Sexual Coaching Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

(Kheira had totally succeeded in her task of seducing Shomeer, Kyrhan’s brother. In fact he was now ready to actively cooperate in the taming of his pretty but rather frigid wife Swathri)

Kira had just drunk the fortifying potion her sister in law had prepared for her. Shomeer had volunteered to remain with her to watch out for any needs from her. Kyrhan and Swathri went downstairs in the lobby.

– Thank you for taking so much care with my wife, Swathri. I think she is tired from the travel.

– No problem, Prince. It’s always a pleasure to help your very pretty princess. Just. . .

– Just?

– Does she always wear such revealing outfit? I would have thought it’s not proper for the wife of a Maharajah!

– Sorry but I don’t agree at all with you! The prime task for a wife is to bring her husband the solace he needs, to help him at any time!

– Granted as long as her behavior is still proper. Wearing her saree in such a. . . wanton way is so shameful for you.

– I can assure you that she always wear her sarees that way and even the Prime Minister really enjoys chatting with her at receptions! She is invited to all the formal meetings, even if I’m far away on some mission. I would even think that I’ve kept my mandate since our wedding, thanks to her. When we formally receive prime ministers, chiefs of states and such male persons, she is often placed by protocol near the center of the group, to the left of the prime minister. The visitor’s gaze is alxays centered on her!

– I was sure of it with so many corrupt ministers in the government. The BJP at least. . .

– Sorry again not to agree with you : we haven’t have had big corruption affairs since I’m in this government and Kira personally recently took a center part in exposing a smaller scam (read the story Under cover agent).

– So the attitude of your wife doesn’t upset you?

– Never! Everything she does is with my complete ascent! Isn’t it the same with you and my brother?

– Oh no, I had to take him on a tight leash otherwise he could have walked in the same direction as your errant wife!

– In that case, you should sit in this armchair and explain me your views, I’ll prepare a drink of my secret composition. You’ll tell me what you think of it!

– Don’t put too much alcohol in it. I don’t want to be tipsy!

Kyrhan served her a small glass of Orange juice with Vodka and some sugar to mask the alcohol taste. Orange Vodka mixture is terrible as it can be drunk like simple orange juice and you don’t notice when you’re drunk until you try to stand up. When Kyrhan proposed her a second glass, more highly dosed in Vodka, she sipped it as easily as the first one. After the third glass, Swathri was quietly snoring on her armchair. Kyrhan could have easily fucked her but it would have been a shameful rape. He wanted his sister in law to offer herself to him while being completely lucid.

From their previous discussion, Kyrhan had gathered that she never touched what she called her private parts, her cunt, ass and breasts. She didn’t even rub or wiped them when she showered. It had given him an idea : he pushed up the hem of her saree and her petticoat, pulled down her knickers a little bit, just enough to insert in her cunt a tiny vibrating egg with a remote he kept in his bag. He hastily rearranged Swathri’s clothes and let her sleep. Her light drunkenness was soon forgotten. It had been due to her rarely drinking alcohols. She may feel somewhat stuffed in her cunt but her shyness would prevent her to probe her cunt.

When Kyrhan saw that his sister in law was awake, he switched on the vibrator on the lowest setting. The vibration was almost too low to be really felt but Swathri’s unseasoned cunt was more sensitive than most. She moaned in anguish, feeling her innards rocked by some unusual feeling. Ganesh, she might be ill! She writhed on her armchair while continuing to discuss with Kyrhan. Gradually Kyrhan increased the intensity to the second setting. The first waves of mild pleasure reached Swathri’s mind. God! This unusual feeling was getting stronger by minutes. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, she felt warmth in her whole lower belly which had become heavy as if she was pregnant. Her nipples were also itching. Her mind was reeling with confusion. She had to inquire with Kyrhan!

– Kyrhan, Is there something wrong with me? I feel some unusual reactions in my body!

– I don’t see anything unusual! I will touch your forehead to see if you have fever.

He took the opportunity to push the remote to the third setting (There were five). Swathri began to pant breathlessly.

– No your forehead is quite cool but your cheeks are rosy. You should go and take some rest.

– Don’t you think that I should go to the hospital?

– Not at all. You don’t seem ill at all!

– But what about these unusual sensations?

– If you’d be my wife Kira, I would say that you want to be fucked!

– Oh Kyrhan, don’t be so gross with me!

– Let me help you to your bed. I’ll call for your grup sex porno husband as soon as you’re safely in bed.

Kyrhan took her in his powerful arms and lifted her as if her weight was negligible. he had kept the remote in his hand. When he opened the door of her bedroom he switched the vibrator to maximum power. When he laid her down on her bed, she was already in the throes of a powerful climax. It must have been a terrible experience for someone who had never enjoyed this kind of pleasure. Swathri began to blubber incoherently :

– Kyrhan, please, don’t leave me alone. I want. . . I need you at my side. . . Kkiss me, Fuck meee. . . but remain with meee. I beg you!

The vibrator could be heard buzzing in her cunt but she didn’t even try to probe her pussy with a finger. She had a shattering climax while still held in Kyrhan’s arms. When she felt the onset of that climax she felt like screaming as loud as she could. There was only one solution for her : she gagged herself by pressing her lips against Kyrhan’s. He was waiting for that move and his tongue instantly darted forward to explore her mouth. She wanted to push back Kyrhan but another wave of pleasure pushed her back into his arms. She was completely dizzy with the sensations and they made her totally deprived of any will. Kyrhan pushed his advantage.

– Swathri you’re hiding yourself quite well. I wouldn’t have thought you so hot! If you want us to continue, it would be time to take off your clothes, don’t you think so?

– My, My! But I’ve never slept nude even with my husband!

– Rubbish! When Kira is in my bed, I wouldn’t tolerate her to wear any clothes. We”re there to satisfy one another and any garment is getting on our way.

– As you want! Ohh, I’ve that strange grip in my belly again. It’s so strange : strong but not painful. It makes my head swirl. Ohh! Again! It’s too much. . .

Swathri had half fainted. It was the optimum movement to pull out the vibrating egg, drawing it with the string attached that was hanging from her cunt. In the same movement, Kyrhan replaced the egg with his huge cock. Swathri’s cunt was so much filled with love juices that his cock entered her pussy to the hilt before she had emerged from her faint. She woke up when he began to pound her cervix with hard strokes. This energetic treatment gave immediate results as she began another climb toward a screaming climax. Just this time, it wasn’t the vibrator which was the driving force but the huge cock of her brother in law. For her the difference was not so important at the beginning but it was different when she felt wads after wads of sticky cum covering her vaginal walls and her cervix.

Swathri immediately fell into a deep sleep with dreams filled by horny stallions fucking equally horny girls. Just all the girls had her face and stallions had alternatingly the face of Kyrhan and of Shomeer. Kyrhan was on his back, his still hard cock deeply embedded in her cunt. He didn’t try to disengage. To the contrary, he penetrated her as far as he could. When she woke up, he was still deep inside her. Without delay, he made her dance on the tip of his cock again for their mutual enjoyment.

– Oh Ganesh, what’ve we done, Kyrhan! It’s so wrong!

– What are you speaking off? What is wrong?

– We’ve betrayed our marital vows. Our families will disown us!

– Rubbish! You just won’t tell them our latest exploits!

– But they’ll know! they’ll see the changes : we’re guilty!

– There’s a point where you may be right. If we’re to become lovers, I would want you in the same type of outfit you’ve seen worn by Kira.

– Oh no! It’s so slutty!

– You’ll just have to wear it in a sluttier way! I don’t want to see you any more in these fully covering cholis. I want to see your navel beautifully displayed and as much belly skin as possible. You won’t hide your beauty behind your saree any more, my sister in law!

– But what will I tell to Shomeer.

– Just the plain truth : you’ve felt a sudden terrible sexual need for me you weren’t able to refrain.

– Ganesh! Shall I leave my husband to go with you?

– Why? Don’t you love poor old Shomeer any more?

– Oh no! I still love him but he’ll divorce me as soon as he’ll know.

– I doubt he will. I know that he’d like you to behave as sexily as Kira and not like someone like my grand mother in her old age! You just have to remember wearing outfits for his benefit not to suit your parents’ wishes.

– But they will no more come to visit me!

– If they are that stupid, it’ll be their loss, not yours! Being happy with your husband is the ultimate reward, don’t you think so!

– You may be right but there will be so many obstacles.

– I’ll try to get rid of most of them. We’ll begin tomorrow morning.

– But my husband? I must go to sleep with him!

– I think he has other concerns : listen!

They could hear in the distance a long ululating scream emitted by a woman’s voice. It was coming certainly from Kira’s throat and latina fuck tour porno had a triumphantly sexual undertone! She was really enjoying what ever was being done to her!!!

– It seems that your fortifying potion is a real success!

– You really don’t seem pissed!

– Why should I be? I’m glad she is enjoying being with my brother. I’m planning to really enjoy fucking you!

Kyrhan leaned over Swathri and began to explore her with his large hands and soft tongue. God, she loved when he manhandled her around. She felt like a doll in his hands and it was a very enjoyable feeling. He grabbed her hands and locked them on the top of her head and began to suck at her tits, running his tongue over the soft, sensitive nipples. He licked the undersides of her tits.

He really knew how to fondle a breast with his hot, wet mouth. He covered with his hands, lips and tongue her proud breasts, her swollen nipples, her luscious hair, her flat muscled belly, and her hard, round ass cheeks. He had to admit that she was just a little less pretty than Kira. If, only, she could abandon that perpetual haughty smirk, he could pair her with his wife and the team would center everybody’s attention on a beach, a dancing floor or when he would exhibit them to his friends.

Kyrhan moved down her soft, tight belly and kissed her tender and soft cunt. Unlike his wife, this one had kept a very thick fur. That was something, he couldn’t let her keep. Fortunately he had everything that was needed to shave her. As soon as possible, he would take her to the beauty parlor to have her properly depilated, cunt, ass and armpits. His brother would thank him when he would discover the soft skin of her definitively bare cunt! For the time being, he carefully parted her intimate bush, inhaling the exciting fragrance of her excited and very wet sex.

He nibbled her breasts with his teeth until she moaned in pain, but she made not the tiniest move to escape his invading tongue. Then his tongue run along her perineum until it reached her asshole. He fingered it open and ran his tongue up inside her, loving the incredible tightness of her anus. From what he had discovered so far, that hole had never been claimed. It was a public shame that asked for an immediate treatment. Swathri wouldn’t be allowed to sleep one more night with still her intimate fur on and her ass cherry. Next morning, he would continue his lessons but this time with a fully grown up woman, not an immature girl.

He stood up suddenly and went into the bathroom. He came back with his shaving tools, soap and razor. Swathri opened her eyes and pushed her breasts up when she lent on her elbows to discover what he was doing. He was already lathering profusely her cunt. She immediately understood his intents but she limited herself to oral objections.

– Kyrhan, Ganesh, you. . . you want to shave me down there! Oh my god! My mother has always told me that only prostitutes shaved their cunt!

– Your mother may be right. I’m shaving you and before I go back home, I will take you to the beauty parlor and have your cunt, ass hole and armpits definitively shaven. Any objections?

– As nobody except you and my husband will ever see my cunt naked, you may do as you want.

– Sorry to disappoint you once more but you can consider yourself from now on as one of the members of my personal harem. You’ll regularly come to visit me and Kira. I’ll often fuck you but I may offer you to one of my friends for the night or have you fucked in public by one, two or three men or more as a show to entertain my guests.

– But my husband?

– Don’t be so upset : another of my girlfriends will entertain him while you’re occupied and you’ll be so quite often!

– But I’m married. I can’t belong to your harem!

– Nearly all of them are married and their husbands are quite happy with it!

– Ganesh! You. . . you’re a dirty pervert!

Swathri didn’t see too much scandalized by what she called Kyrhan’s perversion as, when he asked her to do it, she obediently parted her thighs to give him more leeway. In a quarter of an hour, Kyrhan had given his sister in law a perfectly smooth cunt skin. He forced her to caress her cunt to discover the hairless surface, as smooth as it had been when she was just ten! He spent a long time exploring with his mouth the beautiful young woman’s cunt, his hands caressing slowly her breasts, his fingers pulling gently on her thrusting nipples. He could feel every muscle of her belly tense under his tongue. She was trembling under his mouth. Swathri discovered she was relishing his caresses, his kisses and that she was impatient to feel again his huge cock entering her cunt. She surprised herself when she took his cock in one hand and began to frig him as fervently as she could while his other hand was caressing his balls. She was eager to feel his cock stretching wide her cunt walls. Ganesh, she had become such a slut. Her mother would never again acknowledge she was her daughter!

Kyrhan felt the same lezbiyen porno desire but it wasn’t enough to make him change his planning. His next objective was the defloration of her anal passage. It may be difficult as opening a woman’s back passage at forty often hurts even if it’s accomplished as smoothly as it should be. He made her on her four. He slowly inserted a soapy finger into her arse. He knelt behind her and started finger fucking her ass hole. When her arse began to relax and his movements became easier, he doubled the fingers inside her. Kyrhan knew she was close to her orgasm, so he took her clit between his teeth and lightly nibbled at it. He circled her clit with his tongue then plunging it into her cunt. She screamed when her climax flooded her.

Swathri was wailing like a cat in heat, as Kyrhan plunged it up her arse in one movement. He had stretched it as far as it would go but the last inch in diameter could be won only by sheer force or dilatation with an inflatable dido he had not with him. He humped forward several times penetrating by a couple inches each time. She was screaming at the sudden intrusion of her anal canal, but she was so much aroused that she never tried to evade the searing pain and even tried to hump back. With such good will, the outcome was pretty sure : he plunged to the hilt in her arse and at the same moment, she was wracked by another spectacular orgasm. Her scream must have drawn the attention of Kira and her partner as groans, moans and screams coming from the other bed room ceased for a moment. After a few minutes, they resumed. Kyrhan smiled to Swathri and began the eternal see saw motion as he fucked her anal ring.

Swathri finally pleaded him to stop : her ass hole was on fire. She couldn’t stand it any more. Kyrhan laughed benevolently :

– Rubbish, my dear sister in law. The most difficult is behind us. Your complaints come from belated regrets, not actual pain; I think. Besides, how exactly do you intend to stop me?

– It’s just that I don’t want to become your fuck toy and after you have left me anybody’s toy. I’ve been warned against it by my parents!

– For once, try to think by yourself! Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy what we’ve done together!

– You’re right but. . .

– You should enjoy also the rest of our night and the coming days as well.

Kyrhan resumed his pistoning of her overstretched ass hole. While they were chatting, Swathri’s ass had gradually loosened to accommodate its inordinately huge visitor. Kyrhan was now able to move his shaft in the newly welcoming sheath he had drilled open. He knew that he had done the most important job there and the next men who would probe her back passage would really enjoy their journey into her bowels. Her stretched out hole would remain dilated just enough to accommodate quite delightfully any cock and sufficiently tight to provide the most pleasant friction. And Swathri would soon discover it was also very enjoyable for herself.

Kyrhan had now reached the point of no return and he increased even more his tempo. Swathri was panting madlessly and emitted piercing screams whenever he pushed himself into her to the hilt. She had passed the limit of pain and was relishing every second of what she should have thought a terrible ordeal and finally was a long dive into forbidden but very pleasant territories.

Kyrhan reached for her clit bud and began to rub it in rhythm with his assaults. She responded by continuous screams of delight. They cummed together at the very same instant. They were now exhausted and fell into sleep with Kyrhan still deeply embedded in her ass. Two hours later, he had finally shranck out of her ass hole as she turned on the bed. Kyrhan was instantly awake. He had taken from Kira’s wallet a big ass plug he used from time to time to make his wife keep inside the wads of cum he had filled her with. He slowly inserted it into her ass hole. Swathri moaned in her sleep but didn’t wake up. She was really getting accustomed to be fucked hard even in her sleep.

Kyrhan resumed his quiet sleep, sure that Swathri would be nearly completely tamed on the next morning. At 7 AM, Swathri woke up. She was curled in Kyrhan’s arms and she relished the warmth that surrounded her when she realized that it was not her husband who was holding her and even more amazing for her, she never had slept in the arms of any man. Her moves had attracted her brother in law’s attention and he kissed her lips tenderly. For some reason, she opened her mouth to a very exciting French kiss. She just wondered the strange feelings emanating from her ass. It felt stuffed up but she could see her partner’s cock and hands.

When Kyrhan began to kiss up her body, she realized she was naked in his arms and the window shutters hadn’t been closed, two other first times for her. He slowly approached his cock to her sopping wet hole. He pressed the huge head of his cock against her hot pussy for an instant without pushing in. They could feel the fire in each other’s body, and they both began to moan in bliss as he finally pushed his cock inside her belly. Her wet lips popped open to give him total access. The sensation, Kyrhan thought, was like entering a warm, liquid silk sheath, and he had to be very careful not to spew his jizzm. He slowly fucked his thick cock into Swathri’s tight, hot and very wet cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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