Sarah’s Secret Ch. 03

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Sarah dozed peacefully. The sounds of her husband Ralph getting up, dressing and leaving for work with a perfunctory peck on her cheek couldn’t disturb her thoughts. Her brain was turning over the various emotions the last two days had generated in her, feelings she hadn’t experienced before. A delightful frisson went through her body as she recalled her mystery lover. How on earth could she have done that? Her, an experienced, refined woman who prided herself on her authoritative good taste and decorum. How could she have let an unknown stranger enter her, penetrate her, take her whole body the way he had?

She felt a little ashamed but recovered quickly as she admitted to herself that it was the best sex she had ever had. Sarah had not had many sexual experiences in her life, she had a sheltered teenage and in college spent more time studying than getting involved with the male students. Her friends teased her over this, they would come home after parties or dates and regale her with tales of how this guy or that had played with their tits or fingered them to orgasm inside their panties or even in some cases fucked them on the back seat of cars. Sarah had not done it in her younger years but after these stories she found herself feeling unusually horny and she developed a technique for getting herself off with the handle of her hair brush while she rubbed her clitoris. Near the end of her final year of college, at a friend’s party, she succumbed to the overtures of a male student she had often seen in the library and thought was rather sweet.

Over glasses of wine in the empty hall he told her how attractive she was and how so many guys thought she was so classy and unattainable but how much they all wanted to fuck her. Sarah was slightly shocked at his language but was so very turned on at the prospect of losing her virginity that she allowed him to lead her to an empty bedroom where he locked the door, lay her on the bed fully clothed, pulled her panties to one side and roughly entered her. He came in such a short time Sarah had no time to adjust to the pain in her pussy. He grinned at her, wiped his cock in his t shirt and left her spread-eagled on the bed. This experience did nothing to encourage more thoughts of sex for Sarah and although she continued to masturbate occasionally, usually at a specific time of the month, her expectations of men were low. Her courtship with Ralph was an exception mainly because it involved very little sex other than the occasional fumbled experience in his car. But life with him was good and they married.

Sarah’s friends had all told her how wonderful sex would be when there was a cock there for the taking but things hadn’t turned out quite like that. She thought sadly of the disappointing times her husband Ralph had failed to satisfy her. She usually had to initiate their love making and even then invariably she would have to satisfy herself after Ralph had fallen asleep. But after last night’s sexual extravaganza she finally realised how deeply satisfying the best sex could be, how the experience had eaten into her consciousness, and how it had made her want more. So much more in fact that she had come out of her shell and behaved what occasionally seemed to her such a depraved way with Simon. She has surprised herself with how hungry she had been for more cock and how sexually open she had been with him. She felt a new chapter had opened in her life.

But now there was another possible adventure to experience. As Sarah luxuriated in her morning bath she mused over what she should wear to meet this mysterious Mr Carrington. Dressing for lunch at the Ritz would need something tasteful obviously, but in her heightened state of sexual emotions, she felt a thrilling desire to be a little naughty. She chose a floral summer dress that came just below the knee. That’s demure enough she thought. But she chose it because the neck line was low and she sifted through her bra drawer to find the black lacy push-up little number that would show off her cleavage beautifully, with a hint of the black lace trimming just visible if she bent forward. Black lace panties to match and she was ready to confront the mystery lunch appointment.

She dialled Simon on the internal house phone. Despite yesterday’s wonderful sex with Simon, Sarah’s tone was deliberately clipped and professional. They were boss and employer again. Simon’s mind was clearly still located somewhere between his legs and her pussy when he answered.

“Yes Saraa…sorry…Yes Mrs Newton, what can I do for you today?”

A thought flashed through Sarah’s mind at the memory of Simon’s magnificent cock but in a nano-second she composed herself.

“I’d like a lift to the Ritz please Simon, leaving in an hour. Then I need you to be on call ready to bring me home.”

“Of course…”

Simon paused before continuing.


Did I detect a mixture of disappointment, of teasing me, Sarah thought as Simon lingered over her formal name. She felt a tingle between her legs and her bostancı escort nipples stiffened at the thought of Simon’s cock which she had enjoyed yesterday along with his lips, his fingers and his tongue…and more of his cock… Enough! She banished the thoughts from her mind but she was pleased to see that the lacy bra and the light summer dress were thin enough to reveal the profile of her erect nipples.

In a strange silence, Simon drove into town, expertly weaving in and out of the traffic along Piccadilly, turning down St James’ Street and into the discreet entrance to the Ritz. Sarah thanked Simon perfunctorily but with a smile and a lingering look as she gently rested her hand on his thigh, giving it a playful squeeze before she slid elegantly out of the car, legs together lest the doorman saw too much of her thighs or even, heaven forbid, her panties!

“Good afternoon madam” the doorman doffed his top hat and bowed slightly,

“Welcome to the Ritz!”

Sarah smiled graciously as she ascended the steps and made her way to the dining room. The Maître d’ also bowed and raised his eyebrows inquisitively.

“I’m meeting someone called Carrington” Sara offered.

“This way ma’am, your companion is already here.”

He led her to a table in the corner of the sumptuously elegant but half full dining room. Her mysterious Mr Carrington rose to greet her. He was tall, Sarah guessed about 6 feet, slim and well proportioned. He’s athletic, Sarah thought to herself, pondering what his body was like under the well-cut light grey suit. His dark hair was neatly trimmed, and the slightly military air was underlined by his tie, was it a regimental one or a public school tie Sarah wondered.

“Mrs Newton! How good of you to come!”

“How could I resist such a mysterious invitation, especially here.”

Sarah smiled as he motioned her to her seat, both chairs Sarah noticed were angled such that their backs were to the corner of the room, they could see everything that went on and nobody could appear or do anything behind them. Sarah thought this a little odd and wondered where she had heard of that ploy before.

“I’ve taken the liberty of ordering a bottle of Chablis, but would you like the seafood platter to share?”

“That would be lovely, and how did you know I liked Chablis?”

“Mrs Newton…may I call you Sarah?…you will see that we know quite a lot about you!”

Sarah was taken aback by the “we”. What could he mean?

“You will be wondering what all this is about Mrs N…Sarah”

“I was rather puzzled, especially as your invitation came after the strangest evening…”

Sarah’s voice tailed off as the memory of her phantom lover came flooding back. Did she really feel a dampness in her panties? The memory…and this man…Carrington…he is rather attractive…could it have been him? Could this perfect gentleman, slightly formal, clearly very straight, have been the man who took her to sexual places she never felt were possible?

“Ah yes, the traffic jam and the events that followed…” Carrington spoke the words in an almost absent-minded way almost as if he were mentioning yesterday’s weather. Sarah was stunned.

“How? But?…What?!!” Sarah couldn’t contain her surprise and blushed to the roots. How did he know about that? More to the point exactly how much did he know?!

“It took us some trouble to organise that traffic jam. The local police and the airport authorities weren’t best pleased when we set it up, but we do have a certain influence…at the highest level.”

Sarah’s mind was icy clear now. She spoke calmly but with force.

“Mr Carrington” the emphasis was on the “Mr.”

“…if that really is your name! Just what IS this all about? How dare you intrude on my private life like this, set my husband up the way you obviously did, and then who…just WHO was it who…” Despite her anger Sarah couldn’t finish the sentence. Carrington calmly obliged.

“Gave you the best sex you’ve ever had, gave you orgasms that Ralph has never given you and never could? “

Sarah’s blushes were the only reply she was capable of.

“I can’t tell you his name or who he was Sarah, but let me explain further, and by the way you can call me Guy.”

Guy Carrington sipped some of the Chablis, smiled appreciatively as he savoured it and looked directly into Sarah’s eyes.

“Sarah, do you know much about your husband’s work?”

“Well…I…err…well I know that it involves navigation systems of some sort but I don’t know much more.”

“You’re right as far as that goes but a lot of his company’s work involves world-leading cutting-edge technology for missile navigation and also tracking. Did you know most of his work is funded by the military?”

Sarah gasped as Guy continued.

“All the major powers are envious. They know what the systems are capable of but they don’t know how they work and we are very anxious to keep it that way.”

“Oh my goodness, I had no idea…” Sarah stammered a reply ümraniye escort bayan but suddenly felt an admiration for Ralph that she hadn’t felt in years.

“But what’s all this got to do with you inviting me here and telling me all this…Guy?”

“I was coming to that Sarah. Things here get rather personal I’m afraid.”

By now Sarah was feeling a mixture of pride in her husband’s work, which it now appeared was so very valuable, but also apprehension about the way this man was clearly in possession of details of her life. Not just his obvious knowledge but the way in which he, or even ‘we’, seemed able to exert control over the most intimate parts of her life. Sarah was worried and it showed. Guy to his credit sensed this and altered his tone, his voice gentler, softer as he spoke.

“Have you ever wondered why you are the one who has to initiate sex with your husband and why he doesn’t seem to be very sympathetic to your needs?”

Despite Guy’s tender tones Sarah was angry.

“How dare you talk to me like this? What earthly business is it of yours anyway?!”

Sarah’s face flushed, she trembled as she half stood to leave the restaurant. Guy instinctively held her arm and gently eased her back into her chair. He held her hand until she began to relax.

“Sarah, I’m not doing this to annoy you and nor is it any bizarre way of getting into bed with you, but there are things here of national importance that just happen to impinge on yours and Ralph’s sex lives.”

“What on earth can you mean Guy?” Sarah was beginning to relax as her curiosity began to take over her emotions.

“Sarah, despite his marrying you and despite the attempts he makes to have sex with you, Guy is fundamentally gay.”

Silence enveloped them both at this stunning revelation. Sarah’s heart raced, her hands clenched as she fought to keep control of herself and her emotions. She was initially outraged, but then a thousand thoughts raced through her mind as she remembered little things in Ralph’s behaviour. They were almost clichés of gay men but there was his preference for very brief white underpants that nestled his cock so nicely. She loved that but was now forced to admit to herself that it would probably also be a turn on for so many gay and bisexual men. Then there was the way he stared at those dishy guys in adverts for men’s toiletries, sultry, broody, dark eyed hunks. He was almost addicted to the gym, work kept him very busy but in most spare moments he’d go to an expensive gym in Shoreditch, the adverts for which Sarah had seen, and which appeared to be full of smooth bodied attractive young men in what she now realised were deliberately sexually alluring poses.

Could Guy be right? Sarah had to admit it was possible. During sex she remembered he once had tried to slip a finger in her ass after lubricating it with her pussy juices. Nothing unusual about that Sarah had thought at the time, and she was actually enjoying the novel feeling of clamping her sphincter around his finger, but he suddenly withdrew, apologising as if he hadn’t really wanted to do it to her in the first place. Maybe he was so aroused that he got carried away thinking about one of his male lovers?

“Guy…this is a shock. How do I know you’re telling the truth? How do you know these things?”

“We have been watching some foreign agents – spies to you – and we have cameras planted in their houses. Watching the CCTV recordings one night we saw one of them, let’s call him Alex for now, come into his bedroom, wearing only the briefest of brilliant white G-strings.”

“Well so what?” Sarah couldn’t see the obvious next comment coming.

“Ralph was with him, totally naked with a pair of panties in his hand.”

Sarah sank back in her chair, shaking with the shock. She just about managed to hold her wine glass steady enough to take a deep gulp.

“Did they…Guy…did they…fuck?”

“Yes and more. They were obviously very horny. They lay on Alex’s bed and kissed for a long time, fondling each other’s bodies, pulling each other’s nipples…quite vigorously I must say.”

“Oh my goodness, Guy…”

“Ralph was the dominant one, he initiated everything. Surprise you Sarah? He never does with you does he? But he was the one who sucked Alex’s cock as he stroked the shaft. He was the ‘top’ as the gay language has it. You look puzzled? It means he was the one who did the fucking Sarah.”

The motions that ran through Sarah’s mind were wild and turbulent. She was at one moment appalled at her husband’s behaviour but she was also strangely turned on. How could this be happening she wondered, but there was no doubt, she felt it in the spasm between her legs as she squeezed her thighs together. She felt her nipples harden and immediately began to regret her flimsy clothing. Guy must see them surely, she thought. She was powerless however in the face of what she now realised was a deep sexual arousal. She couldn’t help herself asking Guy for more salacious detail.

“Was Alex big? I mean kartal escort his cock Guy.”

” He was Sarah, at least 9 inches and uncut. Ralph seemed to enjoy it rather.”

Her panties were not damp, they were wet and the feeling was so very obvious to Sarah. Her nipples were hard and to her embarrassment she noticed that Guy’s eyes were fixed on them. She squeezed her thighs together to try and calm her tingling pussy but it only served to arouse her more. She looked pleadingly at Guy, she was confused, dismayed in one way that her husband’s sexual desires obviously did not involve her. But also, to her surprise, she found Guy’s descriptions such a turn on. She had no idea where her emotions would take her next as she looked into Guy’s eyes searching for some comfort, some resolution of her confusion. She decided to go on the attack.

“Guy, I don’t believe a word of this. It’s just not credible. Ralph may not be the best lover in the world but I really don’t buy the things you’ve told me. Why are you being so cruel and doing this to me?”

That outburst calmed Sarah somewhat, but she was still trembling inside with a mixture of fear, apprehension and yes, still, an unexpected sexual arousal deep within her. Guy resumed his gentle tone and took her hand in his.

“Sarah, I know you’re a strong woman and I need to tell you these things for good reason as you will shortly see. They may come as a surprise, a shock even, but they are things you need to know.” Guy gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Guy, oh Guy, I’m sorry but this really is incredible. You really will need to convince me. I need more than just your description of what you say you saw Ralph doing. Vivid description though it was, how can I trust you?”

Guy Carrington said nothing. He simply took Sarah’s hand and led her out of the dining room, hand in hand as they walked to the lift. They ascended in silence, still holding hands as they walked along a nondescript corridor to an unmarked door which for a hotel door, surprisingly to Sarah, had no number and no handle or lock. It looked like the entrance to a broom cupboard. As they approached, Guy stopped close to the door, which opened without his touching anything, closing automatically behind him.

“There’s a discreet camera in the door, iris and facial recognition. It knows me.”

Inside, the contrast was astonishing. Hardly a broom cupboard, the room was actually a suite, furnished in impeccable modern taste. In the main room were two large sofas which a person could disappear in, several armchairs, a sideboard with a drinks tray, fruit bowls and assorted snacks, and along one wall, opposite one of the sofas, a huge flatscreen monitor. Guy sensed Sarah’s puzzlement.

“We keep this suite here permanently, the Ritz are very understanding, if you know what I mean”

Guy winked at her. There was that ‘we’ again. Who or what were ‘we’?

“Let me give you the tour.” Guy took Sarah by the arm and showed her two large bedrooms, one with a king size double bed and the other with two queen sized beds, both rooms tastefully furnished in a minimalist modern design, complete with spacious en suite bathrooms. There was a well-equipped kitchen, double refrigerator and oven and Sarah realised that anyone could live here permanently. Back in the sitting room Guy took Sarah’s arm and steered her to the sofa opposite the flatscreen TV. He sat her down, took his place next to her, rather closely Sarah thought as their thighs touched and stayed that way.

“Let me show you how to operate the screen Sarah. This little display will, I think, convince you that I’m telling the truth and that we have things to do, you and me. Now watch, this button here on the remote will allow you to zoom in if there’s anything you’d like to see more closely.”

Why did he linger over those words thought Sarah? Did she imagine it or did his thigh press slightly more firmly against hers as he spoke? Not for the first time in their conversations Sarah felt herself getting aroused. Unable to control these reactions, her nipples again began to protrude through her lacy bra and light cotton dress.

“This button rewinds, should there be anything that…err…shall we say particularly interests or …amuses you.”

And this button here, thought Sarah, thinking of the by now erect, throbbing nub between her pussy lips, this button will turn the volume up to screaming point!

“Sarah, I’m going to leave you now, you’ll be quite alone and you can take as much time as you like to look at the footage. I need you to be totally convinced and comfortable with what the situation really is with your husband before I take you to the next stage. When you’re ready to talk, press the red button on the remote and I’ll be here withing minutes. Now relax and enjoy the show.”

Guy winked again. Sarah shuddered with anticipation and apprehension at what she might see but she was also now totally fascinated by Guy. Who is he? Who does he work for? Is he really coming on to me sexually? She let these thoughts linger as she walked over to the drinks tray and found to her pleasure an ice bucket with a bottle of Chablis already opened. She poured a generous measure and settled on the sofa, kicking off her shoes and, taking the up the remote, she pressed play.

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