Stacey the Lover

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This is a sequel to the fantastic “Stacey the Temptress” series, but can be read as a separate story. I do, however, highly recommend reading “Stacey the Temptress Ch. 3” (and please vote), it can be read without the others as well.

* * * * *

Danny couldn’t wait. He hasn’t seen Stacey in upwards of two months. After their last experience, he thought he would be seeing her daily! The experience was enough to have him considering leaving his girlfriend. Almost. He and Stacey maintained contact via email, speaking of their love for one another and their desire to be with each other.

His fantasies were about her exclusively now. Her pretty brown eyes, gorgeous smile highlighted by her dimple. And her body was amazing, as if chiseled straight from his dreams. Soft, tanned skin, huge breasts, long legs. Her outgoing personality and the sexuality that she radiated served only to turn him on even more. This was the weekend he was going to Stacey’s neck of the woods, a city 2 hours away, without Charmaine.

His obsession was becoming a problem. His work was slipping, his concentration was slipping. All he could think about was the hot vixen that gave him the greatest day of his life. He had masturbated about her twice per day BEFORE they got together. Now he was doing at least DOUBLE that! He needed this weekend.

Stacey was having just as much trouble getting him out of her mind. She did not get pregnant from their last rendezvous, despite how many times he came inside her. She didn’t care if she did, though. She loved him. She wanted him. She was very wet as the time of his arrival approached. She was aching for attention down there.

Danny knew he could get away with spending Thursday night with her, but after that there was a danger of his girlfriend checking in on him. So Thursday night it is. He had plans to take Stacey out to dinner, to try and spend some time with her on a non-sexual level. The two hour drive was difficult, since he had to spend the entire trip fighting the urge to pull out his cock right there and then. Finally, however, he arrived at her house as per her directions. Trying to control his raging hard on he knocked on her door. Heart pounding, he heard someone approach.

The door opened and there she stood, beautiful as ever, smiling radiantly. She was wearing tight, black dressy pants, with no socks, and a white blouse. Her curly brown hair was done up, and her makeup was perfect.

“Hi!” she said, arms outstretched. He hugged her tightly, holding her close. She was conscious of the bulge in his jeans pressing against her stomach as she held him closer. He couldn’t help but notice her large breasts pressed against him.

“I missed you so much.” she said.

“I missed you, too.” he whispered, his hands resting on the top of her ass. Finally, they parted and she took him by the hand and led him into her house. Talking the entire time, she gave him a tour of her place. He hung on her every word.

“We should get going to dinner.” he said, after a few minutes of conversation. She looked into his eyes, nothing was said for a few seconds. Her heart was pounding, as was his. She stepped up to him and leaned forward. Their lips met, kissing softly, again and again. He slid his tongue into her mouth, and she returned the favour. His hands slid around her body and gently held her ass as their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Their breathing became laboured as the kiss grew more passionate. She was pressing her body hard against his. He loved how her tongue felt in his mouth, how her lips sucked his. Stacey broke the kiss, looking into his eyes.

“I want ataşehir escort you, Danny. Will you make love to me first?” she asked. He nearly came in his pants.

“Yes.” was all he could squeak out. She took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom. At the foot of her bed she turned to him. His lips were on hers immediately, and he lay her down without breaking the kiss. He grinded himself against her as they kissed passionately. Her hands ran up and down his back as she felt the huge bulge in his jeans rub against her needy crotch.

He broke the kiss, and began to kiss down her cheek and neck. Danny listened to the sound of their heavy breathing as his hands undid the buttons on her blouse. Stacey’s eyes were closed as she tuned into the feeling of his kisses on her neck, and of her blouse loosening button by button. He kissed down her chest as it became exposed to him. Her black silk bra came into view as he opened up her shirt. He kissed down her soft, ample cleavage, his tongue flecked across her skin just above her bra. She ran her foot slowly up and down his leg, breathing laboriously as she felt him kiss all over her skin. He kissed her over her bra, feeling how hard her nipple was through the soft material. He kissed slowly down her belly, taking his time because he wanted to worship this body.

Stacey opened her eyes and watched the man she loved kiss lower and lower down her belly. He reached the top of her pants and she remained passive as his fingers undid her button and slowly pulled down her zipper. He could see her matching black, silk panties emerge and he couldn’t help but kiss over them. He could smell her arousal already, and the scent was wonderful.

He began to slide her pants down, and she raised her ass off the bed, making it easy for him. Down her smooth legs they went, and she pulled her bare feet out of them one by one. After dropping her pants on the floor, Danny raised her foot up to his mouth, taking in her beauty with his eyes. He kissed all over her pretty foot as he stared down her long legs, over her smooth belly, her bountiful breasts, up to her gorgeous face. Her eyes captivated him as he sucked her big toe into his mouth. He kissed each of her other toes as she lay before him in sexy, skimpy lingerie.

He began to slowly kiss and lick up her leg, and she watched him, parting her legs subtly. She wanted him, no, needed him so badly. She needed him to touch her, to be inside her. She was shaking, not from being nervous, but from her arousal. He kissed over her knee and up the inside of her thigh. He could hear her quivering breath as he inched closer to her treasure. He kissed the top of her leg, just beside her panties, and noticed her legs open even wider. He pressed his lips against her pussy over her panties.

Stacey gasped. Her heart was about to explode! He kissed her again through the noticeably wet material, his mouth clearly feeling her swollen pussy lips through the silk. She slid her hand down her body between her legs. Danny watched her fingers move to the side of her panties and begin to slowly push them over. He grabbed her hand, stopping her. He kissed her hand, and kissed each individual finger. There wasn’t one inch of her body that he didn’t think was the most beautiful thing in the world. Her pussy was buzzing uncontrollably, yet he seemed to be giving every other part of her body all the attention!

He gently placed her hand at her side and again placed his mouth over her horny crotch over her panties. He began to eat her out over the wet silk, sucking her lips through the thin material, licking at it.

“Ohhh God kadıköy escort Danny don’t tease…” she sighed. Her feet were caressing his side and she couldn’t stop her hand from holding his hair. Finally, after an eternity, he raised himself up and grabbed the sides of her panties. Stacey eagerly raised her ass off the bed and allowed him to slide her panties down her legs. Her beautiful pussy came into view. Perfectly shaven, except for a small treasure trail of brown pubic hair. Her pink lips were swollen, wet, and quivering. He pulled her tiny panties off of her feet and dropped them on the floor.

She lay before him, naked from the waist down, legs open, blouse open, ample chest heaving. He dove between her thighs. “Ohhhh!” she cried as he buried his face in her pussy. He slid his tongue into her hole as far as he could, tasting her as she squirmed above him. After he tasted her, he managed to regain some control over himself and slow down. His tongue slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, lightly nudging her sensitive button. She gasped again, her hand once more grabbing his hair. He gently sucked her swollen lips into his mouth, running his tongue up and down them as he held them there.

“Ohhhh God…” she moaned again, an orgasm had been lingering on the side for awhile now, and she felt it approach. He slid his hands under her sexy ass and raised her off the bed a little, his mouth releasing her cunt lips. He lightly teased her clitoris with his tongue, and she squirmed above him. He sucked her clit into his mouth and lapped at it rapidly while holding it between his lips. She hurtled towards the orgasm that was approaching. She couldn’t take it! Her whole body was wracked in ecstasy. She came. Stacey came hard, moaning, rubbing her crotch in Danny’s face, her hand forcing his face to stay right where it was. Her ass was high off the bed as her pussy convulsed. Her entire body was on fire as he continued to lick her through her amazing orgasm. Finally, it subsided. She released him and he was able to breath again.

He kissed her quivering lips once more and she gasped again, smiling. She wanted to say something was having trouble finding the breath to say it. He began to kiss his way up her sexy body. Halfway up, he stopped, pulled off his shirt, and undid his jeans. He slid Stacey’s blouse off her shoulders and she raised herself up so he could take it right off. He threw everything on the floor. She reached down and began to push his pants and underwear down his legs, freeing his hard, thick, 6 inch cock. He pushed them the rest of the way down and kicked them off, becoming completely naked.

Stacey reached between her tits and unsnapped her bra, slowly separating it. Her beautiful breasts came into view as she pulled her bra right off and threw it across the room. They were huge! They were the sexiest tits he had ever seen in his life, including the internet, magazines, and pornos. Her mounds were shaking as she gasped for breath. She watched him with pretty brown eyes as he took one in each hand and began to lick and kiss all over them. He licked all around her areola, his tongue teasing her hard nipple. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and she sighed. She reached down between them and grabbed his penis, stroking it expertly as he kissed over to her other breast. She wanted that dick in her so bad! He began to kiss up her chest to her neck, and from there, he found her lips.

The desire that was in her kiss was clear. She kissed him hard, passionately, her tongue shooting far into his mouth as her hand rubbed his cock up and down her hot, wet slit. Placing bostancı escort bayan it at the entrance, she broke the kiss, looking into his eyes.

“I love you, Danny.” she said.

“I love you, too, Stacey.” he whispered. The top of his rod felt tremendous heat as it pressed against her treasure. He pushed forward slowly. The petals of her vagina opened up for him and allowed his penis to enter. He slid inside her in one stroke, causing them both to moan with pleasure. He held himself as far inside her as he could, looking into her eyes, cherishing her warmth. He kissed her, and her hands caressed his entire body, holding him close to her. Her feet began to caress his legs. He began to slide himself in and out of her, making love to her.

She moaned into his mouth, loving how good he felt inside her, moving in and out of her. He could feel her large breasts pressed against him as they kissed, his hard cock gliding in and out of her slick cunt. She could feel another orgasm on its way again already as he began to fuck her a little harder. She broke the kiss and began to moan loudly. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned. He raised himself up on his arms and began to fuck her hard, ramming himself into her needy twat. This sent her on the homestretch.

She was losing control again. Faster and faster he went, driving his manhood deep into her hungry pussy. “UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she moaned, cumming. Her feet were flailing in the air helplessly as her entire body tried to contain the electricity flowing through it. The walls of her vagina pulsated around his pistoning organ as she came and came and came. Finally it subsided and she was able to come down to earth again, still gasping for breath.

“Ohhhhhh!” she breathed, “I love you so much Danny!” he smiled at her, ramming himself into her harder. The bed was shaking violently with his thrusts. He watched her tits bounce up and down as 2 months of constant obsession was released. He took all that pent up desire, all the fantasies of the past 2 months, and jammed his hard penis into his dream woman as hard and as fast as he could. Her moans were high pitched, her face was clenched. After awhile, he groaned “I’m gonna cum Stacey!” still thrusting into her body.

“Oh God, Danny, me too!” she cried, “Please cum inside me!” Her words almost made him blow his load before he was ready!

“No, we shouldn’t” he breathed, still jackhammering into her. He didn’t think she was on the pill.

“Ohhhh pleeeeease Danny! I need your cum in me!” she moaned, looking at him in ecstasy. “Do you love me Danny?” she asked.

“I love you so much!” he groaned, still thrusting.

“If you love me, you’ll cum inside me! Show me you love me!” Stacey cried. He was at her mercy, under her spell. He grabbed her shoulders and threw it in her for all he was worth, violently slamming his cock into her. “OHHHHHHHHHH!” Stacey screamed, cumming. He slid his penis all the way into her pulsating vagina and held it there.

His cock jerked and a huge wad of cum fired into her. More and more sperm shot out of Danny’s manhood and into Stacey’s fertile womb. She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding him tightly as he came inside her. His lips found hers as the severity of his orgasm eased, and they kissed lovingly. Their lips smacked loudly as they kissed, the last of his semen draining into her. They were gasping for breath as they kissed. He lay on top of her for a few minutes, kissing her softly, smiling at her. His penis grew soft inside her, yet he remained there, reluctant to pull out of her. Finally, he slid himself out of her.

“We’d better get dinner before I starve to death!” he said, getting up. He watched her get dressed, gradually hiding her beautiful body. He was aroused already, and he knew he could easily fuck her again, but controlled himself. They had all night for that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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