Nurse Nancy’s Penis Therapy Pt. 03

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Nurse Agnes’ method was not the right therapy for me. It was fun at the time, but afterward I felt even lousier than before. I needed Nancy’s style of treatment. It was only a few days later when I called again.

“Hello, I need to make an appointment with Nurse Nancy, please.”

“Certainly sir,” the secretary responded. “Nurse Nancy’s next availability is three weeks from next Monday.”

“Three weeks! I can’t wait three weeks! Are you sure you don’t have anything sooner?” I pleaded.

“Well, Nurse Agnes had a cancellation on Thursday; I can book you in that slot.”


“Well I’m sorry sir, but she’s the only nurse available this week.” She paused. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” I prompted.

“Well, there is Nurse Candy, but she’s brand new and not even fully trained yet.”

That didn’t sound good, but I was desperate. I needed a little more information. I didn’t want another bad experience. “What’s she like? Can you tell me anything more about her treatment method?”

“Well, like I said, she’s brand new, but she’s very sweet and seems eager help her patients as much as she can. You would be her first appointment though, so she might be a little nervous.”

Sweet and eager to please sounded good to me. Not like Agnes at all. I figured I’d give it a shot with Nurse Candy. “OK, I’d like to try an appointment with Nurse Candy. When can she come over?”

“She hasn’t even finished training yet, so she’s completely unbooked. But her training lasts another 10 days.”

“I don’t want to wait another 10 days! Are you sure she can’t come sooner?”

“She could I suppose, but you’re taking a chance. If you don’t mind that she hasn’t completed training she can be there this afternoon.”

“Excellent! Send her over!”

“Are you sure?”

“Send her over!” I confirmed, maybe a little too excitedly.

“OK sir, but please be understanding of Nurse Candy’s inexperience.”

“No problem. Thank you for being so helpful.”

“You’re very welcome sir. Nurse Candy will be by shortly. Have a good afternoon.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

A couple of hours later my doorbell rang. I practically sprinted to the door to check out Nurse Candy. I was not disappointed. Candy was a stunning young blonde with a girl-next-door face and sparking blue eyes. Her uniform was white with bright pink trim. It was a two-piece with a short top, bare midriff, and a tight skirt that tightly hugged the curves of Candy’s athletic thighs. A piece of gold jewelry hung from her belly button. It formed the letters “WWJD”. She smiled and held out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Candy. I’m here for your therapy appointment?” She sounded a little unsure.

I took her slender hand and shook it. “Yes, of course Nurse Candy, thank you for coming, especially on such short notice. Please come in.”

I showed her to the living room and went then straight to the couch, dropped my pants and underwear and whipped my shirt off. I turned around to find Nurse Candy looking a little stunned and staring at my crotch.

“Oh wow, so you’re naked already. Um, I guess that’s good. I guess you’re ready then, huh? Well. OK then. We might as well get started. OK, so let’s see. Um. I think I’d better check my notes.” She rummaged in her bag, pulled out some note cards, and read the first one to herself. “Seat patient comfortably…, visual therapy…, check response.” She looked up from the card. “OK, so you should sit on the couch I guess and we’ll start the treatment.”

Nurse Candy returned her notes to her bag and I sat on the couch. She stood in front of me and tried to look at my face, although her eyes kept glancing lower. “OK, so just relax and look at me,” she said. She modeled for me a bit awkwardly, turning around, looking cute, but not necessarily sexy. She looked a little nervous and in need of some encouragement.

“You’re really beautiful,” I told her.

She smiled. “Thanks.” After another minute or so she asked “Um, do you have any music you could play? I think that would help.”

“Sure!” I said. I got up and popped in a rock CD with some buzzing guitar and a heavy bass beat, and sat back on the couch. When the music started playing Candy smiled.

“I love this band!” she said and her hips started to move as canlı bahis she got into the rhythm of the music.

As Candy continued dancing, she got increasingly relaxed, swaying to the music and swiveling her hips. She took off her hat and tossed it to the floor, ran her hands through her thick hair, and undulated her body to the music as I looked up in appreciation. She had clearly teased the boys at a few clubs before. Her dancing became increasingly sexual as she ran her hands along her gyrating hips and up her body. She cupped her breasts and leaned in toward me as she gave them a quick squeeze. Then she turned around and slowly rotated her ass toward me as she looked over her shoulder with a seductive half smile.

My cock had started to stiffen as I watched Candy and she noticed this. She turned around to face me, kneading her breasts and humping her hips toward me as she admired her handiwork. She gazed down as my cock became fully erect and stood straight up. She smiled and said “It looks like we’re getting a good response.”

“You’re gorgeous, Candy,” I said, and her face reddened as she smiled again. “Your body is fantastic.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “You do seem to be enjoying it so far. Would you like to see more?”

“Oh yeah.” She didn’t have to ask me twice.

Candy giggled and said “I thought you would. Watch closely then.” She looked into my eyes as she slowly unzipped her top. I stared open mouthed as centimeter by centimeter the smooth skin of her chest was revealed. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so when the bottom of the zipper was reached, the sides of her top were just draped over her otherwise naked breasts. Candy pushed her breasts together to accentuate her cleavage and then rubbed them against each other.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Do I look ready?”

She glanced downward and said “Very ready.”

“Well then…”

Candy slowly pulled aside the fabric of her top to show me a glorious pair of breasts topped by light tan puffy nipples. She smiled slyly and caressed her tits as I gazed on appreciatively. She pinched her nipples and they blossomed even more.

“Mmmmmmmm…” I moaned.

“You like that don’t you. I bet want to see more, too,” Candy said as she tossed her top aside. She massaged her naked breasts and continued to move her hips to the music and said “Do you want me to take my skirt off? Would you like that?” This girl had clearly found her calling. I think she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Candy turned away from me and bent over to show me her firm ass. Then she looked over her shoulder to watch me as she slowly peeled down her skirt to expose her near-naked ass, with only a narrow G-string between the smooth round globes of her butt cheeks. My cock was throbbing in front of me and I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed it and started stroking. Candy’s eyes widened and she giggled nervously.

“Oh my god you’re jerking off!”

“Um…” I paused my stroking, but kept my hand where it was.

“You must really like my ass,” she said, and wiggled it in my face.

“Yeah,” I replied as I resumed my motion.

“Mmmmmmm, I like it when my dancing turns men on. I never got to see them jerk off for me before, though,” she said, still bent over and moving to the rhythm of the music.

She let me watch her ass for a while and then stood up turned around. Her eyes locked on my cock as I enthusiastically pumped away at it.

“That’s it, stroke it, stroke your cock for me,” she urged, pinching her nipple with one hand. Her other hand caressed the curves of her body as she continued to dance seductively. “You like watching me while you jerk off, don’t you? Am I turning you on and making your cock big and hard? Does it feel good to stroke it while you watch me dancing all sexy for you?”

Then she knelt in front of me to get a close up look at my cock. She kept “dancing” while on her knees, rocking her hips and pinching her nipples. I showed off as much for her as she did for me, pumping my cock into my fist. She bit her lower lip and started intently at my rigid member. Her hand strayed between her legs to rub her pussy briefly through her tiny G-string panties.

“Oh my god I’m so wet! Mmmmmmm, I want to rub myself too! That’s only fair, right? My pussy is dripping. bahis siteleri You think it would be all right if I stuck my finger down there and just touched my clit a little bit?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Rub your pussy. I want to see you rub your pussy.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Are you sure it will be OK? I want to so bad, but I don’t want to mess up your therapy.”

“It will definitely be good therapy to see you rub your pussy,” I assured her.

“OK. If you’re sure.” Candy slowly worked her hand into the top of her panties as she looked up at me. Her body jerked slightly as her fingertips reached her clit. He mouth and eyes were wide open as she stared at my cock and worked at her clit. “Oh my god! I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet.”

She pushed her hand further down into her panties. Although her hand was covered by the thin fabric of the G-string, I could tell she was pumping her fingers into her pussy, and could just hear the squelching noises coming from her juicy pussy over the music.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god! My pussy is so wet and slippery! It feels so good! I can’t believe I’m masturbating right in front of you! It’s so nasty! I love it! Stroke your cock for me… Yeah, stroke it good… Do you want to see my pussy? Do you want to see how smooth and pink it is, all covered in my pussy juice? I want to show it to you. I want you to see it. That’ll really make you jerk off, won’t it? Just the thought of showing you my pussy is turning me on so much! Please tell me you want to see it!”

“Yes Candy,” I replied gasping. “Please let me see your pretty pussy.”

Candy looked down at herself and removed her hand from her panties. Then she spread her legs wide and we both watched intently as she grabbed the cloth of her tiny G-string aside.

Her pubic area was completely smooth and bare except for a small tuft of lightly colored hair above her protruding pink clit. The lips of her pussy glistened with her juices, and were spread open from her fingering. Inside was flaming pink, and a rivulet of clear fluid ran down from her pussy to moisten her asshole. I almost lost it when I first saw her, but squeezed the base of my cock to keep from cumming and the veins on it bulged. We were both gazing down at her when she spoke.

“Look at me… Look how wet I am… How slippery and smooth…” She ran the tip of her forefinger along her labia. “Oh god this is so nasty, showing you my naked pussy like this for you to jack off for. I love it. I need to put my finger inside my pussy and rub it. Would you like to see that? Would that make your dick really want to cum? Watch me slide my finger into my tight little pussy.”

She slowly inserted her middle finger as far a she could and then slid it back out again. “Look at that. Look at me finger fuck myself. Let’s jack off together.” She looked up at my cock and started masturbating in earnest, plunging her finger in and out of herself, with her tits swaying and bouncing with her pumping motions.

“Oh god I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m rubbing my pussy right in front of you like this. It’s so hot. Look at me. Look at me finger fuck my little cunt. Do you like that? I can see you jacking off your hard cock for me. Is it getting all full of cum? Am I making you want to squirt your cum all over for me? Not yet. Just keep stroking it and don’t cum. I want to show you more.”

Candy stood up and stepped right next to me. Her pussy was right next to my dick as we both rubbed ourselves. She stood over me with her breasts swaying near my face. She looked and smelled fantastic.

“Do you like this?” she asked. It was a rhetorical question. “Do you like looking at my naked body up close like this while I stroke my pussy for you? Do like my tits? Do you want to suck them? Do you want to suck on my nipples?” She leaned in closer to me and put her tits right in my face. “Go ahead. Please suck my nipples. I want you to.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I even let go of my dick so I could grab them with both hands and pull them to my mouth. Candy moaned and shuddered as I kneaded her tit flesh and sucked on the nipples, first one and then the other, then pinching one while I sucked the other, then pinching both, while she had both of her hands between her legs. Eventually bahis şirketleri she stood back up straight.

“Oh god I need something bigger in my pussy. I need something to be fucked deep inside me.”

I figured I knew what was coming next based on my previous therapy sessions. “Yeah, get your dildo and fuck yourself with it… I want to see you fuck yourself… Please Nurse Candy; will you fuck yourself for me with your big dildo?”

She moaned desperately. “I don’t have one! I was supposed to get one but I didn’t. I was too embarrassed to go into the dildo store.”

“Dildo store?”

“You know, those adult stores with the sex toys. I’ve never been in one. I didn’t think I’d need a dildo so badly. I thought it would be OK.” Then she looked at my cock and bit her lower lip. Then she asked quietly, almost whispering, “Will you rub your cock on my pussy? Just a little bit, on the outside. Please?”

She positioned her pussy over my dick and bent her legs to get close enough for me to do as she asked. I grabbed myself with one hand and rubbed the head of my cock all over Candy’s slick pussy, while she moaned and humped at me.

“Oh yeah, rub it all over me. Smack my cunt with your fat cock.” She moved even closer so I could spank her pussy lips with my shaft. The wet slapping sounds were pushing us both to the edge.

“Oh god I need more,” Candy pleaded. She looked down at me and bit her lower lip. Then she said “I’m not supposed to do this, but please, please put the head in just a little bit. Please just fuck me a little. I want it so bad.” Then she pushed her slippery opening at my cock head. It was impossible to refuse. She was so wet I was in her before I knew it. She hovered above me with her legs bent, gyrating her pussy in circles with just the tip of my cock inside of her. I held it at the base to keep it inside of her as she moved. After a while of this, Candy spoke again.

“Oh yes, that’s so good,” she panted. “I’m being so bad. But it feels so good. I can’t help it. I need it in me. I need it deeper. I need to be really, really fucked. Push it in me. I need your cock all the way in.” Then she started pressing her hips down onto me. Again, it was impossible to refuse. We both watched open-mouthed as my shaft slowly disappeared inside her. I had to move my hand out of the way as she pushed herself all the way down to the base of my cock and ground her clit against my pubic bone.

Then she really cut loose. She put her hands on the couch on either side of my head and rode me like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and kneaded them together as she ground into me and held my cock all the way in while rubbing her tits were in my face. I reached my hand further to the crack of her ass and felt the slickness of her pussy and my rock hard cock. I started pumping myself into her, feeling the hard shaft slide between my fingers and into her tight pussy.

We were both so close to orgasm before I even penetrated her that we couldn’t last long. It felt so good and we had lost all self control. Candy encouraged me as I slammed my cock into her. “Yeah, that’s it, fuck me! Fuck my pussy. Oh god, yeah!”

My fingers were covered in Candy’s juice and I smeared it along the crack of her ass. I felt my orgasm building up and just as I was about to cum I pushed my slick finger into her tight little asshole. Her eyes and mouth opened wide and she started trembling with her own orgasm as I started to pump my cum into her. Her breathing stopped as she came, looking into my face with wide eyes, her body twitching involuntarily as I fucked her pussy with my cock and her asshole with my finger. Eventually she grunted and moaned and breathed again.

“Ughnn! Mmmmmmm!” Candy took a couple of deep breaths to recover. “Oh my god I came so hard!” She ground her hips into me lazily and smiled. “Feeling better?”

I smiled back. “I feel great! Thank you Candy.”

“No, thank *you*,” she replied. “That was great for me too. I think I’m going to like this job.” Then her face got serious. “I think we probably went to far though. I don’t think I’m supposed to let you do that. Did you cum in me?”

“Like a fire hose,” I replied. “How could I not?”

“Yeah, I was pretty sure you did. It felt so good I couldn’t stop. Thank god for Plan B.”

We made small talk while we got dressed. I said I was hungry and she said she was too. I made us sandwiches and we got to know one another. I think we hit it off. I’m looking forward to seeing Candy again soon.

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