Sarah’s Diary – Entry 10-12

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All parties are over 18


Entry 10: Amy and my Moms Secrets

“Ok so just a few minor things because we didn’t have my sexual encounters last night but I told my brother about sharing what we are going through and he said it was ok as long as I don’t say anything to get us caught or in trouble. Thank you for all the oral tips, it’s been wonderful to think about all the things I get to practice on him and especially on different sex positions, I think we are trying some new ones soon. So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting a sex toy for when we can’t be together and I don’t really have a way to get one yet but my friend Amy and I were talking about it and she thinks I should see if my mom has any which I told her i doubt it and even if she did I wouldn’t use something that’s been used.”

After having posted my small update to my Reddit forum supporting my blooming relationship I couldn’t help but let my thoughts linger as I decided to share what had happened that day. To fully understand I guess I have to explain that our father is an extremely religious person, extremely strict on just about everything which led to us being very sexualy sheltered, and zero dates. Our mother was a bit more lax, but still agreed for the mostpart with whatever his rules were, including things like checking my phone, screening my social circles etc. I’m lucky I even managed to have a few friends, but it made what we looked into that day all the more curious.

After a lot of recent curiosity about what to do about my birth control situation and talking to my best friend Amy about how to not get caught with any, she gave an odd response. She had an odd theory that our parents had plenty of sex even with our dad being how he is and just doesn’t want me to know, and because we weren’t sure when our parents would be back last night I decided to go searching their room. For a long time I was in there just to see if my mom had birth control or maybe just to get a hint of what they were into sex-wise just out of a curiosity. I never found anything before and as I was growing more to understand myself sexually, I was really interested to see if my mom just didn’t like sex like my dad or what was up.

After confirming she had no birth control in her bathroom I finally found my moms secret hiding place and didn’t find it before because it was on my dads side of the room, with how strict he is about sex I should have realized he’d have her sex stuff in his control or whatever. Our parents were gone to work for a while so I didn’t have to worry about them too much as in a curious mood we set out to investigate the treasure trove. I’d been over moms half of the room a lot and never saw anything so I decided to check out my dads stuff.

Most of it was normal stuff in the drawers, shirts, pants, ties,socks, but then I found it. The bottom left drawer partially hidden by a blanket on top of the dresser that was going down over it was closed tightly, almost like it was stuck and the handle was removed from it. I tried to get a grip on it but it just didn’t have space to grab around the edges so I ended up running to the kitchen and getting a knife to pry it open a bit. I bent the knife but found a lot of interesting things in that drawer that made my head kinda race around.

The first thing I noticed were two pretty long dildos, one bright green some sort of plastic and one that looked like the real thing. I couldn’t help but run my fingers along them, the realistic one was wet to the touch and smelled a bit like my room after a sex session which at first I thought was gross but then I was kind of happy that maybe my mom liked sex as much as me after all. It was an odd thought, so I kept it to myself. I kept rifling and saw a few more things, a bottle of lube, ¾ empty and a half empty box of extra large condoms caught my eye next so I’m beginning to think maybe my brothers size is as big as I thought and is a family thing.

I just can’t see my super serious no sex allowed rules dad having fun with her though. The next few things I wasn’t sure about, things I hadn’t seen before; one was a kind of ring, too big for a finger or toe but a bit small to be bracelet and the other was this round cone shaped object with a small part at the end. I debated asking Amy about them soon and seeing what she says, she knows all about sex toy stuff. The last two things in the immediate pile were a small egg like thing with a switch that I assumed was a vibrator and the other was a pink penis looking object that was definitely a vibrator with an extra part coming up off it.

I was in awe looking over her toys and just thinking I had to get some of these and wanted to try them immediately, but couldn’t get myself to use hers. As I kept moving some things around I noticed something under all the toys aside that looked like a folder and pulled it out and opened up, excited to know more and found several nude photos of both my parents that I didn’t really want to see, a small paper book of sex positions and two black asyalı porno and white sex guides of some kind, one with a guy called fellatio and one with a girl called cunninlingus, and several unmarked DVDs in cases as well as a few marked porn DVDs.

The biggest part of me was ecstatic and wanted to explore every inch of the seeming treasure trove of new information I found but I decided to wait for to have a little more certain time and put everything back, running back to my room and thinking over about it for a while. Having looked at the pictures briefly I now know my brother gets some of his better features from dad and looking at mom there’s a hope I’ll be quite sexy when I’m older. I’ve always known she was gorgeous for her age and heard it at school constantly when I was younger but wow.

A little later after our parents had returned they mentioned they were getting dinner and going out. I felt my nerves build, I was really excited to find out all I could about the sex stash. I tried to get my brother interested but I guess he didn’t care much for her toys or didn’t like the idea of invading their privacy or whatever but my dad does it to me all the time so I wasn’t resisting. I decided to call Amy because this was something I could finally talk to her about without mentioning my relationship with my brother. Amy came over almost as quick as I asked and I explained to her some of the stuff in a rapid and probably incoherent manner because I was talking so fast like I do when I’m excited.

She seemed to keep up and said she’d happily tell me what some of it was as she was so much more experienced. She was always one to boast about how much sex she was having but I was so used to it at this point it didn’t phase me much. I don’t know how much she has actually done but I know she’s had sex with several college guys and various older men and with my one partner that made her a sex expert to me. I brought her upstairs and we went in my parents room together and I showed her the drawer opening it with a knife again. She starting laughing and talking about my mom being a slut so I told her to shut up and look who’s talking and she got a little upset but we started going through it and she started explaining it to me.

She grabbed the two dildos out and waved them in my face laughing and said I knew what they were and I just nodded yes a little embarrassed she was touching my moms sex toys. Next she picked up and took out the condoms and lube and said something like “lucky mom your dad must be pretty big” then picked out the small egg shaped thing with a trigger and the long pink penis looking vibrator with an extra part coming off it.

She explained to me the egg was like a clitoris massager that vibrated at different strengths depending on the trigger and it was made to fit into things like panties so you could hide it away and use the remote to have an orgasm in secret. It sounded really fun and sexy thinking about it, I bet I’d love a toy like that I in the future was thinking to myself. Her eyes seemed to light up when she picked up the next thing which was the penis shaped vibrator with a small attachment on it and she laughed and questioned I really didn’t know what it was because she had one too.

I was really curious now and told her no and she explained it was a very common sex toy called a rabbit which is supposed to be quite popular among girls because it is a simple toy that can do quite a few things to make you feel quite amazing. I added it to the back of my mind of things to check out further. Her hands sidled around some more in the box and she pulled out the stack of DVDs and saw the nude photos of my parents under them. She said something along the lines of wow you’re mom is really naughty and oh my god your dad is huge, I wonder if your little brother will be that big.

My face felt really hot after she said that and it was probably red because she asked if I was ok, I just nodded and said lets keep going. She giggled and pulled out the two round cone shaped objects with small flat bottoms and said she had one but not quite that big. I asked what it was and she just blurted out it goes in your ass. I was pretty shocked, they looked really wide and my mom had two of these. She explained they were called butt plugs and sometimes came attached to another piece for both holes but these ones were separate.

She kept going as we were getting to the bottom and pulled out the ring and two books. She said she wasn’t quite sure what the ring was but she had a guy tell her once about rings he wore on his cock so maybe that was it. The books were old, almost like instruction pamphlets that read “Cunnilingus” and “Falsetto” which were apparently fancy terms for oral sex based on the pictures so I decided I’d read a bit and see if there was any advice on giving a better blowjob so I asked her for it.

She laughed and asked me what for, it’s not like I had a guy to use it on. I was annoyed a bit and took the book then watched her tapping the DVDs, she had castajans porno put them into two piles, the ones marked with titles clearly porns of some kind and the unmarked and said we should watch them. I told her no I just wanted to know about the toys mostly and what they were called so I could maybe try to get some and had her put everything back. The truth was I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch what was on those with her.

After some time she ended up going home and with a few whispers I managed to get my brother on board with watching with me. Maybe I was just really horny, but I wanted to watch those porn DVDs with my brother bad, I thought they would probably be hot if my mom liked them so after she went home I went to his room and explained to him I had them from mom and asked him to watch with me. He bolted pretty quickly to my room to watch on our PlayStation but I had lost track of time and our parents were coming home in the next three minutes or so so we decided to wait and I rushed to get them back in the box.

We just sat and talked for a long time about what could be on the unmarked ones and what kind of porn mom and dad watched, I was honestly super excited to find out, even just to have something over my dad. The only thing that had me worried a bit was my mom asked if I’d been in her room when she came home and I just told her yeah because I thought I left a bra in her laundry basket in there. I’m hoping she doesn’t know I’m going through her things, I’m just really curious.

Much later that night our parents went to the store so my brother and I decided to risk it and sneak the DVDs out from my moms sex stash and watch them before our parents got home. It wasn’t what I expected, but still some very interesting footage some I wished I hadn’t watched as much of as I did at the time, but currently I’m happy I saw it. There were two piles to go through, one unmarked and one where they had titles and we headed with them to my room to watch them. I quickly popped in an unmarked dvd to see my moms face as she was bent over facing the camera and I heard my dads voice instructing her from behind getting closer to keep the phone on her face while he went into her ass.

I couldn’t really look away as I saw her expression change as he grabbed her hips and must have entered her where she was biting her lip with wide eyes before letting out a slow moan. I was fascinated seeing my mom in such a way, she was clearly a lot more sexual than I ever gave her credit for. It was terrible quality, an an awkward view, but hearing her beg to get fucked in her ass was enthralling. They kept going for a bit before we skipped ahead and put in another of her giving him a blowjob, slowly and sensually. I was watching mesmerized, watching like a focused student taking in every detail with how good she made it look. She did this thing where she spit some saliva on and rubbed it in, and then rubbed the bottom of his cock head in small circles with her thumb while she looked up at him.

I hadn’t thought of doing something like that and decided to watch I wanted to take in a bit more to see if I could learn anything else, despite it feeling a little weird. We watched two more with my parents, one was a very rough looking position where she was bent over that looked like they were both enjoying themselves a lot, on our living room couch and the other was my dad holding a camera or phone on my mom while she was on top of him grinding into him pretty hard, and her sex talk was simple and just sort of describing what he was doing to her in a sexy voice which he seemed to love and I thought it was the hottest talk ever, I took note of that, simple but hot tone for the future. I didn’t want to admit I was actually learning a bit watching our parents fuck about how to make sex even hotter.

We decided we’d seen enough of our parents having their way with each other and talked about it for a bit, he mentioned how he couldn’t believe dad was actually into sex with how strict he was and that he was good at it. I poked fun at him and mentioned dad was a little longer than him but maybe he’d get there someday. Truthfully it was hard to joke about though, I didn’t realize how big he was until I saw comparison, quite long but god was he thick, even thicker than my dads in the images. He pouted for a bit but then his eyes lit up and he mentioned anal sex looking like a lot of fun for mom.

I didn’t want to instantly respond with a no, but it was almost out of instinct. I knew he liked my butt, he watched it constantly, but I definitely wasn’t ready for something like that, and because I didn’t really find it sexy. I popped in one of the marked DVDs and we started watching those to change subjects. They were mostly standard porn movies, one was a scenario with a schoolgirl, one was a lesbian scene that we both watched pretty intensely, then there was one where a doctor got a sleeping patient pregnant, and the last one on the list was some type of instructional video on how to make a girl bangbros porno have a “squirting” orgasm. We seemed to skim through, just getting hornier and hornier. I’d heard of it the squirting thing the first time through some of the couples on my Reddit forum, so I was watching and listening to how it would work. They mentioned it would be extremely intense and could leave you very dehydrated and spent after a couple times and mentioned details for helping to reach that goal, but before we could get to the example part our parents came home so I hurried them back to my moms room before they came inside while my brother took off to his room.

About a half hour later he snuck back in to my room and started telling me that was pretty exciting and he was hard as hell thinking about doing some of those things to me and mentioned was going to read up about some of moms toys I’d mentioned to him in conversation and what we could do with some. Then he kept getting back to asking me if I’d ever played with my butt at all and I told him the truth that no, I hadn’t touched it because I didn’t really see it as sexy before. I didn’t mention that after seeing it so intensely and my moms reaction on her face, I honestly immediately started thinking about it myself, what would it feel like? how would I start? She looked like she really liked it, but I’ll probably start with something tiny like my finger. Another date is coming up soon and even though it’s in our city this time, I hope no one we know is there.

A bit later that night I went to Amy’s house to stay the night, saying it was for finishing up a school project to hang out but we ended up talking about my moms sex toys again and I spilled every detail about the videos especially the ones that were of my parents having sex in different positions mostly. Her face was a little redder than usual when I brought up sex which I thought was odd so I asked if she was ok and she dismissed it. We just hung out for a while talking about the usual, well mostly she talked and I listened.

She was complaining about her current boyfriend not satisfying her in bedroom stuff and kept poking in “but I guess you wouldn’t understand being a virgin” at the end of each statement, I wanted to tell her all about fucking my brother just to shut her up but held out and didn’t and just nodded along. She went on about how there were a lot of other cute guys she could have with her body, which she wasn’t wrong about. For a little context, I told her forever ago I’m bisexual and that I was crazy in love with her. I fell hard to my best friend, and that rejection shatted me for a long time, but I did manage to put most of my pieces together enough to stay friends. However, I never told her how many times I used to fantasize about her body when I’d first started to masturbate.

She thinks I’m a little gross for liking both girls and guys though, maybe just her sort of dealing with it. She kept going about the guy and how unsatsifying he was and I was half listening until she said something like “you know who has a nice size and I bet would be great in bed? Your dad.” I stared at her a bit awkwardly with my best ew face and she just said, “what?, he’s big and kinda hot, your brother is cute too but your dads nude got me hot the other day, I masturbated about him when I got home after going through your moms stash, hope you don’t mind.” I was so lost for words and felt a little angry and sad that she was saying it like it was no big deal that she was lusting after her best friends dad. Knowing her she was semi serious with what she was saying.

I tried to explain that he was completely in love with my mom and at that point I think she was just teasing me because she said ” only because he hasn’t had this yet” and she spanked herself then started rubbing her hand along her chest and laughing. I admit the act of watching her hand slide up her large chest had me turned on but the words and her insistence on acting childlike were annoying. For a little background, she’s everything I wish I was physically, she’s tall to the point of almost being an Amazon, has beautiful long straight black hair, tan skin, big brown eyes, full lips, always with her bright red lipstick shade on, she’s a 34DD easily, maybe bigger now I’d kill for. Her body has just the right amount of fat to give her a very curvy shape and a big butt. Shes one of the laziest people I know but managed to have a very athletic build, strong legs, perfect thighs and a cute tummy with a belly piercing.

She’s also got a stud nose piercing that I’ve always thought looked amazing on her and often wears big hoop earrings, shirts that always show a lot of cleavage and tight yoga pants unless we are at school. If she knew how often I used to fantasize about her she’d never let me come over. Even then and there, I couldn’t help but play the scene of her leaning in to kiss me, grope my chest, stroke my leg. We argued for a while about why it would never happen and her insisting she could seduce him if she wanted to. I hope she’s joking but she seems really into my dad and it’s not so comfortable but I can’t stay too mad at her about anything. I’m really wondering if it would be ok to just tell her, maybe not that it’s with my brother but just that I’m having sex now. I want to, but I might be making a big mistake.

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