’s what I thought.”

“OK that’s enough. Uncle you are drunk. Go to bed,” said Nicky, pulling me softly by the arm and guiding me out the door.

“Shut up you spoiled brat!” my husband said, but Nicky paid no mind and got in my car. We took off, and that was the last of my husband I will ever have to mention here.

The night was young, and the breeze that entered through the window of the car caressed our faces and told us that life was good. We sometimes looked at each other and smile, and talk about Lisa and how did she look and how was she like. We held hands as we rode through rich neighborhood, and Nicky confessed his nervousness and anxiety that night, for what was about to happen. We finally arrived at the address Lisa gave me, and we got off the car. Lisa’s house was huge, and even though it was only two stories high, it was most likely bigger than my own. We rang the bell and tightened our hands, while waiting for Lisa to come answer.

“Hello?” it was Lisa’s voice through the speaker.

“We’re here,” I said.

“Great! I’ll open the gate and let you in. You can park wherever, and I’ll meet you guys at the door,” and so did she. We got back into the car and parked inside the little mansion. We got out and walked to the door. Nicky said again that his heart was pounding in anticipation.

The door opened when we got close to it and Lisa came out and showed herself. As always, she look gorgeous, and tonight specially, really hot. She had a glittering blouse that exposed her cleavage, and showed a big part of her delicious, paper-white tits, and tight, shiny pants. She greeted us with a cup of expensive liquor in her hand, ans with the biggest smile in her pretty face.

“Hey there! O my God, you must be the boyfriend Jannie told me about? Are you really just 18? You look better than I thought! Come in guys!” she said in her characteristic cheerful tone. The place was dimly lit, with a good smell, bahis firmaları and some romantic music playing. She was ready for sex, and no less.

“Hey Jannie, you don’t say hi?” she kissed my cheek.

“Hi Lisa. I thought about your last proposal, and I thought you would like something like this, what do you think?”

“Well, I’m flattered that you finally remembered your old friend! But what about your husband?”

“We are not in the best terms, and I found… Nicky, so now it’s just me and him now,” I said, and Nicky just looked around the house and sometimes at Lisa, silent. He still had some shy in him.

“What about you big boy? How the hell did you managed to get this candy to be your gf? I bet you might have some hidden talent!” she said to Nicky.

“That’s what they say,” he responded, “But in reality, I just try my best to treat Jannie how she deserves.”

“I see. And you know why you are here?” she sounded like a nurse speaking to a retarded kid.

“Of course,” he said.

“And you are okay with it?”

“As long as my partner is, I have no complaint.”

“Wow, Jannie, he sounds like a good man to have around!” she started to sound more seductively. I just enjoyed watching them talk like this, “So, do you like me for tonight? Was I as you had imagined?” she asked him.

“Yes, even better,” he said.

“Then come over here, show me how much you like me, honey,” she told him, beckoning him with her forefinger. Nicky looked at me, I nodded with a smile, and he went to her. Honestly, I would never wanted to see him with any other woman, but Lisa was always OK with me. He got close to her, and I could see his eyes went from her cleavage to her eyes, and back. Lisa chuckled at this. He was now standing right in front of her.

“Kiss me,” she said, like a demon of passion, in a way that Nicky could hardly refuse. He bent down a little, for she was sitting at a bar stool, and their lips united. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him against her face. He grabbed her neck and a her back, and a passionate kiss was born from their desire. She stuck in her tongue first, and tasted him. Then they both used their tongues to massage each other’s’ mouth, and went ahead and grabbed both her upper and lower lips and sucked them inside his mouth at the same time, and then released only the upper one, and kept sucking on the lower a bit more. Lisa moaned a little, and then bit his lower lip, and went ahead and sucked his tongue really hard, making gestures with her head as if giving it a blow job. Her saliva sounded in exquisite tones that made my pussy tickle and started to get wet. They separated their mouths finally, and she gasped for air a little.

“Wow!” she said without air, “I haven’t offer you guys anything to drink!” She said looking at me, playing tough to get, and trying to be indifferent to that passionate kiss, “what would you like Jannie?”

“Whatever it is you are having,” I said.

“And you… you are underage, so I’m sorry but no alcohol for you! You want juice? Soda?”

“Water is fine,” Nicky said.

She got us the drinks and we sipped at them. She was staring at Nicky.

“You know Jannie, I think tonight might be really nice after all,” said Lisa. Once we were done without respective beverages Lisa got up and collected the glasses.

“You guys follow me,” she said.

We followed her through the dark and nice smelling halls, until we turned a sharp right, and were in front of a door. She opened and invited us in. She had the room nicely prepared. She wanted to give the best impression possible, and had the room slightly lit with a lamp in the corner, a bed with rose petals, and a strong but nice smell. She closed the door behind her and looked at Nicky with an alluring stare.

“So, Nicky,” she said,” I heard you’ll be leaving town soon, for whatever reason. So, I’m guessing this whole night is for you. Judging for your age, I’d say Jannie wanted to use me to show you new things, naughty girl that she is! But if that’s the case, then I’ll make sure my undivided attention falls on you. Come here.”

Nicky got close to Lisa a little more confident this time. When he stood in front of him, she put her arms around NIkcy’s neck, and went for another kiss. I knew that she liked the first one. She hadn’t fool anybody. Nicky responded with another good kiss that probably let her panties starting soak. She was drooling a little bit when they ended the kiss and now she took one of her hands and parted the one side of the long v neck of her blouse, and exposed one of her tits. It was marvelous, the most appetizing breast I’ve ever seen, as I was used to appreciate each time she showed them to me. It was white and shinny, round and fat, that fell in a strong shape and held itself up deliciously. Her nipple was pink, and wide enough, meaty, and look tasty. She offered him to suck, and when he got his mouth on it, the other arm that she had around his neck was used to push him kaçak iddaa against her chest. He started eating away. I didn’t blame him, even I felt like doing it. He sucked the nipple with hunger and passion and let his spit cover the areola, and licked and bit softly the nipple, that was now full-grown and erect. He licked it at a high speed, and she moaned and pressed him harder against her, while stroking his hair.

“Oh…yes…” she let out, “I like you. Here have both,” and she let her other boob out of the blouse, and he massaged them both in his strong hands and teased one while he licked the other. She started walking towards him, and he walked a little backwards, when she pushed him and threw him on the bed. He titties shinning with the light reflected on Nicky’s saliva that were ll over. She took the whole blouse off.

“What are you waiting for? Are you going to join us or what?” she said to me. I was so distracted watching, that I had forgotten that I was part of it too. Lisa took Nicky’s belt off and unzipped his pants while he was in bed, resting on his elbows, and watching her. I got close, and after a little kiss to announce I was in, I went for his dick as well. Lisa pulled it out of his pants.

“Oh wow, now I understand Jannie, ha ha,” she said.

Nicky’s cock was already rock hard, probably since his first kiss with Lisa, and she was now stroking his dick and looking in his eyes. She then started sucking and masturbating him, while I licked his balls. Nicky moaned and cursed at how good it felt, and me and my friend laughed. She then got her mouth off, and while she kept stroking, she reached behind my back to unzip my dress. And me, after quickly pulling the top of my dress down, continued the work of Lisa and kept sucking his cock, tasting the saliva of Lisa’s mouth that was now all over the place. I sucked for a few seconds while she massaged his balls, and then stopped to undo my bra and throw it to the side. Me and her were now showing our titties to him, and I looked in his eyes and touched mine and teased my nipples in front of him, making him go a little crazy. My friend Lisa seeing this, did the same, holding hers and pinching her nipples, and then reaching for mine and giving them a slight lick while staring at him. We then went back to his dick, this time sharing. Each licked a side, and our spit got mixed and exchanged. Our tongues would sometimes meet, and we would lick each other’s’ and taste our flavor. Then we licked up the big cock, until we reached the tip, and there our tongues really got together and we kissed passionately for him to watch, while both our hands masturbated him. We kissed and sucked our lips. She enjoyed way more than I did, and stuck her tongue inside, and sucked mine. A string of saliva remained between our mouths when we separated, and looked at him with faces of pleasure.

“I’m going to cum!” He said. We hurried to catch his dick, and we both put our mouths close to his tip, and waited while we stroked him. He finally exploded and his dick contracted with each shot of tasty and thick cum. We started slurping and drinking his milk, both saying how good it was, and licked all around his dick and his pelvis. Finally, after leaving the dick clean, we exchanged cum in our mouths, and spat it back and forth, and kissed more with cum still filling us and sticking to the teeth and tongue. Then we licked each other’s’ faces to make sure nothing was wasted.

Nicky’s penis started to get softer, but Lisa wouldn’t let it. She stroked it hard and talked dirty.

“If you let it die now, I won’t let you stick it in my ass later. Is that what you want? To miss out on this perfectly round ass? Get it hard for me honey! I want you to fuck me!” she said to him.

She then put her pussy on his face, sitting on it.

“Lick! Make me cum! Eat that pussy!” she said. He grabbed he how he could, and started sticking his tongue inside and licking around. She used one hand and started teasing her clitoris. Jannie come closer, babe,” she said to me. I did, and sat on top of Nicky’s half dead dick, but I didn’t put it in yet. I was in front of Lisa, and she kissed me in my neck, and sloly descended to my tits, and licked them and sucked them a little.

“I’m eating your girlfriend’s tits. If you want to see it, you have to make me cum! And get that cock hard again!” she said to him. He was eating away at her cunt. I got close to her and whispered in her ear.

“I’m doing this for him, don’t take advantage, you dirty girl,” i said.

“I know you don’t like women like I do, but you like me, I can tell.”

“I just feel comfortable with you, nothing more. I’ve told you before,” I said.

“Well, if you won’t enjoy what I do to you, can you do it to me? Cause I’ll sure as hell enjoy it! Please?”

“Well, since it’s no bother as long as it’s you, then fine,” I said and saying this, I grabbed one of her tasty breasts, and started licking its nipple. It really felt nice in my mouth, and I understood kaçak bahis why Nicky had gone crazy with it a few minutes before. It gave the sensation of licking a strawberry ice-cream. Its pink color made want to bite it and eat it, and the nipple was so hard that it was fun to tease it with my tongue. Meanwhile, she was loving it, and stroke my hair with tenderness, and kissed my neck to return the favor. I took the other breast and kissed around too and messed with them both in my mouth. I loved them. They were the only ones I found this attractive. With this teasing, Nicky sticking his tongue in her pussy, and herself messing with her clit, she finally came all over Nicky’s face. And Nicky’s dick was once more rock hard. I immediately went for it, and stroked it while I sucked to give it live. Lisa got her face close to Nicky’s, and licked her own juices off his countenance, and kissed him afterwards. I started giving Nicky a titty fuck, while Lisa put one of her nipples in Nicky’s mouth.

“I think Nicky had enough foreplay. Let’s give him some pussy to fuck,” said Lisa. Then t was me who sat on his face, since I was the only one that hadn’t cum, and Lisa grabbed his dick and guided it for her pussy. From where Nicky was, he could see the tip of his dick go inside, a round and fat pussy, with perfectly pink labia, and juices dripping. HE felt it go in slowly, and shook a little at the feeling of the soft and wet walls of her vagina sucking in his cock. Lisa then started riding his cock as hard as she could and joined hands with me, while I sat being licked by Nicky.

“Ah, ah, ah. Oh, yes, fuck yeah. Yes, yes, yes!” was all Lisa could say that moment. She was being perforated with the massive monster that I had fallen in love with, and she was having her taste of its strength. She used her hips and legs to move forwards and back, and now her tongue was out while her eyes were rolling back. If someone enjoyed sex in the world, that was Lisa. She squeezed my hands, and started using them to keep herself stable. She was losing strength. She fell forward on my shoulder, but still had enough force to rock herself back and forth o my man’s dick. I was a little lost too. My body temperature had skyrocketed, and Nicky must of have been choking, because I could feel my vagina letting more and more juice out. He was about to make me cum!

“Oh Jannie, I’m cumming. Kiss me, please, I need it!” she said to me. I accepted and kissed her strongly. And she squirted on top of Nicky, and shook all over and fell to his chest, while I came too with spasm in my body. I fell over her and we were now both on top of poor Nicky.

We regained our strength and got back up again Nicky hadn’t cum, so he remained hard, and we got ready to keep being screwed.

“Your turn Jannie,” said Lisa, in a tone of jealousy, she wanted more.

“You can have him again. I’ll take his last load inside. So you better enjoy him while he lasts!”

“Inside? What? Looks like you two got pretty close! Well, I don’t blame you honey,” she said to me. She got into doggy style, while I spread her ass cheeks, revealing her ping and soft-looking butt-hole.

“Stick it in her ass, babe,” I said, “she is one of the few that can cum like that.”

He got his dick closer, while I spat and licked her hole, also clean. I stuck my tongue inside and licked there a little, letting my saliva go in, and then with a finger opened it up.

“Ah, that’s my girl,” said Lisa with a moan.

Nicky then put his dick on her ass, and slowly pushed in. Lisa moaned loudly while he insides were filled up with his cock, and I spat once more, and kissed my lovers abs and licked them. He then started to fuck Lisa harder, while I kissed him, and he messed with my pussy with one hand.

“Jannie…ah! come here… I…I’ll eat you!” said Lisa while being breathless and pounded by my love. I kissed him and then seated in front of her, and spread my legs, where she willingly started licking my pussy. I closed my eyes and then imagined Nicky as the one eating my pussy away, and I felt like cumming some more, for Lisa knew what she was doing.

“Lisa, I love your ass. God, it’s so tight,” said Nicky slapping her buttock.

“Your cock is the best, baby. The best!”

I came, I moaned a big yes while I sprayed Lisa’s face with my cum, and then the next was Nicky. He came inside Lisa’s ass, and shot all his hot load deep. His throbbing dick and hot milk shooting inside, made the already-about-to-cum Lisa have her stronger orgasm of the night. She almost passed out, and her eyes were blank with a long moan. Nicky felt to his side, and Lisa stayed still for some seconds. I crawled among the bodies back to my future husband.

“Enjoying the night so far babe?” I asked him.

“Of course. Thank you. Thank you. You make me the happiest man alive,” he said, panting. He looked extremely cute.

“Are you going to take care of me now? Did you have enough Lisa?”

“I want to cum one last time inside you,” was his answer.

Lisa came back from the little death, and crawled back to him as well. She kissed him on the cheek.

“You should ride his cock,” Lisa said. “That would be the best ending.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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