New Job at the Village Store Ch. 02

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Paula was in a bit of a state that night, night quite believing what had happened. What had possessed her to act the way she did that afternoon. Every time she thought of John, she got a tightening in her belly, she knew it was wrong and she ought to put a stop to it as she was near 20 years older than him but couldn’t help but get excited with how he treated her.

Throughout her life she had always been someone who was easily controlled but now a 18 year old boy was making her nipples hard and knickers damp as she remembered him tell her to stop rubbing her fat hairy cunt and playing with her tits. Sleep came very hard that night as she kept thinking about the day, when she did sleep she dreamt of a boy in her store controlling everything that she did.

Paula awoke at her usual time of 6am after a fitful night and went to arrange some breakfast for Derek and her. When he came through, he announced that he had to go and see a major supplier but he would probably be out all afternoon. Paula wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea and looked a little unsure but Derek said, ‘don’t worry I know that it gets busy, I’ve already arranged for John to give you a hand today’.

Paula ate her breakfast in silence thinking of how John would give her a hand, which got her to thinking of how he would ‘deal with her tomorrow’ as he had said when he caught her rubbing her pussy and pulling hard on her nipples through her blouse.

The morning flew through with jobs in the house, she got the call from Derek around 11am. It was the one she had been dreading all morning but also the one which had made her so wet. She walked into the shop and there was John on the tills with three or four local residents chatting to him as he tilled their groceries.

She went to find Derek in the back, who was busy getting ready for his trip, he said ‘I’ll probably not be back before 8pm, so shut the shop about 6pm, it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be busy today’. With that he pecked her on her cheek and went.

Paula walked through to the front of the store after a few minutes to see that last of the customers walk out the store. She knew now was the time to take control, but deep down she knew that John was too strong and that she wanted him to treat her the way he did.

‘So did you sleep well last night, Paula?’ John asked. Paula shook her head, but felt her pussy getting damper and her nipples getting harder as her stomach got tighter. John persisted ‘why not? What were you thinking about that meant you could not sleep?’

Paula started to go red again, thinking about what she did yesterday and the way that John was making feel now, but she couldn’t answer. ‘I thought that we talked about this yesterday, when I ask a question I expect an answer. So I’ll ask again, why could you not sleep ümraniye masöz escort Paula, we’re you dreaming of me catching you wanking your fat sloppy cunt yesterday, you dirty old slut?’

This time Paula managed to reply, nodding her head and getting one single word out of her mouth — yes. John started to press further, ‘I can see your big nipples trying to poke through that blouse of yours and I bet that hairy cunt of yours is dripping into your knickers now isn’t it, slut?’ Paula was extremely embarrassed but nodded one again and replied yes.

John reached out his strong hands and began to roughly squeeze and twist her nipples through her blouse, Paula’s face showed shock as he tugged on her nipples, but they had always been extremely sensitive and she loved having them treated like that were being treated now. John continued to pull and pinch Paula’s nipples for a few minutes, Paula breathing was laboured, she was quietly moaning with pleasure with her eyes closed and in a world of her own. John got her attention back when he said ‘I’ve not forgotten that I need to punish you yesterday for wandering off and rubbing that fat cunt of yours without asking, slut’. With that he twisted her nipples extremely hard and pulled them away from her body seemingly impossibly far as a mini orgasm rippled through her body.

John was amazed and pleased with what he’d just witnessed. ‘Did you just cum, just from me pulling on your fat udders, slut?’ Paula just nodded, her chest rising up and down rapidly as she struggled to control her breathing. ‘You seem to have difficulty with rules but the next time you cum you have to ask me first for permission, do you understand?’ Paula nodded again as she came down from her first orgasm from this young man.

‘I’m going to lock the front door now and you’re going to go through to the back of the store and wait for me to come through, it’s time for your punishment’ John announced with a big smile on his face.

Paula went through to the back of the store, where any deliveries were made to and waited John’s arrival. John walked in ‘Bend over and hold onto the sink, do not move your hands unless instructed’. Paula simply moved and awaited his next instruction. ‘Yesterday you came through here and started to wank that fat cunt of yours whilst I was busy in the store without permission and when I ask you a question you repeatedly don’t answer me, well this has not gone unnoticed and I expect improvements. To help you with this I will spank your fat arse five times on each cheek.

John moved behind her and lifted her skirt up and laid it on her back, to reveal her ass. Once again she was wearing a large pair of white knickers, but they were so damp that John could see a jungle of pubic hair and her large pussy lips ümraniye olgun escort through them. John reached with both hands to grab the waist of her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles and got hit with the smell from her pussy. ‘Wow, the cunt of yours is excited, I can smell it from here!’ John said as he stood up. ‘Now pass me the plastic spatula from the draining board and beg me to spank your fat ass’.

Paula grabbed the spatula and putting it behind her she simply said ‘please’. ‘Try again Paula and if you don’t get it right you can have twenty on each ass cheek’. Paula was so humiliated but wanted this so much that she tilted her head to the side to look at John and said ‘please can you spank my fat ass, and teach me to obey your instruction’

With that John brought the long handled spatula down on Paula’s right arse cheek hard and watched her arse ripple with the impact. Paula arched her back, opened her mouth but did not let a sound out. John continued to assault each of her large cheeks alternatively in different spots watching her arse bounce all over the place and it getting redder and redder. When he had finished his ten strokes, Paula simply said ‘thank you and sorry for not doing as I was told’

John stood behind her, got his phone out and took a picture of her bent over the sink, her arse striped with the impact of the spatula. ‘Paula, spread your legs, turn your head and smile for the camera’ CLICK. Paula was shocked that John was taking nude photographs of her but didn’t want to disobey him again, so she complied.

‘Paula, the inside of your legs are soaking wet you dirty slut! It looks like you enjoyed me spanking your fat arse more than I did! Go and stand over by the armchair and take all of your clothes off’

Paula was afraid when John witnessed her whole body that he would not like what he saw. She was definitely overweight and gravity had started to take effect in the wrong placed. Nevertheless she started to peel her clothes off starting with her skirt, followed by her blouse and bra, CLICK CLICK CLICK. That was when her worst fears came to reality.

‘Wow you really are a fat slut, look at how your big your belly is, it even hangs down a bit and look those big saggy tits! Hold them up for me, I’ve got to take a photo of your droopy udders’ CLICK. With that Paula obeyed with a tear in her eye and John took all the snaps he wanted of her tits.

The commands continued ‘Get on all fours pull those big arse cheeks apart, turn your head and smile’ CLICK ‘Sit on the sofa and spread your legs’ snap ‘Pull those big flaps apart, let me see right up your fat cunt!’ CLICK, CLICK.

John told her to remain as she was and went into the store briefly. He was came back after two minutes with a large cucumber ümraniye ucuz escort in his hands and was pleased when he saw her hands still holding her pussy wide apart. ‘Right get that big cucumber and shove it up your cunt, you fat slut’. Paula was completely humiliated at this point but put the tip of the cucumber at the entrance to her pussy and started to push, she was surprised at how easily it slipped in but her pussy was as absolutely soaking and she was more turned on at this point than in her entire life. ‘Go on ram up all up there, you must have a massive cunt with the size of you, you fat slut’. CLICK. Slowly she work more and more of the cucumber up her hairy cunt until she could fit no more, she was ramming it back and forth and she was making a very load slurping noise on each movement.

John stood behind her and whispered in her ear ‘you’re enjoying this aren’t you, you fat slut’. Paula simply said yes but didn’t stop ramming the cucumber in and out of her hairy cunt. He continued ‘you’re enjoying me telling you to do all these humiliating things and call you humiliating names’ Paula replied yes once again. John reached into his pocket and pulled out the two clothes pegs which he’d taken from the store and viciously clamped them over each of Paula’s hard nipples. Paula cried out in pleasure and pain.

He moved round to the front of her and took more photos for her album. ‘Now whilst you continue to shove that cucumber in and out of your fat hole, with the other hand rub that clit if you can find it in all that disgusting stinking cunt hair of yours. Now fatty, rub that smelly cunt!’ Paula felt so humiliated but loved every nano second of this, she continued to pound her pussy with the cucumber and rub her clit. Occasionally she reached up to tug hard on her nipples but less than one minute later she cried ‘please John, can you let this slut cum?’ John simply nodded and she came harder than she ever had in her life, squirting pussy juice over the cucumber and her hand that was attached to it.

After a few moments John spoke ‘from now onwards when we are alone, I will address you as fat slut or something equally humiliating as I know that you get off on it. You will go upstairs now and wash your cunt, it stinks! From now on you will be completely hairless between your legs and whilst I’d love to watch your humiliated face whilst some slim attractive young girl waxes your cunt and calls you names whilst you’re on all fours with your fat arse is the air that will have to wait for another time. Now, get your fat arse upstairs and after you’ve shaved all that nasty cunt hair off, send me a photo of your new bald cunt’

‘John, don’t you want to make love to me?’ Paula pleaded. ‘Why on earth would I want to stick my cock in your smelly cunt, you stupid fat slut. Now be a good girl and go and do as you’re told’.

With that Paula put on her bra skirt and blouse but could find her wet knickers. She was frustrated and humiliated all over again by John’s last comment but followed his instruction and walked out of the shop to go home with her tear in her eye and a sloppy satisfied cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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