Rise and Shine

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Inspired by a story shared with me…

“Max, breakfast is on the table. Hurry up or you’ll be late.”

I could hear the frustration in Mum’s voice as I pulled on my second sports shoe and ran out of my room. I rushed into the kitchen with my shirt hanging out, my bag spilling its papers, pens and my laptop all over the floor.

I dumped the bag at the front door, half expecting Mum to yell at me about that too, and sat down at our round dining table before she could find anything else to be cross with me about.

In front of me was a bowl of Cornflakes partially filled with milk. Mum never put as much milk as I would like on my cereal, but I knew better than to complain this morning. I was already on the back foot and was eager to get back into her good graces.

Stuffing my face with spoonfuls of soggy Cornflakes, I noticed my friend Pete’s face smiling at me from the front page of the local paper – the Christchurch Courier – on the other side of the table.

Stretching across the table, being careful not to put my elbow in what was left of my breakfast, I pulled the paper towards me so I could see why Pete was in it.

“Mum, did you see Pete in the paper this morning?” I called out, assuming Mum was still behind me drinking coffee, as was her habit every morning.

“No, I haven’t read it yet. What’s he done?”

Instead of speaking from behind me, Mum’s voice came from in front. Confused, I looked up in time to see her walking out of the bathroom and down the hallway towards me.

Morning light streamed through the window to the right of the table, across the polished floorboards. As Mum walked into the beam I saw a dark silhouette inside her thin summer nightie. She was naked underneath and I couldn’t help but notice a darker triangle just below her waist, above her legs.

I looked down into my bowl, flustered. As she got closer I could feel my face reddening. And a stirring in my cock.

“What does it say? His mum didn’t mention anything to me when I saw her at the supermarket yesterday.”

“What, uh. Um, I haven’t read it yet,” I spluttered.

“Wakey wakey Max. What has got into you this morning?” Mum sighed as she reached across and turned the paper around pendik escort towards her.

By now she was standing next to me, leaning over to read the front page. I turned to my right and saw her pale breast through her sleeve opening, with darker red skin coming to a point at her nipple. I looked down and saw the tight curls of her dark pubic hair through the thin fabric. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, inhaling her scent.

Mum’s smell was a combination of our washing powder and the purple lavender soap we all used. To me that scent meant comfort and safety. It meant the kiss goodnight she used to give me as she tucked me into bed when I was little, and dropping me at college and basketball training. Now that wholesome combination meant something else altogether.

“Did you know Pete was trying out for the southern hockey team Max? He’s made the team. His parents must be so proud of him.”

“Funny you didn’t mention it,” she said, putting her hand on my arm.

Her touch sent an electrified jolt through my body that made me jump out of my seat, knocking what was left of my breakfast across the table. I stumbled out of the chair as milk dripped on to the floor.

“Oh Max, you clumsy clod. Go and clean yourself up and finish getting ready for college. I’ll clean up your mess,” Mum said, her exasperation evident.

Mortified, I ran down the hall and into my room, grateful for the excuse to get away from her. As my breathing started to slow I realised the pressure I was feeling in my groin was an erection. How was I attracted to my mother? This was messed up! Sure, I was a late bloomer when it came to that side of things (my only sexual experiences to date had been fantasies concocted in my head about that cute girl Elizabeth who played in the girls’ basketball team), but this was just plain weird.

We’d been told about erections years ago at primary school by Mr Turner, a middle-aged grade 6 teacher. Amidst giggles and lots of arm thumping from my friends, Mr Turner had explained that with puberty came changes in the body, one of which was what I was experiencing right now. What he failed to explain was that my mother would inspire one! Sure I’d woken up with many an erection, but escort pendik this was the first that I could actually connect with a sexual experience. And it was my mother!

I skulked back into the kitchen as Mum’s back was turned, picked up my bag and legged it out the front door, letting it slam behind me.

Distracted, I found it difficult to concentrate at college, especially when I saw Elizabeth training in the gym. I wasn’t the only one distracted – the weather was warming up and our final year at college was nearly done so many of us were a bit edgy as we considered the big, wide world ahead of us. But my relief as my last class finished for the day turned to horror when I saw Mum waiting near the campus bus stop, chatting away animatedly to Pete’s mum.

“There you are Max. I was just saying to Jean how proud she must be of her clever Pete. It’ll soon be your turn to be in the paper, hey?” she smiled.

I felt my face redden again and wished I could be anywhere but here. We walked the few hundred metres to the car with me answering her questions monosyllabically. As soon as we were home I ran into my room and shut the door.

“Are you okay honey?” Mum asked, concern evident.

“You didn’t say much on the way home. Are you feeling alright? Or did something happen at college?

“No, I’m just tired. Everything is fine,” I barked back, hoping that would be enough to give her the message I needed some space.

“Okay, have a rest and I’ll let you know when it’s time for tea,” she said.

“Yep,” I yelled.

My mind was full of confused thoughts. My groin was tingling again, and that felt good, but I could not stop thinking about seeing Mum’s bush. How was Mum the source of my first full-blown sexual fantasy?

I wrestled with this, trying to make myself think of Elizabeth instead. She had blue eyes and dark ringlets that she usually tied up into a ponytail, although I’d noticed there was one ringlet that always escaped and hung forlornly against her face. I’d watched her push it behind her ear so many times instead of listening to our physics professor drone on about inertia or gravity or something.

But as hard as I tried to replace the thoughts of Mum with those of Elizabeth pendik escort bayan I couldn’t quite get there. Instead, my thoughts kept trailing back to that triangle of dark curls and that red nipple I’d seen this morning. This wasn’t right, but boy did it make me feel good.

The clattering of knives and forks and my younger siblings’ voices interrupted my reverie. I jumped up off the bed, and ran towards the door knowing I would be summoned to the table any minute. To be honest, sitting down with my family was a good antidote to what had been going through my mind.

Eating as quickly as I could, I cleared the table as soon as everyone had finished and started filling the sink with warm water.

“Oh you’re turning into the perfect young man Max. I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Mum said, smiling, and patted my forearm lightly.

I edged closer to the sink, hoping nobody could see the bulge growing in my jeans. I washed all the dishes, cutlery and glasses hurriedly, eager to get away from Mum. How was I going to stop these thoughts?

“I’m going to bed,” I announced as I put the last dish on the draining rack.

“Are you sure you’re okay, honey? You can watch TV with us if you want,” Mum called out from the living room.

“No, I’m fine, just tired.”

Tired of thinking about her is what I was. I brushed my teeth fast, spitting out the toothpaste in the basin and noticing a fleck of blood mixed in the white foam. I needed to calm down.

Clad in boxer shorts and a T-shirt, lying on top of my bed covers and reached for my laptop, thinking I’d watch one of the games online. But I couldn’t concentrate. I ran through the day’s events in my mind. Much to my dismay my cock started tingling all over again. I put my index finger inside my open fly and felt it harden. The tingling got stronger and my cock got bigger. I touched it again. And again. And then I felt a hot, wet sensation at the tip.

The wetness made it easier to slide my fingers along the shaft and over the top of the head, sending shock waves through my body. As my strokes got more insistent I felt my temperature rising and pressure building. Faster and faster I went, images of my mother’s dark hair against her milky skin filling my mind. Bang! A warm, sticky mess filled my shorts, waves of sensation running through my body to the end of my cock.

Spent, I dozed with thoughts of Mum’s nipples and Elizabeth’s ringlets merging in my mind.

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