Passionate Homecoming

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With the last bit of the meal finally prepared and set upon the table, Nick gave a sigh of satisfaction as he looked over what was ready to be savored. His daughter was finally coming home after four exhausting years of college in the neighboring state. He raised his head a bit to gaze upon the clock on the wall which had just struck nine before returning his attention to the table. “Well, I sure hope she’s hungry when she gets here,” he said to himself with a warmhearted chuckle. As the last syllable passed his lips, there was a knock at the front door, to which he lifted his head toward it and smiled, knowing the source of the familiar rhythm. Right on time, he thought to himself. His feet propelled him as did his joyous heart and, not sparing a moment longer, he opened the door with an eager hand. Unable to help himself, his eyes widened slightly as he gazed upon her on the other side of the threshold, his breath sweetly stolen from him.

Fiona, a bright and vivacious 22-year-old, was a beautiful sight to behold, indeed. From the neck up, she was almost a carbon copy of her father, possessing his thick, short, medium brown hair and eyes of stark green, both of which complimented her soft, feminine features. The rest of her body was obviously inherited by her mother, who was sadly taken from the both of them in a devastating car accident six years prior; Fiona was well-built and quite curvy, seeming a sculpture perfected by a meticulous artist attempting to capture the essence of sensuality in human form.

For a couple of moments, Nick was lost in the sheer beauty of his one and only child, unable to utter a single sound.

“If you stay like that any longer, your chin’ll be draggin’ on the floor.” His daughter couldn’t hide the subtle blush rising to her cheeks as she brought him out of the trance, very much aware of the way he was looking at her.

He chuckled in slight embarrassment. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he apologized. “It’s just that I haven’t seen you in quite a while and….,” now it was his turn to blush, “you’ve filled out and have become a beautiful young woman practically overnight.”

With an almost childlike giggle, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “Hey, these good looks run in the family. You sure don’t look like a man of forty.” There was an honest admiration in her voice as she spoke those words. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties and no more. Only the slight gray coming through his sideburns revealed the truth of his age. “It’s so good to be home, Daddy!,” she softly exclaimed while giving him a gentle squeeze.

As he enfolded her in his arms in return, he couldn’t help but take notice of her breasts pressing slightly into his chest. His eyes blinked in surprise of his body’s reaction. God, she felt sexy to him. But….this was Fiona, his daughter! How could he feel such a way towards her? Boy, she really has filled out, he thought to himself. Mmm….they’re so soft….if only I could–. He had to stop his own thoughts before they went too far. Nick, you can’t think like that! You brought her into this world, for cryin’ out loud! As he silently scolded himself, he released her of the hug, his warm and loving smile still plastered upon his face. After all, he didn’t want her to know that he was battling himself inside. His eyes looked just behind her to the porch floor and then returned to her. “Where’s your stuff, honey?”

Her hand casually gestured behind her to the driveway. “In the trunk. I can go get ’em real quick.”

Just as she was about to turn to go to her car, her father gently took her by the arm and pulled her back towards him. “Oh, no, you’re not,” he said with a bit of laughter lining his voice. “Let me take care of that and you sit at the table. I made your favorite tonight: garlic-roasted chicken.”

An extra gleam entered her eyes upon hearing this, just now consciously catching the smell of dinner. “Mmmm, that sounds good! Thank you so much, Daddy.” She raised herself ever so slightly upon her toes to place a gracious kiss to his cheek before going inside with an all-the-more-happy skip to her step. “I’m starving! It was quite a drive to get back home,” she called back to him as she made her way into the dining room area. She paused and turned just long enough to say before forgetting, “Oh, and don’t worry, the trunk is open!” And with that, she returned to her brief trek to the dinner table.

Nick began to walk towards her car parked just behind his, his fingers rising to gently touch the area where his daughter kissed him. He couldn’t help but focus on how soft her lips were against his skin, and as he gathered her belongings from the already opened trunk, his thoughts refused to move onto another subject. God, she’s even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. Why aren’t guys her age pounding on her door? Following her around? Stalking her, even? Though if anyone was stupid enough to do that, I’d have to kill ’em. kartal escort He laughed under his breath at the thought of barking other guys away from Fiona. Months before in a phone call to him, she was quite distraught over a failed relationship, her only serious one. She expressed all of the bad words exchanged and the back-stabbing that occurred and, since then, she hadn’t dared attempted to be involved with another. Her father truly felt bad for her, wishing he could somehow make her feel better and give her the courage to try again when the time was right. But he knew that he couldn’t make such decisions for her. She was her own woman and when she would be comfortable again, she would do as she pleased. He drew in a deep, slow breath as he finished removing her things from the trunk and he securely closed it.

As he walked back towards the entrance to the house, he couldn’t focus on anything but her… beautiful she’d become….how sexy she was….and how he felt for her. But he had to banish these thoughts. He had to! Thinking and wanting his own daughter in a physically intimate manner was wrong. Yet he couldn’t help how he felt. Even before he learned of when she was coming home from school, he had these feelings for her….these desires. He couldn’t help but dream of making love to her, of knowing and worshipping every inch of her body, of giving her everything her former boyfriend couldn’t. But would he be dishonoring the memory of his darling wife and her mother by dreaming of, let alone doing, such? Would Fiona even consider such an offer? Would she be disgusted if he ever approached her with it, if he expressed what he truly felt? He gave a light shake of his head, as if to bring himself back to his senses, before emerging through the door and shutting it with his foot.

“I’ll be right back, honey! I’m just gonna sit these bags in your room, ok?,” he called out to her as he began to ascend the staircase.

Her voice was casual yet sweetly gracious as she replied, “Ok, thank you!”

He smiled as he went upstairs, always glad when he could make her happy. He set one of the bags down upon the floor just long enough to open the door to her bedroom. As it swung open, he carried her luggage to the end of her bed and laid it there before returning downstairs. Once he came back to the dining room, he found that she was already eating heartily and he gave a chuckle. “You knew you were getting good food at home, so you decided not to eat on the way here, huh?”

With a muffled giggle of her own, she took a moment to adequately chew and swallow a mouthful before responding. “How could I enjoy any food on the road and then not have any room in my stomach for your cuisine?”

As her father laughed, she shot him a grin. “‘Cuisine’?,” Nick asked. “Your tastes buds must’ve died.” With the both of them laughing together, he sat down in one of the seats diagonal to her and began fixing his own plate.

For the next hour, they sat together comfortably, chatting and laughing about different things as they ate their fill. With each bite taken, with each word uttered, Nick’s eyes remained upon Fiona. He was unable to tear his gaze from her, noticing every trivial thing about her. Yet these things didn’t seem so trivial. They were….enthralling. The way she would slowly, casually wave and tap her foot upon the floor; the way her body made minor shifts in the chair; the way her mouth closed over the fork as she took a bite of food; the way her jaw moved as she chewed. Oh man….I can only imagine all that she could do with that luscious mouth, his mind wondered. Without really meaning to, a vision of his daughter’s beautiful face, moving back and forth from his pelvis came to him. In his mind’s eye, he could see those lips of hers wrapped around his manhood, lavishing such loving attention and giving him a pleasure unlike any he’d ever known. He could feel himself hardening within the confines of his jeans as he began to drift with this image, allowing it to sweep him away for a moment….only a moment.

“Daddy, did you hear what I said?” A somewhat confused, yet humored look was upon Fiona’s face as he once again snapped back to reality.

“Uh, no, I’m so sorry, sweetheart. What were you saying?” With embarrassment once again in his voice, he gave her his undivided attention with a smile of warmth, determined to focus on the subject of conversation and hoping that she wouldn’t somehow notice his erection, which he attempted to keep from view.

She released a soft laugh of forgiveness as she set down her fork a final time. “It’s alright. It wasn’t anything major.” She then drew a breath as she looked to her now empty plate, smiling all the while. “Thank you for dinner, Daddy. You always know how to win my heart. Then again, you’ve always had it.”

As their eyes met, he turned her words over in his head. Was it perhaps a hint that she felt the same way as he did? Was it merely maltepe escort bayan wishful thinking on his part or did he misunderstand what she meant? Not willing to take the chance of revealing to her his true feelings in the event that it would have disastrous results, he simply responded with, “I do all that I can for you, you know that.” And with that, along with his loving smile, he rose from his seat and gathered their plates, taking great care to turn in the direction opposite of her to hide his body’s reaction to the erotic thoughts.

“I think I’m gonna get ready for bed, Daddy. It’s been a long day and I think I need some shut-eye.” She rose to her feet as well and followed him into the kitchen, where he was allowing the plates to soak in the warm, soapy water within the sink. He turned towards his daughter and gathered her into his arms once more for a brief goodnight hug. She rested her chin upon his shoulder for a moment as he discreetly savored the closeness of her body to his, yet at the same time fearing that she would feel the moderate bulge within his pants. Her lips hovered close to his ear where she nearly breathed, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

Once again, her lips found his cheek as before, placing a soft kiss there as he also softly uttered, “Goodnight, honey.” He reciprocated the kiss to her cheek and smiled as he watched her leave the embrace, but not before feeling one of her hands glide perhaps absentmindedly from around his back to his front, the fingertips lightly brushing one of his covered nipples before departing. He managed to suppress a shudder of arousal and became all the more nervous as his bulge grew further. As she walked up the stairs, she turned her head back to cast him one more smile before disappearing down the corridor to the bathroom. He swiftly took a step to the side to hide behind a counter, making the movement seem nonchalant as best as he could to hide what could’ve brought about uncomfortable questions from her.

As his ears picked up the sounds of her entering her room then leaving a couple of moments later only to go into the bathroom, Nick’s thoughts began to wander yet again. His hand traveled down to his crotch and he held it, as if pleading with himself to calm down. Suddenly, his eyes shot up in the direction of the second floor as the sound of the shower being turned on greeted him. As if by an automatic compulsion, he felt an incredible urge to go upstairs and quietly invade her bedroom. He had absolutely no idea why he felt this way or what he would by chance find….he simply felt the irresistible need to go. Well, I should have just enough time to get in and out if I’m real quick…though I have no idea what I’ll accomplish with this, he sighed in his mind. His inner cravings began to override his better judgment and, in doing so, his feet carried him to the staircase where he went upward, his eyes cautiously keeping watch on the bathroom door mere feet away from that of her room’s.

With silent steps, he crossed the threshold to her bedroom and his eyes immediately shifted to her luggage, which she had opened moments before her shower. A few articles of clothing were laid out on the bed, particularly a night shirt and a pair of white, cotton panties. Driven by desires he didn’t fully understand, yet incapable of resisting, he moved to the side of the bed, slowly took hold of the panties, and lifted them upwards to get a better look. His eyes were locked onto them, as if they possessed some sort of magic power that entranced him, and he began to thoroughly feel the texture within his hands. Then….he raised them further to his nose and he inhaled them, closing his eyes as he did so. Though they had been recently washed, he was imagining her intimate smell being imprinted on them. Oh, Fiona, he thought to himself, I bet you smell and taste so good….so sweet. God, how I want you!

His eyes then flew open as he heard the shower being turned off and the door to the bathroom slowly opening. Realizing that he didn’t have enough time to flee the room, he hesitated for a moment to try to find a place to hide. He could hear her approaching the bedroom with casual steps and, in a last second decision, he dashed under his daughter’s bed as quickly and quietly as possible. His body disappeared just in time for a moment later, Fiona walked in. From his hiding place, all he could do was watch her feet as they approached the bed, stopped in the very spot he stood before, and moved accordingly as she put on her nighttime attire. She then climbed into bed and he heard her settle in. I hope she’ll fall asleep quickly, Nick thought. I’m not sure how long I can stand being under here. From the confines of his small, tight shelter, he remained as still as possible, praying that sleep would take her within a short time. But in a double shock, her soft voice broke the silence stifling the room.

“Oh, Fiona, you sure are in a mess, aren’t ya?” She was talking escort pendik to herself. He listened intently, knowing that there was little else he could do at this point. “I’d probably be disowned if Daddy found out. But I….I can’t help how I feel,” she sighed. “He wouldn’t treat me as Jesse did. He’d actually be loving. Wait, wait, Fiona, stop,” she tried to catch herself. “Why in the hell would Daddy wanna have sex me? I’m his daughter!”

As the words spilled from Fiona’s mouth, her father stifled a gasp of shock from beneath her. What the hell?, he asked himself. She feels the same way! I must be hearing things. I gotta be! He decided to wait a bit longer, anxious to find out what would happen next. The sound of her voice continued to unwittingly fill his ears.

“But….I love him….more than as his daughter. As as lover, too. I wanna be with him. I wanna feel him inside of me….so deep….so hard.”

As her voice faded to a whisper, he soon began to hear the softest of moans, his ears also picking up the tiniest of shifts upon the mattress above him. His body stilled by a mixture of excitement, uncertainty, and fear, he remained in his hiding place, listening….savoring. The sounds of pleasure coming from Fiona started to intensify just a notch or two, thereby causing her father’s mind to race and his arousal to grow. Oh God, what do I do? What do I do?, he questioned. I’m invading her privacy this way and yet….oh man, she’s the epitome of temptation! I need her….I want her so bad, it hurts. Maybe….just maybe…. Deciding to take a chance, he drew into himself a deep breath and began to emerge with extreme caution.

His eyes met an astonishing sight as he peered just over the edge of the bed. He found Fiona’s legs spread wide apart, her foremost thigh almost too close to his face, and he saw some movement beneath the fabric of her underwear. His gaze fixated on the fingers of one hand moving in and out of her pussy slowly….leisurely, her wetness evident as the panties boasted a damp spot. Unconsciously, Nick licked his lips, his excitement rising dramatically. He then gradually looked up to her face, rather glad to find that her eyes were closed as she pleasured herself. Her lips were slightly parted, allowing her soft moans to flow from between her lips, all the while her other hand was fondling one of her breasts through her night shirt. His attention returned to the area of her hips. Fiona, if only you knew what you’re doing to me right now, his mind whispered. I can’t turn away now. I can’t. I gotta have her!

Caution was still very much with him as he moved further out from underneath the bed and rose to his feet with infinite slowness. His eyes never turned, even for a split second, away from his sexy daughter. The shifts of arousal her body made was like a siren’s call to him, despite the fact that she was still oblivious to her father’s ever-near presence. Her fingers began to retract from within her womanhood and he saw that they were glistening with wetness.

No longer able to merely watch, he carefully leaned forward and, with a gentle touch, placed the palm of his hand against the front of her panties, lightly pressing against her entrance. With a loud, shocking gasp, she flung her eyes opened and found her father at the edge of her bed, his hand touching her….massaging her so intimately. Her body didn’t care that it was him doing this to her as much as her mind may have wanted to object. Another moan escaped before she could stop it. “Ohhh….”

Nick smiled with purest love to his daughter as he whispered, “Yes, my baby….tell Daddy what he can do to help. Tell me what you need and I’ll be most happy to provide.”

A softer, more sensual gasp of pleasure was emitted as she tried to speak, her voice slightly quivering with both ecstatic sensation as well as hesitancy. “Daddy, you….ohh….you know? You don’t….hate me for this?”

His hand began to rub her sensitive area a bit more firmly, seeking to make her feel good, to make her more wet for him. “How could I when I want the same of you? Let me see to your needs….let me give my little girl what she wants.”

Her eyes became lined with tears of joy as a grateful smile spread across her face. Of their own accord, her hips started to move against his hand, aching for sweet relief. “Take me, Daddy. Make love to me….please. I want you inside of me so bad. Please, Daddy….please.”

Without needing to be told twice, he reluctantly withdrew his hand to get out of his clothes. His eyes remained locked with Fiona’s as he revealed more of his body to her, bit by bit. As he did so, she did the same, pulling down her panties and tossing them to the floor along with her nightshirt, now laying completely bare before him upon the bed. He was struck by the natural beauty of his daughter — the soft, clear complexion of her skin; the gorgeous curves of her full, round breasts; the nest of brown curls at the juncture of her legs, which were also glistening with her growing arousal. Upon the pulling down of his boxers that were tented by his erection moments before, Fiona’s eyes widened a bit as she took in the breathtaking view of his cock, which was craving attention.

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