So What Do You Miss?

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“Ok, so what does your husband not do now that you’ve had a kid?” MaryAnn asked the group. “Or wife of course.”

I was used to just being another face. I would get together with the group of moms after dropping off out kids at school, and very quickly learned not to edit what they talked about. We would hang out at someone’s house, and get on with the day after a few hours. It was the life that working freelance afforded me.

Anne walked back into the room ad jumped right into the conversation. “Well I have to ask him six times to take out the garbage.”

“No Anne, in bed, in bed, you know sex.” Mary Ann clarified for her.

“Like I said, I have to ask six times for him to screw me.” And Ann grinned as the rest of us laughed.

Should we really be talking about this in front of him.” Sarina said as she pointed to me.

And with a knowing grin I said, “Well that hasn’t stopped any of you before. I promise my lips are sealed.”

“Your right, why edit now. Well, we used to fuck all over the house. You named it we had sex on, in or under it. Now it’s just the bed. Every time! It’s driving me nuts,” Sarina said, frustration in her voice.

“With me, it’s he comes, I come, and good night. Same damn thing every time. I mean he does at least make sure I have an orgasm, but Christ…” MaryAnn said.

I have say, nothing usually throws me with these women, but this was getting a bit uncomfortable. Especially trying to hide what was growing in my pants.

What about you, what does the male in the group have to say?” MaryAnn fired at me.

“I would have to say that that its oral sex. We…”

“Aaaah poor baby doesn’t get a blowjob!” MaryAnn said with a chuckle.

“Well if you let me finish MaryAnn ” I shot back “I love to eat pussy.” I blurted out without thinking much. But I caught MaryAnn flatfooted. And the room got a bit quiet.

Then MaryAnn smiled and started laugh. And the rest of the three women fell out laughing.

“Hey what about you April?” Ann said after the laughing had died a bit. “What does your man not do for you anymore?”

April was absolutely the quietest and most reserved of the group. As a group they were all rather attractive. It was filled with blondes and brunettes, MaryAnn had the largest tits, Anne the smallest and Sabrina had the best ass. April had a beautiful air about her, like she didn’t know what a beauty she was. And how much the rest of them envied her.

April’s pale face blushed as she tried to think of an answer. She knew not answering was not an option.

“Um…well, I don’t know…. I guess maybe he falls asleep too quickly afterwards.” April said meekly.

“Is that it! Kind of sheepish answer there April.” Sabrina said while giving her a big hug.

They all knew not to push April too hard and we all just went on with the conversation. The topic diverged into pendik escort a more mundane subject and I didn’t have to hide my erection anymore, and our little gathering broke up the day.

As I said my goodbyes April asked if we could walk together, she said she had to stop at the deli or something, and she was going the same way.

We were a block and a half away and April kid of half mumbled, whispered at the ground, “Um, so, I have the same problem you do.”

“April what did you say?” and I noticed her face was beginning to grow flush again. So I listened a bit harder. I didn’t want to miss anything that was bringing the blood to her face.

“Yeah, you know what we were talking about at MaryAnn’s. I just didn’t have the nerve to say anything… you know. I get a little flustered, around them, and I miss the same thing you do, you know…what you were talking about with the others.” And her cheeks were now a deep crimson.

I understood what she was saying, but not where April was going with this, and all I could muster was, “Oh I see…so you and, don’t…” and luckily she cut me off.

“So yeah we don’t,” and she chuckled at saying it. “go -down- on each other anymore. God, I miss it. Really.” And her voice began to deepen, where for April, it began to sound almost musky with excitement.

And she slowed her walk, “So I was thinking we could…maybe help each other.” And she stopped and looked right into my eyes with a look I didn’t think she had in her. “And solve the little problem we seem to have?” I looked at her not quite knowing what was happening, and the silence must have seemed too long while I was processing it all.

So she blurted out, as if to answer a question she thought I had. “Just sucking! We won’t fuck or anything.” I don’t think I ever heard April say fuck before.

And she leaned over, and I could smell the excitement on her, and she whispered in my ear. “I just need a cock my mouth, I love it so much. And I want to feel a tongue in my…” And she stopped as if she felt her self become suddenly bashful.

Before she pulled away with a giggle she lightly placed her hand on my now hard cock.

“I’ll call your cell phone later to day with the plan, if I don’t chicken out.” She said as she turned and headed in the opposite direction. “Don’t answer it if you see it’s me, just let me leave a message.”

“April,” I thought I needed to say something “Don’t chicken out.” And turned and smiled and was on her way.

Now I’ve never cheated on my wife, and I can’t imagine April had ever cheated. And it was weighing pretty heavily on me. But I guess not heavy enough.

I got the phone call not 20 minutes later. I let it go to voice mail as instructed. Then called right away. “Meet me at 246 Bowen St., second bell, at twelve. It’s a friends place. Don’t be late or I’m leaving.” She said with a little maltepe escort laugh.

I was there at twelve sharp, rang the bell, and was buzzed in.

“Hey, that you?” I heard from the second floor.


“Good, so neither of us chickened out!” She said as I climbed the stairs. “Get in here before anyone sees”

“So sit down first so we can discus the rules” She had changed since I had left her. She was wearing low cut jeans that rode just below were one would think of as safe, a light t-shirt that hugged the curves I thought April might have, with the straps of lace bra peeking through the wide neck and her stomach seen between the two. “One, we can not tell anyone. No one, not the girls, not friends, co-workers, a stranger on the street. No. One.”

“Ok, I promise”

“Now I feel weird about doing this,” and she twisted her face while saying it. “so if I start feeling too weird, it stops. Got it.”

“Sounds right to me.” And I don’t ever recall April sounding so sure of herself.

“Three, I make the rules. Just me. I’ll take suggestions, but it’s my game.” And she was resurrecting that musky voice again.

“Sounds like I don’t have a choice.”

“Nope, you don’t.” she commanded. “Stand up and look at me. Do you like what you see?”

“April I’ve never seen you more stunning” I said as I rose to feet.

“Not bad.” She said. “But I want you to talk dirty when we do this. I’ll start to give you an idea” And she looked right at my crotch. “Soon, I’m going to pull your cock out of your pants and lick the tip until pre-cum start flowing onto my tongue.” And she gave a wicked little smile. “Get it.”

I had no idea where this was coming from. This is a part of April I didn’t know was there.

“April, I want to slid those jeans off your hips, push them down until your cunt is right in front of me and slowly move my tongue along your sweet lips.”

“Mmmmmm, nice. I know you want to see my cunt. But first unzip your pants, just the zipper. Good now pull out your cock and let me see it.”

And as I did she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper, and turned around.

“Walk over here and pull down my pants. Right, all the way down.” And she slipped her feet out as I was kneeling. “Now start kissing my ass.”

I planted little kisses on her firm rump, first one cheek and then the other. And began to take little bites.

“Oh,” she said after the first nibble. “Good suggestion. Yes keep biting my ass, ummm yeah, rub my cheeks with your hands.”

I did this for a few minutes and I felt her turn her head to watch as much as she could. “Your ass is amazing…”

“I know.’ And she winked when I looked up at her. “Ok now stop…Stop now. I’m going to show you my cunt.” And she turned. “I shaved it just for this occasion.” And she slid her hand down to where her hair would be, kartal escort and slid one finger into her folds. “Here taste, you like…” I sucked on her finger, getting a hint how she would taste. “Very sweet April.” She smiled as she looked down at me. ” I guess you’ve figured out that your going to eat me first. I want your tongue in my pussy.” And she pushed the back of my head.

I slowly moved my tongue up and down the folds of her cunt, lightly at first, slowly increasing pressure until my tongue moved inside. She pushed harder on the back of my head as I found her clit, moving my tongue around it.

“Uuh yes, on my clit, yes. Now I want you to kiss my pussy, push your tongue deep, uuuum, yeah, faster. Faster…fuck me with a finger.”

I pushed a finger inside and devoured her cunt. Her wetness dripped from my chin.

“I’m so close.” she grunted and pulled my head away with my hair. “On the floor, lay down on the floor. I want to sit on your face and have you eat me. I want to look at your cock while I come.” And she pushed onto the floor and straddled my face, her legs brushing past my ears. She ground her cunt into my face, I could only imagine she was looking at my hard cock. I reached my arms around to hold onto her ass, squeeze my fingers into her cheeks.

“I can’t wait to that cock in my mouth and taste your…” And she was moving her cunt back and forth, fucking my tongue. Then she stopped, shuttered, gasped once and ground her cunt into my face and let a small, beautiful wale leave her throat. She slowly caught her breath and lifted herself off me and crawled back so her face hovered above mine.

She licked me once across my face. “I taste good don’t I.”

“Like honey April.”

“I’m going to suck that pick I’ve been looking at. And I want you to see my beautiful pussy and asshole while I do.” And she slid back down, put lips right around the head of my cock and moved her tongue back and forth. Then plunged down taking my whole cock into her mouth. Her cunt inches from my face. Her lips moving up and down my shaft, sucking tightly, her one hand caressing my balls. I started to thrust into her mouth, fucking her lips. Faster.

“April, I’m going to come into that mouth of yours. Yes, that’s it faster…”

And she stopped. Just stopped and got up and turned toward me.

“Get up. Pull down your pants and get up. I want you to watch these lips suck on your cock. I want you to see me when you come.”

So I pulled off my pants and stood up. She ran her tongue down the front of my body as she knelt in front of me, licking the head, then down the shaft and back up. She clasped her lips around the head and sucked hard, now stroking me with one hand, hard and fast.

He pulled her lips off. “I want you to fuck my mouth.” And she dove back on.

I thrust maybe three times and exploded, still thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth as I came. She swallowed it all except for a little that seeped out one side.

She took the tip of her finger and wiped the come from her mouth, licked it off and looked right into my eyes. “Now remember, tell No. One!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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