Sex with Mom 01

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Hello My Dear Readers…

‘Sex with Mom’ is a new series I am trying to compile. It will be a collection of short stories, and each episode will feature a new sexual encounter between the mother-son pair.

Unlike my other stories, this is not a completely character driven subject. And focuses more on the sexual acts, of the incestuously charged couple.

The story is set in India. It is narrated by 19 year old, Hardik.

Happy Reading!!

My 39 year old mom, Koena, walked into her bathroom, in a yellow colored bra-type nighty slip, that just about covered her upper thighs. It looked great on her slightly tanned skin.

Her body, sized 34-26-36, always managed to excite me. And her C-cups were ogled at, with a lot of lust.

My mom looked at herself on the large mirror, on the wall of her bathroom. The neck of her nighty was low, and exposed a lot of her bust. She soon stripped out of it, revealing her luscious naked body.

My mom just couldn’t stop herself from thinking about the day, last week, she stood in front of the same mirror in a lovely white kurti. She was ready to go out with my dad, and fresh after a bath.

She had a quick shower, that day, and she could feel the dampness of the body gel on her boobies & butt. Her hair, too, was still not fully dry. And, that was when she realized somebody was inside the wardrobe, in her bathroom.

But, just a few seconds later, she was sucking my cock. It was the first time she was giving a blowjob to any man, and also the first act of physical intimacy between me & my mom.

I was hiding in her bathroom, all this while, czech taxi porno and I had seen her wet & naked, in the shower. I had stroked myself to orgasms, twice, looking at her rubbing her foam filled hands all over her hot body. But, I had also been caught.

My mom grew red with anger. She was hurt, and felt ashamed of having given birth to a shameless creep like me.

She lashed out at me, until she noticed the size of my cock. I was still half-naked, and my shorts were on the floor, over my feet. And, I had still not stopped stroking my cock, either.

Nothing more was said or asked, and my mom was already on her knees.

It has been a week since then, and I was home for the weekend, again.

My mom very conveniently left the bedroom door unlocked, for me to sneak in. And I did exactly that, the moment I saw my dad glued onto the TV set.

She looked at my image on the mirror, as I fucked her from the back, inside her bathroom. She could see herself being overtaken by lust, and she bit her lips with pleasure, as I forced my dick deep inside her pussy hole.

I lifted and placed her leg on the wash-basin counter, and shoved my dry middle finger inside her tight virgin butt-hole. Her ass cheek was parted to the side, and as the speed of my thrusts increased, I inserted one more finger into her backdoor.

She had started to moan loudly, and I could see the hunger in her face, on the mirror. I wanted her to look straight into my eyes, as I fucked her, and I immediately turned her around.

Making her sit on the counter, I once again penetrated her dripping defloration porno mature cunt, with my 9 inch long cock.

This sure was our first time, but neither of us showed even a tinge of reluctance. It was as if we both have been craving for this moment.

My mom had cum twice, and she was ready to repeat it, all day long. She caressed my chiselled chest, as she licked her upper lips, looking at me.

“Koena?? Are you in there??” we heard my dad ask, from inside the bedroom, bringing our sinful sensual act, to a halt. But it was definitely not going to make us stop.

Hearing my dad call out my mom’s name again, we quickly entered the shower, and turned it on.

My mom was on her knees, straight away, and clearly knew what she wanted to do next. She gladly licked my cock, as hot water from the shower hit on my back. This was only the second instance she was giving me head, but this time she was also tasting her own juices on my prick.

My dick was very erect now, and so rigid, it was just too upright, and wouldn’t bend at all. My mom’s tongue sure was too hot for my young hot-rod.

She raised her butt, with a smile, and sat on the air, holding my hand tightly, for support, and continued to accommodate my extra hard cock, in her mouth. I was definitely face fucking her. It was just that she was the more active participant.

My mom was soon back on her feet, and stood with her back facing me. She pushed her hips towards my manhood, and asked me to enter her mature love hole, from the rear, again.

My throbbing young dick was sliding inside her fake agents porno horny wet pussy, when dad knocked the door, asking how long she was going to take. They had a get-together to attend.

“Just a minute, Honey. I am only making sure I look good enough for you… And, you have enough reasons to be proud of your wife.” my mom replied, forcing herself onto my cock, asking me not to slow down.

Listening to mom talk to dad, as I fucked her, turned me on, even more. She was ready to lie to her husband, for her son. And I started ramming her harder, also groping her firm boobs, now.

I was nearing an orgasm, and with all the blood being pumped in, my mom realized it too.

She turned her head back to see my face, as I filled my own mother. She grabbed my balls, and squeezed them hard, making sure the last drop of cum in my body, was discharged inside her wanting pussy.

“Have you seen, Hardik??” my dad asked, standing outside the bathroom door, the moment he heard the shower turned off.

“Oh Honey… How will I?? I was in the shower. Are you too naive to think he would be inside?!” my mom asked, opening the door a bit, and putting her head out.

I was shocked. My 55 year old dad was just a meter away from catching his naked son, inside his wife’s bathroom. And my mom was slutty enough to ask that question, even as my thick cum leaked out of her cunt.

“Hahaha… You are so funny, Koena. It’s just that I can’t find him anywhere around. He is normally always right there, watching TV, whenever he is home.” my dad said, a bit concerned.

“Ohhh.. Don’t panic, Honey. He must be studying in his room. You know how scared of you he is.” my mom said looking at me, almost giggling.

“And, Honey, you should stop worrying about him. He is a big boy, now. A very big boy!!” my mom stressed, staring at my big cock, as dad left the room.

To Be Continued…

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